The Little Terrorists vs. The Real Big Terrorists

Isn’t it Time for a Real War on the Real Big Terrorist?

On September 11 2001, less than two dozen little terrorists carried out a terror attack in order to pave the way for bigger terrorists above them to carry out continual and far bigger terror attacks around the globe.

The little terrorists killed more or less three thousand innocent people so that the big terrorists could murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world.

The little terrorists gave their own lives to take three thousand lives. The big terrorists used the lives of several thousand to take away the lives of hundreds of thousands.

The little terrorists spent less than $500,000 to carry out their terror plot which led the big terrorists and their cronies to a gain of over $3.3 Trillion.

The little terrorists, while ruining the lives of many children, did not target, injure or kill children. The big terrorists have targeted, killed and helped kill, and have been killing, thousands of children.

The little dead terrorists have been identified, declared and publicized by our media as the real bad terrorists. The real big bad terrorists, despite over a decade of nonstop terror and murders, have yet to be named and portrayed as the real big terrorists. On the contrary, they’ve been cheered and their terror actions have been promoted unanimously by the same media. 

The little terrorists who committed the terror attacks on September 11 2001 have been dead. For 12 years. The handful of alleged little terrorist supporters have been holed up in cells and kept chained and very quiet. Yet, the big terrorists are all alive and well, and popular-busier than ever carrying out their big terror attacks, murdering and terrorizing millions around the globe.

Isn’t it time to call out the real big terrorists? Isn’t it time for a real war on the big terror that is real? Isn’t it time to go after the real big terrorists? Isn’t it time to unite and declare our united battle against the world’s biggest and most dangerous terrorists?

Because up to this point, at least here at the center of big terror operations, we’ve been only bystanders who, willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly, have aided and abetted the real and biggest world terrorists- with our lives, limbs, tax dollars, votes, and of course, our silence. That makes us the real big terrorists’ accomplices. Whether you like it or not, that’s a fact. Even the real big terrorists’ own laws and rules say so.

Isn’t it time to stop aiding and abetting the world’s biggest terrorists? Isn’t it time? Isn’t it?

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Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. Great article. Yes, it’s definitely time. Time for the masses to come together and recognize those big terrorists and make them accountable for their actions. Over history, there has been tremendous (and unfortunately successful) effort to divide and distract the population to prevent people from coming together. However, it is in the favor of the common people to use the momentum of the moment at hand to unite.

    Since this is the world’s largest and most dominate empire we are currently living within and, as history shows, has no problem with using whatever force necessary to stifle dissent, it even more important for the “come together” moment to occur to stop the big terrorists.

    I believe a psychological issue to overcome for a portion of the population is that some who live within the empire easily become passive and complacent. I wonder if they fear sacrificing their status (however superficial) within the empire. The patriotic flag begins to wave and some begin protecting the empire. However, consciousness seems to be growing and momentum is important. With “peak everything” seemingly occurring, let’s hope now is the time for truth and justice and real freedom.

  2. Sibel, your article absolutely confounds me. Agreed, that the “little terrorists” are just that – “little terrorists.” However, are we to believe that 19 little terrorists overcame a 370 billion defense budget and a 28 million intelligence budget, destroyed three buildings, hit the pentagon, thwarted a proper investigation, and whole host of other anomalies which defies explanation? The two factions of terrorists in which you speak of are not mutually exclusive nor are they inseparable in its operation. I am truly puzzled and alarmed by the simplicity of your article. I am at odds with how your article compartments what so many credible researchers have written on 9/11. Yes, I agree with the “big terrorist” you put forth as the real danger to this country and the world at large. But, I cannot go brain dead and be naive enough based on other historical “false flag” events that little terrorists are that good when everyone on this planet comprehends the control by big terrorists. At the end of the day, I’ve said this before, cui prodesta scelus, est facit – He who benefits from the crime is the one who committed it. Please, if I am misinterpreting your article could you clarify it.

