Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Federal Judges Protect Obama’s Secrets

Peter B. Collins Presents Journalist Bob Egelko

Federal judges in the Bay Area have issued recent rulings rejecting substantial challenges to the No-Fly List and the authority arrogated by President Obama to order American citizens killed without due process. Bob Egelko of The San Francisco Chronicle covered both cases. He details the case of Rahinah Ibrahim, a Malaysian scholar who was studying at Stanford and was detained at San Francisco International in 2005 as she attempted to fly home. She sued to get removed from the list, and it was it was confirmed that she was on it by mistake. Just last week, the judge cited secret evidence to deny her request for a visa. The other case was heard in Oakland, where a federal judge rejected demands by the First Amendment Coalition that the Justice Department release memos that we’re told authorize the president to target individuals—including US citizens—for elimination with no legal process.

*Bob Egelko is a veteran journalist, and the legal affairs reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. Excellent straight forward interview, Peter B..
    Secret courts, secret laws, secret evidence, secret rulings. My God, what have we wrought?

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