Saluting Those Who Stand By a True Alternative: Thank You!

The Boiling Frogs Post Team Thanks You for All Your Support

We have achieved our goal in raising the funds needed to carry us for another quarter. We want to thank you for all your support. We appreciate your kind and generous donations during these tough economic times. We know that your support goes beyond monetary donations- that your support is also your statement and action against disinformation and propaganda. You have placed your faith and trust in us, and we have made ‘you’ the sole determinant of our existence, survival and expansion. This is the only way to pursue the truth and needed changes: with critical minds, without partisanship, with no agenda-driven funding, staunchly and independently.

This quarter we raised $12,950. Our solely public-sourced income is used for:

Compensation for BFP producers and authors: Peter B. Collins-Producer, Guillermo Jimenez-Producer, James Corbett-Producer, Andrew Gavin Marshall-Producer & Author, Paul Jamiol-Editorial Cartoonist, Christoph Germann-Researcher & Author, Mark Mondalek-Author, and Sibel Edmonds-Editor & Author.

Compensation for administrative & site technology support

Monthly payments for dedicated server & hosting

Fixed and percentage fees for credit card processing services

This quarter we will be adding a new podcast show to our multimedia programs. I will be launching my own podcast show. The show will be a mixture of interviews, discussion sessions and solo commentaries based on your questions and comments. I have to admit: I’m nervous about this. Because …, well, because I neither consider myself a savvy host nor an experienced commentator. However, my main objective is not showcasing me or my show-business qualifications (or lack of!). I am doing this in order to communicate with you- our irate minority supporters. I am still in the process of figuring out the show format. I will have more on this next month, and I will be seeking your input and ideas. Please stay tuned.

Also, with your support and contributions we hope to be able to put in place a new BFP investigative reports division. As you all know, this will require a whole new set of expertise and procedures: editorial oversight, fact-checking, tedious documentation, seeking comments and statements from sources … We are going to start small, and hopefully, together, we’ll expand this highly needed feature here at Boiling Frogs Post. Again, I’ll provide you with more updates on this as we wade through the process.

In 2009 we launched this website as a home for the irate minority, and the following quote sums up my objectives back then and now:

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds" - Samuel Adams

Thank you for joining us at this home of the irate minority. Thank you for making this channel for unbiased truth possible. Many thanks to all of you!

Sibel Edmonds

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  1. mariotrevi says:

    I view the BFP team as intelligence-analysts, news-dissectors. You have my trust in presenting your non-agenda-driven, impartial, views. Thanks a lot.

  2. The Classified Woman Show?

  3. @Xicha: No way:-) We come up with something humble. I’m even afraid to call it a show. Unlike Peter/James/Guillermo I have ‘zero’ hosting experience/ability.

    I was thinking, maybe, some of the episodes will be for answering questions (The one I can answer within my abilities). We’ll have a form or e-mail address where our BFP members can send their points/questions. I’ll go over those, and select 3 or 4 , and ‘try’ to answer them. Good idea? I get so many insightful and thought-provoking e-mails and comments from our members, and some of these MUST be showcased.

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      I prefer your off-the cuff dead reckoning, you are a real straight shooter with the experience to offer unabashed analysis and synthesis. You should do more extemporaneous podcasts, even if it is just a loose interview style stuff or roundtable. Polished work is nice and high-quality stuff that also can be used to educate people, but the high-level philosophical chats and nuanced analysis is crucial for those already awake.

  4. I can’t believe I am still using @ XYZ!!!! We went without the nested comment function for so long, and I haven’t been able to break free from the old habit!!!!!!

  5. The new show sounds great. I always have questions. I think it will provide an even wider array of content as you have many very intelligent members. Go Sibel!!

  6. Mark Passehl says:

    The most forceful portrayal of how Sibel became what she is was provided by her own description of her father’s humanitas in the Gladio B interviews, and the manner in which he sought to pass his anti-war convictions on to his daughter, gently but firmly (when she was a kid absorbed in glitzy western war movie crap). But how to convey this in a snappy title?
    Also Spracht Zarathustretta? – maybe a bit melodramatic, like most things Nietzsche
    Iatrica ? (iatros is Grk for a medical doctor ; adj. iatrikos – related to the art of healing)
    Vox Medica? Media was mostly in mod. Iran ; all of Media Magna, and most of the Atropatene too ( = Azerbaijan)

  7. CuChulainn says:

    what’s going on with the Abu Ghaith trial? how come no mention of it here, of all places?

  8. RagnarT says:

    Looking forward to the new podcast Sibel. It’ll be good to add your views alongside those already here on BFP. I wonder if you’ve ever considered adding a forum to BFP? Yes it would allow those seeking to disrupt things another avenue to do this. But with a private forum its easier to identify and eliminate those who aren’t wanting to contribute to the topics. The benefit though would be to allow more in depth discussions of topics and provide a place where members can share articles and opinions that further research and knowledge on topics that are covered here. I think it would benefit everyone.

  9. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    Im wondering if donations includes money from subscriptions. Thx.

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