Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 108

Georgia: Prelude to Ukraine?

EPPIn 2008, the small Eastern European nation of Georgia invaded the breakaway province of South Ossetia, bombing Russian peacekeeping forces in the process, and prompting a Russian military invasion of Georgia itself. This war was the result of years of US and NATO moves to the east, building relations and increasing support for Georgia, for which the Russians drew a line in the sand, declaring that Georgia would never be allowed to become a member of NATO. The Russian military response in 2008 changed the game between the West and the East, after several decades of Russia being encroached upon by the West, Russia pushed back, leaving the West at a loss for how to react. The lessons of Georgia can be seen in the current conflict in Ukraine. But the lessons have yet to be learned.

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  1. Sharp analysis, AG. I respect the amount of endless research you must perform. I’m waiting for your next comments re: Ukraine Today is 4-16-14. In a matter of weeks the Ukraine appears it will be in one gigantic bloody mess. The EU/IMF/neo-con/Mossad rely on chaos to proceed with their sadistic madness towards “empire”. Starving, stunned Ukrainians soon .
    In fact, as we speak Ukraine is a failed state without elected leaders–just thugs and neo-con cowards giggling at a comfortable distance. If the ne-cons and lunatic McCain had their way, they’d be sending American boys–not yet men–into Eastern Ukraine. Hell!–they have probably started that process. You can’t make this stuff up! Nuts!

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