Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

No government in human history can come close to the hypocrisy & malevolence of Washington

Washington’s plan to seize Ukraine and to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base has come amiss. But to turn around Lenin’s quote, “two steps forward, one step back.”

Do you remember all the tough talk coming from John Kerry, the White House Fool, Hilary Clinton, and the lickspittle Merkel about the harsh sanctions that would “badly damage” the Russian economy unless Russia prevented the referendum vote in Crimea? Well, it was all bullshit, more hot air from the White House sock puppet and the lickspittle German chancellor who is a disgrace to the German nation. As the Russians kept telling John Kerry, sanctions on Russia would destroy Europe and do little damage to Russia.

I wish the Russians had kept this to themselves. I was looking forward to the Washington morons destroying NATO by closing down the European economy.

Of course, after pretending that they were macho tough guys, something that Washington’s presstitute media could hype as sanctions had to be imposed, so Washington came up with sanctions, not on Russia, but on eleven individuals: the deposed Ukrainian president, an advisor to the deposed president, 2 Crimean officials, and 7 Russians.

The choice of the officials is an utter mystery. The seven Russians are a Putin aid, a Putin adviser, four members of the Russian parliament (Duma) and a deputy prime minister. What any of these people had to do with the referendum in Crimea, no one knows.

Moreover, the sanctions only apply to foreign bank accounts that these 11 individuals might have outside Russia. Most likely, that means only the deposed Ukrainian president, if we are to believe all the propaganda about him. Other reports say that the sanctions are only for the next six months.

If the Washington and EU criminals steal any money from these persons, the Russian central bank can replenish their stolen accounts.

The people who decided that Crimea would disassociate from Ukraine and return to Russia were the people themselves. Under the wording of Obama’s stupid sanctions, his sanctions should apply to the Crimean people who voted to disassociate from the US stooge government in Kiev.

Additionally, Obama’s sanctions apply to himself and to his regime and to its NATO puppets as it was the West that overthrew the elected government of Ukraine, not Russia or Crimea. The Americans, of course, never apply law to themselves.

In other words, the sanctions are totally meaningless. Yet, the White House Fool declared: “If Russia continues to interfere in Ukraine, we stand ready to impose further sanctions.”

Obama’s hypocrisy makes a person want to puke. It is the White House Fool who is interfering in Ukraine. It was Washington that financed and organized the overthrow of the elected Ukraine government, using well organized and well armed neo-nazis to intimidate the unarmed police and ruling party, thus clearing the way for Washington to set up an unelected government of its well-paid stooges.

What the incompetent White House Fool overlooked is that southern and eastern Ukraine are Russian, not Ukrainian, so the fool’s coup has caused Crimea to depart and is causing widespread protests in eastern Ukraine against Washington’s stooge unelected government in Kiev. Washington’s stooge Kiev government has appointed unelected Ukrainian multibillionaire oligarchs, who have their own private security forces, as mayors of the Russian cities to put down the protests. If the oligarchs use violence against the Russian people, the likely result will be that the Russian Army will take control of eastern Ukraine, which in every essential way is Russian.

If eastern Ukraine returns to Russia, Washington will be left with the ultra-nationalists of western Ukraine, people who fought for Hitler during World War 2. The EU doesn’t want ultra-nationalists as the EU is busy stamping out nationalism and the sovereignty of European countries. Nevertheless, Washington will have gained a strategic advantage over Moscow, as Washington can place anti-ballistic missile and other military bases on western Ukraine’s border with Russia, thus completing Washington’s encirclement of Russia with hostile military and missile bases.

Russia will neutralize the US bases by targeting them with Iskander missiles, which cannot be intercepted by ABMs.

All that the White House Fool will have achieved is to further make clear to Russia, and to China, that Washington has both on its target list, because both are in the way of Washington’s world hegemony.

One can only wonder why Putin doesn’t preempt the coming US military attack on Russia by destroying NATO economically without firing a shot. All Putin needs to do is to cut Europe off from energy. It would take Washington three years to create the capability to deliver US natural gas, achieved by fracking’s destruction of US water supplies, to Europe. By that time NATO governments would likely have been overthrown by mass unemployment and economic suffering. Putin could also seize all foreign assets in Russia and rapidly complete the arrangements with China, India, Brazil, and South Africa to abandon the use of the US dollar in international settlements.

