Part I- The Doomsday Insurance Cache That Was, and Then Never Was

Dissecting Contradictions & Sensationalism in the Establishment-Made NSA Scandal

The sensationalized and widely-publicized NSA-Snowden scandal has been filled with numerous contradictions, inconsistencies and sensationalized lies. They are so numerous that it would take a long series to specifically document and illustrate. For example, there are several dozen different claims made during various stages of the scripted scandal pertaining to the number of documents obtained by Snowden, and later by others, including Glenn Greenwald: several thousand, 8000, no, 5,000, no,  50,000, no, 58,000, no, 1.5 million, no, over 2 million. This is just to give you an idea of one such inconsistency and contradiction. This is why in the coming weeks I am going to document, analyze and illustrate one major contradiction and lie at a time.

For this first part in the coming series I want to focus on what came to be known and sensationalized as Edward Snowden’s Doomsday Cache & Life Insurance. As in many other features of this sham called the NSA-Snowden Scandal, the facts and origins of this Doomsday Cache have been changed, twisted, denied, contradicted, and yet highly publicized and utilized by the US government, US Mainstream Media, and the involved main actors who pose as journalists.

Let us begin by well-sourced documentation of the scripted and sensationalized play on Snowden’s Doomsday Cache.

On June 25, 2013, a couple of weeks after the story on Snowden broke, in an interview with Eli Lake, Greenwald was the first person to put forward the notion of stored encrypted files for life insurance. [All Emphasis Mine]:

Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who Snowden first contacted in February, told The Daily Beast on Tuesday that Snowden “has taken extreme precautions to make sure many different people around the world have these archives to insure the stories will inevitably be published.” Greenwald added that the people in possession of these files “cannot access them yet because they are highly encrypted and they do not have the passwords.” But, Greenwald said, “if anything happens at all to Edward Snowden, he told me he has arranged for them to get access to the full archives.

The concept and claim of Snowden’s insurance and doomsday cache started with one man alone, Glenn Greenwald, within a week or two after the story broke. This, he, was where it all began. At this point Snowden had access and the password, but  the supposed trusted individuals around the world supposedly did not have the password and access to the supposed encrypted insurance files.

Now let’s fast forward five months. In December 2013, during an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Glenn Greenwald described the insurance measures taken by Edward Snowden to ensure the release of the documents in case something was to happen to him [All Emphasis Mine]:

"He has built these encryption cells, and made sure that he doesn't have the passwords to themother people have the passwords," says Greenwald, who has also said the "insurance" archive will only be accessed if something happens to Snowden. Greenwald doesn't say who those "other people" are. U.S. officials have ominously referred to this archive, likely stored on a data cloud, as a "doomsday" cache.

As you can see the main premise of the publicity junk originally created by Greenwald remains the same, however, a few important details get completely turned around. In this new version of the Greenwald claim Snowden is the one who doesn’t have the password and access to his insurance –doomsday cache, but his trusted sources around the world have the password and access.

I encourage doubters to find anything that contradicts the point of origin of this scripted publicity stunt. You will find all your channels and roads leading you to Rome-Greenwald.

Now, let’s examine another party that fortified, gave much credence, and heavily circulated and publicized this Doomsday Cache junk: The United States Government. That’s right. The United States Government immediately joined Glenn Greenwald in confirming and sensationalizing these claims, albeit anonymously. Please pay attention to how these US spies and officials are using exactly the same lines originated and publicized by Glenn Greenwald and the US mainstream media [All Emphasis Mine]:

The cache contains documents generated by the NSA and other agencies and includes names of U.S. and allied intelligence personnel, seven current and former U.S. officials and other sources briefed on the matter said.

The data is protected with sophisticated encryption, and multiple passwords are needed to open it, said two of the sources, who like the others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

The passwords are in the possession of at least three different people and are valid for only a brief time window each day, they said. The identities of persons who might have the passwords are unknown…

One source described the cache of still unpublished material as Snowden's "insurance policy" against arrest or physical harm. "The worst is yet to come," said one former U.S. official who follows the investigation closely.

