Turkey’s Pro-Western Imperialism Puppets Accuse Turkish People of Being “Conspiracy Theorists”

Western Influenced & Directed Regime Change Operations are Deemed as a “Conspiracy Theory”

I just finished reading a ridiculous hit piece published at Eurasia.Net accusing the Turkish people of being conspiracy theorists for believing that the imperial US and EU are engaged in schemes towards regime change around the world. According to the article and its sources, one must be ignorant, uninformed, uneducated and a big time conspiracy theorist in order to believe that the US-EU are engaged in political manipulations and regime change operations around the world.

Here is one of the article sources attributing the Turkish people’s distrust of the West to their ignorance, paranoia and conspiracy mindedness:

“Turks love it,” argued Cengiz Aktar, a senior scholar at Sabanci University’s Istanbul Policy Forum, “because they don’t know the world. Turks are very much monolingual. They don’t read newspapers much. They don’t know what the world thinks about them. So, when you don’t know about it, you fear or you invent theories. The majority of Turks love these kind of stories.”

You see, there is no mention of history such as the US-delivered military coup in Turkey or of the US-backed and directed Mullah named Fethullah Gulen. According to the authors of the article and their agenda-driven sources, the latest US-EU produced regime change operations around the world, such as in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and now in Venezuela, never happened! Seriously!

Contrary to what they claim, Turkish people are extremely involved in political developments. The ignoramus source claims that most Turkish people don’t read newspapers. I tell you what: if they were to survey and compare the number of critical newspaper readers in Turkey with those here in the United States, the ratio would be something like: Turkey: 75%, USA: 20%.

The propaganda source also accuses Turks of being monolingual, thus, ignorant. Are you kidding me? Again, if you were to compare the percentage of Turks fluent in two or more languages with those here in the United States, you’d be asking this guy what he’s high on!

All right, it gets even more bizarre. The authors and their sources engage in this self-fulfilling prophesy to make a point that the Turkish people’s conspiracy theories on Western manipulation of their politics has resulted in a decrease of investment and financial contributions by the West in the country:

Turkey also could be paying an economic cost for the conspiracy theories. “The problem is that the foreign investors are just laughing at this and Turkey is going through a very serious test of creditability,” analyst Aktar said.

Turkey’s net foreign-direct investment (FDI) of $9.6 billion is just over half its level in 2009, The Financial Times reported on February 13.

Okay, let me explain the perverse logic (or actually, lack of logic) here. What is one of the first guns brought out by Western Imperialists when they are faced with a foreign government that is refusing to bow and submit? Right: money guns. Whether it is bribery via IMF, World Bank or military aid, or, strategically (with agenda) made investments, money is one of the first vehicles used to destabilize a government or a regime when the purpose is regime change. So what happens when the Turkish PM flexes his muscles and starts showing an independent streak? Of course: you get US and its European allies showing their displeasure and pressurizing via withdrawing their money: foreign investments in the country, IMF loans, military and humanitarian aid, etc.

Now, Turkish people who read and pay attention to the news and developments around them, Turkish people who observe and witness how governments are being brought down right next to them in their own backyard, Turkish people who have a long experience of Western operations on their soil are called conspiracy theorists and ignorant for believing that the current state of affairs in their nation is largely due to Western-Scripted plots. And to prove the point, the author and his idiotic sources are pointing to Western players withdrawing their money from Turkey and pressuring the country financially!

I totally understand our media here in the United States concocting propaganda filled and false news and analyses. In fact, if you pay attention to the line of reasoning (or lack of), labeling, marginalization and insults in this article, you see solid parallels with those written on 9/11 and civil liberties activists, real government whistleblowers or those who have dared to run as independent candidates without the establishment’s backing. What I don’t understand is the sources in Turkey who have willingly played into the hands of the operatives and joined the imperialist choir in portraying and accusing the Turkish people and their vigilance as being ignorant and being conspiracy theorists. For those of you in Turkey: please find these sources and demand some explanation and accountability.

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Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. Senior Lecturer in policy studies’. You got to love it. There are ‘mothers little helpers’ in every place on earth. Isn’t that ‘the way’ it works? “leverage-up’ the biggest thugs liars and Gergen/gerkins in-country?
    The whole thing survives by collusion . Popular Mechanics and all that.
    Nice call. The people of Turkey into boilingfrogs will get the picture for sure . Perhaps could access and present him a copy of “911 in the academic community’ so that ‘the professor’ can have a good hard look at how ‘academic’ and ‘conspiracy’ and ‘theorist’ stack up under actual study.
    Educate the man.

    • Excellent comparison to Popular Mechanics, remo. I had a very similar reaction to their hit pieces on 9/11. Supposed experts describing conspiracy psychology with absolutely nothing to back up their arguments, except their perceived authority as experts and proclaimed representation of popular opinion. It’s as if the readers simply need to hear a voice of authority give them permission to shut down any cognitive processes that may have started to disrupt their trance. Any responsible observation of this propaganda should result in disgust, but the very real psychological context of fear creates a hunger for peace of mind that allows the mind to create powerful delusions of emotional nutrition in the ultra-processed fast food of information. Labelling and origin of ingredients might her a little, but there’s big money in these franchises to contend with.

      • …help a little…

        • Truly big Money! Ask Buzzy why no-one threw him in pokey for insider trading alongside Hank and the other pirates of Wall Street.
          That ‘little voice” giving permission to totally lock onto the trance narrative perfectly describes the process . Professional liars make very difficult for the inherently innocent or basically honest to contend with criminality at the ‘clintonian’ levels exposed by the whistleblowers and investigative reports out of the deep state – deceptions produced and presented by the organs of state power make it easy to just ‘adopt the position’..
          But If the listener/reader/viewer as target of the propaganda doesn’t even think to have doubt in the authority of source, then you have a catastrophic ‘failure of IMAGINATION’; the phrase you will appreciate cynically offered by the odious Zelikow in explaining why his public myth avoided the controlled demolition of WTC – perhaps the greatest insult ever delivered to the citizens of the thinking world.
          We are still in shock from that one.

