BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for October 2014

DOD spent $12,282,757,102+ on 171 individual contracts in October 2014

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $12,282,757,102 on 171 individual contracts during October 2014.


AAI Corp. received $82,215,853 in additional funding on a previous contract for Shadow systems logistics, sustainment and operations. This includes some FMS to Australia. Some work will be in Afghanistan (30%); Australia (5%); and Iraq 15%).

Defense Research Associates (DRA) received $23,500,000 for the Collision Warning Using Existing Sensors (CUES) program.  Initial work will continue technology maturation of the Electro-Optical Small Sense & Avoid System, as part of a multi-spectral sensor suite.

Northrop Grumman received $306,133,056 for Global Hawk (RQ-4) logistic services and sustainment III. This includes material and services for planning, operations and maintenance support. This is a sole-source acquisition.

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES – Through Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.

Boeing received $7,473,573 to provide Australia with support equipment and spares to outfit emerging squadron stand-ups of EA-18G and F/A-18 extended deployment. This includes support equipment integrated logistics.

Boeing received $25,640,000 to provide Japan with AWACS mission control unit design and production upgrades on four E-767 aircraft and three ground support facilities. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Festo Didactic Inc. received $11,099,361 to provide Oman with training devices (includes mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics, piping, pumps, HVAC, radar, sonar) for 20 technical training laboratories.  This was non-competitive per FAR 6.302-4.

General Atomics received $16,064,628 for MQ-9 Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) Phase 2 for France. Work will be performed in Poway, CA, and Niamey, Niger.

General Dynamics received $99,000,000 for integrated logistics support to Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Patuxent River, MD, for all FMS of Navy aircraft. Specific countries are: Australia, Canada and Spain.

L-3 Communications received $8,490,385 to provide Australia’s Air Force with C-27J CONUS Logistics Support (program requirements for RAAF CONUS training).

L-3 Communications received $12,086,117 to provide Australia with two EA-18G Tactical Operational Flight Trainers, one brief/debrief station, two F/A-18 retrofit kits, spares, and associated technical documentation.

L-3 Communications received $68,874,672 for standardization and upgrade (communication, navigation, airworthiness, and air traffic management systems on five C-130s) of Argentina’s Air Force. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $7,730,824 to update efforts required to develop a Common F-35A Air System, including the Air Vehicle and the Autonomic Logistics Global Sustainment system, for Israel.

Lockheed Martin received $8,618,751 to provide Denmark with transmitter receivers. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $24,022,053 to provide Australia with engineering for unique development, testing, validation and verification, and retrofit modifications to MH-60R mission avionics systems.

Lockheed Martin received $30,927,881 for efforts associated with procurement of two F-35 LRIP Lot VI full mission simulators for Israel’s F-35A CTOL Air System for pilot training.

Lockheed Martin received $220,748,611 to provide Israel with continue support of F-35A CTOL air system. This includes development and demonstration of hardware and software for the Israeli F-35A CTOL air system.

Lockheed Martin received $37,129,230 for efforts associated with procurement of F-35 LRIP Lot VI training spares for Japan ($34,455,709; 92.8 percent) and Israel ($2,673,521; 7.2 percent) and two full mission simulators in support of Japan’s F-35A CTOL Air System for pilot training.

Lockheed Martin received $595,484,370 to provide Kuwait, Taiwan, Qatar, and the UAE with PAC-3 (includes 152 PAC-3 cost reduction initiative missiles, 15 PAC-3 launcher modification kits, associated ground equipment, tooling, and initial spares).

MD Helicopters, Inc. received $44,200,000 to provide Afghanistan with weapon systems for seventeen MD 530F aircraft.

Navistar Defense LLC received $9,233,219 to provide Jordan with one hundred 4-ton 4x4 cargo trucks and twenty days of operator and maintenance training.

PKL Services Inc. received $10,674,189 to provide Singapore aircraft maintenance and operation services necessary to maintain Singapore Air Force C-15SG and U.S. Air Force F-15E aircraft at the 366th Maintenance Group at Mountain Home AFB.

Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin JV received $15,300,934 for 74 Javelin Block I Missiles, 318 Battery Coolant Units, 22 Outdoor Trainer Instructor Stations, 22 Javelin Weapon System-Student Stations and 44 tripods to support the U.S. Army and FMS.  Customers include: Indonesia, Ireland, Jordan, Lithuania, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE.

Textron (Bell Helicopter) received $7,637,586 to provide Taiwan with aircraft transmission masts. This was a sole-source acquisition.


B.L. Harbert International, LLC received $18,387,380 to build unaccompanied housing (65 units; 4 persons/unit; total capacity, 260) at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti.


Orbital Sciences Corp. received $7,174,748 for phase 1 (of three phases) work on an unnamed DARPA research project.


The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory received $8,124,147 to develop comprehensive software architecture “for extracting semantic artifacts from large software corpora and to represent these artifacts in a multi-representational database capable of answering both complex graph queries, as well as matrix-based queries.”


Lockheed Martin received $486,506,664 for F-22 sustainment activities at Fort Worth, TX.

Lockheed Martin received $110,515,999 to procure and install 281 retrofit modification kits to incorporate into F-35 aircraft and supporting subsystems.

Lockheed Martin received $33,402,219 to upgrade 220 AIM-9X Configurable Rail Launcher (CRL) on the F-22.

Lockheed Martin received $391,607,952 for recurring sustainment support for delivered air systems for the F-35. This includes, but is not limited to: ground maintenance activities; action request resolution; depot activation activities; Automatic Logistics Information System operations and maintenance; reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support; supply chain management; and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training for the USAF, USMC, USN, and international partners. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1.

Lockheed Martin received $411,111,649 for repair and replenishment of F-35 assets, including spare parts for the USN ($69,514,030; 17%); USMC ($114,460,228; 27%); USAF ($202,698,107; 49%); and international partners ($24,439,284; 7 %). This also provides sustainment analysis and training related efforts.

United Technologies Corp. (Pratt & Whitney) received $591,919,496 for LRIP Lot VII of: nineteen F135-PW-100 CTOL for the USAF ($240,078,577; 41 percent); six F135-PW-600 STOVL for the USMC and four F135-PW-100 for the U.S. Navy (USN/USMC: $237,082,879; 40 percent). This also provides five F135-PW-100 propulsion systems, one F135-PW-100 spare propulsion system, and one F135-PW-600 propulsion system for international partners/FMS ($114,720,882 at 18% and $37,158; 1%, respectively), including admin labor, engineering on production, initial spare modules and long-lead hardware.

United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) received $793,051,336 for LRIP Lot VIII F135 propulsion systems: nineteen F135-PW-100 CTOL engines for the USAF; six F135-PW-600 STOVL engines for the USMC; and four F135-PW-100 engines for the USN.  Funding also provides four F135-PW-100 propulsion systems and four F135-PW-600 propulsion systems for international partners, eight F135-PW-100 propulsion systems, and three F135-PW-100 spare propulsion systems for FMS countries. This includes admin labor, engineering assistance to production, and spare modules. Purchases: USAF ($264,216,520; 33%); USN ($235,894,434; 30%); international partners (150,463,904; 19%); and FMS ($142,476,478; 18%).


Lockheed Martin received $32,978,097 for C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engine Program Lot 6 in Marietta, GA.


Boeing received $9,261,602 for the VC-25 Avionics Modernization Program.

DynCorp International received $42,527,352 for aircraft maintenance services. DynCorp will provide T-6, T-38 Unit Pilot Training and T-38 Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals aircraft maintenance services at Sheppard AFB.

DynCorp International received $81,983,360 for Contractor Operated and Maintained Base Supply non-personal services for the joint primary aircraft training system T-6A/B Texan II Aircraft.

DynCorp International received $83,373,932 to provide organizational, intermediate, depot-level maintenance and logistics services for 53 T-34, 54 T-44, and 288 T-6 aircraft in support of the Chief of Naval Air Training.

