BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for September 2014: Part II

DOD spent $32,510,210,101+ on 693 individual contracts in September 2014

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $32,510,210,101 on 693 individual contracts during September 2014.

*For part I see here.


ATAP received $8,268,000 for Inspect Repair Only As Necessary (IROAN) of the MRAP Cougar.

BAE Systems received $10,506,287 for Bradley system technical support and sustainment system technical support.

BAE Systems received $153,654,146 for 53 M88A2 vehicles and three spares. One bid solicited, one received.

Elzly Technology Corporation received $9,900,000 for corrosion engineering support to assist the Tank-Automotive & Armaments Command and the Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center in: planning, logistics, maintenance, inspection, testing, training, engineering, and R&D.

General Dynamics received $61,196,977 for 1,067 Cougar egress upgrade kits in support of the Program Executive Officer Land Systems, Program Manager, MRAP vehicle program. This is sole-source.

Honeywell International, Inc. received $11,497,047 to modify the total integrated engine revitalization contract for hardware to meet the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) production schedule and field repair site demand requirements.

Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc. received $9,999,647 for anthropomorphic test devices (a.k.a. crash test dummies), parts, calibration, repair and development.

Ibis Tek, LLC received $9,425,053 for vehicle windows.

International Automated Systems (IAS) received $52,236,909 for aviation light utility mobile maintenance cart, field support package, and authorized stock list and orientation training.

ManTech International Corp. received $50,000,000 for non-personal services required to support the operational test, data collection, and experimentation mission of the U.S. Army Operational Test Command (USAOTC), Ft. Hood.

Navistar Defense LLC received $43,968,950 for MRAP Long Wheeled Base Ambulance Medical Equipment Set A-Kits, MaxxPro Survivability Upgrade Kits and Spring Suspension System Kit.

Oshkosh Corporation received $11,198,820 to support the Logistics Vehicle System Replacement. Oshkosh will provide armor kits, emergency egress windows, tractor clevis pins, and armored integrated product support. This is sole-source per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Oshkosh received $12,753,068 for integrated logistics support to include interactive electronic technical manual updates reflecting current vehicle configurations, engineering changes, troubleshooting, maintenance tasks, and corrected errors; national maintenance work requirements to reflect the most recent vehicle configurations; and packaging data updates for the multiple heavy tactical vehicle variants.

Oshkosh Defense, LLC received $84,810,000 to extend a previous contract to work on the MTV family and help with technical support.

Oshkosh received $99,000,000 for six test assets, 495 modernized extended boom forklifts, 100 armored cabs and replacement parts.


AAI Corp. received $27,316,800 to produce AN/GLM -11 (V) 1 and (V) 2 universal test sets [PDF] and provide engineering services and program and configuration management in support of the AN/GLM-11 series. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2).

Advanced Reconnaissance Corp.; Applied Research Associates, Inc.; A-T Solutions; CyPhy Works, Inc.; EFW Inc.; L-3 Communications; NIITEK, Inc.; Primal Innovation; QinetiQ, Inc.; Robo-Team NA, Inc.; Advanced Technology Systems Co.; Applied Research Associates, Inc.; iRobot Corp.; K2 Solutions, Inc.; Lockheed Martin; QinetiQ, Inc.; Robo-Team NA, Inc.; Stolar Research Corp.; Science & Engineering Services; and Pearson Engineering Ltd. received $49,497,158 for the Army Research Lab/Joint IED Defeat Organization Culvert Denial Challenge program.

Alakai Defense Systems, Inc. received $8,734,134 for Check Point Explosives Detection Systems-2 (CPEDS-2) upgrades for detecting bulk homemade explosives and precursors in the field. One bid solicited, one received.

Carnegie Robotics LLC received $22,783,433 for an autonomous mine detection system that is being developed to provide the war fighter with capability to detect, mark and neutralize explosive hazards.

Critical Solutions International Inc. received $13,781,957 for developing the technical manual for the Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD).

Foster Miller received $9,420,522 for Man Transportable Robotic System MK2 [(MTRS) PDF] production, depot level repair parts, spares kits, accessories, consumable parts, reconditioning, conversion, enhancements and configuration management. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2).

General Dynamics received $25,165,031 for demilitarization and disposal of MLRS M26 (H104) rocket pod containers, rockets, and components.

Gradient Technology received $7,120,000 for demilitarization and disposal of 1,468,896 pounds of bulk explosive D.

Highland Engineering, Inc. received $8,500,000 for production/delivery of military working dogs worldwide, deployable kennel systems, and logistics documentation.

Landmark Technologies, Inc. received $12,467,465 for J9 Operations Research System Analysis support services. Landmark will provide rapidly deployable ORSA expertise in all aspects of counter-IED operations to support U.S. forces.

Leidos Inc. received $150,097,661 to support the Saturn Arch effort and provide continued operations, sustainment, and integration of aircraft platforms configured to host a suite of sensors deployed in support of OEF in Afghanistan and Djibouti.

Leidos Inc. received $17,478,965 for additional Future Radiographic Systems (FRS), depot-level repair parts and engineering support. FRS provides portable real-time downrange imaging capability. FRS assists EOD in analyzing and determining the condition of a device or munitions.

Leidos, Inc. received $13,848,212 for the Night Eagle counter-IED detection system operating in Afghanistan. Services include logistics, hardware/software maintenance, flight operations, and associated facility and system support. Work will also be in the UAE; Germany; Reston and Bridgewater, VA; Las Vegas, NV; San Diego and Santa Rosa, CA; Silver Springs, MD; and Princeton, NJ.

MAS Zengrange Ltd. (Wellington, New Zealand) received $9,678,000 for additional transmitters, receivers and expendable XrX receivers for the mini-demolition remote firing device.

Tetra Tech EC, Inc. received $7,922,018 for non-time critical removal action for munitions clearance at former NAF Adak.


Aurora Industries, LLC (Camuy, Puerto Rico) received $11,533,632 for flame resistant combat coats and trousers.

Burlington Apparel Fabrics received $9,696,000 for USAF polyester/wool serge cloth.

Federal Prison Industries, Inc. received $13,533,000 for Army physical fitness uniform jackets.

McRae Industries, Inc. received $6,963,008 for USMC hot weather boots.

Outdoor Research LLC received $12,377,449 for 106,835 pairs of intermediate cold weather gloves.

Pentaq Manufacturing Corp. received $18,499,172 and $31,895,125 for Army physical fitness uniform trousers.

Provengo, LLC received $45,407,529 for 150,160 temperate-weather and 150,160 hot-weather boots in support of the Rugged All Terrain Boot program.

Short Bark Industries, Inc. received $36,750,000 for production (max 375,000 individual EFRCE articles) of the Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble (EFRCE) uniforms.  Work will be in Guanica, Puerto Rico.

Standard Safety Equipment received $7,542,000 for waterproof clothing bags.

SNC Manufacturing, LLC (Orocovis, Puerto Rico) received $96,281,660 for Permethrin ACU coats.

Tennier Industries Inc. received $22,977,600 for Army parkas and trousers.