  3. “.. 28 million intelligence budget,”

    Some people have problems with the zeroes
    (I would add Facebook & Microsoft/Apple to “intelligence”)

  4. No Rose Mary, I have no problem with zeros – 28 Billion dollar intelligence budget. It’s called a typo and please say it without passing judgement. Thank you.

  5. If by little terrorist, you mean remote controls..

  6. “.. overcame a 370 billion defense budget and a 28 million intelligence budget, ”


    US Budget 2013 (billions) – total 3.8 trillion

    Department of Defense including Overseas Contingency Operations 672.9
    Department of Veterans Affairs 139.7
    Department of Homeland Security 55.4
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration 17.8
    Explicit defence related = 0.85 trillion (22%)

    (implicit defence – add a portion of:
    Department of Health and Human Services including Medicare and Medicaid 940.9
    Social Security Administration 882.7
    Department of Education 71.9
    Other spending 29.5)

    More or less 1/3 of US Budget (= 1.26 trillion)
    (the same as EU, Russia and China together?)

  7. .. and Pentagon lost track of 2.3 trillion (DUMB, secret space weapons, Mengele labs ? .. who knows)

  8. Chussodovsky’s interview with Corbett ends with some good ideas on what is to be done.

  9. Rose Mary, I do not know why you are being obtuse? Again, it is a “typo” for what I meant to say – 28 billion.

  10. NSA’s (hidden) budget was 30 years ago estimated to 20 billions. At that time a cup of coffee was at 15 cent??
    (Snowden got a lot of documents that is BS .. I could see that at once)

  11. CuChulainn, if the military see the big picture -> coup d’état against them

  12. Sibel, I truly admire you and your work but this piece is disappointing, to say the least. I’m dismayed that you seem to have bought in to the government’s official 9/11 fairy tale. Maybe you could help me understand your thinking?

  13. Terrorists? They would describe themselves as businessmen.

    A few hundred thousand dead over there, or over here? Hey, it’s not personal, it’s just business. Hard fact of life, everyone is going to die anyway, right? Why not do some business from it? A smart businessman makes sure everyone who helps him gets what they need to be happy, and everyone who can hurt him, gets what they ‘need’, too.

    It’s how men of ‘power’ and ‘vision’ do business, and it’s been going on in one form or another for all of recorded history. Crime? That’s just a word, used by people with small minds for certain kinds of business they don’t have the vision to understand. Small people with small minds say ‘crime against humanity!’, while men of vision smile ever so slightly and think to themselves, ‘ballsy business’.

    This group we call terrorists, consider themselves a superior breed. Not a breed defined by genetics, but by their superior grasp of the nature of business, and their utterly ruthless determination to let nothing stand between them and their goals. If you are a true businessman by their definition, there is nothing in your world but business, and of course perks. Whatever pleasure your heart desires, you get whenever you want, because you have acquired the resources and power necessary. You are a lion among sheep, above all judgement and restriction.

    Of course the lions are vastly outnumbered by sheep, but lions at the top of the heap insulate themselves behind proxies, flunkies, butt-boys, and other minions, to the point of virtual invisibility. The sheep haven’t truly grasped how they’re being fleeced for the most part, and the sheep who might have some suspicions can’t figure out who is ultimately behind it all. At least up until recently, that is.

    Now we have this incredible mechanism, the Internet, which ‘suspicious sheep’ can use to collaborate, compare notes, and over time fit in a piece of the puzzle here and there until a picture begins to emerge. Various suspicious sheep (or Boiling Frogs) might have a unique bit of information or insight which is of limited usefulness in isolation, but perhaps crucial when correctly fitted into the big picture.

    Ah, but there’s a rub. The suspicious sheep find themselves intermingled with skilled disinformation minions of the ‘businessmen’, as well as some unfortunates with clinical mental disorders such as florid delusions. Both are sources of noise, or mud in the water, but the intentional purveyors of disinformation are more dangerous because they can act in a coordinated way to distract and mislead the unwary.