As you can see, these high-level US government officials and sources (all of whom remain anonymous) are echoing Greenwald’s narration to the ‘t.’ And of course, during this part of the scripted NSA scandal stage play, the Snowden doomsday cache,  the US mainstream media provided around the clock coverage to both Greenwald and the US officials .

When you search for Greenwald and US government claims on Snowden’s Doomsday Cache you get thousands of search results with links to all major US media outlets, such as CNN, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, NY Times, Washington Post … And all of them with bold and sensationalized titles:

Guardian: NSA's Edward Snowden 'Stored Doomsday Cache'

Reuters: Spies Worry over "Doomsday" Cache Stashed by ex-NSA Contractor Snowden

NBC: Spies Fear NSA Leaker Snowden has 'Doomsday' Cache of Classified Data

MSNBC: Edward Snowden’s Doomsday Cache

Now it is time to see what Edward Snowden has said on the record on this matter, and when. Shall we?

In December 2013, in an 14-hour exclusive interview with the Washington Post, Snowden denied the claims made and heavily publicized by Glenn Greenwald, US Government & US Mainstream Media Outlets:

Asked about such a mechanism in the Moscow interview, Snowden made a face and declined to reply. Later, he sent an encrypted message. “That sounds more like a suicide switch,” he wrote. “It wouldn’t make sense.”

A day later the highly involved media outlet Guardian had the following on Snowden’s doomsday cache [All Emphasis Mine]:

There has been speculation that Snowden has rigged up a type of “dead man’s switch” so if the NSA, or a similar spy agency, hurt or kill him, then a cache of thousands of documents would be released on to the internet. Snowden denied this and likened the scenario to a “suicide switch”, alluding to people who might want the information on the internet, unchecked and unredacted, and would kill him for the sake of it.


No one could deny the perfect logic of Snowden likening the notion of a doomsday cache to a suicide switch. Are you kidding me? For every US government agent who would be commissioned to take him out, you would find hundreds of foreign government agents and tens of thousands of nut-cases who would want to have the supposed cache released. Don’t you think?

Then, imagine what some powerful foreign agents would do to make Snowden spill the password or the identities of those who supposedly have access. At any given time, there would be many foreign agents and non-state entities who would water-board, electrocute, and employ other excruciating torture methods to extract what is needed to access this supposedly incredible cache. How long do you think our anorexic-looking hero would withstand torture and pain before giving away all? Two minutes? Doesn’t that make you wonder how he remains so safe and untouched if he really is who he is portrayed by the US government and the corporate media to be?

Of course, neither Greenwald or the US government or the US mainstream media wanted to have anything to do with the denial and contradiction issued by Snowden. So, they never dwelled upon that part of the Washington Post interview. No one said a thing about the contradiction. As far as the public is concerned the script concocted by the establishment, delivered by US government officials and sources, and of course, Glenn Greenwald, and played sensationally by the mainstream media, remains valid and intact. And, when shown the documented evidence many remain unconvinced. They still want to believe in a purposeful junk story concocted by the very willful establishment. And with that I have to ask my God one more time: Why do you make so many suckers?

# # # #

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Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. samadams73 says:


  2. From almost Day One it struck me as suspicious the US government did not react with total scorched earth. If someone had actually escaped with the crown jewels of national intelligence means and methods, they would have surely done two things they did not do:

    1. Deny everything. Claim that Snowden is a nut who never had access to anything of significance.
    2. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to capture or kill Snowden IMMEDIATELY, and worry about the consequences later. The US bag of goodies for “whatever it takes” is very large and deep.

    What did we have to give smug-face Putin to play along in this farce?

    Thank you Sibel, for having the courage to THINK.

  3. Something else:

    As I stated before, I believe the Snowden/Greenwald “package” is part of a strategy of tension. However, these kinds of operations usually have multiple objectives.