ATK received $33,397,721 and $33,397,721 for 24 months of engineering and development of the XM25 Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System.

Avon Protection Systems received $13,700,000 for M53 Joint Service General Purpose Mask sustainment. One bid solicited, with one received.

BAE Systems received $28,467,875 for 68 fire control system kits and spares; and for system training and field maintenance training for the M109A6 Paladin.

BAE Systems received $8,749,247 for ordnance handling and management including equipment, inventory, transportation, and supervision to receive, inspect, store, transport; to manage all types of ammo, explosives, ordnance material and weaponry; and for all peacetime and wartime munitions operations at Pearl Harbor.

BANC3 Inc. received $8,138,707 for engineering, software architectures, system engineering, and business operations support to command, power and integration - SETA Small Business Set Aside Effort Directorate.

DHS Systems received $200,000,000 for various commercial cold weather shelters and components.

Industries for the Blind, Inc. received $14,290,652 for an estimated 2,800 portable machinist measuring tool sets. One bid solicited, with one received.

Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc. (IS4S) received $10,000,000 for enhanced lethality ordnance and modeling – R&D in three weapons core competencies: effectiveness, damage mechanisms and energetic materials.

Jay Moulding Corporation received $9,675,500 for retro lantern kits.

Lions Services received $8,882,887 for improved H-Nape retention systems.

Mills Manufacturing Corporation and Pioneer Aerospace Corporation received $25,350,000 for 6,250 (max.) MC-6 personnel parachute systems and 3,125 (max.) MC-6 canopies.

Ocenco Incorporated received $45,332,200 for self-contained breathing apparatus. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Proserve Crane & Equipment, Inc. received $6,563,431 for 93 various size bridge cranes for the Maneuver Systems Sustainment Center, Phase III, at the Red River Army Depot, TX.

U.S. Ordnance, Inc. received $11,236,402 for M2 machine gun barrel assemblies.


Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $16,173,281 for environmental technology and technical services support. Alion will use technical expertise in advanced materials, manufacturing, and testing to perform evaluation, analysis, planning, testing, and implementation in the areas of system engineering, technology assessment and technology transfer. Work will be performed at San Antonio, TX; McLean, VA; and Rome, NY.

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $24,896,089 for R&D, engineering, technical evaluation and information analysis and dissemination for the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force. Alion will try to create methods for design, R&D, production, and repair of metals, composites, ceramics, electronic materials, and energetic materials to produce, test, and validate prototypes for delivery to the Army.

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $24,926,478 for technical analysis, logistics and sustainment for Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps. Alion shall provide R&D expertise in areas such as non-destructive testing, corrosion, thermal-protection systems, rapid prototyping, integration and testing of experimental systems, low-volume production, condition-based maintenance, and real-time system monitoring.

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $47,316,614 to support the Army Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center by development of solutions for technical and engineering problems. This includes solutions for problems in the science of materials and processes, in engineering, and in testing and evaluation.

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $49,420,155 to provide scientific, technical, and operational support information of DOD systems and military systems for the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center. Work will be performed at Mount Arlington, NJ.

American Systems Corp; Beshenich Muir Associates LLC; DIGIFLIGHT Inc.; Dynamics Research Corporation; Geeks & Nerds Corps; Joint Research & Development Inc.; Logistics Systems Inc.; Man-Machine Systems Assessment Inc.; Survice Engineering Company LLC; TASC Inc.; and V.R.C. Corp. received a combined $444,000,000 for test and evaluation support services (includes database and database management, evaluation, analytical and verification, methodologies, studies and analysis, scientific and technical, and test and safety management).

Coherent Technical Services, Inc. received $8,087,228 for work on “Multiplex Data Bus Controller/Translator” in Lexington Park, MD.

International Biometric Group, LLC received $6,910,930 for R&D of software modules, interfaces, and data repositories that currently do not exist, in order to develop component virtual lab, also known as a Systems Integration Lab, that will be able to process and storage data in a non-proprietary architecture and serve as the software baseline for future R&D, testing and evaluation of biometric and forensic technologies.

Leidos, Inc. received $18,999,757 for sensor analysis, integration and test (SAIT), providing operational and technical analysis to AFRL to aide in determining which sensor technology concepts offer the optimal performance. Work will be performed at Beavercreek, OH.

Millennium; Subsystem Technologies, Inc.; WisEngineering, LLC; and International Logistics Systems, Inc. received $29,967,029 to provide weapon system and munitions life cycle supportability services in support of the Army Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM).

Progeny Systems Corp. received $9,587,392 for work on “Maritime Airborne Service Oriented Architecture Integration” in Manassas, VA.

Research & Engineering Development, LLC received $28,058,391 for R&D on an ISR framework for industrial sector collaboration.

Riverside Research Institute received $40,000,000 for R&D to advance antenna, electromagnetic and plasma physics technologies that contribute to Global Integrated ISR, air/space superiority, global precision attack, hypersonic and special operations. Work will be performed at Wright-Patterson AFB and Riverside Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio.

SAIC; Battelle Memorial Institute; Booz Allen Hamilton; Exelis Inc.; Northrop Grumman; Wintec Arrowmaker, Inc.; and Technical & Project Engineering, LLC received $150,000,000 to support the Army Research Lab’s (ARL) increased mission requirements.

Sensor Concepts Inc. received $9,749,996 for the Handheld Imaging Tool support equipment production unit. Sensor Concepts will harden the initial HIT design to meet requirements for field and depot use and to conduct LRIP runs to ramp up to full rate production of additional HITs. Work will be performed at Livermore, CA.


Central Texas College (Killeen, TX) received $9,410,083 for education courses to sailors (in-class and distance learning) to include courses for academic skills, undergraduate and graduate levels.

Karcher Group, Inc. received $10,014,843 for delivery, installation, configuration and programming of all AV arrays required for USMC University in Quantico, VA.

Manufacturing Engineering Systems, Inc. received $8,683,871 for support services to assist Army continuing (adult) education.

S.E.R.E. Solutions, Inc. received $9,124,699 for SERE instruction services at Fairchild AFB and Lackland AFB.


Agilent Technologies received $9,000,000 for yearly full-service preventative maintenance support, unlimited on-site repairs, software upgrades, on-line technical support, and telephone assistance to resolve technical problems to government lab instruments in support of the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC).

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $15,214,159 for advanced processes for persistent communications. Alion will develop solutions to help protect the systems from environmental, chemical and biological hazards in theater. Work will be performed at Warner Robins AFB.

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $49,966,859 for advanced processes for persistent communications. Alion will develop solutions to help protect the systems from environmental, chemical, and biological hazards in theater. Work will be performed at Rome, NY.

Booz Allen Hamilton received $95,500,000 to provide support services for countering WMD situational awareness, intelligence, operations, and data visualization support that enables DTRA to monitor global situational awareness of WMD threats and activities. Work will be performed at Ft. Belvoir.