  2. I’ve seen the media, by mentioning things almost in passing, build up a false reality of a country or its people. It’s like a later “story” will reference the “conspiracy theorist mentality” of the Turkish people and further solidify the false reality that all Turks are conspiracy theorists. Eventually they can just openly state this, and anyone questioning it will be pointed back to articles like this as relevant references when they are in fact totally bogus. The level of deception is diabolical.

  3. Hired guns. Just flip it around. If one were in their position and frame of mind the obvious course would be to deny everything. And they do deny everything.

  4. BennyB-DoubleD says:

    This combination of idiocy and ignorance is breathtaking.

    Cengiz Aktar must have spent too much time sucking up to bourgeois elites in his academic and economic policy studies that he views Turkish society through the same imperialist racist lens as they do. He seems to be the one who doesn’t ‘know the world’, because he’s probably basing his ‘world view’ on The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal (perhaps with a little bit of People magazine on the side;) so distrust of the benevolent western goals of spreading freedom and democracy seem preposterous and conspiratorial to him.

    While he worries that ‘the foreign investors are just laughing’ at this ‘serious test of credibility’, many Turks are probably laughing at is lack of credibility and discussing how much of a buffoon he is in different languages he doesn’t speak or understand.

    • I bet his bet was: his comments/statements were going to stay within English-reading/outsiders circle. From what I see from e-mails and twits I’ve been getting, with our article here he’s going to face some ‘accountability’ pressure:-)

      • BennyB-DoubleD says:

        Just when he thought it was safe, Sibel Edmonds comes through with the international smackdown! I’m really glad to hear that this article is catching some attention.

        Beyond being asinine and misleading Aktar’s comments are just plain offensive. It’s “intellectuals” like Cengiz Aktar who get invited to the CNNs, BBCs, etc, to speak as “experts” on regional affairs, when their only real expertise is in reinforcing the narrow minded corporate interests those shows represent. It’s a disservice to the audience and a betrayal to the people he’s taking the liberty of speaking on behalf of. I can’t help but grin at the prospect of him facing some accountability out in the real world 😉 I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

        • Yes, I guess all he can do now is hope that Turkish society will have no real access to him. That and spend his propaganda money trying to numb whatever conscience he has left.

  5. Speaking of Turks, I’m curious what Sibel thinks of “The Young Turks”. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and that gang. Why do I get the feeling that they are another Soros operation? Another phony left outfit to keep people in the Repub/Dem box. They sure spend a lot of time on wedge issues.

    • Yuck. A very oily small-time crook. By small I don’t mean his body mass;-) I countered him 2003-2005, and he stinks big time: dirty.

      • Thomas Wonsetler says:

        Sibel, your talking about Cenk Uygur right ? Ive been so turned off by TYT lately I quit watching it ! Boiling Frogs Post is the best Ive seen and probably the best there is ! Thank you so much for this gift ! What a great team ! I love BFP !

      • Thomas Wonsetler says:

        Also Sibel, I wonder if you would elaborate a bit on why you say he’s a small time crook. I used to think it was a good show a couple years ago, but now im turned off by it and read and watch sites like BFP, Jesse Ventura’s off the grid, and Alex Jones’s Info Wars. Thank you ! ! !

  6. What if I’m not a conspiracy theorist – what phrases do I use – what thought processes- who are the people I associate with – what do I read? I’m very glad to be on this side. Very glad to oppose those who kill children.
    The Universe does not forget the killing of children.

  7. mariotrevi says:

    On twitter, mainly the euro-maidan file, i have been very active. There are so many clueless, trolls, hired US Empire contract-commentators, “news”-vermin, quotes from officials (but never Official communiques like the Laurent Fabius , Minister of Foreign Affairs for France, with at a recognized site, with logograms, style of a “real” communique; at least, with a recognizable written doc., liars can get nailed on their statements. For that, it has to be intelligible. I’m a native French speaker. I can hear Fabius’s and Kerry’s words, spoken in Paris, on video. The French communiques are intelligible. Obama hides in his office, the Press Secretary (arrogant Obama-boy), is like a Firewall between the (rather, but not always) supine WH press corps. With contempt like, that, I’ld take a hike and never return to that useless press room where stonewalling, equivocating, BSing is SOP. The trolls on Twitter: like swatting flies in parks in canada… On Twitter, I’m : @doubledeckerpot (David Bernier).
    We’re watched all-over, so i’m a nymous, now, David Patrick Bernier.
    Recent tweet:

    @steven_pifer @pavelandreev i will never ever take American Imperialists at their word.— David Bernier (@doubledeckerpot) February 22, 2014

  8. Edward Rutland says:

    Ok. Since Matt Taibbi has thrown his hat in with Glen Greenwald what is your stance now?

  9. Sibel: I suggested, given how arrogant and bullyish alpha-males can be, that women consider a sex strike some days. On twitter, I observed women listen. Men do not listen, except un-compromised monk/philosopher/mathematician/logician … Just an idea … peace.

  10. CuChulainn says:
  11. CuChulainn says:


    Turkey cautious on Ukraine, Obama fawns over Erdogan

    One sure sign that the United States has shifted gear and is in serious business to ram through the regime change agenda in Ukraine and Syria was the telephone call by President Barack Obama to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan on February 19. The White House readout shows that the 90-minute conversation was essentially a ‘charm offensive’ by Obama to atone for the neglect of friendship.

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