    It’s quite possible if not highly likely that a “payload” is tucked into this package. There is probably something slipped into the mix which seems as plausible as all the rest, but is in fact a Big Lie intended to set us up for something to come, or to throw us off the trail of something they want to conceal.

    What is it? Maybe it hasn’t been dribbled out yet, maybe it has.

    Now is the time, more than ever, to THINK. Think backwards, sideways, in 5 dimensions, whatever it takes. A play is being made and we shouldn’t have to wait for decades of historical context to frame it for us. We need to see it in real time.

  4. I also seem to remember that Greenwald tweeted out something to the effect of:
    “Snowden doesn’t have any more documents to give. Everything is out now. Its up to the newspapers (Wash. Post and Guardian) how they want to release it all”

  5. At any given time, there would be many foreign agents and non-state entities who would water-board, electrocute, and employ other excruciating torture methods to extract what is needed to access this supposedly incredible cache. How long do you think our anorexic-looking hero would withstand torture and pain before giving away all? Two minutes? Doesn’t that make you wonder how he remains so safe and untouched if he really is who he is portrayed by the US government and the corporate media to be?>>

    Doesn’t the same logic apply to all holders of classified information, including the author of this lurid picture? Yet none of them as far as we can see has so far been tortured by those swarms of foreign agents. Quite a few of them actually appear on this site and look and sound OK. But let us suppose that Snowden, Greenwald, corporate press and the US government have conspired against the American public and world peace. What is the purpose of this conspiracy and on who there lies the burden of proof that it actually exists? I am not talking about the evidence admissible in the court of law. I have in mind the court of public opinion where the community of people of common sense and common fairness decide what does and what does not pass their test. In my opinion, Sibel’s case against Snowden has so far not only failed to undermine his credibility and integrity but is in danger to become a slander.

  6. Slander? Why not psyop? It fits. I remember this VAST CONSPIRACY presenting and continuing 911 to that ‘common sense public’. I have just sat through the 50th ‘anniversary’ of the front shot on Kennedy still completely ignored by mainstream to the point of crazy. SAMO power gaming us. the physical Pay-Pal/Greenwald/Scahill tie-up is not supposition. That smacks of buy-off. HOLDER is quoted as considering Greenwalds work legit journalism with same information Edward S is considered traitor and thief.. Is that the real Eric HOLDER doing his real job? He has been gaming for how long? Red flag right there. And clear record of key information point changing via only source. Would a journalist have made the password flip without apology?
    Something about the’ whistleblower’ buy-in homeland Bilderburg MEDIA way too conciliatory. NYT? calling for the whistleblower to come home? Who is this? Oswald? WashP reported mission accomplished and ‘I still work for NSA’ may be throw-aways, but???a message to the team? …10 years deep NSA work…..these are expert players, right? Best in the business, right? gaming the public IS the game….covering-up 911 , JFK, GLADIO etal…on balance I’d say Sibel is asking legitimate questions not being answered any other way.

  7. CuChulainn says:

    why is Greenwald celebrated while Snowden is anathema? the govt says Greenwald has to be tolerated because he has first amendment rights; apparently fourth amendment rights don’t have the same importance

  8. donilo252525 says:

    The dysfunctions of American Society are painfully making their emergence into the light of day. Our society, celebrated as open and free, is showing more and more its qualities of being closed and cut off from any sense of freedom that only a true depiction of reality can provide.

    Closed systems, represented on a grand scale by tyrannical states, consist of severe control of thought and action by any individual within its boundaries. The State denies and supresses any movement of freely-sourced information into or out of the system. The system’s walls are opaque and are used to reflect inward to those imprisoned within it “realities” concocted by the maintainers of the system.

    On a smaller scale, say, a nuclear family, the success of this destructive pressure cooker is seen in cases of severe abusive practices, both physical and psychological. When one of these smaller-scale abusive systems is revealed to the public, significant levels of shock and horror at what evil can be perpetrated by humans runs widespread through the larger population. Within many people this shock and horror is accompanied by denial; the workings of the closed system are just too horrible to be accepted as possible.

