BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for May 2014

DOD spent $13,443,306,335+ on 249 individual contracts in May 2014

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $13,443,306,335 on 249 individual contracts during May 2014.


AAI Corp. received $75,010,510 to support the Army Aviation & Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center, Software Engineering Directorate's Joint System Integration Laboratory for technology integration into the contractor's fleet of unmanned aircraft systems (including the Shadow) and associated ground support equipment to allow the demonstration of enhanced UAS platform, payload, and ground system performance.

AAI Corp. received $7,690,948 to develop, verify, and validate noise signature reduction design improvements for UAV engines Limited 1102 and Block 3 propulsion system engines.  This also covers software updates and integration of the small mission computer into the RQ-7BV2. 

Boeing received $27,685,574 for 23 QF-16 FSATs (Full-Scale Aerial Target) and 23 four-year warranties of the QF-16 Drone-Peculiar Equipment (DPE).

General Atomics received $296,941,937 for Gray Eagle logistics and fleet sustainment, including spares and repairs.

JAM-MAP JV received $9,420,746 to construct a UAV site work, utilities, and entry control point at Ft. Hood.

Northrop Grumman received $10,833,670 for development and integration of a Multi Capability Pod (MCAP) onto the MQ-8C, including the purchase of two MCAPS and one MCAP Mass Model. The MCAP provides multiple electronic warfare sensors for employment in the littorals. This was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR 6.302-1.

Northrop Grumman received $13,039,369 for the Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite (EISS) Timing & Control (TAC) Module A-3 replacement effort, which ensures the completion of flight tests necessary to ensure EISS TAC module and associated software developments are compatible with the Global Hawk.

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES - Through Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.

Alliant Techsystems received $15,167,984 to continue contractor logistic support on Iraq’s Cessna 208ISR caravan and the Cessna 208 armed caravan. This also includes aircraft maintenance and student training on both aircraft. Work will be performed at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.

Al Raha Group for Technical Services (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) received $93,335,656 to provide Saudi Arabia with repair & return services for F-15 unclassified items. This is a sole-source acquisition.

BAE Systems received $139,963,796 to provide South Korea with 134 KF-16 upgraded aircraft. This is for initial development and long lead production. A future contract modification will increase the scope of work to the full program.

Conti Federal Services Inc. received $26,560,022 for a design-build construction contract for buildings, utilities and infrastructure at Shivta Artillery Base, Israel.

Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. received $20,545,422 to improve Taiwan’s Electronic Warfare Sensor Systems. Georgia Tech will help centralize technical, engineering, and analytical support of all EW sensors, improve hardware/software EW capabilities, and improve expendable countermeasures tech.

L-3 Communications received $48,978,323 to provide Saudi Arabia with three UH-60L operational flight trainers. One bid was solicited and one received.

L-3 Communications received $7,621,505 to provide Australia with C-27J spares and support. This funding incorporates CONUS Spares Support functions for the Australian C-27J spares warehousing, packing, handling, shipping, transportation and item unique identification.

L-3 Communications received $19,018,574 to upgrade six CF-18C/D Advanced Distributed Combat Training Systems for Canada.

Lockheed Martin received $92,610,784 for Aegis Weapon System and Aegis Combat System engineering, in-country support, and staging support for Japan’s Aegis lifetime support requirements.

Lockheed Martin received $20,490,657 for AN/SQQ-89 engineering services, advanced capability build, technical insertion development and integration. FMS to Japan is 63 percent of this contract.

Lockheed Martin received $212,326,161 to provide Japan, Taiwan, Germany, the Netherlands, Kuwait, and the UAE with Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) Missile Support Center services.

Lockheed Martin received $101,900,000 to provide Israel with non-recurring engineering and sustainment tasks for mission systems software and autonomic logistics development of the F-35A CTOL Air System. In addition, this funding provides autonomic logistics hardware for Israeli pilot training.

Lockheed Martin received $7,253,896 to solve a radar interoperability issue affecting Pakistan and Thailand F-16 aircraft.

Lockheed Martin received $12,169,823 to install spiral upgrades on two P-3C for Norway’s Air Force. This was not competitively procured, per FAR 6.302-4.

Lockheed Martin received $15,590,000 to provide Taiwan with the upgrade and overhaul of twelve P-3C aircraft.

Raytheon received $10,051,025 for all test, failure analysis, quality, reliability, and maintenance on pre-Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC)-3 missile rounds. Countries participating are Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Korea, Taiwan, and the UAE. One bid was solicited and one received.

Raytheon received $30,891,282 for MK 698 test sets with Evolved Seasparrow Missile and Standard Missile test capability, upgrade kits, installation kits, repair tool kits, associated spares and technical support. This is 100 percent FMS to Australia and the Netherlands.

Sierra Nevada Corp. received $34,425,000 for Afghan National Army Special Operations Forces contractor logistics for fixed-wing aircraft (PC-12) sustainment necessary to perform the maintenance operations and keep the aircraft operational. Work will be performed at Kabul International Airport and Kandahar, Afghanistan. This “urgent” 100 percent FMS contract for Afghanistan is a sole-source award.

Textron received $17,283,970 to provide India with the completion of mission control unit software development and aircraft integration for the sensor fuzed weapon. This is for the final phase of sensor fuzed weapon integration to their Jaguar aircraft.

