BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for November 2014

DOD spent $19,287,334,392+ on 198 individual contracts during November 2014

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $19,287,334,392 on 198 individual contracts during November 2014.


Arête Associates received $11,742,120 for one AN/DVS-1 coastal battlefield reconnaissance and analysis (COBRA) Block I LRIP system.

General Atomics received $17,120,120 for sixteen universal upgrade kits to the existing dual carrier satellite communications ground data terminal and the required integration support. 

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES – Through Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.

Armtec Countermeasures Co. received $9,498,687 and Kilgore Flares Co. received $10,464,773 to provide Singapore, India, Taiwan and Oman with Infrared Countermeasure (IRCM) flares M206, MJU-7 and MJU-10.

Boeing received $7,335,238 to provide Switzerland ($2,319,290; 31.6 percent); Finland ($1,678,570; 22.9 percent); Malaysia ($1,168,453; 15.8 percent); Kuwait ($1,003,647; 13.7 percent); Australia ($510,103; 7 percent); Canada ($356,677; 4.9 percent); and Spain ($298,498; 4.1 percent) with F/A-18 A-F post-production program management, logistics, engineering, incidental materials, and tech data.

Boeing received $12,255,878 for AWACS modernization planning/risk reduction. Boeing will upgrade five E-707 aircraft and ground support systems. This includes studies and analysis of mission computing (Block 40/45), next generation IFF, mission communications and navigation, and ground systems. This is 100 percent unnamed FMS. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Boeing received $82,591,000 to provide Israel with 3,000 JDAM tail kits, which have ultra-tightly coupled capability.

Conti Federal Services, Inc. received $25,871,678 to construct multiple buildings in Israel, “including an underground structure on a military installation.”

Lockheed Martin received $271,815,608 to provide Taiwan with installation of 142 aircraft kits to upgrade their F-16 fleet. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $22,014,427 to provide Romania and Thailand with digital data recorders, spares, depot lay in, ground handling equipment, digital cartridge interface units, bench stock, pylons, hand tools, portable maintenance aid, roll break release box, software development and integration support, logistics and sustainment services. In addition, Romania will receive a compact multi-band data link. This involves FMS. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $32,221,204 to provide Saudi Arabia with 500 Enhanced Paveway II guided bomb unit kits and a 10-year warranty for each kit. Each kit includes an enhanced computer control group and an airfoil group.

Raytheon received $75,616,553 to provide Qatar preliminary design of an Air and Missile Defense Operations System. This is a sole-source acquisition.


Intelligent Decisions, Inc. received $8,038,800 for 4,350 Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets, docking stations, soft briefcases, 22-inch monitors and four-year warranties to support the USMC Recruiting Command.


Aegis Defense Services, LLC received $12,756,407 for private security services at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

Northrop Grumman received $12,473,373 for support and bridging efforts while processing required approvals for larger follow-on ongoing contingency operations. Work will be in Huntsville, Alabama (72 percent), and Afghanistan (28 percent).

Sierra Nevada Corp. received $15,800,000 to provide Afghan National Army Special Operations Forces contractor logistics support for fixed-wing aircraft (PC-12) sustainment. Work will be at Kabul International Airport and Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Sterlingwear of Boston, Inc. received $6,835,520 for Afghanistan uniformed police (National Police) field jackets.


Islands Mechanical Contractor, Inc. received $7,727,970 to refurbish the Taurman Avenue Electrical Substation at Naval Station Guantánamo Bay.


Rockwell Collins received $72,500,000 for post deployment software support IV for the common architecture avionics system, cockpit management system and avionics management system for the Technology Applications Program Office to support the Army Special Operations aircraft fleet. This was non-competitive per FAR 6.302-1.


Booz Allen Hamilton; CENTRA Technology, Inc.; ManTech; and Schafer Corp. received unspecified amounts for technical, programmatic, financial, and administrative support services for existing and future DARPA Tactical Technology Office programs. Work will be performed in Arlington, VA.

The Microelectronics Advanced Research Corporation (MARCO) received $15,549,979 for year three of the Focus Center Research Program (FCRP) - Semiconductor Technology Advanced Research Network (STARnet). The goal of this program is to create/continue a nationwide network of multi-university research centers that will keep DOD and U.S. semiconductor firms at the forefront of the global microelectronics revolution.

Northrop Grumman received $20,163,543 for Phase 2 of the “DARPA research program.”


Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. received $44,500,000 for R&D on Electronic Warfare/Sensor Technology, Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Research (EWTA) program with the objective to increase USAF capabilities to conduct countermeasures and information warfare against current, evolving, and new threats. This is a sole-source acquisition.