    This denial, in turn, “protects” other closed abusive systems from revelation, thus allowing their vicious cycles to remain undetected. What hope remains for those who are unwillingly imprisoned within these closed systems? Their chief hope lies within their ability to persist in getting information about the system OUTSIDE its boundaries.

    From the information appearing here, which has been pried loose by a woman who knows the system’s workings intimately, from the inside out, and who has been repeatedly victimized by its reprisals, it is now possible to understand more of how its cycle is replenished. Again, its chief modus operendi is media. The system’s concoction of a false reality is shown against its opaque walls, and we within it are bombarded with that long-playing movie through endless repetition of the lies embedded within.

    What we must understand is that this “wall” around the system is not in any way as indestructable as the system would like us to think. Articles like this one make punctures in the system walls, and with our continued efforts to get information out we will find that the wall will prove to be very flimsy, easily taken down, and thus freeing all those who have been captured inside. Where the Berlin Wall was a physical reality, easily seen with its symbolism visible and tactile, the Propaganda Wall, expanded so effectively over the past century and led by the U.S. successes in re-writing history and reality, will only fall when its reality is envisioned through the minds and experiences like those such as Sibel Edmonds and projected clearly to those still captured within the abusive system.

    Let’s “Crowd-Mic” her message, and let the information push through the system’s walls. That information can free us from this elaborate “bondage” spun over so many years.

  9. @netter: Your line of thought seems to be confused and out of context. Maybe re-read this and the other articles in the series so far.

    The concept and claim of Snowden’s insurance and doomsday cache started with one man alone, Glenn Greenwald, within a week or two after the story broke. This, he, was where it all began.

    In December 2013, in an 14-hour exclusive interview with the Washington Post, Snowden denied the claims made and heavily publicized by Glenn Greenwald, US Government & US Mainstream Media Outlets: Asked about such a mechanism in the Moscow interview, Snowden made a face and declined to reply. Later, he sent an encrypted message. “That sounds more like a suicide switch,” he wrote. “It wouldn’t make sense.”

    The case Sibel has presented has mostly been about Greenwald, though she has asked Snowden some questions to clarify his intentions and relationship with Greenwald et al.

    Regarding Greenwald, the tide is turning and there is more and more realization that he is not the hero some imagine. Alexa O’Brien caught on to GG and turned down an offer to join the new venture. The final straw was after he lied about his conversations with her.

    If anything, Sibel’s work on this has been bold and professional and her leadership is paying off. Personally, I think Binney did give the quotes to Sibel, but bowed to pressure after he realized what a splash she made. He needs to come clean, tell us what he actually said to her, and/or request a retraction. Can’t put your spine back in the closet just because you’ve achieved WB status or have a group of like-minded friends (WB or not) who want to compromise again and again. Sibel forced the discrepancy between compromise and spine and he bowed.

    Keep up the good work, Sibel!

    • Time and time again, Sibel is The Thresher. That would be her pro-wrestling name. Separating the wheat from the spineless suckers.

    • Greenwald shows a pattern of lying and this is the context for this article, showing some of the ways in which he and the US gov are walking hand in contradicting hand.

  10. Here’s a relevant article that posits Snowden fell into a honey-trap, fronted by Greenwald, who was cherry-picked for the role.

    Whistleblower Edward Snowden was taken for a ride by con artists in the service of the US and UK intelligence agencies. Under the cover of “independent journalism”, the scammers conned him out of his trove of secret NSA files, hustled him from Hong Kong ahead of legislature-sponsored public hearings on cyber-espionage, and unceremoniously dumped him, minus documents, in a transit lounge at Moscow Airport. This report shows how the American and British spymasters retrieved the top-secret files by luring the fugitive into a well-laid trap, while the mass media went along with the deception to aid the authorities in evading public calls to abolish the global surveillance state.

    Sibel questioned why Snowden would go to Hong Kong, a country with an extradition treaty with the US. The article mentions that Snowden received assurances from officials there, that it wouldn’t happen.

    Food for critical thinking, anyway.

