Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Is the TPP Dead Yet?

Peter B. Collins Presents Melinda St. Louis of Public Citizen

Did Japan do us a favor by rejecting trade concessions proposed by the US on Obama’s recent Asia tour? Prime Minister Abe’s refusal may scuttle the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which the Obama administration has been negotiating in secret for 5 years. Melinda St. Louis updates us on the status of the pact, the implications of Japan’s position, and the potential damage to American workers and residents if the TPP is enacted. We use the pharmaceutical industry to show how TPP benefits only global corporate interests, and talk about how TPP would promote energy exports from the US and likely expand fracking. And we suggest that activists lobby House and Senate members to oppose fast track review of TPP.

*Melinda St. Louis is the Director of International Campaigns for the Tradewatch section at Public Citizen. The websites we mention are here and here.

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