TYR Tactical received $10,689,084 to provide Denmark nonstandard fragmentation shrapnel vests and projectile protection. One bid was solicited, with one bid received.


Campbell-Ewald Co. received $55,433,097 for advertising and marketing services in support of Navy recruiting. This was not competitively procured pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).


Academi Training Center (formerly Blackwater) received $8,801,172 for camp integrity, life support, and private security services in Afghanistan.

Erickson Transport, Inc. (formerly Evergreen Helicopters of Alaska) received $17,662,214; Berry Aviation, Inc. received $32,907,631; and AAR Airlift Group, Inc. received $42,519,795 for fixed-wing aircraft, personnel, equipment, tools, material, maintenance and supervision necessary to perform passenger and cargo air transportation service. Work will be performed in Afghanistan.

Imperatis Corp. received $9,399,893 to provide the capability for embedded counterinsurgency advisory and assistance teams “to analyze, advise, assist, and develop solutions” across Afghanistan.

Leonie Industries LLC received $55,449,092 for the Military Information Support Task Force-Afghanistan. Work will be performed in Afghanistan.


AAR Airlift Group, Inc. received $8,529,906 for dedicated rotary wing services in the Central Africa Region (Uganda, Central Africa Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan). 

Xtera Communications received $31,220,394 for delivery of an undersea fiber optic cable.

Work will be performed in USSOUTHCOM.


American Systems Corp.; Booz Allen Hamilton; Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.; Ideal Innovations, Inc.; SAIC; and Scientific Research Corp. received $33,133,000 for the procurement of biometric support services in the areas of R&D, investigation, analysis, test and evaluation procurement and reporting for counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and force protection technology needs, intelligence gathering technology, identity exploitation, and the development of multi-modal biometric technologies.

K-CRUZ received $48,000,000 to provide non-personal services for technical and logistic support on the Technology Applications Program Office, Mission Enhanced Little Bird (MELB), and Special Operational Mission Planning Environment program offices. The majority of the work will be performed in Ft. Eustis.

Zel Technologies, LLC received $25,000,000 to provide specialized services in science and engineering, business operation functions and other services in support of DIA's science and technology mission.


IDSC Holdings, LLC received $6,857,381 for hand tools and toolboxes for LRIP 7, in support of the JSF F-35 Tool Control program. This was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR 6.302-1.

Lockheed Martin received $9,830,814 to execute Mode 5 IFF for the F-35 air system.

Okland Construction received $15,513,636 to design and build a facility for the second JSF at Luke AFB.

United Technologies Corp. received $105,170,571 for long-lead components, parts and materials in support of 34 LRIP Lot IX F-135 propulsions systems for the F-35 (including 26 F-135-PW-100 for the USAF; six F-135-PW-600 for the USMC; and two F-135-PW-100 for the U.S. Navy). United Tech will also procure 13 F-135-PW-100 and 6 F135-PW-600 systems for international partners and FMS customers. This was not competitively procured pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1). Purchases: U.S. Air Force ($32,259,578; 31 percent); the U.S. Navy ($27,321,004; 26 percent); international partners ($36,484,998; 35 percent) and international participants ($9,104,991; 8 percent).


Bell Helicopter (Textron) received $377,772,560 for manufacture and delivery of 12 Lot 11 UH-1Y aircraft and 12 Lot 11 AH-1Z aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps.

Boeing received $9,836,818 for supply chain management of spares/repairs for the F/A-18 E/F. 

Boeing received $19,459,507 to provide airframe structural support components. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Boeing received $25,891,028 for a CH-47 Chinook. 

Boeing received $21,985,964 for sustaining engineering on the Navy’s C-40A fleet, including project management and technical/engineering services. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-2.

Boeing received $42,500,000 for F-15 vertical stabilizers.

EADS North America received $25,474,389 for contractor logistics support on the Lakota Utility Helicopter (UH-72A). Work will be performed in Columbia, MS. EADS North America received $33,797,867 for contractor logistic support for the UH-72A. EADS North America received $55,361,816 for ten UH-72A Lakota helicopters with ARC-231 radios.

Essex Industries, Inc. received $7,699,472 for emergency passenger oxygen system. This was a sole-source acquisition.

General Electric received $220,684,090 for depot services (rework and testing, receiving, packing, shipping, and reporting) on T700-GE-401 and T700-GE-401C turbo shaft engines, cold section modules and power turbine modules in support of H-60, H-1, AH-1W and AH-1Z aircraft.

L-3 Communications received $55,410,943 for logistics services of the TH-57 aircraft fleet. Services include all logistics and materials for organizational/depot maintenance. Work will be performed at NAS Whiting Field.

Lockheed Martin received $6,756,377 to repair 11 items for the command cockpit used in H-60R/S helicopters. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Lockheed Martin received $38,530,708 in support of the MH-60 integration and testing of the Advanced Data Transfer System, including mission system and common cockpit suite for the U.S. Navy ($34,850,684; 91 percent); Australia ($3,190,012; 8 percent); and Denmark ($490,012; 1 percent).