  11. I have read the pieces suggested by other members on this thread. Thanks. I cannot go presently into discussing these materials. My own research and political interests do not include Snowden’s story except in the most general sense as a massive evidence of the omniscience of the modern state and therefore its complicity in all large scale domestic and international criminal activities, from terrorism and narco trafficking to money laundering, trade in women, children, human organs, and the like. It is unthinkable that any of the complex international networks of criminals can be organized, let alone function for any meaningful stretch of time, without being identified and tracked by the US government. And if these networks continue to function in secrecy they do so with the full knowledge of US agencies. Which means that at the very least, they are allowed to function by these agencies. Why? This is what the name ‘Snowden’ means for a layman like myself. Snowden’s story is not “embarrassing,” not even “explosive,” but unmasking the true nature of the imperialist state omniscient and omnipotent, in other words, — divine. To unleash the full power of this story would take a political organization from below in part inspired and shaped by it. But even the forms of mobilization we have already seen in the public sphere and international relations (Brazil, etc.) in response to Snowden make me distrust any arguments that one way or the other undermine his character and erode the story he told us in our minds.. And whether Greenwald is a “hero” or a villain has absolutely no relevance to it. These are the thoughts that occurred to me when I was reading these anti-Greenwald and by association anti-Snowden pieces was: Perhaps all this is true or perhaps not, I have no knowledge to decide one way or another. What I know for sure that none of this is relevant to what ‘Snowden’ stands for. And there is something else that I know for sure. Deep in the bellies of Pentagon, CIA, and similar entities there operate special departments whose only function is disinformation and psychological warfare. And I cannot imagine that these units have not been assigned to deal with Snowden’s story as a matter of high priority. And I also know for sure that these groups of men highly skillful in deceit, blackmail, and any form of manipulation that can be imagined have their loyal hacks in each and every corporate media outlet, including NYT. But since NYT and the rest of the gang have been distrusted by growing numbers of Americans, the disinformation people have most certainly developed their own ‘alternative media’ outlets as well. Is this train of thought reasonable or paranoiac? I leave it for BF members to decide. If it is reasonable we must ask ourselves this question: How would the Pentagon and the CIA people proceed in their attempts to destroy Snowden’s creditability, to lessen and distort the impact of his story in the public mind? Have they already planted certain seeds for this purpose? Do they water these seeds? Can we see any “green shoots” lovingly tendered in press, both corporate and alternative? Enough.

    • Being that Snowden didn’t reveal anything that Barrett Brown hadn’t revealed two years prior, I would hardly call Snowden’s revelations divine… much less revealing. Furthermore, if you want to know how the CIA could have destroyed Snowden’s story (if they really wanted to) then look no further than to how they did just that to Barrett Brown.

  12. Luke Orsborne says:

    I do enjoy speculation, but it’s important to realize the conclusions we draw are ALL speculation. Indeed, we could speculate that Snowden and Greenwald contradicted each other intentionally to sow confusion among leaders and members of the establishment world wide, so as to keep opposing interests guessing as to how to proceed in either suppressing or obtaining information. Kill, don’t kill, wait for the book to come out (LOL)…. It all would depend on what your interest is and what you believe the reaction would be to capture, torture…and not just the reaction of Snowden’s existent/nonexistent backup trigger, but the reaction of the rest of the international community, which has its own interests in whether or not the info gets out, and whether or not there remains a public IMPRESSION of justice and a functional rule of law.

    Personally I think it would be more fruitful to actually do something with the fact that now the general public is at least vaguely aware of the surveillance state that most people posting on BFP have known about in some form for years. Unless there’s a substantive point to this speculation, I see it as energy wasted that could be put to use during this small window of opportunity we have before the public gets bored and accepts surveillance as the new norm.

