Ben Swann Report- “Did FBI Execute Friend of Boston Bombing Suspect During Interrogation?”

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  1. carnegie45 says:

    This guy should be reporting on national television, instead of those puppets they are using. Free press in the USA??? What the hell is that???

  2. Or maybe her at BFP 😉

  3. …here at BFP

  4. He was reporting on local FOX TV in Cincinnati until June this year… Though many of his “”Reality Check” segments did get the national/international spotlight via the Internet (especially his interview of Obama about drone-kills), in which case he was (and is now) for the most part “preaching to the converted”, in Cincinnati however he was just another news-caster reporting on murders, cop car chases, drug busts, house fires, October-fest, Hug-me-Jesus, etc… and then he would basically blow the mind of the average “low information” viewer with a segment on, say, why the Second Amendment was intended to protect the people from the government with “equal force” or (and this is more to the point that I want to make) a segment on Romney’s son’s ownership of a company that made many of the voting machines in use in Ohio on election day… With that one he was decidedly performing a public service since it alerted the general public of something to look out for. I know this because on election day I listened to the black AM station in town, which was reporting on many irregularities going on (though in the end these were not enough to cost Obama the election) and his report was among the subjects being brought up by callers… The question I ask is: would these same callers have been aware of that story had Ben been in his current outlet and not on local TV?

    There is something to be said for infiltrating the mainstream, which he did for a time. But it comes as no surprise that it couldn’t last. He was pressured to tone it down a bit, which is why he left.

  5. Axel Bentell says:

    Interviewing the widow about the injuries Mr Todaschev had is (almost) second hand information, not good journalism! It is something an expert should have an opinion on. Her testimony was not convincing on that part!

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