BFP Updates- A Brand New Video Show, an Unusual Podcast Series & a Fiction in the Works

On Point with Charlie McGrath, Sibel Edmonds’ Podcast Show & a Novel to Take on the Establishment

Things may have appeared a bit quiet here at Boiling Frogs Post, but let me assure you, behind the scenes, things have been anything but quiet. I may sometimes complain about not having some needed mellow time, but then again, I am one of those people who cannot remain mellow or quiet for more than a few days (and that is max!). I don’t like things remaining static for any extended period of time. And that applies to Boiling Frogs Post. So, what has been happening lately behind the scenes? What kind of new things are about to happen?

First, let me start with our major announcement. I want to welcome a new BFP partner and his brand new weekly video show: On Point with Charlie McGrath. I have been following Charlie’s work for quite some time at his website Wide Awake News. I have been on his show, and have been one of his fans. He has been an activist for years. He is independent. He is a critical thinker. He is passionate and driven. His delivery style is unique-original. Okay, I believe we have established my status as his fan; right? I am proud to have him join us as a new partner. He will be producing a BFP exclusive weekly video series, On Point with Charlie McGrath, which will combine his commentaries, debates, featured guests and interviews. Our first episode next week will be aired via the BFP YouTube page, and it will be open to all. The following episodes will be available to our BFP Irate Minority Members via our website.

A couple of months ago I mentioned the possibility of a new BFP podcast series produced and hosted by me (The nervous me). With all your feedback and e-mails that idea and possibility was turned into a decision- despite my resistance and procrastination. I spent tons of time on various tutorials and forums that deal with the necessary ingredients for podcast production (I utterly dislike everything technology related which translates to resistance to learning speedily). We ordered the needed equipment- hardware and software, which began arriving this week. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be setting up and testing equipment, and I will be clarifying the format and style of my coming podcast series. I don’t want just the good old straight forward host and interviewee format. Why? Because: 1- I usually find those shows boring; really boring. 2- I don’t view myself in any way as a professional elegant host (it is not my cup of tea, and I’m not talented that way). 3- Guests who view themselves as utter experts and know-it-all irritate me big time … and a bunch of other reasons. I also want to stay away from a monologue style: Not my cup of tea either. So what is it going to be? Bold debates? Possible.  I guess we’ll experiment with a few styles, and let your feedback guide us. We should have our first episode in a couple of weeks. Please stay tuned.

Now my final semi announcement:  Are you ready? I don’t know if I am, but here we go. In late 2012 I began jotting down ideas for a possible fiction book as a follow up to my book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. That’s what I called it, jotting down ideas, because the idea of actually writing a fiction, a novel, was way too intimidating for me. I think to comfortably take on that task starts with viewing one’s self as a writer, an author. I never dared view myself as such. Call it self-consciousness. Call it timidity that comes with English being my third language. Call it whatever you wish- I just didn’t, and still don’t. Nevertheless the jotting down process turned into spending time on turning the jotted down ideas into actual sentences. Then, the sentences turned into many pages which in turn formed actual chapters … and before I knew I was looking at several hundred pages divided into a dozen or so chapters. Oh No! I was looking at something that resembled a manuscript for an actual book!

To make a long story short (-er), motivated by the truth, and encouraged by the volume of my manuscript’s content, I made it my goal to turn what had started as jotting down ideas into an actual book. With that came many sleepless nights of working; writing. Sleep has always been the first thing to go in my bewildering life: motherhood (the kind that involves dozens of extracurricular activities-soccer, karate, swimming, gymnastics, art … you name it), household, job-work … But, yes there is a positive but, I made it. I actually completed my draft book two months ago. I entrusted its editing with the only editor I trust, and put it in his hands. I regrouped with the all-star team from my previous book project for creating a cover design, proof reading, interior design, website design, etc. Now we are all looking at a book, a novel, that is on its way to you - by the middle of this coming fall (late October 2014). Don’t get me wrong- we still have a ways to go, but we are talking a complete and professional book, not some jotted down ideas;-)

This is what I mean by not letting things remain static. We have our new weekly video show ready to begin in 5 days or less. I will begin my first podcast episode in two weeks or so. And by this coming fall I will begin irritating the establishment with a brand new novel (aka fiction) produced and published by a non-establishment team and channels. And with that I want to thank all of you, our irate minority members, for all your support and solidarity.