    That being said, I found the article the Extraordinary Pierre Omidyar to be illuminating.
    So perhaps this NewCo media venture is about undermining trust in government (rightfully so) in favor of some corrupt private corporate world order, and “Check Book Journalism.” But Snowden’s revelations will have a life of their own, independent of Snowden or Greenwald, and not only does the leaked information have the ability to quicken agendas and spark revolutionary understanding and action, I’d speculate this is already underway, even if we don’t see it immediately, or in our backyard. The climate is ripe…right now is a time when ground work can be laid for transformation, if that is your focus and intention. But make no mistake, radical transformation and destabilization is already in process. It comes down to what role we each play in that, and who we want to be surrounded with as it becomes increasingly clear.

    • Luke, I agree. Also, Ames’ piece on Omidyar is excellent. He is a kind of a flee-market Soros but it remains to be seen what his project with Greenwald et al is all about. One problem with Ames’ conclusion is that he assumes that the state and the billionaires are separate, even opposing entities. Of course, we know better, don’t we?

      • Absolutely Netter. RT and the NYT among others recently picked up the story that Google purchased the private research firm Boston Dynamics, which has received a large amount of its contracts from DARPA and under this funding is responsible for a number of military robotic creations. I did a short writeup here:

        What the news outlets didn’t mention, was that in 2012, the head of DARPA, Regina Dugan, went to work for Google in an executive role.

        And then I came across just yesterday an article about Google psych profiling people through their gmail accounts, with all sorts of potentials for profit, and I was thinking about Omidyar’s eBay police.

        What we are witnessing is nothing less than the total transformation of humankind…this goes beyond fascism, and moves into the integration of man and machine networks with the simultaneous obsolescence of individuals who are displaced through not just offshoring, but also automation technologies. Drones, NSA revelations and the merging of government and business are just a few outward signs of the process underway.

        • What we are witnessing is nothing less than the total transformation of humankind…this goes beyond fascism>>
          Well beyond. SS Panzer Divisions and extermination camps were still within human categories even in their very inhumanity. “Will to Power,” “the Great German Nation,” Himmler begging the SS brass to stifle their natural feelings of compassion– this is human, perhaps all too human. Fascism, just as on a grander scale Communism, was an attempt to escape the non-human. Marx called it “Capital,” another guy – “The Machine,” but we really don’t have a proper name for it because our language is hopelessly human. So for now we can call it “It”.

          • Some are also calling it transhuman. There are a few documentaries out there worth checking out, some online for free: Building Gods, Transcendent Man, The Age of Transitions, and Technocalypse.

    • The entities which are managing (I chose that word carefully) this disclosure have their own agenda regarding seizing the moment, and transformation. They know the next shoe to drop.

      Those of us are not “inside” are considered part of the herd. When you are herding any type of creature, you make use of its known reactions to certain stimuli.

      In my day, to show my age, we called them The Establishment; those who consider it their station in life to exert power and have influence, generally for self-serving purposes.

      I’ll give Mr. Snowden the benefit of the doubt. He may be a carefully chosen patsy.

      Mr. Greenwald, however has been in the bosom of The Establishment (the part that occupies the Left side of a false dichotomy) virtually his entire life. Consider his educational background, George Washington University and New York University, and his fellow alumni from those institutions. These are places you go if you anticipate stepping into the arena later in life.

      The thing about The Establishment, which is challenging to our ego, is that it is simply more cunning than we can imagine. It has ways to foresee a grassroots revolution, and preempt it with something synthetic and carefully managed. Mr. Greenwald has the perfect pedigree and public persona to carry the ball down the AstroTurf field, towards whatever goal is desired.

      Will the herd ever think ahead of the herders? If we can’t do it with the means we have at hand now, such as this very website, there is no hope.