Lockheed Martin received $7,089,077 for an equitable adjustment to the security hardware, associated software, equipment installation, system test, accreditation, certification and delivery of nuclear weapon security system equipment. Work will be in Pittsfield, MA (65.37 percent); Sunnyvale, CA (23.24 percent); Cape Canaveral, FL (10.90 percent); Kings Bay, GA (0.44 percent); and Bangor, WA (0.05 percent).

McCrone Associates Inc. received $10,135,521 for non-personal services to process and analyze particle samples for the purpose of nuclear test ban treaty verification for the Air Force Technical Applications Center nuclear directorate. This supports the U. S. Atomic Energy Detection System. The acquisition will provide technical expertise in particle analysis and operational analytical techniques.

S&K Electronics received $7,347,881 for the M3 Heater.

Schafer Corp. received $8,999,214 to provide non-personal services for the processing and analyzing of particle samples for the purpose of nuclear test ban treaty verification for the Air Force Technical Applications Center (ATFAC) in support of the U. S. Atomic Energy Detection System.


American Water Operations & Maintenance Inc. received $13,491,321 to operate and maintain the water distribution and wastewater collection systems at Hill AFB.

Clark Energy Group LLC received $27,921,049 for energy conservation measures (ECMs) at 71 buildings at Webster Outlying Field, NAS Patuxent River.

DYNO Oil & Electric, LLC received $75,802,867 for aviation turbine fuel.

Fuel Services DL JV received $9,160,940 for fuel management services that provides all personnel, equipment, vehicles, tools, materials, supplies, and supervision to manage all aspects of petroleum and cryogenic products.

Graybar Electric Company received $24,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Hampton Roads Mechanical of Virginia, Inc. received $19,883,426 for utility systems at Naval installations in the Hampton Roads, VA, AOR.

Keystone Aviation LLC received $6,817,012 for Jet A fuel.

Old North Utility Services, Inc. received $193,513,320 for final price redetermination of privatization of water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Palmetto State Utility Services received $7,447,164 for water infrastructure work. This is part of a 50-year base contract. Locations of performance are CA and SC.

Pick Electric, Inc. received $6,537,098 for the Libby Dam and Powerhouse (Montana) electrical distribution equipment replacement.

Portico Services received $18,644,270 to replace four generators and install four 2420kW Prime Duty, low RPM generators modified/derated to run on JP-8 fuel at Ascension Auxiliary Airfield, Ascension Island. This is a sole-source, 8a Alaskan Native Corporation acquisition.

PowerSecure, Inc. received $8,300,000 to repair and relocate a 115 kV transmission line at Eglin AFB.

ReEnergy Black River LLC received $288,918,210 for electricity.

Vane Line Bunkering, Inc. received $24,525,123 for transportation of bulk jet fuel and marine diesel fuel by barge.

Virginia Electric & Power received $17,687,041 for ownership, operation and maintenance of the electrical distribution system at Henderson Hall, Arlington, VA.


Abbott Laboratories Inc. received $48,800,000 for medical test equipment and accessories.

ASM Research, Inc. (an Accenture Federal Services Company) received $7,723,444 to develop and map DOD/VA Joint Centralized Credentials Quality Assurance System (JCCQAS). ASM will develop a prototype to enable DOD & the VA to uniformly manage credentialed healthcare providers using a single interagency system for the Defense Health Agency Defense Health Services Systems Clinical Support Division.

AvKare, Inc. received $24,899,055 for pharmaceutical products.

BAE Systems received $9,653,246 for installation of additional anoxic treatment capacity in Building 221, Phase 1.

Brainscope Company, Inc. received $9,938,953 for R&D on the brain functions assessment of mild TBI, from initial injury to rehabilitation and treatment.

CACI Enterprise Solutions, Inc. received $6,959,213 for product improvement and transition support for the defense medical logistics enterprise solutions suite of applications in Ft. Detrick.

CACI-ISS, Inc. received $14,816,251 for medical logistics non-personal services in support of the Air Force Expeditionary/Contingency Medical Materiel Program performed at DOD and Air Reserve/Guard installations within the continental United States and in the Pacific theater. A small portion of these services supports Army prepositioned stock (APS) and unit deployment package requirements on Air Force installations.

CAE Healthcare Inc. received $28,500,000 for medical simulation products and accessories.

CliniComp, Intl. received $29,922,368 to provide Essentris sustainment, requirements, supplies, and services to the program executive officer, Defense Healthcare Management Systems. This provides services for operational support and sustainment for 57 existing Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) with Clinical Information System Essentris products. Services include software and hardware sustainment, technical and customer support, proactive automated system monitoring and alerting, repair service, replacement parts, software updates, and configuration assistance.

Computer Science Corp. received $12,149,019 for operations, maintenance, and support of a DOD centralized data repository that records information about beneficiaries’ prescriptions filled worldwide, as well as other pharmaceutical data for the Military Health System. One bids solicited, one received.

Entergion, Inc. received $7,780,433 for testing of a platelet-derived hemostatic agent in order to obtain a U.S. FPA, investigational new drug application.

G4S received $9,004,710 to provide non-personal services involving fire protection, emergency management and medical services for Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Work will be performed at Patrick AFB.

Golden State Medical Supply received $14,070,220 for pharmaceuticals.

Kforce Government Solutions, Inc. (KGS) received $25,498,060 for medical items and accessories.

Kforce Government Solutions, Inc. received $20,957,960 to procure, document, and deliver traumatic amputation task trainers to enhance DOD’s medical training capability. One bid was solicited, with one received.

Laboratory Corp. of America (Burlington, NC) received $52,365,750 for laboratory testing services for all military members and dependents.

Longview International received $8,291,746 for software design, development and testing to support emerging requirements in the DMLSS, DCAM and JMAR applications to meet information assurance and the establishment of new data exchanges/services. Work will be at the Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center at Ft. Detrick.

Nanotherapeutics, Inc. received $9,647,917 for Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Advanced Development and Manufacturing (ADM) capability for rapid development of countermeasures against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attacks and outbreaks of naturally occurring and genetically engineered infectious diseases.

Northrop Grumman received $6,918,615 to continue to modify the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System-Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH) application in support of resolving system change requests and system incident reports. One bid was solicited, with one received.

Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc. received $9,500,000 to provide labor, equipment, and materials to furnish, install, and label high-density shelving for Navy Medicine Medical Treatment Facilities.

Philips Healthcare (Andover, MA) received $27,366,537 for access to airworthy defibrillators inventory. Zoll Medical Corp. received $39,848,375 for access to airworthy defibrillators inventory.

SeKON Enterprises, Inc. received $12,433,560 to provide engineering, cyber security, and configuration management support services to the program executive officer, Defense Healthcare Management Systems.

Stanford University received $12,168,354 for R&D on the "Brain Trauma Evidence-based Consortium."

Thornhill Research, Inc. received $36,365,985 for the Portable Patient Transport Life Support System.

Unissant, Inc. received $11,992,354 for engineering fixes and systems upgrades to Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) and the Composite Health Care System (CHCS). Work will be performed in Reston (50%) and Falls Church, VA (50%).

3M (St. Paul, MN) received $26,042,557 for medical and surgical supplies.


