Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Senate & CIA Battle Over Torture “Review”

Peter B. Collins Presents Jason Leopold

Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein, enabler and staunch defender of the intelligence community, is now in a pitched battle with the CIA over her committee’s 6,000 page report on torture, rendition and detention. Jason Leopold has been covering Guantanamo and related issues for years, and is well-positioned to observe this unexpected confrontation. Leopold has confirmed some aspects of the highly critical report: that some prisoners were tortured before the legal justifications were produced by the Bush Justice Department, and some were subjected to torture techniques that were never approved in the re-definition of torture. He also reports on the deal between Feinstein and CIA Director Panetta that the “review” was not an investigation that would lead to prosecutions, and on dual the role of the Obama White House in this dispute.

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  1. Julian Metter says:

    An excellent interview. Somewhere along the way the details of torture, rendition and the complete abrogation of all supposed “American” values congealed into a sense of disbelief and revulsion for what we as a society have become. With all the words like “review” “legal structure” etc it’s impossible not to remember that famous observation regarding Adolf Eichmann that the defining characteristic of evil was it’s sheer banality.

  2. Julian, when you say “somewhere along the way the details of torture, rendition and the complete abrogation of all supposed “American” values congealed into a sense of disbelief and revulsion for what we as a society have become”, are you speaking for yourself or Americans. Did seeing and knowing about torture have a profound effect on we as a society? I don’t see that. When it all came out people were shocked but just like everything else it seemed to slide right into oblivion. We are still holding these men at Guantanamo but there is little outcry about it. I think Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is right, America has lost it’s moral standing at home and in the world. This interview made me feel hopeful that there are people out there still looking into this and what can be done about it. But, America looks more and more like a police state so God help us.

    • Julian Metter says:

      Hi Judith. No, the reaction was within me, just as an individual. Sadly, very sadly I can’t disagree with what you are saying. This brutalization and looking the other way is a poison that has infected the consciousness of the nation. I doubt that most people who have opinion about Bradley Manning have seen the footage of the helicopter slaughter he released. We literally rain death from the skies and no one cares. Occasionally there is a story about a young man who quit his job directing drone strikes from a trailer in Nebraska but it doesn’t make much impact. Something about the discussion in this interview that juxtaposed public records and discourse with accounts of the British slicing open prisoner’s genitals and the dedication the “prisoner” showed in documenting the crimes of his “interrogators” just drove it home for me in a new way. That’s it. A deeper level of weariness and horror. I will also agree with you that there is a rising tide of consciousness about these issues though we have a long way to go before we could be reasonably said to be “out of the woods”. God help us all pretty much sums it up.

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