  13. Wow, this encrypted *insurance cache* sure sounds awfully familiar. Remember the Wikileaks “insurance.aes256” file?

  14. At the risk of violating the rules, I want to make here a short comment on a different piece published by BFP. At the top right corner of the home page, in the section called “editorials” you can see a link to “Washington & Moscow: Brothers in Arms?” by Dov S. Zakheim published by The National Interest. Since Mr. Zakheim is not an editor of National Interest I have to assume that the heading “Editorials” means opinions shared by the editors of BFP. Zakheim is former assistant secretary of defense and a PNAC member. He is also a former Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton and so on ( ). In short, Zakheim is one of the most prominent and most trusted agents of the neoconservative cabal in the national security establishment of this country. The gist of his piece is: “The administration was right to offer Moscow assistance with ensuring security at the Olympics. Russia should accept the offer in the spirit in which it was made.” Among bad things that may happen if Russians don’t follow Dov’s advice and decline to accept the CIA’s generous offer he cites a threat to Saudi Arabia’ ruling family from “Extremist Sunnis.” Hypocrisy is a wrong word here since people even much less informed than Mr. Zakheim have good reasons to believe that behind the latest terror strikes in Russia stands Bandar “Bush” — the CIA’s precious darling. From what I read in the Russian press, I can say that even common Russians are well aware about Bandar’s role. So I’m afraid there will be few tears shed in that barbaric country in case some “extremist Sunnis” indeed do harm to Mr. Bandar or for that any member of his Clan. The better word for Zakheim’s piece is a malicious and arrogant smirk, a kind of “we know that you know who did it and more of the same is coming your way.” Zakheim knows well that Putin won’t let the CIA fox into Russia’s Southern chicken house which would also serve as a precedent for similar interventions of NATO services in the future. So he writes a cynical “we told you so” deniability piece. I wouldn’t expect anything else from National Interest, but I am troubled to see it as “editorial” in the publication acclaimed for its Gladio Plan B series. Much more troubled than by the real or imaginary improprieties of Mr. Greenwald.

    My apologies for making this comment here, but the strange design of this site makes it impossible to comment on “editorials.”

  15. @netter:

    1. I agree with you about missing the comments in all of the Nightly News sections, since the site remodel.

    2. Your assumptions and expression of being troubled by BFP are silly. Yes, BFP is led by Sibel, who gave us the scoop on Gladio B. If you remember, during one of the interviews of her, by Corbett, in that Gladio B series, she talked about how and why she adds the Nightly News to the BFP site. She specifically mentioned putting stories which were connected to the idea of Gladio B, for instance. Of course these do not represent the editorial opinions of BFP, unless a specific link in the news is to a BFP editorial, which, as you have surely noticed, usually have their own posts and are not just stuck into the nightly news. C’mon, I know you’ve been paying attention, so your use of a technicality/nomenclature issue with the piece you mentioned seems incredulous. Is it? Now I’m getting concerned about your faux concern.

  16. CuChulainn says:

    if Erdogan is surrendering to the army, as the army defeated MB in Egypt, what are the implications for glad B?

    • tonywicher says:

      My guess is that would be a good thing, for the Turkish army to remove Erdogan, just as the removal of Morsi in Egypt was a good thing. Even Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was comparatively progressive. What the Middle East needs is secular, nationalist, anti-imperialist governments. The models are Nasser”s Egypt and Ataturk’s Turkey. These were progressive governments. What it doesn’t need is Islamism, in any way, shape or form. Islamists are always used by imperialists to undermine countries with Gladio-B operations.

  17. tonywicher says:

    I hope this won’t make me personna non grata, but I think Webster Tarpley’s take on Snowden is worth a listen. He has been maintaining that the whole Snowden affair is a “limited hangout” operation since the day it hit the news.

    • Thanks, but no thanks, tw. Do you see the difference in approaches here? One is pre-supposed. One is fact/evidence based. The other mostly conjecture and opinion (from day 1). But then, GG apparently wants us to believe that Tarpley is our leader, right?