American Bureau of Shipping (Houston, TX) received $8,500,000 for vessel classification services in accordance with statute 46 U.S.C. 3316.

Birdon America, Inc. received $9,679,841 for work on bridge erection boats (BEB).

JAR Assets, Inc. received $10,822,800 for fuel transportation by tug and barge along the inland waterways and East Coast locations in the Atlantic Region.

Lynden Air Cargo LLC received $7,001,337 for moving up to 40,000 pounds of cargo from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson to Eareckson Air Force Station (Shemya Island) and other various satellite locations.

Marine Terminals Corporation-East received $6,561,822 for stevedore and terminal services at the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, NC.

Matson Navigation Company, Inc. ($28,657,471); Sea Star Line, LLC ($7,710,078); and Totem Ocean Trailer Express ($16,192,822) received funding for regional domestic ocean and intermodal distribution services.

Propper International, Inc. (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico) received $124,470,982 for modular lightweight load carrying equipment.

Total Concepts of Design Inc. received $6,762,400 for MK 3 MOD 0 and MK 12 MOD 1 metal material handling pallets used to transport different types of munitions.

For domestic airlift services, the following countries received a cumulative $13,133,133: United Airlines, Inc.; MN Airlines, LLC; Allegiant Air, LLC; Sierra Pacific Airlines, Inc.; Southwest Airlines; Miami Air International, Inc.; National Air Cargo Group; Omni Air International, Inc.; Atlas Air, Inc.; Delta Air Lines; Lynden Air Cargo; Northern Air Cargo, Inc.; Tatonduk Outfitters Ltd.; UPS; Fed-Ex; Flightworks, Inc.; Kalitta Charters, LLC; Phoenix Air Group, Inc.; Berry Aviation, Inc.; and East Coast Flight Services, Inc.

Wamore, Inc. and Airborne Systems North America of NJ, Inc. received $51,388,387 for 910 Joint Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (max) and applicable replacement components.


AH/BC NAVY JV, LLC received $50,000,000 for architectural and engineering services for Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act Environmental Compliance.

All Phase Services, Inc.; North Wind Solutions LLC; Bhate Environmental Associates Inc.; Charter Environmental Inc.; NCM Demolition & Remediation LP; and Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. received $9,600,000 for demolition of excess facilities throughout the northeastern U.S in support of the Facility Reduction Program.

Applied Aquatic Management, Inc. received $8,000,000 to conduct invasive species management, vegetation management mapping on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and federal lands.

ARCADIS U.S., Inc. received $10,880,950 for environmental remediation activities at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ.

CDM-AECOM Multimedia JV received $85,000,000 for architectural-engineering services involving preparation of studies, plans, specifications, design, reports, cost estimates and all associated engineering services in support of DOD environmental compliance within NAVFAC Atlantic.

DJ&A, P.C. received $9,000,000 for nationwide architect and engineer surveying and mapping of the shallow water habitat, floodplain changes and vegetation cover.

Element Environmental, LLC received $20,000,000 for environmental investigations, permit applications and related studies at various Navy and Marine Corps activities in the Pacific and Indian Ocean areas. Some work will be in Guam (25 percent), Japan (20 percent), Diego Garcia (5 percent), Singapore (5 percent) and South Korea (5 percent).

Tetra Tech EC, Inc. received $7,026,563 for environmental work at Hunters Point Naval ShipyardFY2014 Navy BRIC funds in the amount of $7,026,563 are being obligated initially.


Assistive & Rehabilitative Services received $9,374,650 for full food service in two dining facilities at Ft. Bliss.

Lakeview Center, Inc. received $11,945,653 for “Full Food Galley Services” at NAS Pensacola; the Explosive Ordnance Disposal School, Pensacola, FL; and Naval Construction Battalion Command, Gulfport, MS. One company was solicited for this non-competitive requirement, per FAR Part 8.7 and 41 U.S.C. Chapter 85. Funding issued under the AbilityOne Program supporting the blind and severely disabled.

The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (Madison, MS) received $6,915,012 for full food services at Keesler AFB.

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services received $10,450,049 to provide three full food service dining facilities, one dining facility attendant, troop issue subsistence activity, and full food service mobilization at Ft. Sill.

Shamrock Foods Company received $44,655,915 for subsistence support.

Sysco Hampton Roads received $7,950,000 for prime vendor food and beverage support. This was a sole-source acquisition.

US Foods Inc. received $10,650,000 for food and beverages. This was a sole-source acquisition.  U.S. Foods received $325,000,000 for food and beverages.

U.S. Foodservice Inc. received $17,108,775 for subsistence support for the Army, Air Force, and Department of Energy.

Work Services Corporation received $16,074,191 for full food service operations at Sheppard AFB.


The Clearing Inc. received $6,689,586 for subject matter expertise, consultation, and advisory services for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (OUSDP) to create and report a single, accountable entity with oversight of personnel accounting resources, research, and operations across DOD.

Halfaker & Associates, LLC; Credence Management Solutions; ByteCubed, LLC; and Strategic Operational Solutions, Inc. received a cumulative $325,000,000 to provide support for the Office of Small Business Programs to develop market research tools and small business workforce development curricula.

BASE SUPPORT, ADMIN & LOGISTICS – Base operations (also known as base support services) usually consist of some of the following: facility management & investment, fire and emergency, grounds maintenance & landscaping, janitorial services, management & admin, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, security, utilities, vehicles and equipment service, and waste management.

360 Patriot (Fairfax Station, VA) and AFMS Response (Mechanicsburg, PA) received $45,000,000 for financial, program management, and general administrative services to support the Washington Headquarters Services Acquisition Directorate.

Accenture Federal Services, LLC received $12,241,818 for work on the General Fund Enterprise Business System onsite support and change requests.

AED, Inc. received $27,000,000 for support services within NAVFAC Southeast. Some work will be in Cuba (3 percent) and Haiti (3 percent).

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $6,999,688 for improving Defense Logistics Agency's distribution services, disposition capabilities and subsistence troop support supply chain's operational effectiveness and efficiency. Work will be performed at Ft. Belvoir.

Alion Science & Technology Corp. received $48,459,676 to provide integrated tactical systems to identify and avoid using problematic materials, processes and assessment methods that can lead to unplanned and unbudgeted maintenance costs, shorter life-cycles, and reduced readiness.

BAE Systems received $12,500,000 for seven Automated Installation Entry Systems for entrance security at Army installations.

Calibre Systems, Inc. received $10,002,721 for cost and economic analysis of major weapons system programs and associated acquisition/financial management policies and procedures.

Chugach Federal Solutions received $51,953,332 for base operations at various installations in NAVFAC Northwest.

Computer Sciences Corp. received $90,650,000 for Learning Asset Development Sustainment and Support. This supports the Defense Acquisition University in research, analysis, design, maintenance, and integration of a variety of learning assets for DOD acquisition functional competencies.

Dark Mountain Innovations LLC; Health Facility Solutions Co.; and Vernadero Group Inc. received $9,900,000 for professional services for the U.S. Army Reserve Command, Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate; and Army Reserve Division, for various military programs within the United States and Puerto Rico.

