Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 130

Kissinger: A Modern Machiavelli?

Roughly 500 years ago, Machiavelli wrote 'The Prince' as an instruction manual for how a 'Prince' may gain and maintain power, in which he outlined influential notions, such as the concept that it is much better to be feared than loved, or that it is better to be miserly than generous. At the time, Machiavelli was writing about the Italian city states and the families which ruled and fought over them. Specifically, he dedicated his book to the first family of finance and modern banking, the Medici clan, whom he served as a close advisor, or consigliere. Machiavelli is perhaps best personified in modern times by the likeness of Henry Kissinger, arch-imperial strategist and technocrat who has spent his career in service to the modern Medicis: the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Agnellis and Oppenheimers, among others. This episode takes a look at the concept of Kissinger as consigliere to 'The Prince.'

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  1. Informative. Thanks, Andrew.

  2. Thaks Andrew. You covered quite a bit… every time I heard consigliere reminded me of another life where
    I was pretty much married to that “Family life” I am grateful I didn’t head down the isle to the alter to make it official. Who knows where I’d be today.
    While reading TLG, I thought of the Vatican and how they justify their actions as “sin” they then repent, give forgiveness to one another, and do it all over again.
    I’ve seen PNAC deemed “the Jewish Mafia” with Cheney, Perle et al. The vilest of men, imho. Yet it has been rumored Kissinger considered Rumsfeld as one of the most ruthless men he ever met. They are all twisted.
    I remember my father speaking of Kissinger being president…often. But then my father was a violent schizophrenic, who frequently chanted to our Ancient Indian ancestors…. I’m not sure what he thought Kissinger could do as president, it’s a scary thought we have not had to deal with, Thankfully.

  3. Joshua Roberts says:

    The Prince is something of a Satire – much like Dickens’ Modest Proposal.

  4. Darrell Tschakert says:

    This series of podcasts is great stuff. I can’t wait to get Mr. Marshall’s book when it is finished

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