    So I can perhaps define the problem, but I don’t have a solution. Throughout history people have formed religions and cults and clubs to make sure everyone they exchange ideas with is like-minded. But just because you find someone, or a group of someones who basically agree with you, does not necessarily put you one step closer to objective truth. Usually in fact, just the opposite.

    What we need are unrelated informants who can cross-validate each others’ information, and a way to vet them, and here is where it gets tricky – a way to protect them. Not only from the known forces that would seek to silence them, but also from the wolves in our midst, who will always be with us.

    In movie-land, some powerful white wizard would have a mountain top sanctuary of hewn stone and the power to keep it inviolate. There he would convene a meeting of vetted truth-tellers to discern once and for all the true names of the hidden evil ones. With that information, they would all formulate a strategy to bring the evil ones down.

    Well, that ain’t gonna happen, this is the real world. Like I said, I have no solution. Any ideas?

  14. James’ recent interview with Mr. Ryan hopefully goes viral. Abby Martin interviewed him as well. This is an important step. Keep on bulldogging what really happened on 9/11. Perhaps, just perhaps, this might get some people on the streets and away from the hypnotic, insidious glare of TV. Try and imagine some over-weight middle-aged person getting up from their Saturday afternoon comfort, casting aside 2 pounds of junk food, throwing themselves outside and crying, “my god, what have we done?!”

  15. Knarf,

    Nice insight. I think a big part of the solution is just defining the problem which you’ve started to touch upon! And it’s a big, old, complex problem with no easy solution. In permaculture, there’s a saying “The problem is the solution”. Or, another way to say it “In the problem lies the solution”.

    As you mentioned, we are seeing who the lions are (they are psychotic and can have such large egos that they don’t even try and hide) and they are VERY well protected by those you’ve mentioned. One question is WHY do those groups protect the lions? I wonder if it’s similar to those multi-level marketing strategies where new sales force benefit from those they recruit. And those recruits then recruit others for their personal gain. And so on. So, as long as there is something to gain individually from the situation, they support the lions — even at the possible financial demise of those below them.

    I’m wondering as the difference between the “have’s” and “have not’s” continues to increase, the middlemen you mentioned won’t be able to protect the lions from the HUGE volume of sheep. And the middlemen will also realize that they will NEVER become lions themselves since the lions see themselves as the elite, superior beings of the world. Maybe the middlemen need to be exposed to the fact that their position is not as solid and secure as they think? Maybe the whole protection racket can be exposed through increased knowledge (whistleblowers, true alternative media, etc)? Maybe the quality of this knowledge can overwhelm the volume of disinformation put out by the middlemen and the lions? A lot of maybe’s unfortunately…

  16. Joe,

    If you know names, then say names. I’m not confident I know names of the upper layer of scum. In fact, I’m confident I don’t know.

    We all know the names of politicians, “statesmen”, and other puppets. If the top guys were really to become so arrogant as to step out into the light, that would signal their self-destruction. The one thing they cannot survive is scrutiny. They may read this and laugh, but they know darkness is their only refuge. I would welcome any of them to challenge me on that assertion, in person if they please. I can be found, I live in the light as best I can. Though of course not to the extent Sibel does, bless her.

    As for how the command structure works and perpetuates itself, I’m not sure but I suspect it’s ultimately familial, possibly like the Sicilian organized crime syndicates we know of. BTW, organized crime figures who became high profile generally paid dearly for feeding their egos. Still haven’t found Hoffa, have we? Where is Gotti, dead or in jail, I forget.

    I return again to the concept of Apocalypse; the end of a vile system of things brought about by the removal of a veil of deceit. Or putting it another way, shining light into the darkness where the boss scum hide like roaches. All we really have to do to destroy them, is bring what they do in darkness into the light, unambiguously. Undeniable smoking gun evidence presented to the entire world, a severe shock to the system.

