De-Manufacturing Consent- The Killing Business: The Illegality and Immorality of Washington & the CIA

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Philip Giraldi

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent Guillermo is joined by former CIA officer and Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, Phil Giraldi. We discuss Giraldi's latest article, "The Cognitive Dissonance of Spying," and explore the post-9/11 "culture shift" within the CIA, the US government, and the country as a whole. As the "war on terror" rhetoric loses its effectiveness as a propaganda tool, neoconservatives in Washington position a "New Cold War" as the next "just cause" in the killing business.

Also on the program, we discuss the case of Jonathan Pollard, why his proposed release from prison is really more than just a bargaining chip for "Middle East peace talks," and what this may tell us about the current strength of the Israel Lobby in Washington.

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  1. Good listening, and thanks for the conversation.
    With with regard mr. Giraldi and CIA assassination activities pre-911.
    Limiting it to one source for sake of argument, Al Martin, in his seminal work “The Conspirators:secrets of an Iran/contra insider”, states his direct knowledge of at least 400 killings covering up direct evidence of Bush/Clinton/North/CIA /MENA activities over the period, including 36 people liquidated surrounding Operation Sledgehammer by CIA ‘wet workers’ employed by “Department 4 – Domestic Wet Operation, or DWO.
    The suggestion CIA was not utilizing assassination pre 911 doesn’t seem to square with mr Martins reporting over that period.
    I Totally agree with mr Giraldi’s finishing message.

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