L-3 Communications received $102,888,983 for services in support of the P-3, EP-3 and NP-3 Sustainment Modification and Installation program. This includes maintenance interval, structural replacement and fabrication efforts pertaining to special structural inspection kits, center wing assemblies, zone five kits, and outer wing installations and refurbishments.

Northrop Grumman received $62,504,835 for logistic services and spares to support the KC-10 program.  Northrop Grummanreceived $55,013,843 for eight engine overhauls to support the KC-10 program.

Raytheon received $19,502,764 for initial engineering, manufacturing and development phase of the Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long-Range Radar (3DELRR) program, which will replace the aging TPS-75 radar system and will be the principal USAF long-range, ground-based sensor for detecting, identifying, tracking, and reporting aerial targets for the Joint Force Air Component Commander through the Theater Air Control System. This includes the purchase of three radar systems.

Rockwell Collins received $101,069,955 for AN/ARC-210 [PDF] electronic protection radio equipment: maximum of 1,160 radios: 920 associated ancillary equipment; five training sessions; 15 FMS Have Quick software media downloads; 140 associated FMS license and royalty fees; 500 FMS standard commercial warranties; 250 receiver-transmitter conversions; 10 failure analyses; and one lot for data. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1

Telephonics Corp. received $19,000,000 for an IFF system “necessary to overcome the deficiencies of the current IFF Mk XII systems in regards to Interoperable Joint Combat Identification, situational awareness and command and control.”

UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) received $22,270,112 for main wheel and brake assemblies for the USAF at Hill AFB. 


Northrop Grumman received $7,926,639 for engineering in support of the MV-22 Integrated Aircraft Survivability Equipment Suite upgrade, including integration of the AN/AAQ-24(V)25 software with an electronic warfare controller and the MV-22 mission computer.


Airbus received $82,917,199 for 17 UH-72A Lakota helicopters “with airborne radio communications 231 radios.”

Boeing received $10,223,886 for technical engineering, logistical services and support and the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) work.

Boeing received $121,166,915 to support Apache performance based logistics of the D-Unique, D/E Common and E-Unique components services and supplies.

Honeywell International received $13,910,890 for technical, engineering, and logistical services for maintenance and overhauling T-55 engines.

L-3 Communications received $8,627,576 for aircraft production labor services at Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD). One bid solicited, one received.

L-3 Communications received $8,212,216 for aircraft production indirect labor services (logistical, analytical, engineering, financial, data entry, admin, facilities maintenance) at CCAD. One bid solicited, one received.

Lockheed Martin received $8,034,097 for the repair of 16 items for the common cockpit for the H-60R/S helicopters.  One company was solicited for this non-competitive requirement per 10 U.S.C.2304 (c) (1).

Raytheon received $48,000,000 for technical and system integration and software maintenance in support of PM Air Warrior.

Sikorsky Aircraft received $21,757,443 to provide the FBI with two UH-60M helicopters.


L3 Communications received $12,336,919 for trainer maintenance services at Sheppard AFB.


Lockheed Martin received $26,237,232 for work on the Aegis Platform Systems Engineering Agent (PSEA) activities and Aegis Modernization Advanced Capability Build engineering. 


Austal USA received $7,214,198 for post-delivery support for LCS 8. Austal will plan and implement deferred design changes that have been identified during the construction period.

Austal USA received $8,440,860 for LCS Core Class Service: assess engineering and production challenges; develop, evaluate costs and schedule risks for engineering change proposals and class baseline documentation.

Lockheed Martin received $10,919,046 for post-delivery support for LCS 7. Lockheed Martin will plan and implement deferred design changes that have been identified during the construction period.


Detyens Shipyards, Inc. received $14,737,872 for a 170-day dry-docking and overhaul of USNS Zeus (T-ARC 7). 


Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc. received $612,758,634 and $206,657,145 for naval nuclear propulsion components.

