Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 123

America to the Rescue... of Dictators!!

EPPSo, America has begun bombing Syria with the support of an "international coalition" made up of five Arab dictatorships, all of which have been involved in plunging Syria into civil war and in some cases, even supporting the creating of ISIS in the first place. When it comes to the Middle East, to the Arab world, to ISIS, Syria and America's relationship with and actions in that world, we have a game of power politics, leverage, back-room deals, deep state secrets, terrorism, tyranny, drugs and guns. As American bombs fall on Syria, it's important to remind ourselves that they fall with the empty rhetoric of "humanitarian" considerations. The US is not bombing ISIS and Syria to help the populations of the region, but to help the most ruthless dictators in the region.

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  1. I’m sorry, Andrew, but I think you have Egypt and al Sisi all wrong. You are the victim of a lot of propaganda. The Muslim Brotherhood is and always was an imperial asset, first British and then American. It is no different from Al Qaeda or ISIS. The imperialists backed Morsi and got him elected. He demonstrated his true colors very quickly to the Egyptian people. He had already called for war against Syria when the nationalist military headed by al Sisi removed him. Al Sisi is, in fact, an Arab nationalist, and is very popular with his people. Under the new government, Egypt has put itself on the path to economic development with the project to widen the Suez canal, which is employing hundreds of thousands of people and will increase government revenues. Egypt financed this project not by borrowing from the IMF (which Morsi would have done) but by issuing bonds that can be purchased only by Egyptian citizens. The last I heard the bond issue had been completely purchased and the project was financed.


    This is what real economic nationalism can do, and this is anathema to imperialism. The victory of Al Sisi was a crushing blow against imperialism.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Please take a moment to consider what follows, and know that I value your perspective and the hard work you put into your podcast here at BFP. It’s possible that I misunderstood your words and intentions, but, if not, I would like to challenge the narrative you presented.

    First, I want to congratulate you, because, during a podcast about the subject of America’s relationship with and actions in the Middle East, you were finally able to utter the words “Gladio B”! Unfortunately, considering your description of the program, it wouldn’t have made any difference if you had not mentioned it.

    The tone with which you basically dismissed Gladio Plan B could be mistaken for one of acquiescence to the never-ending series of criminal Imperialism and underhanded militaristic and political trickery achieved by the Deep State establishment. But it also evoked a line of purposeful diminishing/belittling of the idea that this institutionalized program was anything more than the status quo.

    Your monolog made it clear that you either do not understand just what Gladio Plan B is, as described to us by Sibel, or that you disagree with her description, but felt compelled to at least mention it, because of the recent spike in the frequency of its use. Actually, my guess is that both of these are true.

    Although the best recommendation I have, to correct your misunderstanding of Gladio Plan B, is a good old BFP Roundtable, I would like to mention some quick points about it, that might assist you in expanding your mind, in case you are reading these comments. Because Gladio Plan B is not a basic continuation of Operation Gladio.

    1. One immediately glaring difference is the fact that the “sanctity of th Homeland” was demolished, along with around three thousand lives during the 2001 attacks ,commonly referred to as 9/11.

    2. Your reference to the various recent destabilization campaigns, which employ terrorism by Islamic extremists, as “Frankenstein ‘ s Monster” completely ignores the degree to which the terrorists are in charge of the US / NATO political, military, and private institutions. You attempted to reinforce the tired old double-crossing, incompetence narrative, by mentioning another secretive, classified program that allegedly tried to flush out real terrorists, which you characterize as dangerous and irresponsible, while seeming to point out the government’s underestimation of the forces of evil they had unleashed.

    What Sibel describes as Gladio Plan B is a program that uses religion and language to lure, recruit, indoctrinate, militarize, train, support, protect, arm, transport, and directly orchestrate real terrorists. The cause of terrorism is not unforseen double-crossing or incompetence. She speaks of the countless deaths and destruction as successful accomplishments of terrorists, who she asks us to think of as members of a secretive branch of our own military, State Department, and intelligence services, not an uncontrolled enemy we keep accidentally creating, in our short sighted attempts at destabilization. No, this is, instead, the long game of a campaign for power, money, and the natural resources of the world.

