Podcast Show #110: From Police State USA to American Apathy, Turkey’s Uprising & Beyond

The Boiling Frogs Show Presents Pepe Escobar

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In this episode of Boiling Frogs Post Show roving journalist and author Pepe Escobar joins us for an intense roller-coaster of discussion on topics ranging from the recent revelations on the NSA illegal wiretapping, Apathy USA, pathetic US Media, the uprising in Turkey, and Syria. Don’t miss this episode bringing Dangerous minds into a passionate discussion!

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Here is our guest Pepe Escobar unplugged!

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  1. Mrs. Edmonds,

    In a previous podcast with Mr. Pepe Escobar & Peter B. Collins you were speculating why suddenly the US “corporate media” was changing its opinion. First the Chechens were “Freedom fighters” and now they’re “Muslim radicals”. You three mentioned a number of factors that are in play in that region. But, in my opnion, you failed to connect the most obvious dots. All the issues playing in that region do play an important role. But connecting Chechnya with Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or Iran is too far fetched.

    I simply would use “Occam’s razor”. The neighbour of Chechnya is Georgia. And Georgia is slated to/wants to join NATO in 2014. Demonizing Chechnya (“Muslim terrorists”) would provide NATO & the US additional reasons/enough cover to let Georgia join NATO. “We must increase support for Georgia in order to support the country against those evil muslim terrorists from neighbouring Chechnya. And that’s why it’s very important to let Georgia join NATO”.

    I therefore wouldn’t be surprised to see more coverage on “those evil chechen muslim rebels” in the coming weeks/months. It would fit what happened with the KLA in Kosovo.

    For me this is the most straightforward explanation. I hope you are willing to reply to this theory. What Do you think of this theory. It’s the most plausible and rational explanation.


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