General Dynamics received $18,863,859 for reactor plant planning yard services for nuclear-powered submarines and support yard services for the Navy’s moored training ships.

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $7,878,466 for planning and design yard functions for standard Navy valves in support of nuclear-powered submarines.


Airborne Tactical Advantage Co. received $12,798,915 for services in support of the Contracted Air Services program, which provides contractor owned and operated Type III High Subsonic and Type IV Supersonic aircraft to U.S. Navy Fleet customers for a wide variety of airborne threat simulation capabilities.  This also provides for training shipboard and aircraft squadron weapon systems operators and aircrew.

Atlas North America LLC received $8,022,044 for repair, maintenance, modifications, engineering and spare parts for the AN/ASQ-232 Airborne Mine Neutralization System (AMNS) used by Navy ships and helicopters.

Austal Hull 130 Chartering LLC received $14,676,250 to charter a U.S.-flagged passenger/cargo vessel supporting USMC III MEF in the Far East.

Colonna’s Shipyard Inc.; Davis Boat Works Inc.; East Coast Repair & Fabrication; Lyon Shipyard Inc.; and Tecnico Corp. received $24,000,000 to support U.S. Navy living barges and their auxiliary systems, including potential periodic docking – a full range of depot level troubleshooting, repair, renewal, refurbishment, modernization, and maintenance.

General Dynamics (Bath Iron Works) received $32,512,320 for DDG 1000 class services: technical and industrial engineering in the interpretation and application of the detail design to support construction and the maintenance of the ship design.

General Dynamics (Electric Boat) received $83,797,108 to manufacture tactical missile tubes to support the manufacture of the Common Missile Compartment for the Ohio Class Replacement program for the U.S. Navy (30%) and the UK (70%).

Jay Cashman, Inc. received $14,321,000 for USS Constitution, Berth 1 pier repairs at Charlestown Navy Yard.

ManTech received $12,113,575 for engineering, and technical support for reliability, maintainability, testability, quality assurance and diagnostic and system safety analysis during design, development, production and in-service life cycles of all naval aircraft platforms and their systems.

Orbital Sciences Corp. received $27,682,618 for seven full rate production 8 GQM-163A target base vehicles, hardware, kits and production support for the USN (3) and Japan (FMS: 4 units at $13,980,001). This was non-competitive, FAR 6.302-1.

Raytheon received $7,848,850 for integration, production and life cycle support planning and management services in support of the DDG 1000 program.

Raytheon received $16,617,837 for engineering, overhaul, repair and upgrade of the MK57 Mod 13 NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile System for USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), equipment and other test, ancillary and support equipment.

Raytheon received $6,540,730 for FY2015 class services engineering efforts in support of the Zumwalt Class Destroyer Program, supporting the DDG 1000 Class Mission Systems Equipment (MSE). Efforts include MSE design, analysis, engineering and life cycle support, architecture, crewing, mission and requirements analyses, interoperability, mission support services, and test & evaluation.

Thales Components Corp. received $12,898,008 for between 18-120 electron tubes [PDF] (NSN 7GH 5895-01-291-3075). This was a sole-source acquisition.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) received $35,545,211 for engineering and technical services to support the Navy in developing, assessing, upgrading and modernizing the Persistent Littoral Undersea Surveillance program, the Digital Acoustic Communications development program, the Remote Environmental Measuring Units (REMUS) Autonomous Undersea Vehicle program, the EOD “Fast Track” program, development and operational support for the REMUS Automated Submarine Launch and Recovery Capability program, and the development of new advanced ocean technologies related to these programs. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).


Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) received $28,191,335 and Northrop Grumman received $36,992,663 for Service Software Support Activity (SSA) engineering services for test systems software management, development, and software support; SSA engineering services for the Common Data Link Management System, Next Generation Command & Control Processor and related programs; and software engineering, development, test, and integration support for Common Link Integration Processing software development.

Exelis Systems Corp. received $21,341,441 for launch and test range system support to the Eastern and Western Ranges, Patrick AFB and Vandenberg AFB.


