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BFP VideoIf there is one thing that defines our current political era, it is the unprecedented crackdown on government whistleblowers. If the Bush administration's invocation of the little used State Secrets Privilege to silence those exposing corruption is taken as the beginning point of this era, we have seen a steady progression throughout the past decade, culminating in Obama's unprecedented war on whistleblowers. So what, then, are we to make of whistleblowers who are not only not prosecuted for their actions, nor simply given fawning mainstream media attention, but receive book deals worth millions of dollars and become the heroes of Hollywood action flicks?

Join us for this week's EyeOpener report with James Corbett as we explore this question and its implications.

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  1. Julian Metter says:

    Interesting wrap up to the story of Plaume-gate. Corbett asked for feedback on why it hasn’t taken off and I do see several problems that may have contributed to the lack of response. First the core of the nuclear secrets illegal transfer issue, and it’s importance, remains undeveloped. The implication is that we gave Pakistan the bomb for helping with 911 and the subsequent penetration into Central Asia but this is just an inference. Without a more definite anchor the story lacks impact. I understand this involves Edmonds’ gag order but it would seem a general sense of direction with regards to the intended allegations and implications raised by this story would sharpen our understanding of what was actually at stake here. Positioning this within the context of global developments of that time and the importance those developments had for overarching political agendas of the globalists would also help. Lastly, while Edmonds remains wonderfully articulate and completely honorable, the public’s comprehension of her message would be better served by summing up (as much as possible in the context of the gag order) the general outlines or directions of what she would have said, rather then dwelling on the subsequent unfairness and covert government attempts to control her. The current focus on the showering accolades Plaume received versus the mistreatment and abuse accorded to Edmonds can come across as a personal complaint instead of the serious issue that it clearly is. Again I understand this is what happens with a gag order, but it must be possible to talk in general terms or to offer a direction in the form of “general concerns”.

  2. I second the motion for more clarity regarding what was going on with the nuclear espionage. (I also second the understanding of the difficulties the gag order imposes.)

  3. sniffingratty says:

    I would like to see an article that ties it all together.

  4. CuChulainn says:

    it’s a familiar script by now–mediatized pseudo-whistleblowers reinforce the ISIS narrative by claiming to protest against the alleged blowback of US policy

  5. Audio version please. There is no way I can watch this. Connection too slow.

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