The EyeOpener Report- Sibel Edmonds Examines the Turkish False Flag Leak

Late last week, a conversation between high-ranking Turkish officials was leaked online purporting to expose a plan that had been devised to use a staged attack on a Turkish target in Aleppo as a pretext to start a war with Syria. Many questions about the recording and where it came from, why it was released now, and what it means for the future of the NATO agenda in Syria, Ukraine, and for the Turkish government.

Join us this week on The EyeOpener as we peel back the layers of the onion to find out what's really behind the false flag leak.

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  1. Agha Reza Ali Khan says:

    I hate it when these “leaks” are used in the US governments favour or wider interests, with its own name redacted, but whenever the empire is leaked against in the public interest, the US uses the full force of its “legal” measures.

    Was life always so hopelessly hypocritical, cynical and unbelievable? Or has this only been something seen in the West since the late 80s with a unipolar few decades?

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