Lockheed Martin received $508,945,073 for incorporation of the C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP) Lot 7 Material and Fabrication effort. Lockheed Martin received $91,857,024 for incorporation of the C-5 RERP Lot 7 initial spares acquisition.

M7 Aerospace received $16,139,462 for logistics support on 12 Navy/Marine Corps UC-35 aircraft and seven Navy C-26 aircraft located at 10 global locations. Services include organizational/depot level maintenance, parts, support equipment maintenance, and engineering support. Some work will be performed at MCAS Futenma, Japan (15 percent); Fleet Marine Reserve Detachment, Belle Chase, Louisiana (10 percent); NAS Sigonella, Italy (10 percent); Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy (10 percent); Al Udeid, Qatar (5 percent); and Moron, Spain (5 percent).

Martin Baker Aircraft received $26,408,026 for 89 Navy aircrew common ejection seats for F/A-18 series and EA-18G aircraft for the U.S. Navy (65) and Australia (24). In addition, this provides for associated hardware, equipment, technical data, and production support services for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps ($18,803,335; 71 percent); NASA ($4,985; 0.2 percent); Australia ($6,866,956; 26 percent); Canada ($538,347; 2 percent); Switzerland ($154,525; .6 percent); and Malaysia ($39,878; .2 percent).

Northrop Grumman received $24,964,058 for 119 H-1 upgrade tech refresh mission computers for the UH-1Y and AH-1Z aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps.

Overhaul Support Services LLC received $7,469,306 for the Drag Brace Landing for the Blackhawk (minimum 300; maximum 1,224).

Raytheon received $50,121,721 for sixteen APY-10 radar kits for P-8A Poseidon aircraft. This also provides installation and checkout technical support, configuration management, reliability and maintainability failure reporting and corrective actions, engineering change orders/proposals, integrated logistics, technical data, and sundry repairs.

Rockwell Collins Inc. received $6,587,938 for AN/ARC-210(V) electronic radios and ancillary equipment for a variety of aircraft. Equipment includes (14) C-12561A/ARCs; (46) MT-6567/ARCs; (15) MT-7006/ARCs; (14) AM-7526/ARCs; (14) MX-11745/ARCs; (2) communication security reprogramming kits; (2) C-12561A reprogramming kits, and (66) RT-1990(C)/ARCs.

Sikorsky Aircraft received $1,244,677,064 for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the Presidential Helicopter Replacement program. This provides for six test aircraft and the associated support equipment, integration of mature government-defined mission systems, a training system including a flight training device and a maintenance training device, logistics, engineering, and test and evaluation support.

Sikorsky Aircraft received $143,381,783 to procure 13 Army UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters.

Sikorsky Aircraft receive $24,000,000 to realign the funding between FY2014 advance procurement funds and the planned aircraft production funds for FY2015, with no change to the UH-60 or HH-60 contract price.

Sikorsky Aircraft received $7,920,664 for Aircraft Mine Counter Measure Removable Mission Equipment B Kits in support of the MH-60S aircraft.

Ultra Flightline Systems received $9,990,280 for gyroscopes which support helicopter flight controls. This was a sole source acquisition.

United States Technologies, Inc. received $19,122,236 for hardware and modification services for the development, integration, and operational support of countermeasure and emitter threat simulator systems for the Airborne Threat Simulation Organization.


National Technologies Associates Inc. received $6,567,668 for engineering/logistics and acquisition logistics support to the V-22 Joint Program Office.

Northrop Grumman received $17,969,104 for engineering on the MV-22 Integrated Aircraft Survivability Equipment Suite upgrade, including integration of the AN/AAQ-24(V)25 software with an electronic warfare controller and the MV-22 mission computer.

Rolls-Royce received $8,021,387 for Mission CareTM support for the CV-22 AE1107C engine, including lower power engine removals.


Lockheed Martin received $54,706,543 to incrementally fund the Aegis Platform Systems Engineering Agent (PSEA) activities and Aegis Modernization Advanced Capability Build engineering. The PSEA manages the in-service combat systems configurations as well as the integration of new or upgraded capability into the CG57 class and the DDG 51 class.

Teradyne, Inc. received $6,975,538 for automated test system hardware and software to test circuit card assemblies for the MK41 Vertical Launch System program.  This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1), as implemented by FAR 6.302-1.


Astro Machine Works Inc. received $25,162,500 for the delivery of gun weapon systems (GWS) components in support of the battle management systems programs.

HART Technologies received $32,182,700 for rapid prototype development, hardware fabrication, hardware/software for prototype or prototype pre-production units and kits in support of the Battle Management Systems, Dragon Spear, and Littoral Combat Ship programs.

Leebcor Services, LLC received $13,799,474 for the construction of the LCS Logistics Support Facility at Naval Station Mayport.

Northrop Grumman received $20,917,239 to provide integration services for mission packages that will deploy from and integrate with the LCS. “The Navy’s plan is to use continuous evaluation of system maturity through a disciplined system engineering framework to improve mission capability in identified mission areas. LCS mission packages will be optimized for flexibility in the littorals.”


