De-Manufacturing Consent- The US Corporate State Threatens Free & Open Exchange

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Alfredo Lopez

Will Your Entire Internet Belong to Facebook? On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by activist, writer, and founding member of May First/People Link, Alfredo Lopez. We discuss the ways in which the United States government, along several key corporate partners, continues to militarize the internet to further imperialistic goals. We focus on Facebook, the ubiquitous social network, and "" — the company's "humanitarian" effort to connect the entire world to the internet through drone and satellite technology provided by its partner, the NSA.

Also on the program, we discuss the "Cuban Twitter" program ZunZuneo, sponsored by USAID (CIA); how the attempt to provoke a "Cuban Spring" fits within the framework of the "New Cold War"; how similar efforts to spark "Twitter Revolutions" in the Arab world were successful with the cooperation of companies like Google and Apple; and the heartbleed "bug" and what it means for open source technology.

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  1. John Richardson says:

    Interesting podcast. I don’t necessarily agree with a few of the points made, but I do agree that Facebook is a pure data collection abomination. I refuse to use it. I do think Gmail is safer than Mr Lopez portrays, and I think his conclusions there are seated deeply in the multiple mass-media hit pieces that were done on Google in this area. If you read them carefully you will notice that the allegations have no technical merit. As for finding backdoor or on-the-wire methods of breaching Gmail, this is also true of any email provider.

  2. Despite being logged In as a member audio content is denied me. Repeated requests to put this right have fallen on deaf ears. Automatic renewal of my subscription on the other hand works very smoothly.

  3. helen kurz says:

    I joined when Charlie McGraph joined your team. I am also a huge fan of James Corbett (already contribute to his site).

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