De-Manufacturing Consent- “Boston Bombing Revisited: Official Narrative Unraveling”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Russ Baker

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Russ Baker, founder, director, and editor of, and author of the book Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty. We discuss the many ways in which the official narrative of the Boston Marathon Bombing has unraveled, and how much of the story presented by the FBI, law enforcement, or mainstream press has been highly questionable from the start.

We focus our attention on the "central and mysterious" character of "Danny," the alleged carjacking victim, recipient of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's supposed confession, and only known link between the Tsarnaevs and the actual bombing. We also touch on the importance of an independent media willing to ask meaningful questions even when unpopular, and the challenges involved in covering serious issues while confronted with the "it never happened" level of disinformation on the internet.

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  1. Mgrdichian says:

    If we didn’t have Russ with his boots on the ground and Sibel with the Intell/War machine perspective, we’d be sunk on this story. Give generously to BFP and WWW. They are making up for a lot of scared and/or lazy journalists who IMO should be all over this story.

  2. Mark Passehl says:

    I don’t know Guillermo’s background, but many (most?) independent journalists these days become so as a vocation (conviction politics), not from career choice or formal training. To be fair to career/system trained journalists, it might be as difficult for most to break out of the fantasy world they are indoctrinated into as any other citizens of the west. And if stepping out of line can (will) cost them their planned career, what is the particular motivation for them to do so? Journalistic ethics? Professional journalists are not pre-selected for their suitability to become champions of journalistic ethics, and most enter journalism for a job and good career path, hardly to uphold ethics per se, which are served up to them (perhaps not too deeply these days anyway) in the course of training.

    None of this detracts from exhortations to support and fund BFP and its associates, who are among few reliable news sources today. I’m really looking forward to when BFP can hire full time investigators to dig deeper into important stories and themes. But maybe it underlines that in some spheres, like any mode of public information gathering and communication, vocation is what really matters, and professionalism per se describes a mercenary rather than any meaningful ability or competence for the job.

    When and in what spheres is professional the more appropriate label than mercenary ? Are they just strikingly different labels for the same thing? Or should professional always include an element of vocation and mercenary an element of professional training ?

    It gets even more interesting if you look into the original meaning(s) of professio, profiteri ; but that’s for another time and place

  3. chris bagg says:

    Whats going on here, why are you blocking my very mild comments?

  4. chris bagg says:

    So… may I venture to guess that the reason there are so few comments here is that you are censoring any dissenting views?

  5. chris bagg says:

    Look…It’s Xicha again. What’s your role here Xich? Boiling Frogs most certainly did block my dissenting posts. There is a growing body of evidence that the Boston Bombing was a fake event. Why haven’t you covered any of this information? You militantly myopic coverage never asks the most relevant question.

    • My comments get thrown into moderation when I put in multiple links or embed YouTube videos. I asked if your comment had these, but you’re not answering. Try posting without them, if that’s the case.

      Please let us know your thoughts about this growing body of evidence and the most relevant question, as you put it.

      To me, the most relevant information has to do with the Uncle Ruslan connection to Graham Fuller. I wished Russian Baker would have talked about it a little more, when Guillermo brought it up. This relates to the most important story of 2013, Sibel’s Gladio B revelations.

    • Actually I just tried to comment without any links for YouTube videos and it got thrown into moderation.

      I don’t know what the criteria is for moderation but I do know that it is automated. I’d say we could use some clarification, to avoid unnecessary negative perceptions.

  6. chris bagg says:

    Quite apart from the medical miracles that happened during the ‘Boston Bombing’ event, there were some odd circumstances surrounding their medical care as well. Most of the ‘injured’ were sent to the Tufts medical center where there was a bomb scare directed at the emergency room in progress. Patients were moved to a makeshift location by emergency personnel. As soon as possible they were sent to the newly opened Spaulding Rehabilitation Facility in the old navy yard, as some of its first patients. What a coincidence!
    An even bigger coincidence was the fact that the former head of Boston’s EMT service, a man named Richard Serino, had proposed staging a ‘mass casualty event’ at the finish line of the boston marathon in 2008, to test the city’s response to a terrorist bombing. This proposal is viewable online. Where was Serino working at the time of the Boston Bombing? Why he was the director of FEMA for the US government!