Booz Allen Hamilton received $6,643,293 to provide technical support services for DOD’s Chief Information Officer Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Support program. Work will be performed in Alexandria, VA.

Chugach Information Technology, Inc. received $13,682,761 for telecommunications and network equipment, infrastructure design, engineering, installation, testing and post installation support. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Information Systems Worldwide Corp. (i_SW) received $9,780,495 to research techniques to extract features from open source information available via various platforms, as well as mobile devices and applications.  They will also develop prototypes to correlate this data with existing mission data, and create discovery services to enable its information to be exploited in an intelligence context.

Power Ten Inc.; Innovative Decisions Inc.; ManTech Systems; Booz Allen Hamilton; Logicon FDC-Northrop Grumman; and Group W. Inc. received $70,177,521 for USMC Combat & Development Command, Operational and Analysis Division, in support of research and innovative technical analysis professional services. Work will be at the contractor facilities in Kirkland, WA; and Vienna, Fairfax, McLean, and Reston, VA.

Radiance Technologies Inc.; Integrity Applications Inc.; and Invertix Corp., received a combined $960,000,000 for services in support of the Advanced Technical Exploitation Program II – R&D, system sustainment, and intelligence production activities utilizing GEOINT and non-nuclear MASINT data at NASICWork will be primarily at Wright-Patterson AFB.

SAIC received $58,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations in New Jersey. This was a sole-source acquisition.  SAIC received $20,500,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations in New Jersey. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Sprint received $10,083,660 for continued operation and maintenance of fiber telecommunications in Europe. This was other than full and open competition per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Thunder Cat Technology LLC received $16,241,856 for virtual desktop infrastructure servers and storage.

TOTE Services, Inc. received $7,065,332 for the operation and maintenance of the Sea-Based X-Band Radar Platform (SBX-1) for the MDA in the Pacific Ocean.


Boeing received $307,512,722 for JDAM tail-kits (Lot 18).  This is sole-source and includes unclassified FMS (30%) for the UAE, Morocco, and Norway. 

Jacobs Technology Inc. received $130,000,000 for additional engineering, technical and acquisition support services (on a previous contract) required for development, production, and sustainment of various complex munitions systems within the Air Armament Center (AAC) and other organizations at Eglin AFB.  This involves FMS.

Lockheed Martin received $14,724,257 for the PAC-3 and Missile Segment Enhancement, and Post Deployment Build-8 PAC-3 System and flight test support.

Raytheon received $19,024,373 for FY2015 Standard Missile (SM) maintenance; all-up-round recertification and special maintenance tasks; and FMS SM-2 repairs and maintenance. Purchases: U.S. Navy (74%), Australia (19%), and Taiwan (7%).

Raytheon received $35,000,000 for Joint Miniature Munitions Bomb Rack Unit (JMM BRU) aircraft integration and lifecycle tech support. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $38,826,176 for antenna element and circuit card assemblies. This was a sole-source acquisition.


AM General, LLC received $37,601,570 to upgrade 300 Army National Guard M1165A1B3 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) to the latest configuration.

BAE Systems received $141,788,689 for 18 Self-Propelled Howitzers and 18 Carrier Ammunition Tracked vehicles.


ATK received $16,753,366 for LUU-19B/B Infrared Illuminating Flares.

DynCorp Int. received $80,280,849 for receipt, inventory, accountability, maintenance, repair, periodic inspection and test, serviceability, marking, storage, security, shipping, and reporting of War Reserve Materials (WRM) resources at Shaw, Langley, and various locations in theater.

Federal Resources Supply received $35,313,255 for Urban Operations Squad Sets to provide military personnel with enhanced capabilities to perform complex or urban terrain missions.

Northrop Grumman received $207,291,682 for four Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) LRIP systems, including operating spares, engineering services and support, developmental and operational test support, and transition to production.

Universal Technologies, Inc. received $8,560,000 for forgings and castings for the production of the M66 Machine Gun Ring Mount.