    One thing I’ve started asking people I know who are finally realizing, thanks to Snowden, they’ve been systematically lied to for years; “Do you think they didn’t start lying until AFTER 9/11?”

    For the first time in human history we have the tools to make Apocalypse possible. Now we just need to develop a methodology for using the tools collaboratively while detecting and negating sabotage. That sounds difficult to me, but there may be someone out there who can say, “Oh snap, here’s how you do it!”

    Even if there is not a genius shortcut, it doesn’t hurt to ask and get people a bit more narrowly focused on how to get over this huge hurdle.

  17. nothing Sibel says implies she has “bought In” to the official story

    Rosemary, however many good folks are in the rank and file, the US military is structurally beholden to the dark side,

  18. Engdahl’s forthcoming book, as described in his recent interview at Red Ice radio, sounds like a gloss on Sibel’s Gladio series

  19. “If the top guys really to become so arrogant as to step out into the light, ”

    Albert Pike was their top man. They are all listed in the dictionary, the very important ones tends to keep low profile. But Brzezinski, John Kerry and Diana Saywer are also important

  20. They are worried about military service men awakening, and I have learned alternativ sites are blocked for them. Those who know military service men, send them DVDs?
    (They don’t like Snowden because he ends up in MSM that is not blocked)

  21. Knarf,

    When it comes to names of upper level, I reflect on Andrew Gavin Marshall’s “Empire, Power, and People” podcasts spotlighting the usual suspects (heads of the global banking cartels, those on multiple boards of multinational corporations, think-tank leaders, power families, etc). But to your argument though, maybe these people are puppets? I don’t know. In this global capitalist world, I try to follow the money to find the evil (who benefits financially). And I tend to follow your mafia analogy for how everything is organized.

    Which leads me to re-think some things…mainly, we can try to identify those upper people in place and those who support them while also looking at the structures in place that support the “Big Terrorists”. If, for example, in a perfect world, those “lions” were all identified and removed from power, we would still have the structures in place that created them. More effective “lions” would fill the vacuum — which leads me to rethink the idea I had earlier of “middlemen” not being able to become “lions”. If the structures in place offer the carrot to the middlemen to become lions, we’re going to have a lot of people doing whatever it takes to become “lions”.

    One example of a structure in place that creates and supports “Big Terrorists” would be the fractional reserve banking fiat money system that monopolizes the money system and always attempts to destroy competing money systems. A handful of banks (along with the IMF and World Bank) uses money as a weapon of mass destruction — capable of destroying individuals (ie, housing bubbles) and capable of destroying nations (structural adjustments and austerity). When we consider the hundreds of trillions of dollars of derivatives on the market, a handful of powerful banks across the globe can cause significant devastation.

    Another structure in place creating and supporting “Big Terrorists” could also be various forms of top-down, ultra-controlling forms of government. This could be state capitalism, state socialism, authoritarian dictatorships/monarchies, etc.

    I agree when you mention “shining the light on darkness”. It empowers common people like us. We can ask ourselves big questions such as:

    — Am I somehow contributing to structures supporting these “Big Terrorists”? (Perhaps move finances from bank banks to credit unions)
    — Is there anything I can do to not support these structures while maintaining my health and my family? (Try homeschooling, home or community gardens)
    — Is there anything I can do to tear down these structures? (Expose them by “shedding light on the darkness” by supporting sites like BFP,,, etc)
    — What alternative structures are available so that when the old structures are torn down, a newer more imposing structure isn’t put in its place? (Worker-owned cooperatives. Also local or state public bank like the Bank of North Dakota model instead of the private big banks)
    — Can I work with my local community to create a new local structure? (Resilient, local systems supporting sustainable local communities)

    Feels like people uniting is key. Somehow avoiding the constant, historical pitfall of being divided by the elite. Even though I believe elements of both “light and darkness” are within each individual — complementary forces as yin and yang — I believe people are fundamentally “good” and not fundamentally “evil”. There are both good and evil structures in place however and those evil structures are very, very powerful. Maybe this is why the “good vs evil” story has been so relevant throughout the history of the world.