  7. chris bagg says:

    Here is the real unpopular question that an inquisitive media must ask about this event: Were all these apparent injuries even real? This is a very important question, with a great deal of evidence weighing in against the widely held view that it was. To begin with, we had at least two people with one of more legs completely severed, and another with a severed femoral artery who never lost consciousness during the entire ordeal, a period of at least 5 minutes. How is this medically possible? Massive blood loss has inevitable consequences on the human body including rapid loss of consciousness, a change in skin tone to grey, and is usually accompanied by profuse vomiting followed by death. But none of this happened on that day to these people. Instead we saw the double amputee ‘Jeff Bauman’ left on the sidewalk for minutes unattended, during which time any real person so injured would have died. Then we watched him being wheeled away in a wheelchair(?), still conscious, with nothing but a look of mild surprise on his ruddy face. To make his story even more preposterous, Bauman appears a few short weeks later at a hockey game looking all better, pumped to be a ‘Boston Strong’ Bruins fan. Then there’s Sydney Corcoran who, with a broken ankle and severed femoral artery, proceeds to putter around the scene of the bombing for minutes gushing blood from somewhere, but never loosing consciousness, covering the sidewalk with a bright red substance, then lying down, getting up, and lying down again in another spot, still perfectly alert. She too never lost consciousness, turned grey, or vomited. The list goes on… Many ‘victims’ can be seen that day walking or running, who weeks later appear in leg braces with a host of supposed injuries. This is fraud on a grand scale. Furthermore, it was ‘Zaprudered’ by many bystanders, and the photographic evidence will one day prove that this was a government sponsored crime. So get on the right side of this story asap. Your credibility is at stake. As a real investigative journalist you must examine the evidence, look at the anomalies, and find real explanations for all these medical miracles. See David McGowan’s ‘Center for an informed America’ or James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog for some insight.

    • Not that this necessarily negates any of your questions or positions but I find Dave McGowan to make some tremendous leaps of logic in the work I’ve looked at/heard. None of it pertains to Boston but what I’ve heard of the Laurel Canyon stuff is often reaching, imo.

  8. Mgrdichian says:

    Chris, the “real unpopular question” you pose is unpopular because it’s rabid speculation with no direct knowledge coming from the victims, those who treated them, or any other expert opinions. It’s based on some sort of rudimentary understanding of human anatomy, not expert opinion. In a similar vein, A 90-lb women can’t lift a 2-ton car off the ground, yet in traumatic situations it’s been documented and witnessed.
    The following is copied from a post that tries to analyze the “actors” claim from a medical/anatomical perspective. If, as you say, the medical/biological evidence points to an impossibility, then soon we will see what we saw with the “single bullet theory” and the “free fall collapse of WTC7” — professionals and experts speaking out. I promise, Chris, when 2000 medical doctors sign a petition calling for an inquiry, I’ll read their analysis very carefully.

    Then there is the image of Bauman himself and his protruding femur. ‘Actors’ theorists were quick to point to the ‘evidence’ that there is very little blood on Jeff’s leg, either in the images immediately after the bomb went off and also when he was being wheeled away from the scene in a wheelchair. I’ve spoken to several practicing doctors, all of whom have experience of serious trauma victims. Not one of them were surprised that there was not a large amount of blood squirting from Bauman’s wounds. What most of them did say was that they had been surprised at the lack of blood when they first encountered trauma victims early in their careers, but that they were quickly able to understand it based on their prior knowledge of human anatomy, and that since then, they’re never surprised at a lack of blood loss in trauma patients.

    In Bauman’s case, the ‘actors’ theorists claim was that, since his femoral artery was “severed”, there should have been massive blood loss and he should not have survived. The problem here is again one of a lack of cursory research by those promoting the theory.