Big-D Construction Corp. received $17,148,379 for F-22 paint booths – three new paint booth inserts to be designed, built, and installed in existing aircraft docks. Modifications to buildings 674 and 680 at Hill AFB will be required. Additionally, Big-D will convert existing paint booth boilers to direct fire furnaces.

Lockheed Martin received $7,011,951 for F-35 LRIP Lot VII air systems.

Lockheed Martin received $7,313,618 for F-22 sustainment training systems hardware retrofits at Tyndall AFB, Hickam AFB, and Langley AFB.

Lockheed Martin received $49,999,799 for operational and engineering support required to integrate the F-35 with the Queen Elizabeth Class carrier for the UK.

Lockheed Martin received $64,283,943 to modify F-35A for USAF (13) and the Netherlands (1), and F-35B for the USMC (11) and the UK (2).  This includes 528 modification kits, installation, and labor.  Purchases: USMC ($30,784,983; 48 percent); USAF ($25,077,651; 39 percent), and international partners ($8,421,309; 13 percent). This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Lockheed Martin received $492,008,803 for F-35 (LRIP, Lot VII) non-air vehicle spares, support equipment, Autonomic Logistics Information System hardware and software upgrades, supply chain management, full mission simulators and non-recurring engineering services for the USAF ($180,174,049; 37 percent), the U.S. Navy ($113,797,383; 23 percent); USMC ($101,719,711; 20.5 percent); and international partners ($96,317,660; 19.5 percent).

Lockheed Martin received$4,123,746,486 for 43 LRIP Lot VIII F-35 aircraft. This includes manufacture and delivery of 29 F-35A aircraft for USAF (19), Italy (two), Norway (two), Japan (four) and Israel (two).  In addition, this provides 10 F-35B for the USMC (six) and the UK (four); and four F-35C for the USN (three) and USMC (one). This also provides LRIP Lot VIII diminishing manufacturing sources redesign and management, ancillary mission equipment, including pilot flight equipment, and concurrency changes to LRIP Lot VIII aircraft. Purchases: USAF ($1,701,415,744; 41%); USMC ($583,570,317; 14%); USN ($491,755,261; 12%); international partners ($786,460,233; 19%); and FMS ($557,151,431; 14%).

United Technologies Corp. (Pratt & Whitney) received $105,492,976 for LRIP Lot VIII F135 propulsion systems sustainment efforts and operations and maintenance services, including hardware and training course materials and equipment for USMC ($51,776,302; 49 percent); USAF ($35,093,376; 33 percent); USN ($10,542,815; 10 percent); and the international partners ($8,080,483; 8 percent).

United Technologies Corp. (Pratt & Whitney) received $11,473,337 for annualized sustainment, procurement and maintenance services for LRIP VIII F-135 propulsion systems. This includes supply chain management, inventory optimization, flight service representatives at operational sites, oversight and planning of training activities, and aircraft retrofit activities. Purchases: USAF ($6,055,099; 52 percent), USN ($5,259,301; 46 percent), and international partners ($158,937; 2 percent).


Hamilton Sundstrand Corp. received $7,832,935 to repair the V-22 Aircraft Constant Frequency Generator. This was non-competitive per FAR 6.302.1.

Rolls-Royce Corp. received $287,028,006 for Mission CareTM maintenance services in support of the V-22 AE1107C engines for: USN ($18,306,827; 48 percent); USAF  ($15,699,125; 43 percent); and USSOCOM ($3,478,336; 9 percent). This was non-competitive per FAR 6.302-1.


Airbus received $71,358,549 for UH72A Lakota helicopters with ARC 231 radios.

Airbus received $18,541,542 for logistic support to include flying hours, mission equipment packages and direct labor support.

Ametek Hughes-Treitler received $8,973,770 for helicopter heat exchangers. This was a sole-source acquisition.

General Electric received $7,052,945 for supplies and services in the maintenance and overhaul of the T-700 series of engines at the Corpus Christi Army Depot.

Sikorsky Aircraft received $771,957,753 for 41 UH-60M and 24 HH-60M helicopters and associated support functions.

Sikorsky Aircraft received $535,336,328 for eight MH-60S and 29 MH-60R helicopters, and associated sustaining engineering, program management, systems engineering, provisioning, technical publications, integrated logistics support and advance procurement funding (termination liability).

Sikorsky Aircraft received $316,176,135 for H-60 technical, engineering and logistical services/supplies, and parts for the overhaul, repair and recapitalization.

Sikorsky Aircraft received $46,945,004 for special progressive aircraft rework for two VH-3D and one VH-60N presidential helicopters, including training, security, engineering, logistics and program support.

Textron (Bell Helicopter) received $58,054,000 for long lead materials for the manufacture and delivery of 13 Lot 13 UH-1Y and 14 Lot 13 AH-1Z for the USMC.