AAR Airlift Group, Inc. received $6,922,160 to provide ship-based and shore-based vertical replenishment and other rotary-wing logistic services (search and rescue support, medical evacuations, passenger transfers, internal cargo movement, and dynamic interface testing) in support of Commander, Naval Air Forces Command. AAR Airlift Group, Inc., will provide helicopters, personnel, support equipment, and all supplies necessary to perform flight operations for the U.S. 5th and 7th Fleets.

BAE Systems received $12,361,701 for USS Mason (DDG 87) FY2014 maintenance, alterations, and modifications to upgrade the ship's military and technical capabilities.

BAE Systems received $7,137,528 for the MK 45 5” gun system design agent services and waterfront/pierside support. BAE Systems will provide engineering, technical, logistics services and technical data to support the MK 45 5” gun system design, development, fabrication, production, operation and integration. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C 2304(c)(1) and FAR 6.302-1.

BAE Systems received $11,344,264 for depot-level maintenance, alterations, and modifications that will update and improve the USS Bulkeley's (DDG 84) military and technical capabilities.

BAE Systems received $30,801,080 for USS Stout (DDG 55) maintenance, alterations, and modifications that will update and improve the ship's military and technical capabilities.

Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc. received $17,792,893 for naval nuclear propulsion components.

Colonna’s Shipyard, Inc. received $13,262,660 for docking phased maintenance availability to include drydocking, hull plating replacement, propulsion engine removal and habitability onboard USS Zephyr (PC 8).

Conrad Shipyard LLC received $8,537,720 to lengthen NASA’s barge Pegasus.

Earl Industries L.L.C. received $23,238,392 for USS Hue City (CG 66) maintenance, including structural damage and aluminum welding. This also covers repairs to the superstructure, including the main propulsion gas turbine intake. This was not competitively procured - 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(3).

Entwistle Co. received $7,807,698 for torpedo and submarine wire coils.

General Atomics received $26,607,250 for Advanced Arresting Gear and Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System long-lead time materials in support of the CVN 79 full production. This was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR 6.302-1.

General Dynamics received $9,048,214 for non-nuclear submarine repair work on Groton-based submarines under the New England Maintenance Manpower Initiative (NEMMI). This was not competitively procured in accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Huntington Ingalls received $12,168,588 for DDG 51 class follow yard services (FYS), which provide engineering, technical, material procurement and production support; configuration; class flight upgrades and new technology support; data & logistics management; lessons learned analysis; post-delivery tests and trials; post-shakedown availability support; reliability and maintainability; system safety program support; material and fleet turnover support; shipyard engineering team; turnkey; crew indoctrination, design tool/design standardization, detail design development, and other technical and engineering analyses for the purpose of supporting DDG 51 class ship construction and tests and trials.

Lockheed Martin received $31,777,262 for production of nine TB-37/U Multi-Function Towed Array (MFTA) production units, tow cables, electro-optical slip rings, drogues, and shipping products and the performance of engineering services.

Lockheed Martin received $23,649,192 for systems engineering and integration in support of Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems. These services include requirements synthesis, technical performance parameter derivation, test and validation, and configuration management and control of the submarine fleet electronic interface database.

ManTech Systems received $8,852,349 to provide specific systems operation, sustainment and support services for the Navy Ship Maintenance & Logistics Information Systems (SMLIS) program. This was not competitively procured pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Oceaneering International, Inc. received $8,941,224 for Advanced Mooring System (AMS) Phase III Development. The Office of Naval Research is interested in a technology designed to develop skin-to-skin mooring capabilities for the Navy because there is a need to quickly and safely moor lightweight hull connectors and high-flare container ships to the mobile landing platform in high sea states.

PAE Applied Technologies LLC received $20,712,232 for approximately 228,767 hours of range engineering and operations/maintenance services to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Divisions’ Atlantic Test Range and Atlantic Targets and Marine Operations Division.

Raytheon received $115,545,116 for MK15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) upgrades and conversions, system overhauls and associated hardware.

Raytheon received $10,271,042 for the execution of Phase II CVN 78 Dual Band Radar, test and evaluation engineering support at the Raytheon IDS Software Development Laboratory and Wallops Island Engineering Test Center Land Based Test Site.

Raytheon received $11,014,015 for five AN/USG-3B Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) Airborne Systems. Sechan Electronics Inc. received $8,734,680 for production of Signal Data Processor – Sierra (SDP-S) assemblies in support of the Cooperative Engagement Capabilities (CEC) program. The SDP-S assemblies provide an open architecture assembly to the CEC systems using commercial-off-the-shelf components. The SDP-S provides the core of the CEC system providing processing capability. The SDP-S assemblies are used on CEC shipboard, airborne and land mobile platforms to provide a composite network picture.

Textron received $190,065,670 for 361 sensor fuzed weapons, seven trainers and 18 wind corrected munitions dispenser tail kits. This involves some FMS to South Korea.

Timken Gears & Services Inc. received $13,963,212 for a DDG 51 class main reduction gear assembly. The main reduction gear is the set of gears that transmit the power from two main propulsion power turbines to the propulsion shaft. Each DDG 51 class destroyer has two gear sets, one for each propulsion shaft.

Tyonek Services Corp. received $17,302,958 for depot level maintenance support services for the Fleet Readiness Center South East. 

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems Inc. received $19,045,850 to manufacture parts for the Torpedo Countermeasures program. This was a sole source in accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).