The US dollar as world reserve currency is the source of American imperialism. The five countries that comprise the BRICS have half of the world’s population. They can conduct their economic affairs without the dollar.

The world needs to understand that the neoconservative US government is the Third Reich on steroids. It is a malevolent force with no sense of justice or respect for truth, law, or human life. Just ask the residents of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Honduras, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran. Even the deluded western Ukrainians will soon catch on.

Obama himself declared that the US is “the exceptional nation.” This is the neoconservatives version of Hitler’s declaration that the German nation was exceptional and, therefore, above all others. The only difference between Washington and National Socialist Germany is that Washington has a far more powerful police state and nuclear weapons.

The hubris and arrogance that arises from Washington’s belief that it is the government of the “indispensable and exceptional nation” means Washington has no respect for any other country, nor for law whether its own or international. Washington can invade countries without cause, a war crime. Washington can kidnap and torture people, a crime under US and International law. Washington can ignore the self-determination of peoples, such as Crimeans. Who are mere Crimeans to vote on their own future without Washington’s consent, without Washington determining the outcome? Washington declares the Crimean people’s self-determination “illegitimate and illegal,” and refuses to recognize self-determination, while pretending to be the home of “freedom and democracy.”

No government in human history can come close to the hypocrisy and malevolence of Washington. Armed with nuclear weapons and a military doctrine of pre-emptive nuclear first strike, Washington alone stands as the threat to life on earth.

# # # #

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts-BFP Contributing Author & Analyst
Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has been reporting on executive branch and cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades, and has written or co-written eight books, and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. You can visit his website here.


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  1. donilo252525 says:

    Once in a while my wife and I like to watch old TV shows from the 50s & 60s. Sometimes there are rare gems lying in the mists of time, or the more successful and timeless masteries of shows such as I Love Lucy or the Twilight Zone. But more often there are naive, poorly written and acted scripts that reveal that at least in some ways TV has improved a bit – still mostly beneath contempt, but at least with some snazzy special effects,etc.

    In an old Sci-fi movie from the 50s (I don’t remember the name, and you’re better off not knowing) there was a vastly intelligent life form on Venus (they still thought it was watery and delightful at the time). This civilization of Venusians had developed inter-space travel, and had made there way to Earth.

    The usual stupid plot chugged along, but what struck us was that this “highly-advanced” life form which had figured out space travel long before we had, looked strikingly like a poorly constructed Godzilla. This advanced being preferred to stay in a cave, do little else but roar and show its sharp teeth, and slyly plan the destruction of the people of planet Earth; perhaps simply by eating them.

    A few blasts from our WWII bazookas dispatched the creature before it could display its abilities at solving crossword puzzles, and we put in a Monty Python DVD to clear the air before we retired for the evening.

    The point here is of course viewing the Obama/Kerry tag team in much the way as we viewed this pitiful movie. Supposedly very bright men like to stay inside the WH “cave,” roaring a lot and showing their sharp teeth, trying to plan a clever plot with which to take over the planet. I’d say it’s funny to watch, but I’d be lying; this sort of ridiculous and vacuous posing is not only not funny at all, but it is being carried out while these two “Heroes” can actually bring nuclear war into our world. Whatever the next step and outcome of this latest folly, it can certainly be said that the US image in the world has sunken below that of the styrofoam rocks that blessed the scenes and sets of the old movies.

    Time for the Director to yell, “Cut!” Time to take leave of the MSM studios and seek out projects that have some lasting content to them. Projects like a fossil-fuel-free environment, the return to a society based on justice, and a culture that respects, honors and helps all aspects of life, in an effort to live together in mutual regard for each other.

    As Rodney King so memorably said, “Can’t we all just get along here?”

