De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez Presents Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Great Collapse

Failures in the Economy & the End of "Constitutional Government”

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by columnist and former Assistant Security of the Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Guillermo and Dr. Roberts discuss the failures of the current economic system in the United States, and how and why the U.S. government can no longer be considered accountable to, or representative of, the people. Also, the importance of confronting these harsh realities, what can be done about it, and much more.

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This site depends….

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    God gave us Guillermo so we could learn the meaning of the word “cloying.” To hear this shitbird who wants to defund the schools complaining about public education is rich.

    PCR for president.

  2. Rose Mary says:

    GJ: (36:00 -) “the great mermerizing effect” .. “This is done obvious with purpose by design” .. “by no one word on the impeachment of Obama” .. “what is your opinion?” .. “is there a causual relation?”


    Politics is not “causual”. Medicine is maybe causual, but human behavior is intentional

  3. tonywicher says:


    Never mind Jimenez, PCR for President! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Robert’s analysis is great! I did think Jimenez asked Roberts an intelligent final question, what the connection is between the national security issues, the police state, the loss of civil rights and the illegal wars and the ongoing economic collapse. Roberts answered that the two processes were independent. The “elites” (i.e. the world financial oligarchy) suck the economy dry with their insatiable greed for money while the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington have an equally insatiable ambition for power, leading to a drive for total dominion and control over the planet. He does not make the full connection between the economic and the political processes necessary to have a clear view of what we are fighting against and what our strategy must be. I would have said in response to the question that economics is the basis of politics. The basic power we are dealing with is the power of money. Those who control the money supply are able to use it to subvert the political process so that the government represents them instead of the people. It is their government. This government that represents them is what is embarking on the project of total world domination. The intention is that of the world financial oligarchy, and only secondarily of any politician serving them. The oligarchs make and break politicians as needed. So who are “they”? They are the controlling shareholders of the major international banks identified as GSIFIs or “globally significant international financial institutions”. Here is a list of such institutions identified by the Financial Stability Board (FSB).

    Here is a mathematical study frequently cited by World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes that demonstrates the structure of world economic control:

    We must attack the oligarchy at the source of of its power, the control of money and credit. There is one way I know to do this, and that is to do what FDR did and restore his 1933 banking law known as Glass-Steagall in an ironclad form. This absolute separation of commercial deposits from investment accounts will pop all the bubble and bankrupt these so-called “too big fail institutions” while at the same time protecting commercial deposits, pensions and the real economy. Once the oligarchs are bankrupted their power is gone. No longer will they be “too big to fail”, or too big to jail. We will be seeing the likes of Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein in orange jumpsuits and silver bracelets, but not only them, also higher oligarchs whose errand boys even they are.

  4. I’m continuing to lose respect for you, CuChulainn. I doubt you really hear anybody. From our last discussion on yesterday’s nightly news, it’s obvious that you are only interested in ideological divisions and won’t let any rational thought past your firewall. Duck!

  5. @Xicha: Now that puts a smile ‘n my face: Duck duck duck goose; I know at least one person has been listening to my ramblings:-)

  6. I on the other hand… get more reasons to have much more respect for you… Sibel… every day!!

    I am sorry for the likes of that jack ass!

    But tell you what… I like any kind of conversation… and I don’t put nobody down… we all needs to get along..

  7. duck duck duck… indeed…. ! I wonder if you remember what I told you about the big bird I saw down the street from me here…

    It was a Sandhill Crane… about 4 ft tall.. and I saw that big bird set up and get him a gopher.

    I sawr the whole thing, And it made me proud of the bird race… ! I mean I liked what I don sawr… That big bird took out one… rodent… went up in the sky and landed down in the stream… washed it up, broke it’s neck.. put the thing in the swallow… and got an extra gulp to wash it down… it was poetry in motion!

  8. Rose Mary says:

    “The “elites” (i.e. the world financial oligarchy)” .. “their insatiable greed for money”

    This is a reference to “economic laws” – typical using “sosiology” and other useless concepts. What does it explain?

    History has been falsified to make us blind. “The communists” were not communists, they were terrorists (satanic). The Tzar was not murdered by “communists” – communists don’t use Cabbalah. They were something else, and obviously they hated the Tzar for some reasons far behind in history (“for his crimes”)

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