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  1. “I also want to stay away from a monologue style: Not my cup of tea either.”
    I really had to chortle over that. Once you get going on something in one of the roundtables, Sibel, it’s passionate monologue all the way, and always interesting and entertaining. Maybe it’s your cup of coffee?

    • I hear you, but here is the thing: I need ‘that’ catalyst, either someone on the other side, or something, to get me going. Let me give you an example: I am so afraid of public speaking/giving speeches. I only do 2 or 3 of those a year. The best part (maybe the only good part!) for me is the Q & A segment. This is when I get passionate, feel like I have a direction, and keep going. For the audience it is like two different people: one timidly giving a speech/talk, the other, a passionate and confident one for the Q & A.

      Similar things happen with interviews, when I give interviews. I start kind of cold (maybe boring, flat), but then, depending on the host, I get warmer and warmer, and then, I find that ‘comfortable’ spot where I can keep going (until some one shuts me up;-). Because of this I never do short (10-15 minutes) interviews geared towards bullet points/talking points. I go for 30 minutes or longer ones.

      Sitting in front of my recording device, microphone, will make me feel like giving a lecture/speech. I find that preposterous (who am I to give lectures?!). I would freeze, and we’ll have disasters.

      Interviewing someone also bores me (usually). I am out of closet on this one: I get bored so easily, especially with people (NGO/Academics) who go on and on with their little angle/take as if they have the ultimate expertise on a particular topic. I love people who actually pause once in a while and say: ‘You know what? I don’t know.’ or ‘I don’t know enough on XYZ to answer this question.’ or ‘I am so pocketed by my billionaire fund-er, thus afraid to answer this question with honesty…’

      This is why I am looking for heated debates and not interviewer-interviewee session. The task is: Finding the right debaters and persuade them to join me for a fun and heated session of discussion. It seems like many of the candidates have already become my partners!!!:-))

  2. kmwakak8 says:

    Funny, I was just told I’d be great narrator/host of kids shows. I have done a lot, interviews, speaking and character roles. I was more into character roles. Suffice to say, Sibel- between acting and profiling you have some amazing expressions. The day you had jaw surgery – priceless, though I hoped you weren’t in pain.
    Hosting may not be your forte, but you hold your own just fine in many capacities.
    I knew it was quiet in so far as your posting on FB. It’s hard to generate interest in “real issues” sometimes.
    FB is a good publicity forum, but one of the worst venues for debate “ever.” There are a lot if angry people out there.
    Congratulations and keep doing what you do.
    I am excited another book is moving forward for you. I will look forward to it. ~k

    • You’re right. It gets so exasperating over there @ FB. I saw similar things way back when in forums like DU: people attacking each other, insults, anger spits … The poisonous environment made me loath the idea of blogs/forums … And then, I discovered a few good ones, and began our first blog site (123realchange), and that led us here.

      One of the things I consider success here @ BFP: our members, commentators, are all respectful towards each other, articulate, critical thinkers. I think in four+ years we have had only 3 or 4 agitator cases. For me that’s amazing. Maybe subscription eliminates those trollers, dividers, etc.

      My book title is ‘The Lone Gladio.’ Once it is published and out I’ll write about the experience of writing it- hard and amazing process.

      • kmwakak8 says:

        Subscription helps ~ People are here because they 1. We want to be. 2. We believe in what you are doing 3. Trolls don’t generally pay for their drama.
        Perhaps I should speak for myself- I appreciate your ability to address issues head on, even if your delivery is cheeky, your content is concise, eloquent and even sometimes over the top. I like that. We get nowhere with out a little risk.
        You’re book title sound like my life story. I’ve shared in private groups over 35 years, on 4 continents… I’m used to saying how it is, have NO fear and no time for BS.
        I’ll definitely look forward to ‘The Lone Gladio” and your experience of writing it. That’s my stuck point. I write all the time, but it’s abstract… for now.

  3. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Whatever role you choose for yourself for your podcasts Sibel, I’m sure you will be a smash hit at the box offices. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to your upcoming novel in the fall. I will definitely be ordering one of the first copies when it comes out!

    • Thank you, Ribbit-Mark. I will keep you all posted on the status.