    The Gladio Plan B narrative that you are now being challenged to comprehend should make what you’ve known or been told before stand on its head. The real monsters are at the helm of our ship of state, on the boards of our most powerful private institutions, and are constantly telling us about blowback and incompetence, through both mainstream and “alt”-media.

    If you’ve read The Lone Gladio, you should start to get the picture of the differences. That said, I think it would be worthwhile hearing your review.

    Thank you.

  3. Jamaal White says:

    Sorry I wrote a long response but apples new OS erased it all when I switched between windows. So here’s the abreviated version. I liked the part where you interlinked the various ruthless couterinsurgency missions from Phoenix to El Salvador to Iraq. This episode helped me regain some philisophical equilibrium. It is a terrible time to be a politcally aware American with Poroshenko addressing congresss and Obama launching a 3rd Iraq war and escalating the war in Syria from covert to overt.
    Xicha I’m sure the best is yet to come in regards to examining “The Lone Gladio” Once Alt media hosts begin comparing notes on what is fictional vs. non fictional who the characters are based on etc.
    This podcast reminded me of a great article on Gladio A

    • Hi Jamaal,

      Part of my frustration is that the non-fiction version of Sibel’s description of Gladio Plan B has been around for a couple years. You can probably find d similarly frustrated comments from me from 18 months ago. I’m hoping the book will allow some to finally get the concept. But, it’s almost like people who know things really don’t like unknowing them and are just as susceptible to cognitive dissonance.

  4. Jamaal White says:

    Yes well AGM likes to err on side of caution but I thought it was at least less cautius then the last one. I like him because he adds a bit of subtlty and is great at talking about the regional infighting. Still I know what you mean anout cognitive dissonance. I got real sick of all the articles when ISIS first invaded Iraq claiming it was unpredictable blowback. How could they pretend ignorance of US role when Politicians openly admitted support for rebels. These days everyone lets the US get away with pretending the whole planet isn’t under satelite surveilence. Now we have the absurdity of simulatneously arming and bombing the rebels in Syria talk about double think. Hopefully AGM read the Nafeez Ahmed Article from a couple weeks back which goes into exhaustive detail using mainstream sources showing western support for ISIS. I’d post the link but I’d have to retype thanks to latest Apple OS. Keep trying to spread the word on the Fiction and nonfiction Gladio stuff. I don’t know if you heard but thanks to people like us spreading word her book made it into the top 40 on amazon’s spy thriller list. Hopefully they’ll also listen to or relisten to the Interview series after reading the book.

  5. Jamaal White says:
    • I appreciate Nafeez Ahmed for sure. But, what we need to challenge now is the underlying Incompetence meme. Democracy Now also references Dr. Ahmed. The problem with Democracy Now, Dr . Ahmed, and Andrew Gavin Marshall’s ISIS articles/media pieces is the underlying incompetence, double-crossing, whoops I did it again memes.

  6. James Corbett, September 26, 2014
    Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS?: http://youtu.be/8LSIwvE0Nvo

  7. Xicha you somewhat underestimate Nafeez. Fair enough he’s being more cautious than James Corbett but, credit where it’s due, he does specifically argue against the oops/blowback meme in his piece:

    “[T]he conventional wisdom is that the funneling of support to Islamist extremists in the rebel movement affiliated to al-Qaeda has been a colossal and regrettable error. The reality is very different.”

  8. Historian/analyst Webster Tarpley likens ISIS to Nazi Germany, where U.S., British and French oligarchs brought Hitler to power so Germany would attack Russia. But when Hitler attacked France, the oligarchs realized they had created a Frankenstein monster that they now had to fight. Even Assad has said he “welcomes” the bombing of ISIS in Syria – so far. The question is whether they will start to bomb Syrian targets as well.

    • Please, tonywicher, it’s been so nice not having that POS’s name mentioned here for a while. Not only is he a lying POS, he’s promoting a BS cover story for those poor oligarchs, who accidentally “created a monster”. No thanks. Yuck.

      Yes, Tarpley is persona non grata in my book since he accused Sibel of being a disinfo agent. So, I don’t listen to a word he says – ever.

  9. Jamaal White says:

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