      • tonywicher says:

        Hi, Xicha! I do understand that Sibel’s approach has been powerfully evidence-based, whereas Tarpley is speaking more theoretically. Tarpley is of course an egomaniac who is using the fact that Greenwald mentioned him in a tweet to puff himself up as the “world leader” on exposing Snowden as a “limited hangout”. Tarpley did not originate this term. It was John Erlichman’s expression to define the Nixon administration’s defense in the Watergate hearings. Tarpley has previously developed a theory of the “limited hangout”. This term as it applies to such things as Watergate, which was a distraction that prevented the truth of the Kennedy assassination from coming out, sting operation to get rid of Nixon by Bush operatives involved in the Kennedy assassination. Tarpley did apply this concept to Snowden immediately. I discounted Tarpley because he was not offering any concrete evidence and have followed Sibel all this time on this issue. Sibel began by accepting Snowden as a fellow “real whistleblower” while powerfully questioning Greenwald and all the journalists surrounding him. Even now she has not said anything completely damning about Snowden himself. But I do think we may be getting to that point. If so, I think Tarpley might be able to claim that he successfully applied his general model of the limited hangout to the Snowden case. That doesn’t make him the “world leader” of anything, but I try to avoid personalities and focus on ideas, and I found his remarks in the link above as at least worth listening to.

        • Hi tonywicher!

          WT applies a lot of terms to a lot of folks, including disinformation agent to Sibel, as I’m sure you remember.

          WT is a water muddying opportunist who spews accusations left and right, just hoping one of them will hit the truth. Or he’s something worse, I don’t know. But, I stay as far away from reading/listening to him as humanly possible.

          • tonywicher says:

            Xicha, I do remember very vividly what Tarpley said about Sibel when I met with him in New York, which deeply discredited him in my eyes. I think he owes Sibel a humble apology, something you will never see out of Tarpley. But still, being grievously wrong about Sibel does not mean he is wrong about everything. I sill recommend his “9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA”, which came out in 2005 and does present what I think is a very useful theory of the false flag attack.

          • Excuse me for saying so, tw, but that sounds a little bit like the victim in an abusive relationship. He’s not all bad, right?

          • Xicha,
            I think you may be missing his point here. Tarpley may be bad, but just because because someone’s an asshole doesn’t mean that every idea they put forth is incorrect. Even Hitler himself had some intellectually decent ideas at times, but his execution was all wrong (pun intended).

          • Xicha, I think you may be missing his point here. Tarpley may be bad, but just because because someone’s an asshole doesn’t mean that every idea they put forth is incorrect. Even Hitler himself had some intellectually decent ideas at times, but his execution was all wrong (pun intended).

            Also, it doesn’t mean you need them anymore (Hitler or Tarpley). It doesn’t mean you need to stay in the relationship. If you did, it would mean you’re either addicted or desperate, for lack of a better relationship with another, or scared to be on your own, not to mention threatened if you leave (which I hope is only Hitler, in this example).

  18. Bradley Fuller says:

    I find it odd, which immediately sets off the BS meter, that from the beginning there was scepticism surrounding ES. I believe it was Naomi Wolfe, whose investigative antenae first sensed something wasn’t right. For me, Greenwald seemed an odd choice ( why not wikileaks) as too MSM for such important intelligence data, but with Poitras along for the ride I squashed that niggling thought and bought in. Now with so many inconsistancies coming to light, and so many valid questions surrounding ES and GG, lead now by Ms Edmonds, one really is left with a hodge podge of inputs. The questions now running around inside my head are too numerous to discuss, but they all boil down to if the ES revealations are a psyop what does the intel community hope to gain? If ES is indeed a true whistleblower, what exactly is going on in his thoughts with all these recent developments? I see there has been no reply to Ms Edmonds open letter to ES….when flipping a coin that keeps on coming up heads, or the facts are trending in one direction, it might be time to check to see if the coin is double headed or not. There’s too many mirrors and an awful lot of smoke for anyone to find their way through the maze unless someone in the know speaks out as to the correct direction to follow. Reminds me of the Boston Marathom Bombing as far as being able to discern where the truth lays..

  19. If Snowden did rig up a hidden cache, but considers it a suicidal gesture, then it would make sense for him to put it down as such, implying he doesn’t have one. It’s not clear to me that he actually denied there was one. GG may have been shooting his mouth off inopportunely, though if that were the case, one would have expected a quicker rebuttal from Snowden…

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