VIDEO- Police State USA: Getting Children Conditioned to Submit & Obey

SWAT Team’s Real Life Terror Drill on School Bus Filled with Terrified Children

Please recall Hitler’s Youth. Add to it cases such as this one. Take a look at these:

 And then watch this:

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  1. donilo252525 says:

    How moronic can these people be?!! To top it off, the kids think it’s real!!!! So-called “educators” traumatizing CHILDREN so they can show how clever & tough they are. They caused more personal injury to these kids than anyone can imagine. Oh, some of the teenagers might “play along,” masking the emotional effects of this “show.” Butthe emotional scars have been put in place, and they will stay with them for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Good going “educators.” They should all be summarily fired and charges of child abuse should be made.

    This must not ever be repeated!

  2. Exactly, donilo. And don’t forget the cheering parents. They see all this as cool, needed and justified. They are raising kids with installed fear and worship of government the savior.

  3. Rose Mary says:

    There must a million employees involved in these activities, and millions involved in Agenda 21, and another million involved in DHS. There must be a million pages of documents for all this … kept in secret, investement in the trillions .. add all the DUMB facilities, the secret labs for DNA research, the secret inventions … there is so much they keep hidden for us. We are given false and phony “explanations” all the time.

    It is hard to believe something like “Wall Street” or “FED” or “Israel” is behind all this. It is a bigger plan .. prepared for a century? More on the scale of starting WWII.

  4. At the risk of stating the obvious; this is mind-conditioning in two directions:

    Conditioning parents, children, and teachers etc. for acceptance of an intensified police state, and
    conditioning patsies who will serve as bogeymen for “real” terror events – sometime in the future, some poor sucker is going to think he is participating in a simulation exercise or undercover operation, when all of sudden he is taken out or arrested. If he is not killed, he is quickly demonized in the press with a pre-packaged profile and history. He will be sold as psychotic or fanatic; a type of evil or deranged individual who could strike at any time, in any place.

    All this is nothing new, it has been going on for centuries. As I have said here before, the real battleground is, and has always been, the battle for truth – a battle that has been going on for centuries as well. The most under appreciated source of power is control of information. Most or all of the people in this video are lacking sufficient information to understand their actions. By manipulating the flow of information – perceived reality – these people have been persuaded to forge their own shackles. It is such a strange experience to witness history repeat itself; to watch this centuries old process unfold again right in our midst. And it is deeply disturbing, knowing how this cycle ends.

  5. @Hal: Well said, and this: “And it is deeply disturbing, knowing how this cycle ends.” sums up my fear as well.

  6. This absolutely enrages me. I wonder if there were any parents or school board members who disagreed with this exercise. Besides, why stop there? Let’s take a town such as Boston and “lock it down” (Martial Law) and point fire arms at American citizens.

  7. For the controlling .001% elite living in their parallel universe(Elysium in Nebraska or Paraguay), this little weird Nazi drill is just the thing to make those zombie-inbreds giggle. And, as has always been the case with tribal, alpha male or female seeking humans, they all think this is a valuable lesson for the trapped children in a school bus. Goat herding Taliban terrorists may swarm tomorrow into Bismark N Dakota! Who cares if 3 or 4 of these kids have reoccurring nightmares for 25 years?

    As you well know Sibel and commenters, the terrorists in this country and around the world are certain trained Americans.

  8. donilo252525 says:

    Well said Ron. For a chilling picture of how effectively U.S. media propaganda furthers our sheepish society, view this comparison of TIME magazine covers. They’re for the same months, but one is for International markets, while the other is for U.S. markets.

  9. Just fkn disgusting. The love affair USA has with uniforms is deviant…a madness beggaring description.

  10. absurd

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