BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- November 20, 2013

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“If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death.” – George Orwell

International Newsworthy

The Complete BFP Select Nightly News

Posturing Goes Into High Gear on Eve of Iran Nuclear Talks

Israeli PM heads to Russia to advice against deal with Iran

Attacking Iran Deal, Israel Can't Get Its Numbers Straight 

Iranian Lawmakers Demand Govt Stick to Nuclear Program

Kurds in Iran Wary About Restart of Armed Conflict by PJAK

Iran Embassy bombing: Repeat of Iraqi model in Lebanon?

UK presses Senate to delay Iran sanctions

Iranian-Americans Unite in Opposition to Sanctions

Iran's Gas Co. Declares Bankruptcy, State Agency Says

* * * *

Afghan officials in Pakistan for Taliban peace talks: sources

US asks Karzai to let troops raid homes

US troops could stay in Afghanistan until 2024 – security pact

Rice: US Won’t Apologize For Afghan War Mistakes

Pakistan looks to fill Kiani's military boots

Husain Haqqani Criticizes US Aid for Pakistan Army

Musharraf's high treason trial stirs controversy in Pakistan

* * * *

Wanted: Offers to Destroy Syria's Chemical Arms

Turkey's Kurdish Opening

Turkey’s Alevi question

Erdogan and Barzani cooperating against the revolution in Syrian Kurdistan  

Baghdad Rejects Oil Revenues Mechanism Proposed by Turkey

Baghdad bombing wave kills at least 47, wounds 132

Carrying weapons is new norm for Iraqi youths

Three Saudi warships arrive in Egypt for joint exercises

* * * *

Independence flag among shot Uyghurs

Chinese Leaders Face Spain Arrest Warrant over Tibet

Russia Concerned Over U.S. Plans for Bases in Afghanistan

Russia to blacklist foreign officials linked to drug trafficking

Russia rebuilds ties with Vietnam

Russia Grants Bail to Nine Foreign Greenpeace Activists

The Next Shale Revolution—Probably Russia

Record $1bn payout expected as Russian regulator pulls plug on ‘dubious’ bank

* * * *

EU acknowledges progress in Ukraine's European integration

Foreign Ministry Says Information On Azerbaijan’s Refusal To Sign Documents At ‘Eastern Partnership’ Speculative

Kyrgyzstan: Parliament Resists Russia’s Purchase of Key Gas Asset

Turkmenistan: EU Maintains Hope for Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline – Report

* * * *

40,000 NATO troops to stage massive European war games

Europe opens ‘drone club’ to compete with US, Israel

Here's What We Know About European Collaboration with the NSA

Munich Dumps Microsoft, Moves to Open Source for City Government

US-Funded Radio Free Europe Hit by Cyberattack

National Newsworthy

Secret U.S. court approved wider NSA spying even after finding excesses

Declassified Documents: NSA Wanted to Collect Geolocation Data

Judge: 'NSA Exceeded Scope of Authorized Acquisition Continuously'

Two More Ways the Original Phone Dragnet Application Violated the Law

Senators Say Bulk Collection Unnecessary to Fight Terrorism

National Think Tank Launches Attack on NSA

* * * *

Drones, tanks, and grenade launchers: coming soon to a PD near you

Judge Orders Homeland Security to Release Details for Shutting Down Wireless Networks

Texas drivers pulled over at random, told to turn over blood, saliva samples

NHTSA May Mandate That New Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed

Arab or Islamic-Sounding Name? US Banks May Not Want Your Business

Only in Alabama do Judges Overrule a Jury and Impose Death Penalty

* * * *

Fraudulent Bookkeeping at the Pentagon said to be Business as Usual

Massive Pentagon Waste, Fraud and Grand Theft

DC Drones Conference: 5 Big Takeaways

Secret TPP Negotiations Resume in Salt Lake City

Since when can a president change a law all by himself?

In Congressional Briefing, Yemeni Delegation Describe Terror Drones Bring to Their Communities

Obama’s Latest Scandal “UnemploymentGate”: Labor Numbers Fabricated Just Before Last Year’s Election?

* * * *

U.S. oil exec calls for removal of crude oil export ban

JPMorgan agrees to $13 billion settlement over mortgages

Bitcoin Just Waterfalled

Bernanke says monetary easing still needed to aid U.S. recovery

Why young Americans are stuck in place

Home Sales Plunge at Fastest Rate in 16 Months

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: The Wahhabi-Likudnik war of terror

William Bowles: The War on Syria and Britain’s “Left Wing Progressives”

Jack Douglas: The Gravest Threat to Freedom

Recognizing 9/11 as an evil US CRIMINAL war lie: a factual analogy

A Conversation with Jeremy Hammond, Sentenced to 10 Years

Voices from the Drone Summit

Closing Gitmo Isn't Nearly Enough

Do Americans prefer deception?

When Iran Negotiations Aren’t About Iran

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