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This site depends….

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  1. Hey! James Corbett on RT Breaking the Set with Abby Martin talking about Gladio Plan B! He did an excellent job introducing the subject and I hope they will follow up with another appearance. Might be a good idea to comment and show interest.

  2. Starts at 4 minutes, BTW.

  3. Here’s the segment by itself, along with some additional links at the end, from Corbett. Again, James did a great job and it was good that Abby had him on. We should request that she follows up with more segments on this. Thanks!

  4. Here’s the contact email for the RT U.S. Bureau:

    And here is a draft example letter you can send to them. Thanks!

    Please forward this request to Abby Martin, of your show Breaking the Set.

    Dear Ms. Martin:

    I enjoyed your segment, with James Corbett, on Gladio Plan B. Please follow up on this topic with James and/or Sibel Edmonds. It looks like this information might be the most important background story in this generation. It undermines the Global War On Terror narrative and creates a context for finding and understanding the truth about global events, including 9/11, as well as a framework for discussing accountability for actions that have been a detriment to all people, including Americans themselves.

    This story is essential, if we are going to clean up our corrupted government and rebuild our international relationships. Sibel has given us the names of some of the key players; names we also find in the PlameGate affair, the Boston Bombing, and other important events. We need to follow up on this important story, so that we can get a more holistic picture of history, and start prosecuting some of the real terrorists.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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