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Independent Publishing: The Best Way to Go

During the last few months I have been receiving several inquiries a day regarding my memoir Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story. You have been asking about future book signing events, and some of you want to know about it’s availability-nationally and internationally.

It seems that despite setting up a separate website for my book, for whatever reason(s) most people are unaware of the straight story on the journey it took to publish this book. I don’t blame you. There are billions of ‘things’ on the internet-how do we wade through all that information?

The short story is this: After waiting for almost a year for the FBI’s pre-publication review process, after fighting the FBI-DOJ for a year to obtain the ‘required’ pre-pub approval, and after trying to get this book published via traditional publishing channels (All of whom required direct FBI blessing and complete partisan narrative) … I said ‘the heck with it all,’ then I put together my own team of editor, proof-reader and cover-designer, and I published this memoir all by myself; independently and without the government’s approval or a single middleman.

As for book signing events, rather than take travel time away from my family and my work with my website Boiling Frogs Post, I am taking orders for signed books to be shipped both in the US and internationally – see below.

To read and listen to some background and reviews on this experience click here, here, and here.

Here are direct links and sites to make it easier for those of you who have been inquiring about my book’s availability or channels to obtain signed copies:

This is the website for Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story: Click Here

You can purchase the paperback version directly from Amazon in the US, UK, Denmark, France, Italy and Spain:  Here

It can be purchased directly from my website: Here

You can purchase it in electronic format at Kindle & Nook

Signed copies of the paperback version can be obtained here

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  1. dangoddard says:

    I am so glad that I purchased and read Classified Woman. The knowledge that was imparted upon me in this book will be with me for a lifetime. It is essential reading for citizens of the universe. They should teach Sibel Edmonds in US history class and this book should be a best seller.

  2. Bill Bergman says:

    One place it would be valuable, among others, would be in public policy school programs, helping students go into ‘public service’ without overly idealistic conceptions of the workings of bureaucracy.

  3. MontanaMuleGal says:

    Classified Woman is a gripping books. It hooks you quickly and becomes a “page turner.” And with every turn of a page, I said out loud, “I can’t believe this is true; but it is,” as I responded to her story about the utter corruption of the US government and its agencies. Sibel is one courageous woman!

  4. nootboi says:

    I also found it to be a page turner. First hand accounts are so potent, its obvious why the current power structure does all it can to quash them.

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