Diversified Service Contracting Inc. received $9,896,047 for base operating support at the NAS Patuxent River.

DZSP 21, LLC (Hagatna, Guam) received $42,085,083 for base operating support services at Joint Region Marianas, Guam.

EDC Consulting received $11,686,665 for work on the Integrated Personnel and Pay System.

EMCOR Government Services, Inc. received $38,572,543 for regional base operating support at government facilities within a 100-mile radius of Washington Navy Yard.

Exelis Systems Corporation received $79,807,790 for day-to-day base operation and maintenance services (management, postal, comms, safety and occupational health/industrial hygiene and ambulance, civil engineering, logistics, U.S. Customs, reservation assistance office operations, local national payroll services, and transient alerts). Work will occur at Incirlik AB, Izmir AS, Ankara Support Facility, and the Office of Defense Cooperation-Turkey, and at Morón AB.

Facilitec, Inc. received $9,500,000 for panel systems and modular furniture for AMC HQ facilities at Scott AFB.

Fluor Federal Solutions, LLC received $27,209,971 for base operations support services at NAS Pensacola and the surrounding areas of Saufley Field, Corry Station, and Bronson Field.

Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc. received $24,542,213 for supply, maintenance and logistics support services in support of the Army Prepositioned Stocks-3 (APS-3) Afloat Program at Army Strategic Logistics Activity Charleston, physically located at. Joint Base Charleston Naval Weapons Station, Goose Creek, SC. One bid was solicited, with one received.

Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. received $11,050,167 for contract services to support Army Field Support Battalion - Northeast Asia operations at Camp Carroll, Waegwan, South Korea, and Sagami Army Depot, Japan.

IBM received $8,631,429 for finance and audit systems and programming business integration services in support of Navy Enterprise Resource Planning efforts.

Manu Kai, LLC received $74,269,130 for range operations support and base operations support services at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, HI.

Mark Dunning Industries received $6,837,585 for base operations support at Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay.

McKinsey & Company, Inc. received $7,305,753 for ammo industrial base strategic analysis in support of the Office of the Project Director for Joint Services. One bid solicited, one received.

TACG, LLC received $18,087,415 for maintenance and supply system information technology, system integration and modernization support. TACG will provide AFMC the functional and technical resources required to successfully modernize the maintenance and supply portfolios. Work will be performed at Wright-Patterson, Hill, Tinker, and Robins Air Force Bases. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Total Quality Systems, Inc. received $35,937,998 to provide joint service software development program for the Contingency Acquisition Support Model that allows users to generate a procurement-ready requirements package in a contingency environment. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Trident Systems Inc. received $24,900,000 for Collaboration Gateway. Trident will provide a focused but flexible contracting vehicle among the military and intelligence community and Trident Systems Inc.

TSAY/Ferguson-Williams, LLC received $25,457,793 for operations, maintenance, and support services at Ft. Stewart (72 %) and Hunter Army Airfield, GA (28 %).

Wolf Creek Federal Services, Inc. received $21,005,191 for base operations support at various installations in NAVFAC Northwest.


Acadia Engineers & Constructors received $10,000,000 to support energy and sustainable design projects primarily in the NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Public Works Department Maine AOR.

ACC Construction Company received $22,129,201 to build an Army Reserve Center at Ft. Bragg.

ACE Engineering, Inc. received $20,000,000 to install and repair asphalt and concrete at NAS Pensacola, NAS Whiting Field, Naval Support Activity Panama City, Naval outlying fields located in FL and AL, and Naval Operations Support Center Tallahassee.

A&D GC, Inc. received $13,525,000 to repair and restore Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 520420 at Camp Pendleton.

A&D GC, Inc. received $12,017,000 to repair and modernize Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Building 41 at Naval Medical Center, San Diego.

AES Group, Inc.; O’Neill Contractors Inc.; and OPCON, Inc. received $15,000,000 for regional roofing multiple award construction primarily in NAVFAC Midwest.

Akima Construction Services, LLC received $44,000,000; Banneker Ventures, LLC received $44,000,000; Bering Straits Technical Services, LLC received $40,800,705; Patriot Construction, LLC received $34,775,000; and Wycliffe Enterprises, Inc. received $44,000,000 for all plant, labor, material, equipment and transportation necessary to perform facilities maintenance, alterations, repair and minor construction work in the Aberdeen and Edgewood areas of Aberdeen Proving Ground and various satellite posts.

Allied Pacific Builders, Inc. received $14,083,358 for design and construction of an Aviation Simulator Training Facility at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

American Mechanical, Inc. received $22,329,309 for the repair and renovation of Building 660, Ft. Greely.

AOC Environmental Inc.; C3, LLC; Gideon Contracting, LLC; HCR Construction, Inc.; and Unified Services of Texas, Inc. received a combined $18,000,000 for base infrastructure support services at Sheppard AFB,  Lake Texoma Annex, TX, Altus AFB, and Frederick Airfield, OK.

Appledore Marine Engineering, Inc. received $10,000,000 for engineering and design services in support of waterfront facility projects primarily in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Maine DPW.

Archer Western Construction, LLC received $42,400,000 for airfield and lighting repairs at NAS Jacksonville.

Argo Systems LLC received $49,000,000 for construction projects at Ft. Bragg. Argo Systems LLCreceived $49,000,000 for construction projects in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

Arriba Corp. received $12,514,800 for construction of a new multi-level parking garage located at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling.

ASI Constructors, Inc. received $8,222,350 for safety upgrades and repairs to three reservoir dams at Quantico Marine Corps Base, VA: Lunga, Breckinridge and Greys.

ASI - ECI JV received $31,897,100 for Illinois River basin work: major rehabilitation of the Lockport Pool and replacement of the Forebay Wall existing gravity wall with a roller compacted concrete wall.

Bara Infoware, Inc. (Ontario, CA) received $16,186,704 for construction of the total U.S. Army School System Training Center at Ft. Hunter Liggett, CA.

Benaka Inc. received $44,600,000 for construction and complete renovation of the Mission Operation Facility, Building 1A, Tobyhanna Army Depot, PA.

BergerABAM Inc. received $30,000,000 for civil engineering services for large projects in NAVFAC Southwest.

BlueForge LLC; C&C Contractors LLC; Colossal Construction Co. LLC; Gulf Building Corp. & Hernandez Consultants JV; HICAPS Inc.; KMK-DJI, JV; and Leebcor Services LLC received a combined $95,000,000 for construction within NAVFAC Southeast. As part of this funding, BlueForge LLC received $13,161,000 to design and construct a new weapons storage and inspection facility at Marine Corp Logistics Base Albany, GA.

Brigadier Construction Services LLC received $9,489,000 for training barracks renovation at Ft. Leonard Wood.

Bristol Engineering Services; Cherokee General Corporation; CKY, Inc.; Macro-Z-Technology; and Nordic Industries, Inc. received a cumulative $9,800,000 for construction work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle district.  Work will take place in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Northwestern division boundaries.