Textron (Bell Helicopter) received $14,614,573 for AH-1Z services. This includes delivery of one AH-1Z training device to MCAS New River. This also provides aircraft common operational equipment, spares, tech data required for operation and maintenance, and a 3-month initial operational evaluation period.


ARMTEC Defense Products, Co. received $48,540,000 for 85,208 MJU-64/B decoy devices. Work will be performed in Coachella, CA.

BAE Systems received $19,862,638 to procure 283 AN/ALE-55 fiber optic towed decoys for the Integrated Defense Electronic Countermeasures Radio Frequency Countermeasure program. This was non-competitive per FAR 6.302-1.

Boeing received $194,775,798 for 21 Lot 38 full rate production EA-18G airborne electronic attack kits.

Boeing received $25,313,512 for F/A-18A-D depot-level service life extension and remanufacturing activities, including associated maintenance support and sustainment capabilities.

General Electric received $29,252,000 for the stores management system and the control system converter for the F/A-18 A-F aircraft.


Cottonwood Incorporated received $8,545,500 for aircraft tie-down cargo straps. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Kelly Aviation Center, LP received $325,835,698 for T56 engine overhaul and repair. This is a sole-source acquisition.


L3 Communications received $22,354,202 for C-12 contractor logistics support. Work will be performed at Accra, Ghana; Ankara, Turkey; Bangkok, Thailand; Bogota, Colombia; Brasilia, Brazil; Budapest, Hungary; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cairo, Egypt; Gaborone, Botswana; Islamabad, Pakistan; Manila, Philippines; Nairobi, Kenya; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; San Angelo, Texas, USA; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Yokota Air Base, Japan; Andrews AFB, Edwards AFB, Elmendorf AFB and Holloman AFB, USA.


Boeing received $25,573,769 for E-4B sustainment, depot maintenance, modification and related support. This is a sole-source acquisition.  Boeingreceived $59,000,000 for E-4B sustainment, maintenance, modification, and related support. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Boeing received $27,231,225 for engineering, logistics, studies and analyses of the AV-8B airframe and associated subsystems for USNC, Spain, and Italy. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1.

Chromalloy Component Services Inc. received $29,145,000 to remanufacture F108 low-pressure turbine assembly module 13/15 for the KC-135.

CPI Aero received $56,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft wings for the USN, USAF, and foreign militaries.

DRS Technologies C3 & Aviation Co. received $52,019,071 for E-6B Mercury logistics services, including procurement, storage, warehousing and inventory.

General Electric received $329,135,767 for Air Force engine repair and overhaul, including worldwide customers. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Goodyear received $24,144,737 for aircraft tires. Goodyear received $11,230,049 for aircraft tires.

Honeywell International received $67,001,544 for consumable and depot level reparable spare parts for multiple aircraft weapons systems in AZ, NC, CA, IN, OH, MI, and NM.

Michelin North America received $32,302,230 for aircraft tires.  Michelin North America received $8,931,528 for aircraft tires. 

Northrop Grumman received $10,394,167 for maintenance services for E-2C and C-2 aircraft in support of the VX-20 squadron.

Northrop Grumman received $7,774,039 for F20 sustainment in Azusa, CA, and Sunnyvale, CA, for Space & Missile SystemsCenter, Los Angeles AFB.

Rockwell Collins Inc. received $15,687,657 for KC-10 Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management kits – 12 kits and 15 installations.

Rockwell Collins, Inc. received $47,401,884 for manufacture and installation of two Block I modification aircraft kits, for the E-6B aircraft including Internet Protocol Bandwidth Expansion Phase III and very low frequency (VLF) transmit terminals. This also provides field support, an update to differences training, technology refresh and software licenses and agreements.

Rolls-Royce received $17,515,325 to repair T56-A-427 engines for the E-2D.


Lockheed Martin received $15,577,396 to fund the Aegis Platform Systems Engineering Agent (PSEA) activities and Aegis Modernization Advanced Capability Build (ACB) engineering. 


Boston Ship Repair, LLC received $8,625,966 for 57-calendar day overhaul and dry-docking of MSC ship USNS Big Horn (T-AO 198) in Boston, MA.

Emprise Corp. received $8,905,324 for shipboard maintenance systems support services in Ledyard, CT, and worldwide.

General Dynamics (Bath Iron Works) received $78,663,955 for DDG 51 and FFG 7 class integrated planning yard services (design, planning, and material services for maintenance and modernization).

General Dynamics received $18,692,168 for repairs and alterations on USS Gunston Hall (LSD-44) in Norfolk, VA.


Kings Bay Support Services, LLC received $40,054,815 for base operations support services at Kings Bay.

