The EyeOpener Report- The War on Journalism

BFP VideoThe term "war on journalism" is an apt description of the current state of affairs because there is a war being waged on the public right now. It is a war for the hearts and minds of the population, and it is being waged by the bought-and-paid for government and the compliant repeaters in the corporate controlled dinosaur media that is bleeding readership and viewership as alternative entities increasingly dominate the information battlefield. Find out more about this war and the forces that are waging it in this week's edition of the EyeOpener Report with James Corbett.

Join us for this week's EyeOpener report with James Corbett as we explore this question and its implications.

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  1. Ms Feinstein is strangely zombie-like. Are the poisonous positions she is espousing poisoning her health? What does she hope to achieve with her life and her time in the Senate? Although her husband is a war monger and war profiteer, she did get her start in politics with the brave Harvey Milk in San Francisco. Maybe like Claude Rains in “Mr Smith Goes To Washington”, she will jump up in a fit of conscience and denounce these terrible incursions into our liberties and freedoms.

  2. Hi phersh,

    I’m thinking this is a good example of how the NSA targeting of elected officials is most likely done to compromise them. Pure puppetry at this point.

  3. In a way this reaction completely predictable. After decades of diligent concentration of all major media outlets the corporate controllers have been blind sided by the emergence of the internet. They paid big money to achieve their intended monopoly on the public mind and they are now acutely aware that their influence and their capital are at great risk. They will fight like demons to retain it.

    The power of the truth. I am humbled.

  4. The interview with Michael Veil (spelling?) was awesome! Hit the nail on the head, get in there.

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