Bremen-Bowdon Investments received $13,033,800 for men's Army coats.

Wellco Enterprises Inc. received $14,372,625 for temperate weather boots.


Information Sciences Consulting, Inc. received $10,430,366 for motorcycle traffic safety training courses throughout CONUS and Hawaii.  This was set aside as 100 percent small business competitive procurement via FBO.

Lockheed Martin received $48,700,000 for test instrumentation enterprise development and support for the Army Program Executive Office, Simulation, Training and Instrumentation.

The Prophet Corp.; Effective Communication Strategies, LLC; Smartbudgets USA; and Team Sports Planet, Inc. received $7,500,000 to provide Physical Education equipment in support of Pre Kindergarten - 12th grade programs located at DoDEA/Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary School (DDESS) locations within CONUS, Puerto Rico, Guantánamo Bay, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.


Stellar Science Ltd. Co. received $7,429,454 for R&D on the Directed Energy High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute. Stellar Science will develop a capability to perform end-to-end simulations of all directed energy weapon (DEW) systems by integrating laser source, target effects, ancillary system components, and propagation simulations along with directed energy (DE) platform system, engagement, and mission level models at Kirtland AFB.


Associated Petroleum Products, Inc. received $7,347,232 for additional diesel fuel line items.

Champion Energy Services LLC received $7,800,000 for electrical services and electrical utilities at Sheppard AFB.

Louis Berger Group, Inc. received $95,000,000 to enable the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to assess power requirements, install diesel generators, and fuel, operate and maintain generators at critical facilities when requested by a state or territory within 24-hours of receiving emergency mission assignment.


KaVo Dental Technologies LLC received $6,600,000 for dental and medical items and accessories. Smart Health, Inc. received $45,000,000 for general dental supplies. Tulsa Dental Products LLCreceived $15,237,110 for dental and medical items and accessories.

Mindray DS USA received $59,334,862 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables and training.

Nihon Kohden America received $27,579,330 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables, spare and repair parts, and training.

Spacelabs Medical Inc. received $13,460,681 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables, and training.


For international airlift services, three teams received a total $441,000,000. Federal Express Charter Programs: American Airlines; Atlas Air; Delta Airlines; FedEx Charters; Polar Air Cargo Worldwide; and US Airways, Inc.. Miami Air International, Inc.: Miami Air International, Inc. and MN Airlines, LLC. Patriot Team: ABX Air; Air Transportation International, Inc.; JetBlue Airways; Kalitta Air, LLC; Northern Air Cargo, Inc.; Omni Air International, Inc.; Sky Lease I; Southern Air, Inc.; United Airlines, Inc.; and UPS. Individual airlines: Allegiant Air, LLC; Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.; Lynden Air Cargo; National Air Cargo Group, Inc.; Southwest Airlines Co.; and Alaska Airlines.

For domestic charter airlift services, these companies received a total $104,065,064: United Airlines; MN Airlines; Allegiant Air, LLC; Sierra Pacific Airlines, Inc.; Southwest Airlines; Miami Air International, Inc.; National Air Cargo Group; Omni Air International, Inc.; Atlas Air, Inc.; Delta Air Lines; Lynden Air Cargo; Northern Air Cargo; Tatonduk Outfitters Ltd.; UPS; Federal Express; Flightworks, Inc.; Kalitta Charters, LLC; Phoenix Air Group, Inc.; Berry Aviation, Inc.; and East Coast Flight Services.

Twenty-four transportation carriers received a cumulative $205,971,494 for transportation protective services. The carriers are: TNI (USA), Inc.; Ace Doran Hauling Rigging Co, Inc.; AAT Carriers, Inc.; Baggett Transportation Co.; Bennett Motor Express, Inc.; T. F. Boyle Transportation, Inc.; Chalich Trucking, Inc.; Cole Motorsports, Inc.; FedEx Custom Critical; Green Valley Transportation Co.; Landstar Inway, Inc.; Landstar Express America, Inc.; Landstar Ranger, Inc.; McCollisters Transportation Systems Inc.; Mercer Transportation Co.; Martin Logistics; NEI Transport LLC; Northern Neck Transfer, Inc.; Prestera Trucking Co.; PTS Worldwide Inc.; Panther II Transportation, Inc.; R & R Trucking, Inc.; Secured Land Transport; and Bedrock.