      One of the great thing about writing a fiction: I didn’t have to submit the work to the FBI, DOJ. I didn’t have to worry about getting attorneys and fighting for the publication in courts. It is a ‘fiction’ for the sake of some ‘truth.’

  4. samadams73 says:

    Ms. Edmonds, might I suggest checking out the work of Dan Carlin. He formerly worked in the media, but since has used his history degree and interest to produce two podcasts, one being the fantastic “Hardcore History”, but the other is a current events commentary podcast called “Common Sense”. First, I believe you two are on a similar wavelength, and secondly, his media experience might be a useful agent of formation of your podcast. Just my 2 cents, but I like to bring together similar energies of change when possible.

  5. Welcome, Charlie! Way to go, Sibel! I’m looking forward to all this new stuff. Can’t wait to find out what the plot of your novel is. Hmm, The Lone Gladio

    Your Gladio Plan B series, to me, was the most important story of 2013 (yes, more important than that meta data malfeasance). I love the idea that a whole bunch of people will be searching for “Sibel Edmonds” and “Gladio”, looking for the novel and finding both 😉

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. Fiction huh….
    cool. Hope it goes well for ya.

    Soon to find In the library beside 911 Commission and creatioNIST reports 🙂 haha.

  7. Everything in this article is great news, but I am jumping clean out my socks at The Lone Gladio. This exciting news of some Edmonds fiction on the horizon reminds me… I want to thank you for writing your memior, Classified Woman. You were brave to do so. It is so important, the information contained within it, and the dangerous and difficult journey of its messenger. I recommend it to just about anyone I talk to on the subject of the U.S. State. So I am very much looking forward to what fiction you may build from the foundation of truth. Keep up the great work BFP, you are all very much appreciated by the Irate Minority.

  8. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    Thank you Sibel for all you give to the world and hunanity ! You are such an interesting, intelligent, informative, funny, courageous, loveable woman and warrioress for truth and goodness ! You teach and clarify on these subjects more than anyone ive found so far, and ive found some good ones ! You have really shown me the Big Picture and clarified so well ! Im so thankful to you for that ! I will defend you forever and always promote BFG ! What a woman ! Love !

  9. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    I love your BFG site Sibel and love listening to you especially and im very thankful for it, but I wanted to say that one thing about the comment sections thats almost nauseating is all the excessively psuedo intellectual babble that goes on ! Psuedo intellectuals like to sit around analyzing things to the death over and over a billion times and are so stuck in their heads that nothing ever happens besides endless chatter ! ! ! One thing I love about you is that your very intelligent and know what your talking about without being some boring, psuedo intellectual who thinks she has to use obscure ridiculous words that nobody uses or even knows what they mean in order to pretend they have a superior intelligence and are therefore somehow of a higher class ! Hahaha ! You just tell it like it is, with warmth, compassion, passion, and humor ! No pretentious bullshit ! Psuedo intellectuals are some of the most boring and ridiculous people on the planet ! Hahaha ! If we’re going to change the world, it will be thru understanding, compassion, courage, wisdom and right action, not thru a bunch of boring, overly analytical talk machines who think there so intelligent just because they can use obscure words nobody uses and sit around analyzing everything to the death and then chattering about it all day and nite ! Hahaha ! And dont let these overly analyticals who like to analyze every last word or move you make and every last hair on your head change you into something your not ! Your fine an great just as you are ! The point obviously is to get the knowledge out to the public and encourage and inspire people to take action to change the world for the better, not to sit around having endless New England style psuedo intellectual chattering sessions that bore most people to DEATH ! ! ! Of course often using assanine words nobody ever uses to supposedly sound “intelligent” ! Hahaha ! This is why I like You, Alex Jones, and Jesse Ventura so much ! You just tell it like it is without trying to be pretentious jackasses who think there superior or want to impress people with boring bullshit and and obscure words ! Hahaha ! Just be yourself, your loveable the way you are, and keep on informing the public about the truth, thats what matters ! ! ! As always, we love you ! ! ! Thx ! ! !

    • Tom, could you repeat that? I’m not sure I get what you’re saying yet. It’s as is if your perpendicular vector was just about to bridge the two asymptotic clearance nodes, when the loud scream of an ambulance driver, just after missing the bus to work, interrupted. You do know why the quotient is super-satiated, don’t you?
      – The Doppelganger of ‘Edit Mommies’

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