Bristol Engineering Services received $8,328,075 for airfield lighting repair and upgrade at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Bulltrack-Watts JV received $13,771,399 for repair and modernization of Romeo Wharf at Naval Base, Guam, to allow berthing of various Navy ships.

Burns & McDonnell received $15,000,000 for multidiscipline architect-engineering services in support of projects primarily in CT and RI.

BURR-MZT JV received $6,623,000 for energy efficiency measures in 11 buildings at Naval Base Kitsap and Jackson Park.

Cebco Construction, Inc. received $45,000,000 for roofing at Ft. Bragg.

Cianbro Corp. received $13,842,000 for structural repairs to Bridge #1 at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME.

CNMS JV received $42,041,500 for design and repair of PACAF HQ, Building 1102 at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Coburn Contractors, LLC received $6,631,081 for replacement of limited area perimeter lighting cable at Naval Base Kitsap - Bangor.

Colby Co., LLC received $10,000,000 for preparation of structural designs in support of projects in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic DPW.

Consorzio Stabile GMG S.C.AR.L.; COSAP - Consorzio Stabile Appalti Pubblici (Italy); Elecnor, S.A. (Madrid, Spain); (N33191-14-D-1052); Maruf Sharif Construction Co.-MACEC (Dubai), and The Marshall Group LLC received a combined $48,000,000 for DOD construction projects in Bahrain and the UAE, areas managed by NAVFAC EURAFSWA.

Cox Construction received $7,314,623 for construction of the Maneuver Area Training and Equipment Site, Ft. Irwin.

CRAM Roofing Company, Inc.; Brazos Roofing International of South Dakota; JBlanco Enterprises, Inc.; Curtis-McKinley Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.; Carroll’s Roofing & Construction, LLC; Global-Pacific Tech JV2; RDT Alabama Roofing, LLC; and A-VET MGC II A JV received $200,000,000 for building envelope and roof repair and replacement construction services in support of the U.S. Army Reserves national roofing initiative, Army Installation Command Management Command, and AFRC. 

Cutting Edge Concrete Services, Inc. received $27,707,750 to repair taxiway shoulders and lights at Travis AFB.

Cutter Enterprises, LLC received $7,610,500 to repair and renovate the aircraft maintenance and hangar facility, Bradley ANG Base.

C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc. received $9,000,000 for paving at Eglin AFB.

David Boland Inc. received $50,585,000 to construct the 4th ID Combat Aviation Battalion, Assault Battalion maintenance hangar at Ft. Carson.

Dawson-Hawaiian Builders received $16,231,000 to design and construct a low-rise building for the Third Radio Battalion Complex at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Diamond Industrial Corp.; East Carolina Mechanical; Mechworks Mechanical Contractors, Inc.; North State Mechanical, Inc.; R&W Construction Co., Inc.; and T.A. Woods Co. received a combined $95,000,000 for mechanical construction projects in Marine Corps Installations (MCI) East.

D & J Enterprises, Inc. received $240,000,000 for debris management in the United States and its territories.

Drace Anderson, JV received $8,245,085 to renovate “A” School Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 315 at Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport, Mississippi.

Eastern Construction & Electric Inc. received $9,223,007 for constructing a multi-purpose machine gun range at Campamento Santiago, Puerto Rico.

Eastern Construction & Electric Inc. received $8,637,488 to build a new bulk storage transfer pump house that includes emergency generator back up power at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

Eastern General Contractors, Inc. received $8,190,000 for renovation of visiting Airman Quarters, Building 5101 at Westover Air Reserve Base, MA. Eastern General Contractors, Inc. received $8,148,000 for renovation of visiting Airman Quarters, Building 5102 at Westover Air Reserve Base, MA.

EMLS-Future Net Group JV; RB Construction Company; and SAF, Inc. received $10,000,000 for maintenance, including general carpentry to doors, windows, roofing, and gutters in IL, IN, IO, MI, MN, MO, OH and WI.

E.P. Doyle & Son LLC received $14,507,220 for Permanent Barrier I building, to include installing the electrical and mechanical equipment, wiring, electrical duct banks, walkways and parking at the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, Romeoville, IL.

Facility Support Services, LLC received $9,949,500 to repair Reserve forces operations and training facilities at Joint Base Andrews.

Facility Support Services, LLC; Rand Enterprises, Inc.; Vista Construction, LLC; Syncon, LLC; and Tazewell Homeland JV, LLC received a combined $95,000,000 for construction projects located within NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Hampton Roads.

Garco Construction, Inc. received $48,343,250 for work on a lower granite juvenile fish facility, phase 1a, a stand-alone construction project in Pomeroy, WA.

Gilbane Federal received $32,929,672 to build a warehouse at a defense distribution depot in San Joaquin, CA.

Granite Construction Company Guam (Watsonville, CA) received $75,000,000 for paving construction services at U.S. facilities in Guam.

Guam Pacific International, LLC (Barrigada, Guam) received $9,241,558 to repair 18 high explosive magazines at Naval Magazine, Naval Base Guam.

Herman/JCG JV received $23,562,676 for renovation of the Old Guard Barracks (Building 247), Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA.

Harper Construction Co. Inc. received $33,697,265 for repair and expansion of battalion headquarters, Building 5960, Ft. Sill, OK.

Harper Construction Co., Inc. received $11,652,082 for bachelor enlisted quarters modernization of Building 856 at NAS Lemoore.

Harry Pepper & Associates, Inc. received $44,953,484 for demolition and removal of the existing Herbert Hoover Dike culverts 12 and 2, and the construction of new water control structures S-274 and S-278. 

Head, Inc. received $17,539,425 for airfield repairs at NAS Corpus Christi.

Heapy Engineering Inc. received $12,000,000 for mechanical/electrical architect and engineer services in the areas of: site visits and investigations; design and economic analysis; construction drawings and specifications; survey of facilities for asbestos containing materials and lead coatings including sampling, testing, and abatement design; and detailed cost estimates and bidding schedules for each project. Work will be performed at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Heeter received $9,620,766 for Bluestone Dam safety assurance- Phase 4, anchors, Hinton, WV. This involves installation of 278 anchors in Bluestone Dam.

Hensel Phelps-Granite-Traylor Pacific JV received $15,137,000 to repair building 26A at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

HGL Construction, Inc. received $15,000,000 for design/build and construction services in support of various military and civil works.

Hoar Construction, LLC received $30,785,045 to build a new commissary at Ft. Belvoir.

Hoar Construction, LLC received $36,994,465.00 to build a new commissary, renovate the Navy Exchange, and upgrade a pharmacy at NAS Jacksonville.

Huffman Construction LLC received $25,414,000 for Grand Prairie Pumping Station superstructure and installation of equipment and installation of discharge pipe station equipment on the White River, AR.

H & L Contracting, LLC received $25,155,385 for placing approximately 125,000 cubic yards of beach fill in the community of Sea Gate, Coney Island.

Integration Technologies Group received $48,946,859 to build a modernized digital classroom at Ft. Eustis, VA.