Agile Defense, Inc. received $9,851,570 to support Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command and USTRANSCOM helpdesk and desktop customers; senior management; telephone services; IA policy and certification and accreditation; and C4 lifecycle infrastructure at Scott AFB.

Harris IT Services Corporation received $10,230,116 for customer services support: service delivery at Scott AFB.

Leidos, Inc. received $7,567,134 for business process management services in support of U.S. Transportation Command's Agile Transportation for the 21st Century (AT21) program at Scott AFB.

Menlo Worldwide received $8,331,393 for work on the Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative for freight transportation arrangement services.

Northrop Grumman received $9,436,628 for work on the Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center (JDPAC) at Scott AFB – work for the global deployment and distribution network and infrastructure assessments, analytically driven operational courses of action, joint capability analysis to inform programmatic decisions, systems integration and data management, analysis/global distribution performance assessment, and future transformation analysis.

Paragon Technology Group, Inc. received $10,718,398 for program management office support for U.S. Transportation Command at Scott AFB.

Tapestry Solutions Inc. received $7,213,653 for work on the Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES).  This also involves tasks to provide non-personal services for the Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command and U.S. Transportation Command.


Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (Lincoln, NE) received $9,000,000 for integrated science support in Nebraska of the Missouri River Recovery Program for Pallid Sturgeon, which includes threatened and endangered species recovery work.


Merchants Foodservice received $210,000,000 for food and beverages.

Reinhart Foodservice received $7,684,500 for food and beverages. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Sysco received $51,384,209 for full line food service in Kansas.

U.S. Foods received $312,584,084 for food. U.S. Foods received $164,878,296 for food.


Accenture Federal Services LLC received $77,847,977 for Defense Enterprise Accounting Management System Development (DEAMS) Final Phase. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Arc Tech Inc. received $6,657,162 for custodial services at Naval Station Norfolk. This was a sole-source procurement per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(2) of the FAR 6.302-2.

BAE Systems received $17,295,249 for ongoing supply support services and to assist Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) as it migrates SSP-unique supply processes and automated systems to a standard Navy system using the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. This was sole-source per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Boeing (Tapestry Solutions) received $14,074,384 for Navy Tactical Mobile (TacMobile) Systems engineering, test and integration. TacMobile implements an evolutionary acquisition approach to meeting operational requirements through sequential integration of mature commercial-off-the-shelf and government-off-the-shelf capabilities into a functional whole.    

City of Aberdeen, MD, received $7,808,332 for water and wastewater operations at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Credence Management Solutions, LLC received $29,852,448 for advisory and assistance services for the Battle Management Directorate - Distributed Common Ground System. CMS will support all the weapon systems, platforms, cells, and capabilities managed by the C21SR Division in support of Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Battle Management. Work will be performed at Robins AFB, Hanscom AFB, and Langley AFB.

Engility Corp. received $61,251,130 for up to 907,200 man-hours of engineering services for the functional organizations supporting numerous DOD weapons acquisition programs and related R&D, test and evaluation efforts in support of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.

Exbon Development, Inc. received $45,000,000 for various maintenance, renovation, and construction at Edwards AFB.

Exelis Services (Hellerup, Denmark) received $411,000,000 for civil engineering, airfield/water port operations, fuels management, transportation, non-secure communications, environmental management, food service, medical/public health, supply, recreation and community services at Thule Air Base, Greenland.

Helpful Hands, Inc. received $59,526,260 for housekeeping services for Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and the multiple medical treatment facilities within the MAMC health service area.