  2. Excellent analysis Dr Paul Craig Roberts! Thank you for another enlightening article. Yes, indeed we see eye to eye on this too. Loved your book entitled “The Tyranny of Good Intentions’. Hope more people will pick up a copy. A real eye opener on the current condition of the justice system in the USA. It’s a short, well documented and easy to read book with an excellent, extremely concise history on the rights of an Englishman. The roots of many current opinions can be traced back to Blackstone VS Bentham. Until our citizens have felt the heavy hand of the justice system up close and personal, the rights of an Englishman can not be appreciated.

  3. The world needs to understand that the neoconservative US government is the Third Reich on steroids. It is a malevolent force with no sense of justice or respect for truth, law, or human life. >>

    The great danger is that this malevolent force seems to be completely out of control by the American people who in their vast majority are fair-minded, decent, and peace-loving. In the end, this is a problem of democracy or rather the lack of it.

    • CuChulainn says:

      Fair-minded, decent, peace-loving they may be, but their condition was well diagnosed some time ago:
      Pour ce qui concerne la sphère américaine et plus spécialement le domaine yankee,
      Marx souligne tant à partir de la Question Juive que du Capital, que c’est un
      continent statique et servile de nationalité chimérique dont le substrat est de voir
      justement disparaître toutes les ancestrales potentialités radicales de subversion
      européenne des premiers migrants pour les dissoudre dans la pure démocratie
      autocratique du monothéisme de l’argent, enfin devenu Dieu mondial.

      • yeah, America is not a country, America is just a business, as Brad Pitt puts it in Killing Them Softly. Then glory to monothéisme de l’argent , for as Marx’s poetic authority Goethe said: I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good. It is monothéisme de l’argent that stood behind the Civil War and the civil rights movement of the 60s. If the American pagans are to unite against their imperialists for the only reason that it impoverishes them so be it!

        • Gordon Howe says:

          That was one of the most eye-opening lines ever…put the finger on something tangibly and obviously real, in a way that I hadn’t heard done before. It’s sort of a mantra for me now. There’s no patriotism, there’s only business. (“now pay me!).

  4. Dr. Roberts, you are right on the money as usual. Truth seekers must thank you and your tireless work. Personally I cannot thank you enough. To realize that our country has been run by sick, cowardly, sadistic sociopaths for over two decades escapes words. If one thinks Karma actually exists, these sick bastards will have some enormous pain coming. The part that angers me is their cowardliness-their personal fear… soft, effete creatures who must question their own masculinity. Wolfowitz was trained by a drag queen at Telluride house at Cornell(Allan Bloom). These sickos write endless” intellectual” nonsense to one another and laugh as the young of the world are thrown to hell. Bush2 was an idiot puppet for them and Obama is a useless, selfish coward.
    One wonders when this sickness will ever lift before we are all bathed in radioactivity. I’ve been a radical since the 60s and this is the most disturbing time I’ve ever seen–and I’ve seen plenty.

  5. Kagan, Nuland, Biden. McCain. Obama. Bush – the odious Cheney. All exercise power thru the obscene conspiracy of 911. Nobody believes a word any of them say any more. Yet, they still get to say them. Blatant LIARS in the face of every evidence against their words meaning anything at all, the world knows their money and malevolence bought the Maidan illegal SS government to its black fruit, now threatening world peace on the 100th ‘anniversary’ of the Great War. “Yat’s” and’’Klitch” are Nuland’s boys – that is Nuland etal . Pushing the world to a war none of them will survive. Why? “Fuck the EU” Nuland said. And the EU gets fucked. Ashton the idiot blind by god knows what method, passes on Paet’s revelation of Nazi/GLADIO False Flag in Kiev and the need for investigation, to talk about the price Ukraine will pay for their tenancy. There will be no investigation into the bullets of the Maidan. ‘No investigation’. We heard that on 911. Now these same creatures – all of them participant in of and to that portal of modern global WAR consciousness – maddened by the brutalities they unleashed across the constitutional and human rights spectrum – provoke Russia to war.
    The consequence of this will be the opposite of its design. It now appears the ‘free’ world is to rely on Russia’s calm and measure because they are the only ones that appear to have any.


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