The EyeOpener Report- Corporatocracy: How the Corporate Welfare State Divides & Conquers

A small, readily-identifiable ruling oligarchy that no serious political observer denies the existence of is able to keep the public from attacking it by dividing them along ideological grounds so that the public spends all their time arguing over definitions and splitting doctrinal hairs instead of attacking the commonly acknowledged enemy. You couldn't ask for a more perfect system of control.
Find out more about this divide and conquer tactic of the Corporatocracy and how to counter it on this edition of the Boiling Frogs Post EyeOpener Report with James Corbett.

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  1. I like the direction James is headed. His reporting on theft from the people by the oligarchy, using the facade of government, was great. I agree that we need government reform, which will displace this in-name-only privatized corporate mafia with a tool for fighting tyranny.

  2. jackdonovan says:

    Why call RT “state-sponsored”, and call the MSM “corporate media”? It’s also state-sponsored!!

    You’re still going for some fundamental, non-existent, communist-capitalst divide when you talk about Russia. This is counter-productive. Plus, no one “has to turn to” ANY media to find out where the government’s money is going to. You, as a citizen, pay for the electricity, the endless paper and the salaries of all those people; the product they produce is YOURS. So you have every right to access that information. The US already has a robust FOIA system. But people barely touch it – much less journalists.

    If American citizens exercised their rights to information (FOIA), I doubt all this relentless criminal activity (wars, drugs, terrorism, totalitarianism, corporatocracy, plutocracy) would be able to take place. It’s ignorance that takes its toll on the American political views.

    Meanwhile, the “World Superpower”, “The Empire”, “The Vampire Octopus” wrapped around Earth can’t assume its mistakes and shortcomings. BECAUSE THEY WOULD GO TO JAIL. And its citizens are paralyzed, not knowing what to do. The “Vampire Octopus” (in Matt Talibbi’s words, only expanded for the whole American banking cartel) and the “cute” National Reconnaissance Office (Launch 39) Octopus are both sides of the same coin. The Vampire hides in the shadows. It’s the “shadow banking”, the “black budget”, the “Top Secret”, “National security” stuff. The NRO (a child of this “black World”) proudly shows its capabilities now. And it makes Americans proud to be Americans. Only they still don’t realize it’s the same thing.

    When they scream “USA! USA!”, they are supporting a system that creates 1%ers everywhere it goes. Be it an Latin American elite empowered by a military dictatorship; or a ruling royal family in Qatar. Or a media conglomerate in Brazil, or a ruthless dictator in Iran. The system – under the name of the “free market” – created wealth in an abysmally concentrated manner. We are seeing it’s gargantuan size now, that we have infinite information on the Internet. Sure, we could have gone to libraries and followed Congress closely 20, or 40 years ago. But that simply didn’t happen. So now, we, the people, of the world, are paying taxes, submitting to the authority and even sacrificing ourselves in uniform under the banner of… The Superpowerful Capitalist Squid.


    On another note, I didn’t like that sleight of hand, “passing mention in the occasional Congressional hearing”… Why did you avoid the 9/11 issue? Rumsfeld brought that precise issue up on Sept. 10th, for example. That was 2006. Plus, it’s hardly “occasional”. There are annual hearings, on top of various “extra” hearings and reports from the Pentagon. There’s even periodic “distillation of DOD funding priorities” right here on the sidebar! You should start creating stories from the information you get from the documents and hearings, instead of spending SO MUCH TIME explaining “why corporations are evil” – we have known that for quite a while!

    I’m sorry if this was a bit harsh, but I feel like we need to get smarter, fast…

  3. Makes it sound so simple ,and KISS has always been my philosophy! Great ideas and report but as always the devil is in the details of how to integrate into successful plan of action !

  4. TogetherWeAreStrong says:

    When do people realize that the world is run by the descendants of pirates, drug lords and usurers that continue in the same business and that the society pretends to take good care of us? I believe a day of massive awakening is coming when cries for dismantling the abuse system run by criminal cabal become louder and louder.

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