The EyeOpener Report- Debunking the “War is Good for the Economy” Myth

No, WWII Did Not End The Great Depression!

The idea that Great Depression was finally brought to an end by the onset of WWII has been staple of history textbooks, documentaries and various war propaganda for decades. This myth continues to be perpetuated to the present day. The idea that war is good for the economy is, needless to say, a fallacious argument which itself is based on incorrect economic data.

Find out more about the truth behind the war economy myth in this week's EyeOpener report with James Corbett.

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  1. I wrote this back in August of 2011 addressing John Podhoretz’ article on Krugman and Keller with their take on the ET card. Interestingly, James, picked up the Krugman “alien threat” as a variable to stimulating the American economy. Kudos, James. If I may suggest to the posters that aside from “The Report From Iron Mountain” paradigm on stimulating the economy, please also view Catherine Austin-Fitts’ (economist) expose with her recent video on the “UFO economy.”

    From: ************, aka, Pick
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    Sent: Friday, August 26, 2011 9:20 AM
    Subject: Aliens invade the New York Times….

    Dear John,

    I find Paul Krugman’s and Times editor Bill Keller’s article referencing “aliens” possibly stimulating an economic plan very enlightening. No doubt Krugman is more centered on the utilitarian economic question, whereas, Keller takes on a more spiritual tone using our extraterrestrial enigmas juxtaposed with religion. I think there is something to consider here with both men.

    With Krugman, perhaps, we might want to remember Ronald Reagan’s point, which he said on a couple of occasions, “that if the earth was under threat from an alien force we would all pull together and forget our petty differences.” I am paraphrasing Reagan’s words, obviously. But the meaning is accurate and there to contemplate on why Reagan would say such a thing? Was it to get the Soviet Union and the United States to the table for arms limitations. Maybe. Or, did Reagan’s statements result in furthering defense spending which appears as a modus operandi for economic stimulation?

    Consider this from a page in “The Report From Iron Mountain”: “Lasting peace, while not theoretically possible is probably unattainable; even if it could be achieved it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of a stable society to achieve it. That is the gist of what they say. Behind their qualified academic language runs this general argument: War fills certain functions essential to the stability of our society; until other ways of filling them are developed, the war system must be maintained–and improved in effectiveness.”

    Hmm? Does Krugman mean to say that with trillions spent on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama has now failed to stimulate the economy and that his administration needs to pick a fight with aliens!? Or, does Krugman’s formula for economic stimulation best exemplify the quote above from the “Report From Iron Mountain” paradigm? That is, the health of any nation resides in its war policy. And that policy is the ability to make war? I ask, will someone please tell the American people where they have benefited? And yes, the Iron Mountain report does make use of an alien threat for such prospective economic stability.

    Furthermore, Bill Keller’s approach to a candidate’s religious faith and whether you would vote for them if they believed in aliens is intriguing to say the least; specifically, if ET had an economic plan. Never mind, at least with Keller’s quote, that he doesn’t address the candidate with spirituality first, but only about “information” and “economics” when saddled with how aliens will stimulate the candidates thinking. I find this particularly interesting. Especially, when war-making and religious paraphrenia might be bedfellows with ET in the middle of this sandwich. I wonder are both functional in this day and age? Well, if you ask the “Grey Lady” if there is something to this, perhaps, we should remember the “Grey” in Lady.

    Now I ask you, John. Indeed, what is the “obsession?” Are we dealing with a very “real” shell game with ET as the dealer, or is this the same ole feud between “Swords or Plowshares?” Or try this one on for size. Maybe, we are outsourcing our debt. I mean really “out”-sourcing it.

  2. jackdonovan says:

    Noam Chomsky also subscribes to the “war is good for the economy” theory.

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