BAE Systems received $16,098,318 for V903 engines for Paladin integrated management LRIP vehicles.

BAE Systems and SAIC received $27,796,449 for the design and development services to improve the force protection of the Marine Corps Legacy Assault Amphibious Vehicle Personnel Carrier Variant Platform.

Fidelity Technologies Corp. received $8,008,925 for armor kits for the Heavy Mobility Tactical Truck A4 and M915A5.

Global Ground Support LLC received $38,073,233 for roughly 52 truck mounted deicers and 22 extended reach deicers.

IBIS TEK LLC received $17,990,222 for armored 58-gallon and 78-gallon B-Kits for the family of medium tactical vehicles (MTV). Oshkosh Corp. received $21,832,417 to add 100 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) — 88 for the U.S. Army Reserve and 12 for Jordan.

Kyrish Government Group received $16,421,974 for automotive parts and maintenance hardware items.

Northrop Grumman received $27,345,564 for point-of-presence A-Kits (maximum #: 111) and soldier network extension A-Kits (maximum #: 525). A-Kits are a critical component of the network vehicle integration upgrade for the MRAP A-ATV.

Veyance Technologies, Inc. received $67,113,566 for vehicle track shoe assemblies. This is a sole-source acquisition.


Burlington Apparel received $19,500,000 and $13,633,200 for Army poly/wool cloth.

Tullahoma Industries LLC. received $59,389,738 for ACU trousers.


ALCOA Automotive received $39,359,234 for 800 firing platforms to support M119A3 howitzer modernization.

Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC received $31,643,010 for 120 mm tank training ammunition. General Dynamics received $37,645,020 for M865 recapitalization cartridges for 120mm tank training ammunition.

Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation received $6,670,408 for razor wire. Cobra Systems, Inc. received $6,670,408 for razor wire.

American Rheinmetall Munitions Inc. received $6,797,433 for 34,762 grenades (66mm, smoke screening infra-red vehicle-launched) and first article test. Work will be performed in Germany.

BAE Systems received $444,812,310 for Individual and Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III weapons sights. DRS RSTA Inc. received $367,035,238 for Individual and Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III weapon sights.

Colt Defense LLC received $6,750,000 for breech bolt assemblies for the M16 rifle and M4 carbine.

FN Manufacturing, LLC received $18,268,158 for machine gun barrels.

General Dynamics received $12,743,632 for explosive cartridges (100,000); explosive d 5" – (10,521); explosive d dye filled (5,163); improved conventional munitions (34,436); medium caliber – (1,116,122); and fuses (999,940).

Hoffman Engineering Corp. received $6,700,857 to manufacture/deliver up to 80 night vision goggle infrared test sets and up to 200 test set upgrade kits. This is the result of a sole-source acquisition. FMS orders (unclassified) are anticipated to be issued as part of this contract, but the specific FMS countries and purchase amounts have yet to be determined.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace received $37,000,000 for depot support for the CROWS. Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace received $49,683,100 for an additional quantity of M153 CROWS. 

Northrop Grumman received $15,890,745 to provide continued supplies, services and maintenance for the counter-rocket artillery mortar (C-RAM) command and control system.

Peckham Vocational Industries, Inc. received $18,905,472 for services to the Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) Central Management Office to establish a national repair system to evaluate, clean and repair unserviceable, but economically repairable OCIE.

Phillystran Inc. received $21,258,655 for aramid rope. Whitehill Manufacturing Corp. received $6,741,345 for aramid rope.

Vinyl Technology received $9,287,082 to manufacture and deliver of advanced technology anti-gravity suit.


Lockheed Martin received $41,206,525 for the Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO) transition to operations. This funding will help add HEO-4 launch and early on-orbit test (LEOT) capabilities to the HEO-3 LEOT baseline. Work will occur in Sunnyvale and Azusa, CA; Boulder, Aurora, and Colorado Springs, CO.

Lockheed Martin received $20,000,000 for planning and production parts (including hinges, valves, structures and special test equipment) to support Space-Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) 5&6 satellite production.

Lockheed Martin received $7,400,000 to generate simulation scenarios in support of Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center’s initial operational test and evaluation at SBIRS Engineering and Manufacturing Development, Block 20. Work will be performed at Sunnyvale and Azuza, CA.

Raytheon received $22,000,000 for software coding and security on military GPS user equipment. Rockwell Collins received $20,022,313 for software coding and security on the military GPS user equipment contract.


CGI Federal Inc. received $7,788,744 to extend computer network defense and information assurance labor until the re-compete can be awarded. This will continue protection of the computer systems at the Pentagon and the National Capital Region.  Work is to be performed at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Exelis Systems Corp. received $143,100,534 for operations and maintenance support of Title X communications equipment and information systems under the Network Enterprise Technology Command (Army), 160th Signal Brigade and its subordinate units in southwest Asia. Work will be performed in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Bahrain.

Force 3, Inc. received $10,518,147 for the upgrade and maintenance support of Marine Corps outer routers.

Global Technical Systems Inc. received $84,900,000 for production of the Common Processing System (CPS), spares and associated engineering services. The CPS is a computer processing system based on an open architecture design. CPS consists of the enclosure assembly and three subsystems: the processing subsystem, the storage/extraction subsystem, and the input/output subsystem. It is intended to support the computer requirements of various Navy combat systems. GTS will provide for production, testing and delivery of CPS (both water cooled and air cooled), spares, and associated engineering services.

