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“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? - Who will watch the watchers?” Juvenal, The Sixteen Satires

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This site depends….

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  1. Sibel

    re: Ben Swann story – Todashev

    I recall from your book that when you were called into one of your first interviews as translator that you described the ‘suspect’ as being handcuffed during the interview. Correct? I would think that a man who — according to the FBI — is about to sign a confession to murder would have been handcuffed also. Thoughts?


  2. Excellent observation, Peter. Yes- At least that was the procedure back then.

  3. And I’d guess few of us here would argue that since 9/11 the procedures have become more lax.

    and Thanks

  4. RE: Podcast 1: Smells Like Human Spirit- Jeffrey Tucker on the Prison-Industrial Complex, Silk Road & Occupy

    How can Mr. Tucker seriously discuss the prison industrial complex without mentioning private prisons or the private, corporate beneficiaries of prison labor? Does he think they only make license plates for the DMV in there?

    At least he was consistent, as every single thing he said was aimed at the “state” punching bag, and omitted any private influence. Then there was the combination follow-up punch each time – if we only had the absence of government, we’d blossom as a species.

    I guess I already explained why I think this twisted narrative, which omits the true criminal wielders of the government tool, is suspicious, misleading, and obfuscating, not to mention condescending.

  5. Xicha

    Paul Craig Roberts has made a similar argument and I agree: that concentrated private power is as big a threat to liberty as overly concentrated public power. The vacuum will be filled.

    While I understand ‘the dream’ that libertarians strive for, alas, I find it at odds with demonstratable human nature and history.

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