Processing Distortion: John Lindh-Detainee 001 in Bush’s “war on terror”

Peter B. Collins Presents Frank Lindh

In the hysteria following 9/11, John Lindh was captured in Afghanistan and falsely accused of being a traitor. In this moving, in-depth interview, his father, Frank, details his young son’s odyssey that led to a 20-year prison sentence for “Detainee 001″ in Bush’s “war on terror”. Frank Lindh is an attorney and law school instructor and the father of 3 children.

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  1. Peter thanks for this very interesting interview.
    I think your new PD series is excellent.

  2. Great show. Lives up to its name.

  3. Utterly extraordinary a man been so close to the heart of darkness as Frank Lindh has not understood/researched Osama Tim Osman as CIA asset and 911 a false flag.

  4. First rate, Peter. Thank you.

  5. remo

    Same thought, yet with the vulnerability of his son he may just not wish to ‘go there’.

  6. Sure. Why not. Its about the only rational explanation.
    Interesting that John reported ‘alQaeda’ unknown/unheard of to him on-the-ground in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Not locally referred to. Not known of in Afghan army, which surely would have chatter if AQ represented any known fighting group. Supporting Sibel’s disclosure that alQaeda an unheard of entity in source material at FBI translation dept. until rolled out post 911. Also. Young Johns’ pick up of OBL as ‘fake and creepy’. I guess spooks playing fundamentalists exude a signal to devotees. A little like Rumsfeld and Ashcroft etal must close-up stink of the corruption/deceit behind their good-guy righteous pretense .

  7. Great interview, thank you. What an amazing odyssey, it was his destiny to survive and tell the tale. Does anyone remember when we will be coming back “from the dark side” as said by President, I mean VICE President Dick Cheney? I do believe it was Malcolm X who said the media was a powerful force to be watched out for as “they can make the GUILTY innocent and the INNOCENT guilty. I’m afraid that’s what gone here and continues to go on.

    FREE John Philip Walker Lindh!

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