BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- November 25, 2013

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“Limiting the freedom of news 'just a little bit' is in the same category with the classic example 'a little bit pregnant.” -- Robert A. Heinlein

International Newsworthy

Burns led secret US back channel to Iran

Kerry on Iran: 'It's Not Based on Trust'

The Man behind Secret US-Iran Talks: Sultan Qaboos

The deal with Iran and what comes next

Iran deal explained: Who wins and what it means?

Iran Deal Knocks Oil Lower, Bolsters Risk Appetite

Iran Sanctions Deal to Unleash Oil Supply but Saudi Wild Card Looms

Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own

John Bolton: Iran deal an 'abject surrender' for US

* * * *

Karzai throws cold water on US-Afghan pact

Demonstrators in N. Afghan town oppose security pact with U.S.

Pakistan introduces fleet of locally-developed drones

Imran Khan blocks NATO supply lines

Anti-Drone Activists Set Up Checkpoints in Peshawar, Rough Up NATO Drivers

* * * *

European, American, Russian fighters join both sides of Syrian war

New party linked to Barzani makes play for Turkey’s Kurds

Erdogan to Putin: Let Us into SCO!

Highlights from Erdoğan’s Visit To Russia – Analysis

Foreign Investment Sought for Turkey’s First Nuclear Power Plant

The Rise of Greater Kurdistan

* * * *

Horn of Africa: U.S., NATO Allies Hold Unprecedented Mass Casualty Exercise

Africa to World's Top Court: Stop Picking on Our Leaders

Egypt Expels Turkish Ambassador

The lost promise of Turkey-Egypt relations

Egypt's Government Bans Protests without Police Approval

Angola Reportedly Bans Islam, Dismantles Mosques

At Least Five People Killed in Fresh Clashes in Benghazi

* * * *

The New Great Game Round-Up, November 24

China threatens military action over East China Sea islands

China lashes out at US for ‘interfering’ in territorial dispute with Japan

India an alternative to China monopoly in Central Asia

Turkey, China step up cooperation in tapping potential markets

China's defense zone creates a flap

* * * *

Russia's turnaround in the Middle East

More Russian Conspiracy Theories on U.S. In Central Asia... Or Are They?

Russia: Police Uncover Islamist ‘Terrorist Finance’ Gang

Germany: U.S. Trains NATO Allies for War in The Caucasus

Lavrov: No need for European missile defense shield if Iran deal a success

Russia launches South Stream gas pipeline in Serbia

Rosneft BOD Approves Business Plan for Kharampur Field Development

Russian Parliament Opens Asian LNG Export Market to Competition

Georgia seeks deeper integration with EU, NATO: FM

Washington: Pentagon Guides Georgia into NATO

Armenia: NATO’s Third Partner in the Caucasus

National Newsworthy

Since When Are Your Phone Calls Private, Government Lawyer Asks

Report: NSA director offered resignation

NSA malware infected over 50,000 computer networks worldwide

House intel bill adds $75 million to NSA budget to stop future Snowdens

FBI monitors foreign diplomats far more than NSA

* * * *

Privacy Concerns Debated as FAA Lays Out Rules for Domestic Drone Operations

Senate Stalls on NDAA 2014; 507 Amendments Offered

Lawmakers Vote against Disclosing Victims of U.S. Drone Attacks

US prisons thriving on Jim Crow marijuana arrests

Miami Gardens police accused of rampant stop and frisk abuse

NY troopers in big SUVs peer in on texting drivers 

* * * *

Sandy Hook investigators under fire for keeping some findings secret

US Military Alters Training to Deal With Budget Woes

3 Anonymous Americans Gave $50 Million to Karl Rove’s Super Pac; 5 Anonymous Donors Funded Most of Pro-Obama PAC 

'Dark money' groups give big to similar nonprofits

NarcoNews Reports- “Mexican President Peña Nieto Enlists US-based PR Firm

* * * *

Banks Warn Fed They May Have to Start Charging Depositors

Fed’s Tarullo details plans to counter bank runs

Wells Fargo Still on the Hook After Ponzi Scheme

Corporate Welfare is Almost Double Social Welfare

Wages stagnate as US manufacturers reap record profits

Noteworthy Editorials

Christoph Germann: EU fails to free Ukraine’s most famous criminal

Pepe Escobar: US-Iran: The ever-spinning deal

Norman Solomon: Overplaying Its Hand, Israel Still Holds Plenty of U.S. Cards

Eric Margolis: America's Little Spy Helpers Down Under Create an Uproar

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Dying Dollar

Ron Paul: Can Karzai Save Us?

JFK assassination: CIA and New York Times are still lying to us

JFK’s War With the National Security Machine

Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror

Our Pro-War Media

BFP Select Videos & Podcast

Video 1: Corbett Report-JFK: A Conspiracy Theory

Video 2: RT- Pepe Escobar on Spin war in Geneva

BFP Podcast 1- De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez: “Mainstream Isn't 'Moderate Truth,' It's the Corruption of Truth!"

Podcast 1: Peter B. Collins Show- Waves of JFK Nostalgia Drift Over the Homeland

Podcast 2: Smells Like Human Spirit- Dr. Michael Parenti talks 50 years since the JFK Assassination

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