    The femoral artery runs inside the thigh from the pelvis down to above the knee. The now infamous picture of Bauman in the wheelchair shows pretty clearly that both of his knees are intact and that his major injuries are below the knee. Therefore, it is not true to say that his femoral artery was severed.

  9. chris bagg says:

    The problem is that there was almost NO blood on either Bauman or the two people crowded against his severed legs for many seconds after the ‘blast’. This can be clearly seen in the Thorndike photos and in other photographs taken of the scene. The black woman in a red coat with a white shirt on underneath should have had at least a few drops on her bright white shirt . Yet her shirt remains spotless for many seconds while Bauman holds his severed legs directly over her. Later we see her covered in blood that was clearly absent for many seconds. Oddly, Bauman seems to be holding her purse under his arm and squeezing it.
    If we look at the very first photos that Thorndike took, we can see the guy in a grey hoodie holding on to Bauman’s upper leg just as the smoke clears. It is a very odd thing to do. He appears to be taking something off from around his neck and putting it around Bauman’s leg. What presence of mind on Hoodie’s part, especially since he later claimed to have had his right hand ‘degloved’ by the blast, and his ankle broken. Perhaps he was securing a prosthetic which had come loose.
    The list of anomalies is long. What about Sydney Corcoran who can be seen walking around for many seconds with a severed femoral artery and a broken ankle. ‘Blood’ can be seen spurting from the general region of her purse while she calmly walks around, lies down, gets up again and lies down elsewhere. She was supposed to have had a severed femoral artery, yet she did not faint, turn white, or vomit. She remains perfectly alert. Very odd indeed given the amount of blood she spilled on the sidewalk. Her ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are supposedly right in front of her yet she pays no attention to them, in spite of the fact that her mother was said to have had both her legs amputated.
    To see the 2008 Richard Serino document proposing a bombing drill at the finish line of the Boston marathon, google: Marathons: ATale of Two Cities and the Running of a Mass Casualty Event. Serino was made national director of FEMA by the incoming Obama administration.

    • chris bagg:

      1. I hope you can acknowledge that your comments weren’t being blocked or censored because they were “dissenting”. I tried to tell you that there was an automated plugin configured on this website, that would throw comments into moderation and that’s obviously what happened, since your comments are now appearing. I still want further clarification of what triggers this moderation plugin from BFP. But, after your accusations, do you have anything to say?

      2. Your comments appear to be mostly speculation about what victims of trauma should be doing, how they should behave, what symptoms they should present. On the behavior question, I don’t think you are considering that a person in shock can exhibit behavior that is very strange or irrational even. I have a friend who rolled his truck when we were teenagers. He and his cousin both started doing really strange things when it happened. Walking around aimlessly until they snapped out of it. My friend had a broken spine and could barely move later that day when I saw him at the hospital. Should I have told him it didn’t happen because he had behaved irrationally?

      The other signs you pointed to are similarly characteristically know-it-all, while very intolerant and, as mrdichigan has shown, possible very ignorant. You seem like you have it all figured out, except you don’t really have anything to say except “it didn’t happen”. This is like some of the 9/11 truthers who claimed the planes were holograms. Lots of facts and websites to go look at on a wild goose chase that only ends up muddying the waters and causing adversarial communications and relationships. Your immediate comments about BFP were par for the course. You’re full of piss, vinegar, and shit. IMO. How’s that for adversarial and accusatory? Productive?

  10. chris bagg says:

    If you are really curious about knowing what happened in Boston I suggest you look at episode #6 of mum of gravy pie ‘s videos on her you tube channel. That is all one word but if I write it that way your automated software will block it. Look at Mary Jo White’s injuries. She was supposed to have a shattered wrist and forearm. You can clearly see her in the first Thorndike Photo without any damage to her wrist or hand. As she is being wheeled away, we see her with blood all over her face and hand with two ugly holes that have appeared since the first photo, immediately after the ‘blast’. This is proof that the injuries were applied and fake. If this piques your curiosity, then watch the rest of her videos. If it doesn’t, then there is something wrong with you. Oh yes… and watch your language.
    PS: I hope, for Boiling Frog’s sake, that someone else is reading this.

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