Graybar Electric Company Inc. received $18,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations for Southwest zone 1 region of the United States. This was a sole-source acquisition. SAIC received $21,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations for Southwest zone 2 region of the U.S. This was a sole-source acquisition. SAIC received $15,800,000 for maintenance, repair and operations for the Hawaii region. This contract was a sole-source acquisition.

ICF Inc. received $49,983,761 to support to the Army Research Laboratory Cyber Network Defense Research & Services.

Jacobs Technology Inc. received $60,430,781 for engineering and technology acquisition support, which consists of disciplined systems/specialty engineering and technical/information assurance services, support, and products using established government, contractor, and industry processes. This was a sole-source acquisition. This involves some FMS to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Australia and Taiwan. Jacobs Technology Inc. received $23,547,235 for the same work, which will take place at Hanscom, Lackland, Schreiver, Eglin, and Wright-Patterson AFBs. This is the result of a sole source acquisition. This includes some FMS to Oman and Taiwan. Jacobs Technology, Inc. received $21,487,699 for the same work, which will take place at Hanscom, Lackland, Maxwell, and Wright-Patterson AFBs. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $14,220,326 to operate and sustain the National Cyber Range capability which is designed to allow potentially virulent code to be introduced and studied on the range without compromising the range itself.

Long Wave Inc.; SiteMaster Inc.; and Shape Construction Inc. received a collective $45,000,000 for construction services on specialized antennas, towers, and communication facilities at Navy installations worldwide. This includes $669,794 for SiteMaster to extend top-load radials at the Naval Radio Transmitting Facility, Aguada, Puerto Rico.

Matrix Research Corp. received $36,027,000 for R&D to address problems of concurrent detection, tracking, imaging, and classification/identification of targets within contested and challenging environments. This will include the development of models, hardware, software, algorithms and techniques spanning basic, applied and advanced research for both active and passive sensing.

Mythics Inc. received $11,041,269 to provide Program Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical software maintenance/support under license from Oracle.

Softchoice Corp. received $42,557,745; $17,487,675; and $15,703,370 to procure Microsoft software licenses and support, known as software assurance.

Verizon received $10,567,483 for the Priority Telecommunication Service to support the DHS Office of Emergency Communications. This is a sole-source award pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

VIASAT, INC. received $30,641,786 for Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM) production and support to include: (1) fabrication and production delivery of: a. MD-1366(U) Strategic EBEM; b. MD-1366A(U), tactical EBEM; c. ethernet service expansion module; (2) post production software support; (3) hardware maintenance repair; (4) potential capabilities enhancement(s) via engineering change proposals.


BAE Systems received $7,145,241 for logistics in support of the Common Missile Warning System (CMWS). BAE Systems received $447,051,113 for the acquisition of CMWS and associated spare parts. This includes systems engineering, technical, and logistics support services for both CMWS and Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures (ATIRCM).

Boeing received $7,300,000 to remanufacture 77 air launched cruise missile warhead arming devices. This is a sole source acquisition.

Edifice-Schlosser JV received $17,891,000 for the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System. Work will be performed at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Lockheed Martin received $10,281,531 for MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) electrical design agent, technical and engineering services for the U.S. Navy (96.3 percent) and Japan (3.7 percent). This was not competitively procured, per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1), as implemented by FAR 6.302-1.

Lockheed Martin received $10,330,445 for systems engineering joint air to surface standoff missile baseline and extended range program support.

Northrop Grumman received $37,974,775 for logistics support and engineering services to the Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS) system Block 1 fielded units as well as associated exerciser and institutional training suites. Work will be performed in Colorado Springs, CO.

Raytheon received $38,401,383 for SM-2 and SM-6 engineering and technical services. This includes the following FMS nations: The Netherlands (1.7 percent), Taiwan (1.7 percent), Japan (1.4 percent), Germany (1 percent), South Korea (1 percent), Australia (.7 percent), and Spain (.2 percent).


Alatec, Inc. received $7,689,231 for analytic mission support services to the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Analysis Center at White Sands Missile Range.

Armtec Countermeasures Co. received $29,900,000 for the manufacture of the simulator, flare, and SM-875/ALE (a training flare used to familiarize pilots and ordnance techs with use and handling).

Complete Parachute Solutions, Inc. received $21,717,415 to provide training and technical support for the Multi-Mission Parachute Course (MMPC). The contractor will train “non-military free-fall qualified Marines in military free-fall and parachuting techniques.” This is sole-source procurement, per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1), implemented by FAR 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii)(B).

Northrop Grumman; Booz Allen Hamilton; Capstone Corp.; SAIC; Lockheed Martin; General Dynamics; and MacAulay-Brown Inc. received a cumulative $876,934,815 for Joint Force Development program support for training and real-world ops by offering varying combinations of education/academics, training assessment, experimentation (warfighting solutions), and infrastructure as the foundation of learning.


Camber Corp. received $49,000,000 for incident response systems logistics support for the Marine Corps in support of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear team.