J. Kokolakis Contracting, Inc. received $42,770,720 to build a new marine terminal at Caven Point, NJ.

JAMCO Ventures, LLC; PentaCon, LLC; SGS, LLC; and Raass Brothers, Inc. received $63,960,000 for construction services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division (SWD) and other southwestern Ft. Worth and SWD customers on a limited nationwide basis.

James Talcott Construction Co. received $20,253,013 for an additional C-130 maintenance hangar/fuel cell, corrosion control, building for the Montana Air National Guard in Great Falls, MT.

John C. Grimberg Co. Inc. received $13,100,000 for energy repairs at the U. S. Naval Academy.

John C. Grimberg Co. Inc. received $15,835,000 to build a parking garage at Naval Support Activity Bethesda.

John C. Grimberg, Co., Inc. received $17,110,000 for renovation and repair, Building C, Ft. Meade.

John C. Grimberg Co., Inc. received $17,295,000 for façade repair and fenestration replacement for Buildings 9 and 10, and repairs to Buildings 3 and 5 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

John Deere received $17,114,488 for Type I hydraulic excavators, attachments, and ancillary support.

Johnson Machine Works, Inc. received $7,875,953 for major maintenance on the Illinois Waterway Mississippi River and replacement of the La Grange Miter Gate and Tainter Gate.

Kallidus Technologies, Inc. received $10,730,975 for renovation and construction of a Building 4554 at Ft. Meade. 

Kirkland Construction RLLP received $17,434,335 for the Rio Grande Floodway, San Acacia Phase I and II levee construction, Socorro County, NM.

Kokosing Construction Co. received $18,920,840 to repair the Oswego Harbor (NY) breakwater, which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. This includes setting bedding stone, underlayer stone, armor stone, and dolosse structures.

Korte Construction Co. received $48,341,795 for construction of a new 200 guest-room Navy Gateway Inns and Suites hotel at Naval Station Newport. This includes building a parking area for 150 cars on the adjacent Lawrence Field.

KRSW JV received $9,584,404 to help repair primary Taxiway A at Mountain Home AFB.

KRSW JV received $22,469,577 for repairs and improvement to Mountain Home AFB Runway 12/30, Taxiway Alpha and connector taxiways, due to deteriorating pavement conditions identified in the airfield pavement evaluation. 

Leebcor Services, LLC received $99,000,000 for property maintenance and repair, minor new construction and building projects for Ft. Lee’s Department of Public Works (DPW).

Lobar Associates received $6,650,700 to build an Air National Guard combined communications, operations and training facility in Annville, PA.

Luhr Bros. Inc. received $8,039,000 for furnishing all plant, labor and materials for constructing Fair Landing Bendway (AR) Weirs 1-6 in Fair Landing, AR.

Magnum Inc. received $9,345,000 for energy conservation projects including Direct Digital Controls, Retro-Commissioning, and Building Envelope at Naval Support Activity Philadelphia.

Manson Construction Co. received $16,667,800 for repairs to the shore protection system at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story.

Manson Construction, Co. received $8,749,000 to replace a fuel pier breakwater at NAS Whidbey Island.

Marathon Construction Corp. received $7,469,777 to repair graving and caisson at Naval Base San Diego.

Mason & Hanger Group; exp Federal; and AECOM Services Inc. received $42,000,000 for architect/engineering services and general designs for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, GA.

Massman Construction Co. received $18,196,150 for final dam repairs at Illinois River Basin LD05. Work will be performed in Marseilles, IL.

Melco-EJS JV received $9,750,000 for concrete paving, asphaltic concrete paving, and incidental related work at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, GA.

Meltech Corporation, Inc.; Arriba Corporation; Herman/JCG CO JV; and Olgoonik Management Services, Inc. received $49,900,000 for construction projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District.

MS2-Belonger Corp; Accel-Pacific JV; Doyon Management Services LLC; K and T JV; Northstar Contracting, Inc.; and PPW Builders and J & S Construction Co. JV received a combined $50,000,000 for construction projects within NAVFAC Midwest.

Northbank Civil & Marine LLC received $7,344,000 to rehabilitate five Tainter floodgates at Lookout Point Dam in Lowell, OR.

Nova Group, Inc. / Underground Construction JV received $13,407,419 for fuel island upgrades at Hunter Army Airfield. 

The Nutmeg Companies received $19,908,520 to build one 25,913 square-foot educational facility and one 32,125 square-foot billeting facility for the Massachusetts National Guard in Buzzards Bay, MA.

Oak Point Associates received $10,000,000 for engineering and design services in support of industrial projects primarily in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic DPW. Work provides for engineering, design and construction inspection services for projects involving many types of industrial facilities.

Ohopaki General Contracting & Mechanical received $15,000,000 for construction/design-build services for the Southwestern Division boundaries, primarily the Tulsa district.

Olgoonik Diversified Services, LLC received $24,000,000 for various minor construction projects within the geographical boundaries of the Little Rock District and Southwestern Division Corps of Engineers.

Onopa Services LLC; Paul S. Akins Company Inc.; and the FutureNet Group received $25,000,000 for construction and design for the Ft. Gordon’s DPW.

Orocon-Carothers JV2 received $12,049,430.00 to replace communications building, other infrastructure, and communications equipment at the Defense Logistics Agency, New Cumberland, PA.

Orcon-Carothers JV2 received $18,046,650 for historical building renovation at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. received $10,000,000 for planning, design, and construction in support of the DODEA program. Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc. received $10,000,000 for help in planning, designing and building phase services in support of DODEAShenkel & Schultz, Inc. received $10,000,000 for services as required for planning, design and construction services in support of the DODEA. Zyscovich, Inc. received $10,000,000 for multidiscipline design and/or professional services as required for planning, design and construction in support of DoDEA.

Patricia I. Romero, Inc. received $7,550,386 to repair Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 62433 at Camp Pendleton.

PentaCon, LLC; K&K Industries, Inc.; Tunista Construction, LLC; Fortis Networks, Inc.; Vet Industrial, Inc.; and MILCON Construction, LLC received a combined $49,000,000 for construction work for the Kansas City District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

PentaCon LLC received $7,306,162 for construction of a 19,174 square foot single story dormitory to include a parking lot with 34 spaces. Work will be performed in at McConnell AFB.

Performance Systems, Inc. received $11,572,670 to repair Building 1492 at Schofield Barracks.

Peter Vander Werff Construction, Inc. received $7,316,691 to repair the Air Operations Center, Building 1 at NAS Lemoore.

Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Co. received $10,790,000 for placing approximately 378,000 tons of R-1500 riprap stone along the bank in designated areas at Oldtown Revetment in the Mississippi River.

Public Works Contractor Inc.; MCB Lighting & Electrical Inc.; Souza Construction Inc.; Ja'nus Ventilation & Mechanical Inc.; and Preferred Construction Co. Inc. received a combined $99,000,000 for construction, repair, and renovation of heating, ventilation, and AC systems and associated work within NAVFAC Southwest.

