Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 132

Technocratic Tyranny and Power Politics in China & the EU: A Comparison

China and the EU appear to be two very different power systems, and indeed, there are no lack of differences. But the similarities between them reveal far more than their differences. Notably, the process of selecting the highest leadership in each case reveals a behind-the-scenes struggle between powerful factions who horse-trade, negotiate and compete to get their own people into the top positions of power, all done outside the prying eyes of the public, away from any semblance of democratic accountability.

This episode examines the power politics behind the selection process in China, to the Politburo Standing Committee, and in the EU, to the European Commission. In both cases, we see a system governed by unelected elites and technocrats who impose policies that benefit a small minority of gangsters, oligarchs and dynasties, and have profoundly negative consequences for the majority of the populations under their dominion.

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