Foster Fuels Inc. received $853,187,052 for fuel for DHS and FEMA.

Georgia Power Company received $11,169,322 for electrical services for Ft. Gordon.

Meggitt (Rockmart), Inc. received $7,600,327 for aircraft fuel cells.

Nolin Rural Electric Cooperative received $10,412,675 for one year of electrical distribution system services. 

Olsson Industrial Electric received $34,990,238 to replace the 4160/480 volt station service electrical system at McNary Lock and Dam, Umatilla, Oregon.

 Phillips 66 Company received $9,407,144 for fuel and delivery service to Altus AFB. Phillips 66 Company received $7,218,029 for fuel and delivery service to Tinker AFB.

Shell Marine Products US received $14,953,192 for the supply and related services of lubricant oil products for the Engineering Directorate of the Military Sealift Command and other government agencies. 

Value Recovery Holding LLC received $10,418,747 for support services to the Army Energy Initiative Task Force.


Allied Joint Venture received $20,000,000 for medical, dental, hospital, and surgical supplies.

Beacon Point Associates received $8,000,000 for medical surgical items.

Bowers + Kubota Consulting received $9,800,000 to provide management and technical support for Army Pacific Regional Medical Command.

CasePro Inc.; Professional Performance Development Group Inc.; Chesapeake Educational Services; and InGenesis Arora Healthcare LLC received a cumulative $70,000,000 for physician services. These were sole-source requirements in accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Digirad Corporation received $10,923,649; ICAD, Inc. received $12,000,000; and Invivo Corporation received $11,788,948 for radiology systems, subsystems and components.

Fisher Scientific Company LLC received $120,000,000 for the selection of distributor who will use the electronic catalog program to make laboratory supplies available for purchase.

Genentech USA Inc. received $56,638,585 for pharmaceutical products in support of the Corporate Exigency Contract Program.

Henry Schein Inc. received $348,000,000 for dental supplies.

Oceanic Medical Products, Inc. received $50,000,000 for anesthesia systems, related components and accessories.

Rochester Optical received $19,080,028 for the selection of a manufacturer for the optical electronic catalog program and to make various optical frames available for purchase.

Stemnion, Inc. received $9,894,778 to provide R&D services in support the Naval Medical Research Center’s cellular combat wound initiative.

TQM Inc.; Lighthouse for the Blind; and MSGI Corp. received $45,000,000 to supply complete medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, dental, laboratory, veterinary equipment and materiel sets for the U.S. Army medical units, non-medical and medical support programs.


Berenfield Containers, Inc. received $6,500,000 for steel shipping and storage drums.

DRS-Sustainment Systems Inc. received $19,574,481 for the Halvorsen 25K aircraft cargo loader contractor logistics support program. This supports 443 Tunner aircraft cargo loaders at over 166 worldwide locations.

Paramount Packaging received $18,000,000 for tote boxes used in shipping.


Battelle Memorial Institute received $30,000,000 for environmental restoration projects at various activities in NAVFAC Northwest.

Bethel/ERRG JV; EA Engineering, Science & Technology Inc.; and Environmental Compliance Consultants received a cumulative $30,000,000 for environmental quality services at various locations, primarily within Alaska.

General Dynamics received $12,683,602 for the demilitarization and disposal of 78,000 depleted uranium rounds.

Onopa/Dorado JV; Conquistador Dorado JV; Xperts Inc.; Coastal/QRI JV; and TFR Enterprise Inc. received a cumulative $580,000,000 for advanced contracting initiative debris management services for the U.S. and its territories (a small business set-aside contract).


Gaithersburg Farmers Supply Inc. received $87,500,000 for procurement of agricultural equipment.

Labatt Food Service received $49,500,000 for food and beverages.

Produce Source Partners received $36,000,000 for fruit and vegetables. Rohrer Brothers received $7,759,504 for fruit and vegetables.

US Foods, Inc. received $67,635,644 for food distribution.


Boeing received $13,500,000 for gap or transition coverage for national stock numbers items. This will allow for the supply chain to remain intact during the transition (to performance based items), ensuring uninterrupted support to the customer.

CACI Inc.; ECS Federal Inc.; and Centurum Information Technology Inc. received $32,578,210 to provide comprehensive program management support for strategic planning, change management, business process re-engineering for personnel and pay processes, business architecture development and support services, functional data management and governance support, and functional data quality management for the Bureau of Naval Personnel-Navy Personnel and Pay Modernization effort.

CH2M Hill Constructors, Inc. received $15,044,771 for furniture, fixtures and equipment for the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters Recovery Restoration at Naval Support Activity Washington.

EJB Facilities Services received $12,132,429 for base operations support at various installations in the NAVFAC Northwest. Work provides for, but is not limited to, all management and administration, visual services, security, housing, facilities support (excluding grounds and janitorial services), pavement clearance, utilities, vehicles and equipment, and environmental services.

Ernst & Young LLP received $21,786,077 to help the “assistant secretary of the Army for financial management and comptroller who requires audit preparation services to include personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to assist the Army in achieving auditability of the four general fund annual financial statements through improvements in the supporting financial systems, Army financial management processes, effective internal controls and supporting documentation.”