    I don’t know, just opinions…learning as life evolves and wanting to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

  22. The average guy can promote supplements and food/drugs info to family and friends (not to kill themselves). It is not demanding activity and it is actually making a difference to those close to us (intro: Blaylock, Dr. R.Laibow)

  23. All the major alternative media hosters are big comsumers of supplements. They take personal advantage of what they learn. That is egoism?
    (They make no secrets of it – and they cannot baby-feed everyone with knowledge)

  24. – Can I work with my local community to create a new local structure?

    That is a nice ambition. But can you survive?

    You are loaded with deadly vaccines, you are drinking fluorides, 90% of the “food” will increase demands for their drugs – air too. Their medicine is more poison, creating more demands. They don’t get cancer because they have cures for that, but that is not for us.


    They have shelters and food, not we. They are keen on surviving.

  25. “get cancer” is wrong wording. Everyone have cancer

    911 was a display of what they are planning, first a security state … in the end “smart villages” for those surviving

    Easy to understand Youtube:
    The Hunger Games Official Trailer [1080p HD]

  26. Joe,

    I doubt we can peel the onion from the outside. But history shows us that these kinds of ‘structures’ (I hesitate to apply a label such as capitalistic or fascist or whatever, because I think it’s basically greed for power and wealth, which has no consistent ideology) self-destruct sooner or later. So while we try to peel the onion, at the core it’s rotting.

    Be the change you want to see. I endorse what you mentioned about home schooling and using credit unions instead of banks. The strongest form of commentary is setting an example. One thing I’ve had to work on myself is resisting the tendency to insist on ideological purity in some group or individual, before I lend my support. My own ideology has evolved as I’ve lived and learned. If the me of now met the me of 40 years ago, it would be a jarring and perhaps brutal encounter. At one time I was passionate about my political ideology.

    Now I understand, political ideology is basically made of silly putty. It picks up impressions from the environment, and slowly flows to fit its container. I’ve abandoned politics, and I have no political ideology. As best I can.

    In a few minutes the fund raising thermometer for this website is going to increase a bit, because I’m not hung up that some of the columnists don’t have exactly my worldview. I can stand to read what they say if they can tolerate my criticism. Even the ones who grate on me, make me think and raise interesting points. The general drift here is, as far as I can tell, apolitical and centered on truth seeking. That makes this kind of place valuable, so I will donate to keep it going, over and above my monthly subscription. That’s my example, you do as you please.

    With more ordinary people raising their awareness and refusing to run in the usual ruts, increasing numbers of people in the belly of the beast will find their moral courage to call out wrongdoing. This could well turn out to be a very non-linear process, accelerating greatly near the end as more of “them” decide to change sides. A landslide begins with a pebble, I think I read that somewhere. Well, we are well past that, because boulders are rolling down the hill now.

    Does that mean chaos in the streets and the typical Hollywood version of zombie apocalypse? Well ask yourself if that is not most likely a form of programming, to make us AFRAID of fundamentally changing things because it would result in instant bloody chaos.

    Is the only reason our society is in the main orderly now, because police have guns? Not at all. I live in a state where millions of people are armed and have the liberty to carry arms either openly or concealed without going through any permitting process. If we collectively were lawless, the police would have no chance of keeping order, they would be outgunned a thousand to one. No, society can only be orderly because the majority of ordinary people insist on it, be they armed or not. There is no reason to think we would all lose our minds because the rotten nest of parasites who feed off our labor and our fears has some cleansing sunlight shone on it.

    What is on the other side of Apocalypse is an unknown, and we naturally fear the unknown. But understand this; the only way we are able to function right now, is because we each have a level of trust in the humanity of the common people we rub shoulders with each day. Why would that change? Ever?

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