Purcell Construction Corp. received $40,036,480 to build two barracks/company operations buildings, a running track and a general-purpose storage building at Joint Base Langley-Fort Eustis.

Quincy Bag Co. Inc. received $8,393,200 for standard and large sandbags, and poly sheets in support of the National Flood Fight Center.

R.A. Burch received $10,638,758 for building and interior repair of jet engine shop building 170 at NAS Lemoore.

Renda/J Bros. JV received $147,489,050 for Southeast Louisiana (SELA) Urban Flood Control Project-26, for widening the Florida Avenue Canal (Phase IV) from St. Ferdinand Street to Peoples Avenue in New Orleans.

Reyes Construction, Inc. received $19,336,710 for construction of the North Area Waste Water Conveyance at Camp Pendleton.

Reyes Construction, Inc. received $6,830,311 to replace the sewer lines at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego.

Rochester & Associates, Inc. received $10,000,000 for architect and engineering services within NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic (50 percent), NAVFAC Washington (25 percent), and NAVFAC Southeast (25 percent). Work provide architectural and engineering services to include Phase II of the Cadastral Modernization Program (CMP) to build and update the cadastral baseline, provide a workable Geographic Information System Real Estate Summary Map platform in the GeoReadiness Explorer capable of accessing parcel internet Navy Facilities Asset Data Store records and scanned cadastral files.

RQ-BERG JV received $9,653,651 for complete restoration and repairs to fire damaged electrical and communication distribution systems on Camp Pendleton and NWS Seal Beach Detachment Fallbrook.

RQ/Filanc JV I received $21,459,903 for replacing waste drain pipes in Building 1 at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

RQ Construction, LLC received $20,995,000 for design and construction of the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and Mobile Tactical Operations Center, P-8A at NAS Whidbey Island.

RQ Construction, LLC received $15,680,000 for seismic rehabilitation, Phase 1, of Building 1 at Naval Medical Center San Diego. The main hospital will be seismically upgraded with seismic dampers.

RQ Construction, LLC received $6,681,000 for renovation of Sterile Processing Department Building 1 at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Sahara Palms, Inc. received $7,091,268 for paint bay equipment and renovation at Hill AFB.

Sapper Construction, LLC received $6,987,000 to repair Taxiway Mike South P1 at Offutt AFB.

Seed JV received $7,110,338 to construct range buildings and facilities at Ft. McCoy.

S & E Services received $11,087,000 for a full restoration of an organizational maintenance shop and area maintenance service activity facility, Ft. Totten.

Sauer Inc. received $6,670,000 for repair of the Naval History & Heritage Command, Buildings 44, 57, and 108 at the Washington Navy Yard. 

Senate Builders & Construction Managers Inc. received $31,939,555 to construct an eastern Army National Guard aviation training site aircraft maintenance instructional facility in Annville, PA.

SSI received $16,269,791 to build a scout reconnaissance gunnery range complex on Ft. Chaffee, AR.

St. Louis Design & Construction; Syte Corporation; Charpie Construction Company; J.W. Fuller Construction, LLC.; Valiant Construction, LLC; Abba Construction Inc.; Marcia K. Beckwith Inc.; Bartels & Missey Siding & Insulation Co.; RB Construction Co.; Hof Construction Inc.; and Ma Chis Kawv IV received a combined $60,000,000 to support Scott AFB construction.

Summit Construction, Inc. received $10,604,051 for an architectural/refrigeration project on the commissary at Schofield Barracks, HI.

Sundt Construction, Inc. received $107,899,999 to replace a runway at Little Rock AFB.

Sundt Construction Inc. received $26,311,474 to renovate Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Buildings B860, B861, B862 and B865 Plant Building at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Ft Story.

Truston Technologies Inc.; Sound & Sea Technology Inc.; GPA Technologies Inc.; PCCI Inc.; and MAR Range Services LLC received a combined $99,000,000 for ocean engineering services in support of projects involving ocean cable systems, ocean work systems (such as shipboard load handling systems and undersea work systems), waterfront facilities, offshore structures, moorings, and ocean construction equipment. Work will be performed in environments ranging from arctic to tropic, and at all water depths.

Ultimate Concrete LLC received $7,198,294 for the McKinley Channel (NM) Phase VII, construction of a 4,800-foot long concrete channel with vertical walls.

Veteran's Construction Alliance, LLC received $99,000,000 for property maintenance and repair, minor new construction work, and to design and build projects for the Ft. Lee, VA, Department of Public Works.

Walbridge Aldinger Co. received $9,982,290 for construction of an aerial target operation facility at NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex.

Warwick Heating & Plumbing Corp. received $7,859,868 for maintenance and repair of utility distribution systems at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

Watts Constructors LLC received $32,275,000 for construction of an Army aviation support facility in Kapolei, HI.

Webb Electric Co. received $9,220,349 to repair airfield lighting system and to add/repair airfield lighting vault and to upgrade the existing airfield wiring and test the existing regulators for Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) at Grand Forks AFB.

Weeks Marine, Inc. received $18,700,000 for Mississippi River hopper dredge disposal from Baton Rouge to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. received $8,164,047 for power switching equipment installation project, Building 633 at Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Wu and Associates, Inc.; A&D General Contracting Inc.; Benaka Inc.; Kisan-Pike; Nutmeg Companies Inc.; and Upstate Construction Services, Inc. received a cumulative $95,000,000 for construction primarily within NAVFAC Northeast.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC received $9,953,434 for beach fill and initial construction at Oakwood Beach, NJ.

Norfolk Dredging Co. received $11,787,279 for dredging the inland waterway Delaware River to Chesapeake Bay, Delaware and Maryland.

North Star Magnus Pacific JV received $12,661,832 for the construction of zoned earthen embankment dikes at the California Institution for Women in Chino, CA.

Nova R M F received $9,363,000 for maintenance dredging of piers at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado.

Phillips Hardy received $11,405,261 for the majority of the Cora Island work to include dredging, land-based earthwork operations, rock placement and modifications to dike structures.

R.E. Staite Engineering, Inc. received $12,297,600 for maintenance dredging the Redwood City Harbor Channel up to 600,000 cubic yards of dredged material.

Ross Sand & Gravel received $24,000,000 for maintenance dredging on the Sacramento and Stockton Deep Water Ship Channels, CA.

Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. received $14,308,514 for environmental dredging and dredged material handling of approximately 330,000 cubic yards of dense non-aqueous phase liquid creosote contaminated sediments at the Atlantic Wood Industries Superfund Site, Portsmouth, VA.

Staite Engineering, Inc. received $7,793,600 for dredging the Richmond Inner Harbor Channel.

Weeks Marine, Inc. received $18,383,017 for maintenance dredging at Naval Weapons Station Earle and a portion of Sandy Hook Federal Channel.

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 *See here for Part I

**Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

***Any clerical errors are the editor’s alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post presents a distillation of the previous month’s DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

****To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6. DOD also invokes 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses.

Christian Sorensen, a BFP Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran. His writing has been featured in CounterPunch and Media Roots.

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