Information Management Resources Inc. received $8,500,000 to provide financial, administrative, logistical and technical services for operation and management integration of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineer Research & Development Center Environmental Laboratory in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Northrop Grumman received $24,997,000 to continue key and essential logistics service support requirements at the Joint Readiness Training Center, Ft. Polk. One bid was solicited and one received.

SRA International received $17,802,501 for enterprise operations and security services, and information technology services, for the Army National Guard. One bid was solicited and one received.


Archer Western Aviation Partners received $143,727,000 for construction of a three-bay general maintenance hangar, two-bay corrosion control/fuel cell hangar, general purpose hangar, and aircraft parking apron at McConnell AFB.

Artesian Contracting Company, Inc. received $45,000,000; ESA South, Inc. received $45,000,000; S&M & Associates Inc. received $45,000,000; and T. L. Wallace Construction, Inc. received $45,000,000 for temporary roof repairs (residential structures) in support of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/FEMA disaster response.

Blinderman Construction Co. received $11,356,438 for the renovation of Historical Building 211, Ft. Riley.

CDG Engineers received $9,000,000 for architectural and engineering services for civil works and support for other agencies for the St. Louis, Rock Island, and St. Paul Districts, the Mississippi Valley Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or in other CONUS areas as needed.

C&N Universe Inc. received $7,200,590 for organizational level maintenance and repairs, service call repairs and operational support services for the Commander, Pacific Fleet Berthing and Messing Barge Program. Some work will be performed in: Yokosuka, Japan (7 percent); Sasebo, Japan (5.35 percent); and Guam (5 percent).

dck-ecc pacific guam, LLC received $53,728,000 for design and construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar for the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing at Andersen AFB in Yigo, Guam.

E-Corp; Mac Electric, Inc.; Mirador Enterprises, Inc.; Applied Construction Technologies; Engineering Construction Services LLC; Dawn Inc.; and McTech Corp. JV received a cumulative $12,800,000 for design and construction requirements (except military construction). This will consist of general construction categories in a broad range of maintenance, repair, minor and/or new construction for the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center/PZIC. Work will be performed at Kirtland AFB and related sites.

Guam MACC Builders JV received $42,393,740 for construction of 28 modular storage magazines at the U.S. naval base in Santa Rita, Guam.

HGL Construction, Inc. received $10,000,000 for military and civil works construction within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division.

InSynergy Engineering Inc. received $7,500,000 for architect-engineer services for various utility systems and energy studies at various locations in NAVFAC Pacific.

Jensen Construction Co. received $9,294,000 for control structure replacement for the Des Moines River Basin, Saylorville Lake Big Creek Diversion Dam, Polk County, Iowa.

Kipper Tool Co. received $85,010,115 for 401 hydraulic electric pneumatic petroleum operated equipment tools and special application tools for engineering tasks.

M. A. Mortenson Co. received $7,262,015 to increase the apron for aircraft maintenance hangar/apron/classrooms and combat aircraft loading area addition at MCAS New River. Specifically, this involves expanding the parking apron and relocating the wash rack for the parking apron.

MEB General Contractors received $8,433,000 for construction services to alter the KC-46A apron fuels distribution system, including supporting facilities, and to relocate fuel vents/valves at the 3-bay hangar and 2-bay hangars at McConnell AFB.

MN-FST JV received $30,000,000 for waterfront civil design and engineering services in NAVFAC Atlantic.

MOCA Systems Inc. received $7,000,000 to support construction management activities for the Mobile District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Mohawk Northeast, Inc. received $7,459,500 for breakwater repairs.

NAN-Samsung LLC received $69,749,203 for construction of the Combat Aviation Brigade Complex, Phase 2, Wheeler Army Airfield, Oahu, HI. 

Okland /Geneva JV received $19,481,987 for the construction of a fuselage trainer building on Cannon AFB.

Pacchiosi Drill USA received $9,232,436 for American River Common Features, Sites R7 and L7, to construct cutoff walls using the jet grout method along the waterside slope of the levee in Sacramento, CA.

Treen Box & Pallet Corp. and Cutter Lumber Products received a cumulative $48,000,000 for wooden pallets.

TSS-Garco JV received $7,716,000 for the construction of multi-purpose machine gun range PN54106 at the Yakima Training Center, WA.

Walbridge Aldinger Co. received $21,550,080 for construction of a CH-53K helicopter maintenance training facility and Regional Communication Station (RCS) at MCAS New River.

Watterson Construction Co. received $44,334,530 for the design and construction of the mechanical-electrical building, missile field number one in Ft. Greely, Alaska.

Weldin Construction, LLC received $10,000,000 for Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineer Requirements for a broad range of maintenance, repair, and minor construction work. Work will be performed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.


Dutra Dredging Co. received $8,000,000 for dredge rental with attendant plant and operations for maintenance dredging of the Mobile harbor channel, AL.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. received $17,731,250 for shore protection from hurricane and storm damage. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. received $25,376,872 for dredging the main channel of the Delaware River.


# # # #

*Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

**Any clerical errors are the editors alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post presents a distillation of the previous months DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

***To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6. DOD also invokes 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses.

Christian Sorensen, a BFP Contributing Author & Analyst,is a U.S. military veteran. His writing has been featured in CounterPunch and Media Roots.

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