Inspiritec Inc. received $14,147,857 for consolidated call center services for the Defense Manpower Data Center in Seaside, CA, Alexandria, VA, and Fort Knox, KY.

Jacobs Technology Inc. received $45,000,000 for support functions to Army Sustainment Command Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP), and Army Contracting Command-Rock Island LOGCAP and reachback divisions.

Job Options Inc. received $10,083,677 for custodial services at Naval Medical Center and various branch medical clinics/dental clinics in metro San Diego. This was awarded noncompetitively (sole-source) per FAR 6.302-5(b). 

KPMG LLP received $9,662,653 for audit readiness management, personnel, and documentation services. KPMG LLPreceived $48,083,705 for audit readiness management, personnel, and documentation services. St. Michael's Inc. received $14,322,936 for audit readiness management, personnel, and documentation services.

Stanley Associates Inc. received $10,106,913 to sustain the Army’s prepositioned stock and maintenance management capabilities in support of the Army Force Regeneration process.

SupplyCore Inc. received $16,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations in Illinois. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Trax International Corp. received $31,580,419 for test support services to the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, AZ.

Wolf Creek Federal Services, Inc. received $28,300,296 for housing operations and maintenance services and change of occupancy maintenance for various military installations in Santa Rita, Guam (60 percent), and Yigo, Guam (40 percent).


B.L. Harbert International LLC received $33,266,360 to build a 14,500 square foot secure facility containing administrative offices, an operations center, and data center in the proposed 2d ID headquarters. Work will be performed at Camp Humphreys, South Korea.

P&S Construction, Inc. received $17,907,700 to build hardened structures around existing and new petroleum, oil and lubricants structures in Yigo, Guam.


Austin Brockenbrough & Assoc., LLP received $20,000,000 for new construction, repair and renovation of petroleum, oil and lubricant systems and support facilities in NAVFAC Southwest.

Defense Support Services LLC received $19,420,540 for civil engineering services at Sheppard AFB.

Dutra Group received $47,906,369 to stabilize Fire Island, NY, by placing 2,500,000 cubic yards of sand for initial construction of the Smith Point County Park reach of the Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point project area. This includes planting dune grass and creating two bird habitat areas landward of the beach placement area.

Heeter Construction received $9,236,746 to install 36 anchors at the Bluestone Dam, Hinton, WV.

HGL Construction received $17,481,119 to build an aircraft hangar at Tinker AFB for the E6-B aircraft squadron.

New South Construction Company Inc. received $10,217,696 to design and construct a roof fire alarm and fire suppression system for Dock 1, and to design and construct a fire alarm and fire suppression system for the high-bay roof of Building 125, and re-roof all existing out-buildings at Warner Robbins AFB.

Nova Group Inc. received $32,060,100 for designing and building Defense Logistics Agency distribution facilities at Tinker AFB.

Phillips Corp. received $13,375,272 for 35 lathes and 110 modified lathe assemblies, and field service representative services to modernize the Army's machining and welding systems. Phillips Corp. received $12,233,166 for 25 mills and 110 mill assemblies, and field service representative services to modernize the Army's machining and welding systems.

Railroad Construction Co., Inc. received $8,261,728 for the maintenance and repair of railroad trackage at Naval Weapons Station Earle.

Turner Construction Co. received $23,058,000 to design and build a computational research facility at the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in Hampton, VA.

Waller, Todd & Sadler, Architects, Inc. received $10,000,000 for help planning, designing and constructing DODEA buildings.

Whitesell-Green, Inc. received $9,947,000 for repairs to Bachelor Quarters 3709 and 3710 at Corry Station, NAS Pensacola.

Wiley Wilson Burns & McDonnell JV received $75,000,000 for engineering and design services for general and administrative facilities at various administrative facilities within NAVFAC Washington.

# # # #

*Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

**Any clerical errors are the editor’s alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post presents a distillation of the previous month’s DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

***To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6. DOD also invokes 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses.

Christian Sorensen, a BFP Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran. His writing has been featured in CounterPunch and Media Roots.

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