Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Tireless Activist Takes on Military Sex Crimes

Peter B. Collins Presents Col. Ann Wright

With a potent combination of realism, activism, and humanitarianism, retired Army Col. Ann Wright is an astute observer of many of America’s serious problems and sinister policies, who fights for change. Wright has been a leader in exposing rape and other sex crimes in the military, and we open with a discussion of the courts martial of Gen. Sinclair and a midshipman from the Naval Academy, leading to comments on the widespread breakdown of discipline and ethics in our military. We talk about the Feinstein/CIA spat over the torture report, about NSA surveillance and Obama’s limited reform proposal, and about the US role in regime change in Kiev. Wright describes her recent trip to Egypt for International Women’s Day, Egypt’s arbitrary deportation of many of the delegates, including the brutal treatment of Medea Benjamin. Next, she travels to Vietnam with members of Veterans for Peace.

*Col. Ann Wright, retired from the Army and Army Reserve, later served with the State Department in many countries, and resigned in protest of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. She is active with Code Pink, Women for Peace and has been involved with the Gaza Freedom Flotillas, protests at the American bases where drones are flown from, and many other groups that use peaceful, nonviolent protest tactics.

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  1. PeaceActivist says:

    This issue has been on my mind for some time; not because I have any real knowledge of this sort of thing, but looking from the more generic view point. I do not live in the US and I’m not a US citizen; however I’m sure we have a little of the same problems over here in the UK. Looking at things from my prospective, which is a vague and distant one. I find it amazing that an ordinary person such as myself can clearly see that criminality is pervasive throughout the US, UK and to a degree western world; yet authorities refuse to accept there is a problem. I think that since 9/11 we have seen a whole new elite top floor of organised crime and corruption spreading everywhere. In my humble opinion we do not recognize the importance of social engineering and the controlling of emotions too perhaps only a degree, but steering such towards the advantageous. I’m sure the military are very susceptible to such techniques, sometimes becoming the: victim, perpetrator, showcase example of all that is honorable , but false and foolish, all at the same time.

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