De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez: Episode 2- Militarized Borders & Xenophobic Police States

“The Walls Designed to Keep Others Out Will Eventually Be Used to Keep You in!” with Fergus Hodgson

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent, Guillermo is joined by the host of The Stateless Man radio program, Fergus Hodgson. Fergus and Guillermo discuss the latest attempt to further centralize authority and militarize the country under the guise of so called "comprehensive immigration reform." We breakdown the immigration bill proposed by the Senate and the high-tech police state gadgets the $46 Billion budget aims to provide. We also discuss the rapid increase in "urban warfare drills," the nature of borders and the importance of freedom of movement as a fundamental human right.

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This site depends….

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    immigration is the reserve army of capital, and once again BFP speaks out for the rights of capital against labor–both Mexican and USA working class folks have suffered immensely from NAFTA

    the fact that US govt policy is instrumentalizing popular indignation at mass immigration policies, making it a tool for further militarization, does not justify those policies in themselves

    reality is complex, and the essence of the dark side is its ability to control reactions against it

    the water is already boiling, stop turning up the heat

  2. This broadcast will not play on my computer. Always before it has played. I also can no longer log in anonymously. What’s up?

  3. I could log in anonymously and hear your podcast. I
    could not submit a comment anonymously. That said, I will post this
    from a known, monitored email address. Research Greg Caton who took
    the Hoxsey formula for skin cancer and offers it at minimal cost to
    cure skin cancer. For that act and others Greg was renditioned from
    Ecuador. He was former intel in cryptography with three levels above
    Top Secret. He did an interview with Tom Bearden a reknown nuclear
    physicist. Bearden is no longer allowed to leave the country. He is
    datamined and preserved as a natural resource by NSA dudes that can no
    longer think for themselves. As for my own case. I was stopped in
    2008 from visiting a friend in New Westminster for a specious reason.
    I am certainly not of the caliber of either Caton or Bearden so why
    would I be targeted? As a known activist I observed when in Kenya in
    1992 that the Consortium for International Development was a CIA front
    with funding that was diverted from genuine aid to U.S. business
    interests. This sort of knowledge is not good for the propaganda
    machine. Those Americans who innocently travel overseas without any
    awareness, they are free to travel. For the rest of us, we are living
    in an ever more restrictive prison.

  4. joetoad says:

    sorry but, Fergus don’t know butkus!

  5. joetoad says:

    Well he’s right about boundaries and arbitrary borders and the way people are hemmed in like cattle, (he didn’t say that, I say it… ) but on the “Free Trade item, he’s close to a point there, which I will make: Free trade… “NAFTA” and others… are free trade for the monopoly transglobalists, sure, but small players, you stay home and go broke!

    And did any big mouth pundit types ever hint that: These huge transglobalist corporations “offshore jobs and manufacture and even service work to the cesspools of the third world, by giving out green cards to the regional potentates who don’t need money, they own everything already, but it is an ideal solution to the real problem facing the head of families, how to get rid of unwanted family members… (Green card em off to the “melting pot”?

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