Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 112

A Lost Generation on the Rise?

EPPThe World Economic Forum, major banks, international organizations, global consulting firms and other institutions have been increasingly identifying the "lost generation" of global youth as one of the primary threats to global elite interests. This generation - my generation - are over-educated, under-employed, with high expectations and few opportunities. It is a generation that have been pivotal in protests, uprisings and revolts from Egypt to Turkey, Brazil, Spain and Greece, to Chile, Mexico and Quebec. It is a generation that elites have already written off as "lost," and who have yet to realize that they have been written off. When they do realize this, the threat will indeed become very real.

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  1. Interested post. I don’t think we as a society have just one “lost generation”. I am newly into the elderly generation. I find that your generation tends to blame our generation for the fix we are in (believing that social security is the financial problem and not the military industrial complex or the corporation culture). I gave up my job early, in part thinking that my job was needed for youth coming up. Around 2005 I began reading about the upcoming crash of the economy that happened in 2008. I had always been paying my mortgage off early and stepped this up, so when the crash happened, I had no debt and in fact became the banker for my house upon sale. This gave me extra income on top of social security. I know from having done this that to pay off a mortgage even when it gets down to say $25,000 is an awesome task that means giving up many other little pleasures. My children also talk about such things as buying a house or some farm land. I tell them this is an unreal expectation in our society right now and I do believe it will not be an option in their lifetime. How depressing is that. So, they tell me I am a doomer gloomer and choose to shut their eyes to the facts. They are of the x generation I believe (30’s-early 40’s). If I had to live on my social security check alone, I believe I would be homeless or have to choose between food and rent. None of the generations are going to come out of what is coming looking good or feeling safe. Your advice would be well taken for anyone–don’t get into debt and if you are try to get out.

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