Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 94

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

EPPAfter a recent visit to the United States, I was struck by the level of knowledge and disgust of young Americans I met had toward U.S. foreign policy and toward the concept of Empire. In a time at which the American empire is expanding its technological mayhem around the world, as financial markets have come to dominate nations and regions, and entire populations are punished into poverty and hunger for the benefit of gaining market "confidence," we have come to a critical point as a society and a species: we need to question the fundamental notions of how our society is ordered, and we must - as a moral necessity - oppose imperialism in all its forms. The elite communicate with one another through otherwise incomprehensible language, and have no means of communicating honestly or openly with the population. So we must communicate with one another, and we must organize an anti-imperial movement. The knowledge is there, the anger and frustrations are present, only the organizing and actions are needed.

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  1. AG…At least 3 things came out of your talk today:
    The cold psychopathic babble of central bankers droning on, knowing whatever they say is driven by their lust for money, status, and power. A science fiction writer might call them a warped quasi-human with no possibility whatsoever for what some of us call “empathy.”
    Similar to looking for those with low or no empathy to hire as police/military types, these central banker zombies are even worse, because they are physical cowards. A cop might be warped, but he’ll go to battle. These soft Neo-con type creeps shrink with fright at being in actual battle. You and many of us(e.g.,Sibel)know we may die–I often had that feeling in demonstrations, etc. in the 60s. We may experience fear, but we continue. That gives us a certain advantage–however slim.

    The Human species itself is know in question. Namely, will evolution of our contradictory behavior cause our extinction and/or take the species back to prehistoric survival in a few pockets of non-radioactive earth? I’m not so sure that a somewhat kind fleet of aliens might check the entire organic body of the planet out and decide that one particular biped species is wrecking everything with impunity and should be terminated immediately. They could then land; clean up the planet with unknown technology, wave at the forests, animals and the immense bodies of water and check back in 200,000 years.
    I suppose the third topic is that of time itself and how long it takes to understand the deep dark games people play. I am now 73 and still workin’ at it. As usual, thanks(BTW I was born in Winnipeg –many great memories of childhood there. My dad hauled us out to Ca. when I was a young hockey player(age 12)).

  2. The flag mantra is really important. Has to be seen to be believed. I have a book here called ‘the road to citizenship’ has nine full pages on how many ways you got to bend over to respect the flag. It is part of the control DNA. Like the coma you get put into reading that BIS BS, so too the flag is part of that deep state Bernaysian psychology thing, the Manchurian candidate reaction mechanism drilled into the culture. So any perceived or created( false flag) ‘Disrespecting the flag’ sets up a revenge hatred impulse which at national level, you throw into uniform, hand a loaded weapon, aim at the designated enemy, and tell em to ‘go git’.

    Thanks for reading those speeches too. Above and beyond call of duty. However, with TPP negotiations running high and in secret, parlaying sovereign laws for corporate protection-of-profit without any democratic process/peoples input, we are seeing what you are reporting happen in the flesh.

  3. tonywicher says:

    I loved this thoughtful monologue that raises so many interesting questions. I think the fact that many younger people spend so much time on the Net, and have been getting exposed to sources of information other than the controlled mainstream media, is having an effect. It is indeed Brzezinski’s feared political awakening. But though they are beginning to understand imperialism, at this stage few see how there is anything they can do about it. The anti-imperial movement must indeed be organized and led by a highly experienced and competent leadership with clear objectives and a focused battle plan. Fortunately, there is an organization that does provide such leadership. It is the LaRouche Political Action Committee LaRouchePAC.com. I tell all those people who are beginning to understand imperialism to go to LaRouchePAC and get themselves organized. LaRouche has been the leading American anti-imperialist for half a century. He is now 91 years old and still fighting with every breath he takes. His senior associates are people in their sixties and seventies, but there are more young people joining all the time. They are an experienced, intense, highly dedicated cadre of organizers. They are small, perhaps 500 full-time organizers in the U.S. and another 500 world-wide. But in fifty years of unswerving perseverance, they have made many high-level contacts and supporters not only in the U.S. but all over Europe, Russia, China, India, and South America. They are positioned to be the leadership of a broad anti-imperialist popular movement. LaRouche is primarily an economist, and he advocates a non-monetarist economic system, namely, the American System of sovereign public credit originally built into our Constitution by Alexander Hamilton, but attacked and subverted over the years by imperial forces. LaRouche maintains that the United States is the foremost anti-imperialist nation, because our war of independence was a war against imperialism and our Constitution enabled us to maintain our economic as well as political independence from imperialism. That was why America was known to the world as the land of the freedom and equal opportunity for all. After 250 years of relentless subversion, we have forgotten who we are.

  4. @AGM: Thanks for discussing these two important issues of central banking and empire. I recently heard a good talk on these two issues by Lew Rockwell (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl9lS5k7H5M) where he succinctly observed that central bankers act to:

    1. serve as lenders of last resort (i.e. bailouts);
    2. coordinate monetary inflation by establishing a uniform rate by which the banks inflate (thereby stabilizing fractional reserve banking and ensuring profits); and,
    3. allow governments to finance their operations far more cheaply than they otherwise could. Thereby, as an enabler of monetary inflation, central banking is a surreptitious enabler of war.

    So, one action that any person can take today is to minimize his or her use of a central bank’s money as well as any money that is forced onto other people.

  5. @remo: Your observations on flag worship are spot on, IMO. It’s effectiveness is rather impressive and scary.

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