Bradley Manning Verdict Convicts Washington

Willingness to corrupt the law has become the highest qualification for appointment to a judgeship or as a US Attorney.”

Bradley Manning’s conviction is more conclusive evidence that the US government is illegitimate. Manning’s “trial” was equivalent to Joseph Stalin’s “trial” of Nikolai Bukharin. It did not take place in a real court with a real jury. The military officer who served as a “judge” was not impartial. Manning was convicted for obeying the US Military Code and doing his sworn duty to report war crimes. There is no difference between Manning’s “conviction” and the “conviction” of Bukharin as a capitalist spy. Both trials were political trials.

The absurdity and injustice of these two convictions tells you all you need to know about the governments behind the convictions. The governments are tyrannical. Imagine the US government accusing Manning of aiding the enemy when the US government itself is supporting al Qaeda’s attempt to overthrow the Syrian government! And Bloomberg reports that al Qaeda backers in Afghanistan are receiving US military contracts!

Americans are a gullible people. They do not understand that the “justice system” is corrupted. Prosecutors and judges have no interest in innocence or guilt. For them conviction alone is the mark of career success. The more people a prosecutor can put in prison, the more successful his career. The more judges bend justice to serve the success of the government’s case, the greater the probability of promotion to higher judicial office. American “justice” has degenerated. Willingness to corrupt the law has become the highest qualification for appointment to a judgeship or as a US Attorney.

If Manning had been permitted a real trial, possibly jurors might have weighed the evidence. Did Manning obey the Military Code or disobey it? Did Manning serve the public interest or harm it? But, of course, nothing relevant was part of the trial. In American courts today, exculpatory evidence is not allowed into the courtroom.

If a poor person steals a loaf of bread, the government can turn the case into an act of terrorist sabotage. That’s more or less what the government did to Bradley Manning.

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Paul Craig Roberts, Boiling Frogs Post contributing author, is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has been reporting on executive branch and cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. He has written or co-written eight books, contributed chapters to numerous books, and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. Mr. Roberts has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy, and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. You can visit his website here.


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  1. Rose Mary says:

    Same conclusion about legitimacy, and when I face liars I prefer running away. Arguments require honesty.

  2. …speaking of honesty:

    –NSA Chief Defends Data Gathering Programs, Asks Those Who Disagree to Help
    (July 31, 2013)
    In his keynote address at the Black Hat security conference in Las
    Vegas, NSA chief General Keith Alexander defended the agency’s data
    collection and surveillance practices. Alexander maintained that there
    have been “zero abuses of NSA PRISM,” and that the data gathering is an
    essential part of fighting terrorism. He said that the data collection
    programs have been mischaracterized, and that the allegations that they
    are “collecting everything [are] not true.” Alexander noted that queries
    of the collected phone call metadata are restricted. Alexander also told
    audience members, “If you disagree with what we’re doing, you should
    help us [make it better].”

    The General’s entire keynote, defending NSA’s practices, is available
    on YouTube at the official BlackHat channel

  3. Rose Mary says:

    He is lying from the very start. “Terrorists” = drinking and raping “islamists” paid by the globalists – leadership is always Western muslims. When they found an addressbook on one of the Nairobi bombing terrorists – that address book was Who is Who in blood diamonds (= Mossad assets we may assume). Gen. Alexander enemies is the American people. Al Qaeda are their foot soldiers.

  4. Just amazing how he can keep a straight face.

  5. Keeping a straight face is actually very easy for clinical psychopaths.

  6. Manning did the right thing, and will suffer for it like Eugene Debs who was convicted under the 1917 Espionage Act for denouncing President Wilson’s war policies and America’s participation in World War I. He was sentenced to ten years and served three before his sentence was commuted by Warren Harding, Wilson’s much maligned successor. So expect Manning to be sentenced to many years in prison. The Administration and the military would have it no other way, if only to make an example of disobeying the wrong laws in favor of the right ones. So the real task will be to change public perception enough to recognize the folly, criminality and shame of the policies that led to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the atrocities committed therein.

  7. Here we go again. In the face of the NSA scandal, the lamestream media is trumpeting the next supposed terrorist attack from Yemeni AQAP, which the Obama administration has been essentially propping up over the years. No questioning the credibility of this intelligence or the fact that these extremists have been operating on our dime. (Supposed) Un-analyzed US funded terrorist threats perfectly timed to divert attention from and lend more credibility to the spy grid encircling us. Are people ready to start speaking in the language of resistance?

