Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: What Do We Really Know About Russia?

Peter B. Collins Presents Journalist Terry Phillips

The first episode of a new public TV program, International Focus, is called “What Do We Really Know About Russia. Terry Phillips was a CBS News correspondent in Moscow when the Soviet Union broke up, and he takes a big-picture look at US-Russian relations, framed around the 1850 Russian settlement in Fort Ross, California. Phillips compares Russia’s deep history with America’s relatively shallow connections to the past, and looks at the role of media in both countries, which reflect and reinforce nationalist biases. In an excerpt from the TV show, we hear Russian exile Masha Gessen’s sharp criticism of Putin and Russia.

**Terry Phillips is producer/anchor of International Focus, and former CBS News correspondent. You can watch the program here.

Listen to the Preview Clip Here

Listen to the full episode here (BFP Subscribers Only):


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  1. Imants Virsnieks says:

    “Fair and balanced”

  2. Gee, when that woman in the clip was talking she could have been talking about USA. Certainly it has a blooming police state, is controlling people by fear, people can be detained indefinitely without trial now, all our liberties are at risk, if you say something wrong on facebook, you can be arrested. We are being snooped on constantly. If we protest we are pepper sprayed and arrested. Our media is controlled. I am sure there are differences but a big difference? It seems like USA is going backward and Russia is improving on it’s human rights. It is interesting that she was able to write 2 scathing books on Putin while in Russia–not something that would have been tolerated 50 years ago in USSR.

    • Precisely my thoughts as I listened to that…. Now ask yourself: when you want to find out what is going on in the world, to whom do you turn, from well-staffed, 24/7 news bureaus: RT or CNN? Press TV or FOX? How is it that these supposedly repressive societies are putting our “free press” to shame when it comes to both depth of coverage and, how shall I put it, lack of dissemblance in reporting events? When you compare how the two report the same event, invariably you’ll find it is the western press (that includes BBC, DW, and even Al Jazeera) committing flagrant sins of omission, if not outright fabrication (Sandy Hook, anyone?).

  3. Jamaal White says:

    Yes I had the same reaction. Russian media is more diverse then US by the way. The lady sounded like some sort of NED funded wannabe color revolutionary. As for the interview I guess we should be thankful that a mainstream reporter is being somewhat reasonable instead of foaming at the mouth with Russophobia. Still it was amusing to see his complete unwillingness to address the Leaked Nuland call. “America would never plot overthrow a foreign government” seemed to be his attitude. Do they teach selective amnesia in journalism school?
    Check out this article on the Russian Invasion scare.

    How about having Mike Whitney on your show? Or Eric Zeusse?

  4. Well, I can say the current (and most likely GONE TO HELL) “conservative” government of Canada knows nothing about Russia. It was going so…excuse me…batshit insane, more than any other countries about the supposed “atrocities” committed by Russia on Kiev/Maidan. Harper was the first to bark, followed by his only minister he never reshuffled, blowhard 70-in-IQ if lucky “Defense” Minister John Baird (google a picture to see the Pokey Porky finger pointing yelling retard). I’m ashamed to be Canadian since these b-tards got their majority in 2011, after 6 hilarious years of them being in Minority, unable to pass what Harper said “would make Canada unrecognizable once I am done”. Doesn’t he know that in the case of a war between US and Russia, Canada is the first place to be destroyed by Russian missiles from submarines, warships, ICBM’s etc.. Oh yeah, he doesn’t mind that, his crazy church in Calgary cannot wait for Armaggeddon (christian zionists). And people are gonna be voting Liberal en masse which isn’t good, the current Official opposition is the only reasonable party (we’re lucky in having 4 major parties federally here). Everytime NDP’s Mulcair goes in period of question with Harper, he grills him so bad. But even then I can’t know what’s going on because once CBC radio used to be the only intelligent thing on the air, but since “Conservatives” cut the CBC (TV or radio) at every budget and tweaked with it’s Neutrality Policy, it’s a conservative love-fest on there so…I wouldn’t even know if WW3 started, just as well, I’d rather not know I’ll be vaporized in 2 minutes.

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