Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Beltway Blame Game on Islamic State

Peter B. Collins Presents Ray McGovern

Responding to President Obama’s comments on 60 Minutes, anonymous voices from the intelligence community are peppering the corporate media with assertions that they did not underestimate IS or overestimate the Iraqi military, as Obama stated. This serves to distract from the policy and intelligence blunders that created the monster that we’re told must now be destroyed. Ray McGovern offers insights into these failures, and fingers administration advisors Susan Rice and Samantha Power as “sophomores” who, along with former Secretary of State Clinton, pushed Obama into the new war in Syria. McGovern also recounts his recent legal victory over the State Department, which had placed him on a “BOLO” (Be on the Lookout) list in retaliation for McGovern’s silent protest at a Clinton speech in 2011.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    Brooklyn Ray Toot-Sweet McGovern seems to have an excellent memory of a dinner way back in the 80’s, full of little details, but couldn’t seem to remember his dinner with Sibel and Paul Jay a while back. And Peter B, I guess, doesn’t remember the dust up here at BFP, or at least didn’t think it was worth clearing the air. Makes me wonder if Toot-Sweet even knew that this show was a BFP show, or if it was just one of Peter B’s own.

    On to the new show name: Producing Distortion – I like it. Let’s get in line with the narrative of opportunist terrorists taking advantage of our fumbling bumbling military and intelligence agencies. Those accidental Frankenstein’s Monsters, who are so sneaky, taking advantage of our incompetence and simple-minded dummy politicians. Now that’s a very feel-good narrative, you know?

    Graham Fuller! Let’s refer to him for answers! Whoa! Jeeeeeesus, WTF is going on here at BFP!!!??? He’s a god damned Gladio Plan B actor for Dog’s Sake!

    Alright, I can’t keep going. I’m sure my comments are clear enough for anyone to get what I’m saying. Let me know if anyone wants any discussion on this. Maybe Andrew Gavin Marshall would like to discuss the complexity of this BS. I don’t know.

    BFP is currently full of inconsistencies and maybe that’s a good thing. Sibel let’s everybody do their own thing. But, at this point, it’s also a problem in my eyes. There’s something wrong with the absolute contradictions going on, because there is no apparent attempt to reconcile them. Unless there’s a Round Table planned, I see BFP fraying in a self-destructive manner.

    Peter B, have you read The Lone Gladio?

  2. Sorry, the Bronx. Tough guy. Ray talks about being afraid of women. As I recall, he got his ass handed to him by a woman, right here on this site.

    I bet he is still good buddies with Graham Fuller. I wonder if he went to Uncle Russlan ‘ s wedding to Fuller’s daughter? I’m sure he could afford a nice gift with his CIA retirement checks. He hangs out with actual whistle blowers so he can offer subtle direction whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    I actually gave money to his defense fund for that Clinton protest arrest. I wish I hadn’t because I don’t trust a single word he says or action he does.

  3. Peter, are you aware that you just let a guest promote, unchallenged, someone who’s been on Sibel’s Wall of Shame for years?

    Alright, I’m finished. I apologize for the harshness of my comments, but this is just wrong.

  4. I am proud of providing 100% editorial freedom (including guest choice, topic choice, etc.) to all our partners & authors.

    On the other hand, I have to make clear my ‘personal’ views/stand. In this case, I have to say: Xicha is right. This guy, shamelessly campaigned for Obama in 2012; shamelessly (Disgusting). He is still trying to sell ‘They made him do it … they pushed him …’

    Enough said. McGovern is the system’s partisan goof.

  5. Damn, apparently it got worse…

    I gave it a chance but I had to turn it off after I heard “blowback”. Maybe I’m jaded, but when I hear people talking about Al-Qaeda, ISIL and the like in this manner it’s like listening to people having a serious discussion about wrestling. It’s just too much of a strain for me to take it seriously.

    Peter B’s usually on point with the guests and the shows, but I’m not feeling this one. ( Sorry 😀 ) Props to Sibel though for giving editorial freedom. That’s a policy I respect.

  6. CuChulainn says:

    can’t understand why peter b. doesn’t use the opportunity to explore gladio b with McGovern. it seems that among the contributors only Corbett and Christoph Germann have really assimilated the raison d’être of this blog

  7. I have to add my voice to those who have said they don’t know why McGovern is still given a platform here at BFP, and that this is not what I pay my subscription for. I love Processing Distortion, it’s one of my very favourite shows but this one was disappointing. McGovern is full of horseshit, all this ‘blunders and blowback’ narrative is the same one we got with 9/11, the same one we got with WTC93, the same one we got with 7/7, always from ‘former insiders’ playing the game. It’s nonsense. If NATO really wanted to get rid ISIS it could obliterate them in a couple of weeks (or just stop funding and organising them). Even people well outside the alt media have said this to me, it isn’t remotely controversial. Yet McGovern still runs interference, muddying the waters and providing a version that sounds like authentic inside the beltway insight but in reality was probably crafted in the public affairs office of the CIA.

    That being said, I respect Sibel’s editorial policy and that Peter is somewhat more of a mainstream leftie than the other major contributors here. And a little bit of contradiction (or even quite a lot of contradiction) is inevitable when you bring together a range of hosts and media producers. No real harm done, but I do predict that if McGovern is put on this show again that there will be quite a lot of hostile opposition…

  8. Joseph Clerici says:

    Somewhat new to the site, what exactly was the “dust-up” Xicha refers to?

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