  8. General Alexander’s speech to BlackHat

    In freedom of speech questions such as I pose should not be considered adversarial; they are critical thinking, some of it outside the box. At the outset I observed a primary misdirection of the facts. Algorithms exist to make sense of vast amounts of data. It is false to consider too much netflow except as metadata. Alexander states that industry is compelled by court order to comply. The reverse is also true, that industry can compel the court albeit by means such as blackmail and bribery. If the Senate Select committee on intelligence is vulnerable to bribery as Russ Tice infers, then who has the real oversight? While General Alexander may be highly constrained, the fact of Edward Snowden suggests that lower level employees are not so highly constrained. Why did the auditing tools not pick up Snowden? When Alexander got to FAA702 authority which includes Prism, he mentioned lawful intercept? FISA has very limited judicial review according to an NPR broadcast that I heard today. During the question period Snowden was not mentioned by name, but referred to as ‘media leaks’. Alexander appeared at BlackHat to do damage control to keep their best recruiting venue open. The most glaring oddity in the one hour video clip was the slow pace of the General’s speech pattern. Knowing that psychoactive frequencies can be piggybacked over any carrier wave such as the broadcast frequency of the microphone, the question must be asked, were the audience members being targeted with biologically active frequencies? Finally, let’s hope that Snowden is an honest broker. How about the banking elite’s recruited moles within NSA? They certainly have access. Are these moles accountable to Alexander or Al-Qaeda? Does it matter? That the banking industry can create unrestricted access to funny money is a pretty significant fact.

  9. tonywicher says:

    That the banking industry can create unrestricted access to funny money is a very significant fact. Pass Glass-Steagall and end the bailouts, bankrupt Wall Street, and destroy the money power that is behind all this. Elizabeth Warren’s Glass Steagall for the 21st Century, S. 1282 is the key. It now has six co-sponsors. The companion bill in the House is HR 129, the Return to Prudent Banking act with 79 co-sponsors. Call your senators, call your representatives and tell them that they must assert the Constitutional authority of Congress and pass this bill! Detroit is bankrupt, and the rest of the nation is soon to follow! It’s Glass-Steagall or die!

  10. Rose Mary says:

    “How about the banking elite’s recruited moles within NSA?”

    Does not make sense to me.

  11. Just to back up Simon’s claims about brain waves, brain wave synchronizers have been included in music editing software that I’ve used as far back as about 15 years ago. They can be noticeable, but can also be very subtle. I won’t discount the idea that this kind of tactic is a possibility, and the effects are probably also very subtle.

    Simon, are you aware of any analyzing software out there for free, which we could use to see if there are brain wave patterns in the audio data?

  12. My friends and I did some recording and the tech guy used a binaural beat embedded linked to the Schumann resonance 7.83 Hertz. We could see it on the playback screen. I am sure if you research binaural beat and recording software that is easily available. I have not done so myself.

  13. Rose Mary says:

    @Simon, what Paul Craig Roberts says is important. No need for diverting everyhing. I can see purpose behind idiocies.

  14. I didn’t read all the above very good… but I have opinion on the subject of this guy.

    I think this is a terrible time now! When a little guy… (maybe he is some what a “gay”… but so what? most people are fruit… they just don’t know it yet!! (that’s a joke.. hahaha.. but I mean it some what!!… ).

    So they put the guy down, because of his “orientation”… well tell you what: this guy said it,,, THis guy stood up and says truth to power…

    So I got a King James Bible right here…. Tell you what,

  15. Well tell you one thing Sibel… for Christ’s sakes… I guess if we are … like you say: IRATE!! (and you have made me be more of the term: “Irate” I mean you make me more mad/irrate tell you what!

    So so sorry if I am sort of Irate… in my comments… I love you… But really… I like you… I like what you do, and I say what I say!

  16. I am part of the Irrate minority!

    You better beleive thtat… pardnar… tell you what…

    Irate is happenening!

  17. @Xicha I don’t know if you will get these links, but I asked my tech friend. These were the free software programs that might be used to analyze overlays of frequencies behind any YouTube broadcast:

  18. Thanks, simon! Yes, I’ve used audacity, but need to get another copy, since I’ve switched computers recently.

    I’ll take another look – it might have the ability to apply the different brainwave patterns/frequencies, but not to analyze whether or not they have been applied already. I’ll also take a look to see if I can find an analyzer.

    These patterns are put into music to be used in therapy, along with light therapy, or so I’ve read. The brain will naturally try to synchronize with the patterns you’re hearing and can help with relaxation.

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