Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 111

A Counter-Hegemonic Foundation

EPPThis episode examines the ideas and planning behind a new organization that myself and a few friends are in the process of founding: 'Voice of Access: The People's Foundation'. This non-governmental organization is being founded on the basis of an historical understanding of the roles played by major hegemonic foundations (like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, etc.) in social engineering and social control. With this understanding, the People's Foundation hopes to act as a facilitator, funding source and supporter for organizations, intellectual/research efforts, new media, activists and social movements that counter and challenge power structures instead of promote slow reform which pushes movements and intellectuals and activists into areas that are safe for the existing social order. The People's Foundation aims to help facilitate the transition to a revolutionary society. This episode examines some of the ideas and initiatives behind this broad objective.

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  1. Congratulations on your eleventy first episode, Andrew!

  2. BFP could expand its database capabilities, especially with some of the regular DOD Funding Priorities and Great Game Roundup data. When Andrew talked about his new foundation as a resource for research tools, it reminded me that there are all kinds of possibilities for BFP as well. Thanks for the interesting ideas.

  3. jackdonovan says:

    Andrew, this Foundation could be incredibly productive.

    There’s thousands of people who do amateur research into the subjects that GRASP would research, for example. We just don’t know each other. This reminded something that Russ Baker talked about. When he was working on Family of Secrets, he realized that a whole bunch of people had pieces of the puzzle, but no one had put it together. It took him five years, but he did it. He was basically alone, though.

    My suggestion is: one of the main (if not THE main) resource of Voice of Access should be a Message Board.

    Not something like godlikeproductions, or abovetopsecret, or prisonplanet. Where of good information gets mixed up with garbage.

    This should be a project-based Message Board, **moderated by people you know personally**, in the beginning at least. The moderators have to be dedicated. The focus of the forums has to be narrow. Only moderators should create threads – this goes a long, long way to avoid spam and keep the discussion on track. ANY post that does not bring anything to the thread (a judgment the mods have to make, of course), gets deleted and the reason for deletion spelled out so that others get the warning, too – that BS will not be tolerated. Any information has to be sourced (like the History Commons website).

    Invite the activists that are Internet regulars to post. Basically the idea is that experts post; non-experts lurk and read. Then, the researchers that you talk about in this podcast can work on the information posted on the Board to compile reports, articles and papers on specific subjects.

    All the best wishes to you in this new project!

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