Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 106

NATO, the IMF & the 'New Imperial Age' in Ukraine

EPPAt the end of the Cold War, a 'new world order' was announced alongside declarations of 'the end of history'. The United States - and with it, state-capitalist 'democracy' - reigned victorious over all other forms of social organization. The object, then, was to expand these forms exponentially, until all the earth was captured in what the Financial Times declared to be "the new Imperial Age." Ukraine's current crisis is a direct result of the economic, military, political and social processes, institutions and ideologies of the new imperial age.

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  1. Perry Watson says:

    I would love to read the James Morgan article you cited in the podcast. I have exhausted attempts at searching through my university library database. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated

  2. James, thanks for your work, as usual.
    I suggest you now take a much deeper look at the Ukraine as it is unfolding in present times. IMO, it is moving rapidly to complete chaos as we speak. Ignore Crimea-that’s done.What does the Ukraine now look like?? You will have to dig deeper and see if you can make some contacts in the various cities–especially Eastern Ukraine. Western Ukraine is now reeling form freshly imposed IMF, as usual, draconian measure of austerity which leads to further corruption and squalid poverty. Many Eastern sectors want desperately to escape the Nazi/oligarchical/IMF “financed” coming from Kiev and recognized by UN as a legal govt. when ,in reality, it was a right wing coup helped by the usual suspect(US, Israel, UK…). It seems to be dissolving before our very eyes into a futuristic feudal Orwellian system and the US MSM is blaring its lies 24/7!! We are in new territory now, albeit somewhat familiar.

  3. Yes, I would like to see more in depth coverage of what is unfolding now in eastern Ukraine and the rest of Southern Ukraine. In my heart I hope they are able to escape IMF and NWO agenda because it will give me hope that perhaps peoples of the world will move toward also escaping. What is happening in US today is related and austerity is beginning here albeit slowly so as not to cause immediate uprising of a population that still is armed. Your podcast is depressing as I had not thought of it as bringing back the system of complete oligarchical control (Kings/Queens/Peasant Slaves) but of course that is what it is by stealth. People can see that Russia is going up against US and one cannot help but see Putin as a more intelligent leader. However, isn’t Russia also aboard the NWO train? Is this fighting (lead up to WW3?) just about who will control more of the power in a NWO–Russia vs US?

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