Sibel Edmonds Unplugged with James Corbett on Still-Hoover’s FBI, NSA, Whistleblowers & Much More

Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing

In this remarkable conversation, Sibel Edmonds reflects on Russ Tice's recent revelations to Boiling Frogs Post and The Corbett Report that the NSA has wiretapped top government officials for years. Edmonds discusses from her own experience how the FBI collects dirt on Congressman and public officials for use as political leverage. We also talk about how this scandal proves that there is no "official channel" for whistleblowers to follow when they want to expose wrongdoing because the system is being controlled from behind the scenes by the criminals in the national security establishment.

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This site depends….

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  1. As an American citizen, I invoke the higher divine law that protects me from unwarranted search and seizure, right to privacy, and unalienable rights now being violated by the NSA. Deal with it dudes!

  2. msannanola says:

    It is now more than obvious also why former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer was not allowed to join in any debate for the presidency during the latest presidential election. His platform was to get the money out of politics by not taking any donation over $100. Clearly he was stating from the get-go that he could not and would not be bought. This is why they continually changed the “bar” for inclusion in the debates. Can’t have a relatively populist republican that can’t be bought on the stage. Can’t have a former governor of a state that has different ideas about who should have power in this country.

    Clearly the dirt they had on him was insufficient to be able to control his agenda.

  3. joetoad says:

    Well you sure Killed today Sibel

    You looked darned good too!

    There are some points in your disertation that I would like to comment on,

    because, it will take me a moment to compose my thoughts, but rest assured,

    I really liked everything you said!

    Well, tell you one thing: I don’t know JAck about it, but what you say, it… SINGS!

  4. Well this isn’t too much relavant… per se: but it is interesting in some way… (time speeds up… ).

  5. Sibel,
    Where do I start? Since watching hrs. of interviews between you and James and reading your amazing book, let’s say this is a type of deja vu feeling for me–for I sense your anger regarding the biggest foe of truth–namely: Apathy. I have questioned apathy as a type of neurological pathology. Of course there is the MSM/TV molding of apathy: Humans become addicted to TV which brainwashes them which leads to a positive feedback loop.
    In 1962-1964 I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in SE Asia and experienced tremendous apathy as I stumbled through “reverse culture shock”. It seemed no one really cared about the vast sea of poverty, corruption, and hopeless which I saw. But I had to deal with another level of apathy after I became an anti-Vietnam War and anti-Establishment protester/activist. I saw it coming in late 1963 when I noticed wounded US soldiers in a military hospital in The Philippines. Eight months after I’d seen the wounded, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed(Aug, 1964), but the first US soldier to be killed was in 1956(1st name on Vietnam War Memorial).
    For those of us who organized and protested it was a real long and difficult struggle. Of course we were called commies, etc., etc. But the movement grew and reached a king of CRITICAL MASS by early 70s when the returned Vets joined the Movement. Of course this is what we need today–a CRITICAL MASS. This country is so dumbed down, overweight, poor and apathetic I see no hope. I feel like joining some of those beautiful young people now in the cities of Brazil. I remember vividly marching in a group of some 300,000 concerned people-mostly younger adults. I’m not sure what it would take other than bringing that horrible military draft back. Americans, at least not yet, do not feel their backs up against the looming wall. They don’t seem to get that we are all in an open air NSA prison. Please keep up your multilayered intriguing struggle! As we used to yell: Power to the People!!

  6. Ron… If it is’nt power to the peeps, who the hell is the power to… ?????

    answer…::: monstreys…

    monsters from the.. ID… or even maybe like… Monsters from bankstera from Israel… !!

    Check it out dude!

    Monsters from the ID, reallly dude… it amounts to monsters from AiPAc….!


    and tell you one thing pardner!

  7. Jim Garrison. A man who has been to the walls of this nitemare before us. He indisputably has the right to this opinion. I think this is 1967, an interview with Playboy. But let none of us think that diminishes the vision.

    “In a very real and terrifying sense, our Government is the CIA and the Pentagon, with Congress reduced to a debating society. Of course, you can’t spot this trend to fascism by casually looking around. You can’t look for such familiar signs as the swastika, because they won’t be there. We won’t build Dachaus and Auschwitzes; the clever manipulation of the mass media is creating a concentration camp of the mind that promises to be far more effective in keeping the populace in line. We’re not going to wake up one morning and suddenly find ourselves in gray uniforms goose-stepping off to work. But this isn’t the test. The test is: What happens to the individual who dissents? In Nazi Germany, he was uphysically destroyed; here, the process is more subtle, but the end results can be the same.

    “I’ve learned enough about the machinations of the CIA in the past year to know that this is no longer the dreamworld America I once believed in. The imperatives of the population explosion, which almost inevitably will lessen our belief in the sanctity of the individual human life, combined with the awesome power of the CIA and the defense establishment, seem destined to seal the fate of the America I knew as a child and bring us into a new Orwellian world where the citizen exists for the state and where raw power justifies any and every immoral act. I’ve always had a kind of knee-jerk trust in my Government’s basic integrity, whatever political blunders it may make. But I’ve come to realize that in Washington, deceiving and manipulating the public are viewed by some as the natural prerogatives of office. Huey Long once said, “Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism.” I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.” End quote.
    Nothing is changed. JFK was the first. 911 the second. We are IN the liars paradigm. This is what it looks like.

  8. ikkinbah says:

    Scum rises to the top.
    Great discussion. I am appalled on the topic of the appointment of judges. Always seemed a bit hinky to me. Now, of course, it’s so clear. Evil doers wouldn’t want the most honest to be appointed.
    And the petition !!
    It’s becoming the movie … Idiocracy

    It makes me mad in Illinois!!

  9. HAL 9000 says:

    I don’t really follow mainstream news, I’m wondering if the content of this interview received any mainstream coverage.

    Was the disclosure about Senator Leahy new, or did I miss/forget that? Makes me wonder how much more Sibel has yet to disclose. I hope she’s working on that “novel.”

    Important interview

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