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How did we end up here: A sorry state of our country due to an even sorrier state of our majority? Our utterly uninformed majority is in this sorry state due to their regular consumption of the water from the establishment’s poisoned wells. We have the witches of the establishment pouring the poisoned concoction into the communal wells. Maybe a little bit of pseudo patriotism mixed with a fair amount of fear-mongering laced with dependency-inducing barbitals topped with fluffy fantasy puffs. Maybe three portions of false security shaken with two portions of false prosperity into a hallucinogenic elixir blended with a shot of apathy-enhancing liquor. Maybe all of the above and more.

Equally if not more importantly we have the poison-water bearers. After all, the objective of poisoning the majority is too important to be left to chance. The mainstream and pseudo-alternative poison-water-bearers do just that: take the water poisoned by the establishment witches, put it into easy-to-swallow portions and easy-to-drink containers, and then deliver it to as many people as they can. That’s right. You take the establishment poisons together with the mainstream media poison-bearers, and you get a whole a lot of poisoned people acting crazy as hell.

Fundraising Thermometer This is why I started this website named so very aptly-Boiling Frogs Post. My main objective was to provide people with a real alternative- an alternative to the many poisoned information sources. An alternative not poisoned with concoctions poured out by the mega corporations, corporate-foundations, or lap-dog NGOs. An alternative not tainted by shrewdly-crafted divisiveness called partisanship.

This website is a true alternative to the many poisoned wells. We are growing and expanding, but we are still the minority. We can only exist with the support of our irate minority members. Without your support there will not be a true alternative to the poisoned wells. Please help us continue and expand- for independent truth, and for all of us. Please help us provide an alternative to the mainstream and quasi alternative channels furthering the establishment’s poison. You can, and here is how:

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  1. the latest from Peter Myers:

    American attack on Syria based on Israeli Intelligence. Chomsky, Trots, Anarchists & Greens mostly back rebels

    This bulletin is available for download as a WORD file from

    I have switched to .doc so that the bold formatting will show up.

    (1) Experts not convinced; Why would Assad invite UN inspectors, then
    use chemical weapons the very day they arrive?
    (2) US media claim Intercepted Phone Call as evidence about Chemical Weapons
    (3) John Whitbeck: intelligence for attack on Syria was provided by Mossad
    (4) WSJ touts “Israeli intelligence indicating movement of Syrian
    chemical weapons”
    (5) US claims about Syria Chemical Weapons are based on intelligence
    supplied by Mossad
    (6) UN only mandated to determine IF chemical weapons were used, not WHO
    used them
    (7) Russian ambassador to UN: two rockets carrying toxic chemicals were
    fired from Douma, controlled by Syrian “rebels”
    (8) Assad claims a strong link between Israel and Syria rebels
    (9) Anger in Middle East over Israeli airstrike on Syria (May)
    (10) Israeli submarine responsible for July attack on Syrian arms depot
    – report
    (11) Israel is Fighting a Regional War in Syria
    (12) Joseph Lieberman calls for US to intervene in Syria as it did in Libya
    (13) Greek Orthodox Archbishop: Syria rebels serve Israeli project to
    control the Middle East
    (14) Authoritarian regimes (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) sponsor Democracy in
    (15) EU votes to allow arms shipments to Syrian rebels
    (16) Tyler Durden: Syria grand plan (from Wikileaks); US Training Rebels
    since 2011
    (17) Zbigniew Brzezinski condemns Syria war plan
    (18) UN debate stalls US attack on Syria
    (19) UK parliament votes against PM’s war plan, mindful of Iraq WMD
    (20) Gangster State US/UK — Paul Craig Roberts
    (21) Chomsky says US & Israel not backing Syria rebels; Left critics
    should be ignored
    (22) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US) condemns Assad
    (23) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US): Left must support Syria rebels
    (24) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US) condemns US threatened military
    (25) Socialist Alliance (Trot, Australia) rejects US assault but
    supports rebels against Assad “tyranny”
    (26) Socialist Alternative (Trot, Australia): US & Israel are not
    supporting Syria rebels
    (27) Red Pepper (Trotskyist / Anarchist, UK) backs Syrian rebels
    (28) Australian Greens says more Syria sanctions needed (2012)
    (29) European Greens motion condemns “violent and indiscriminate attacks
    by the Syrian regime”
    (30) European Greens: No military intervention in Syria before UN
    mission reports its findings
    (31) WSWS Trots: Syria chemical attack is pretext for US military assault
    (32) WSWS Trots: Syrian rebels used chemical weapons
    (33) Russian Missile Plan Chills Chances for Syrian No-Fly Zone

  2. How about accepting Bitcoins?

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