The EyeOpener Report- JFK + 50: Why It Still Matters

BFP Video50 years ago this month, the President of the United States had his head blown off in broad daylight. As is to be expected, there are those who will passionately argue that this event is of little historical significance. What is somewhat surprising is that those who argue thusly include some of the most respected academics and researchers of our era, yet the picture that emerges from the historical record is one fundamentally opposed to that painted by the critics who argue that his death was of no significance.

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  1. Thank you, James. I recently responded to David Talbot on why it matters and doesn’t matter regarding the JFK assassination:

    Thank you for such an informative article. I do believe that most journalists, at least within the mainstream press will not touch the true facts concerning the JFK assassination for two reasons: One, to investigate and report honestly would mean that the journalist is crossing the Rubicon of established policy when it comes to history. To do otherwise is tantamount of touching what I call the “invisible electrified fence” to oblivion. All journalist have been imprinted psychologically in this process and it is perhaps why Eric Snowden did what he did. Two, and I think is even more disturbing, is what David Ray Griffin calls the “Nationalistic Faith.” This is a “faith” which is born in American Exceptionalism which defines the national character. A character which has been indoctrinated on Americans and projected through cold war policies at the expense of self-evaluation and analysis. No journalist, historian, intelligence official, military or even a civilian wants to ever admit that their participation in a fraud and a lie on the American people is just that – A fraud and a lie. To acknowledge this would mean an invalidation of the “American Dream” and these people would be force to confront themselves over their hypocrisy. I do have one question regarding those books you advocate. Why did you not mention from what I understand what most researchers consider the best analysis of the JFK assassination and cover-up – “Inside the ARRB” by military analyst Douglas P. Horne? As you are well aware Doug Horne served for three years principally looking at the Bethesda autopsy cover-up. The skull x-rays in my humblest opinion is the smoking gun and Horne shows why. And yes, David, your book is in my top three.

  2. Thanks, James; a timely video. Another excellent source is the recent book by Jim DiEugenio, Destiny Betrayed. If you think the CIA wasn’t in the center of the JFK spider web, well, better think again!

  3. Thank you James. I concur with what my brother Pick stated. I would like to add few things to the conversation. 1) After reading all 1807 pages of Douglas P. Horne’s “Inside the ARRB,” I came away with the notion that the “Unspeakable” can be known and can be spoken of. It is really looking at facts at hand. These facts must abide by the laws of nature and cannot not be extinguished, regardless of the degree of power and influence of those who wish to do the extinguishing.

    We can know that the CIA had and has a global benefactor–namely, the City London and its intelligence arm MI6. To think Sir William Stevenson, a man who help set up the OSS (forerunner to the CIA) through the Special Operation Executive housed at Rockefeller Center during WWII, had no knowledge of or participation with the assassination of JFK is shear naivete. The assassination order came from the highest level of the Anglo-American establishment, period.

    2) Not withstanding the intricacies of political intrigue, we can still prosecute this case today. We still have evidence. What is this evidence? The X Ray photos of Kennedy taken at Bethesda Naval Hospital on November 22, 1963. They can be proved fraudulent. Dr, David Mantik, Radiation Oncologist, examined these photos in the archives. Through a process known as Densitometry, Mantik measured the bone density of Kennedy’s skull as presented by the X Rays. The Occipital Parietal portion of the skull was 1100 times thicker than the frontal area. Simply put, Mantik stated this is impossible in nature. The photos had been altered to hide the large defect present in Kennedy’s skull–a defect that would confirm a shot from the front.

    Mantik also confirmed the X Rays were not originals, but copies. These findings contradict every aspect of the official record as presented by the Warren Commission. Now, since the analysis shows the X Rays were tampered with, the charge of Obstruction of Justice and Tampering of Evidence comes into play. Now, you can have a trial. This is knowable and provable. Only with a trial can we, truth seeking Americans, have a chance at unraveling this enigma we know as the Kennedy Assassination.


    P.S. The source for Mantik, Douglas P. Horne’s “Inside the ARRB,” Volume II, pages 541 to 588.

  4. I think it’s important to cover as James does what has surfaced about the JFK assassination, because we can’t count on the Main-Stream Media.

    With respect to Vietnam, Peter Dale Scott mentions two National Security Action Memoranda ( NSAMs ), NSAM 263 of Kennedy and NSAM 273 of LB Johnson. According to Scott, Kennedy’s NSAM 263 reflected the policy choice of avoiding an unlimited commitment to the Vietnam War and spoke of withdrawing 1000 troops. Johnson’s NSAM 273 reversed the Kennedy policy of NSAM 263. Both NSAMs were issued in late 1963.

    From “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK”, by Peter Dale Scott; link to Google Books:

  5. Agreed, Mariotevi. However, if memory serves as being correct and according to Fletcher Prouty, Johnson’s NSAM 273 altered NSAM 263 within 2 to 4 days after the assassination of JFK. Prouty illustrates this subtle language change that gave us the Vietnam war.

  6. Excellent offering, James. Top notch — I can’t wait till it’s out of paywall. Every Facebook friend needs to see this.

    Hits all the buttons — I never heard that damning Chomsky clip.

    But most of all, it shows that Kennedy was truly a changed Cold Warrior — a truly reformed Imperialist/insider. Many good people — Greens, Libertarians, &c. — cannot imagine that such a purification could have taken place. But Douglass’s towering book makes it clear, that’s exactly what happened. It’s public record.

  7. I’m wondering if that anonymous JFK/LBJ commentator might have been Bill Moyers, who appears in his 60s hornrims at the far right of this picture from Air Force One, immediately after the swearing in of LBJ, and the “wink” from Congressman Albert Thomas.

  8. The nearer face on the right side is Jack Brooks, who later asked Ollie North about COG only to be squelched by Daniel Inouye from the chair

  9. mariotrevi says:

    Pick, I’ve consulted part of Chapter 2 of Peter Dale Scott’s book, about Kennedy, Johnson and Vietnam. NSAM 263 was dated October 11, 1963. NSAM 273 was dated November 26, 1963. NSAM 263 mentions a Kennedy top-level meeting on South Vietnam of October 5 1963, following a mission to South Vietnam by McNamara and General Taylor. NSAM 263 refers to a report written-up following the McNamara-Taylor mission. It also refers to State Department Telegram No. 534 to Saigon. I don’t know if the McNamara-Taylor report or State Department Telegram No. 534 to Saigon have been made public. According to Peter Dale Scott, the Kennedy Administration in October 1963 was bitterly divided over Vietnam.

    Jim DiEugenio, author of: “Destiny Betrayed” had an updated version of his book published in the last year or two. He was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM by George Noory, and the audio has been uploaded to Youtube here:

  10. chris bagg says:

    Thank you James, for a timely video. Most Americans are unaware of the mountain of evidence proving the complicity of our security state in the murder of JFK. What is astonishing to me is the ongoing cover up in the msm and even most of the “alternative” media as well. Adam Gopnik’s recent piece in the New yorker is a case in point. The truth has been out there for years for those willing to look. Jim Douglass’s book is a great source. Also see John Armstrong’s “” for the little known story of the two “Oswalds”. A fascinating read, showing the deep involvement of the CIA and the FBI in a coup d’etat that is ongoing.

  11. Thanks, Mariotrevi. Yes, it was November 26, 1963 whereby NSAM 273 came into being, 4 days after the assassination:

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