Lockheed Martin received $35,884,476 for engineering that integrates the Trident II missile and reentry strategic weapon system subsystems into the common missile compartment for the Ohio replacement and UK successor programs; gas dynamic testing and high fidelity aft end fabrication for nozzle shield retention testing; program management of an integrated test facility that will be compatible with existing and new submarine fleets; and manufacture, test and delivery of missile service units. This was a sole-source acquisition per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Lockheed Martin received $127,749,917 for FY2015 acoustic rapid commercial-off-the-shelf insertion (A-RCI) system engineering and technical support for Technology Insertion 12 (TI12) through Technology Insertion 14 (TI14) for the U.S. submarine fleet and FMS.


Drew Marine USA, Inc. received $9,553,883 for the worldwide supply, delivery, and services for shipboard chemical treatment; foam testing, supply and disposal; industrial gases; and refrigerants for all U.S. naval ships of MSC and any other vessel specifically identified by the command.

DRS Power & Control Technologies received $17,924,189 to redesign the advanced secondary propulsion unit motor controllers for USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23).

ERAPSCO received $195,217,585 for up to 141,500 AN/SSQ series sonobuoys and 10,000 MK-84 signal underwater sound devices.

General Dynamics received $6,795,560 for the operation, maintenance and protection of the floating dry dock Shippingport (ARDM 4). This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

General Dynamics (Electric Boat) received $12,382,993 and $12,128,328 for OBRP to be loaded onto Virginia Class boats upon delivery.

Lockheed Martin received $7,032,577 for 137 spares and 289 repair parts used in the MK-41. This was non-competitive per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c) (1).

Sierra Nevada Corp. received $8,158,062 for up to 16 Block III receiver upgrade kits for the AN/SPN-46 automatic carrier landing system. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).


Lockheed Martin received $70,000,000 for advanced extremely high frequency (AEHF) system interim contractor sustainment extension. Lockheed will work on critical software development for mission planning development for initial operational capability in 2015 for Space & Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB.

Lockheed Martin received $62,965,362 for Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Survivable Endurable Evolution increment 2 effort. Lockheed will provide logistics support and major sustainment modification to the current SBIRS mobile ground system's data processing for both Defense Support Program and SBIRS geosynchronous orbit (GEO) satellites.  This will provide the required operation shelters to the SBIRS mobile ground terminals to perform limited GEO satellite commanding. Work will be at Buckley, Shriever, and Peterson AFB, and Boulder, CO.

Lockheed Martin received $40,729,757 for additional logistics and sustainment support of the Defense Satellite Communications System and Milstar Military Satellite Communications Systems.

MEI Technologies Inc. received $9,700,000 for services supporting DOD’s Space Test Program manned missions that fly to the International Space Station (ISS) and their associated re-supply launch vehicles. This is a sole-source acquisition.

NMR Consulting received $14,625,498 for global classified and unclassified video conferencing services, collaboration services, customer facing business application services, and end user training.

Range Generation Next LLC received $85,608,662 for operation, maintenance, and sustainment of USAF’s Launch & Test Range System at: Patrick AFB; Cape Canaveral Air Force Station; Vandenberg AFB; Pillar Point Air Force Station; Antigua Air Station; and Ascension Auxiliary Air Field.


AMEWAS has received $22,500,000 for continuing engineering, manufacturing and technical support services in support of the Integrated Battlespace Simulation & Test Department (IBST) at Patuxent River, MD.

Assured Space Access Technologies, Inc. received $7,982,314; Computer Science Corp. received $7,196,594; General Dynamics received $7,452,144; Kratos Technology & Training Solutions received $8,234,572; Serco, Inc. received $7,150,272; and Stanley Associates, Inc. received $6,913,851 for command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) in the areas of test and evaluation, engineering, independent verification and validation engineering, software quality assurance, configuration management, and web site maintenance for Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, San Diego, CA.

Alpha-Omega Change Engineering; Client/Server Software Solutions, Inc.; ISYS Technologies; Joint Strategic Solutions; McCallie Associates, Inc.; Peerless Technologies Corp.; S4 Inc.; Software Engineering Services; and The Garrett Group received a cumulative $800,000,000 for USSTRATCOM systems and mission support (advisory and assistance services) III at Offutt AFB.

Crowley Technical Management Inc. received $31,875,833 for operation and maintenance of T-AGOS/T-AGM fleet, which supports USN surveillance towed array sensor system, the USAF dual-band, phased array and parabolic dish radars, and other government research missions.

Jacobs Technology Inc. received $12,000,000 for research operations support services at Edwards AFB.

ManTech received $24,802,594 for warfare analysis and assessments, modeling and simulation, advanced concept development and acquisition analysis support for the NAVAIR’s Warfare Analysis & Integration Department.

Raytheon received $15,214,843 to ensure Cobra Dane radar facility collects 100 percent of tasked data that passes through its field of view at Eareckson Air Station.

SAIC received $25,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations for the South central zone two region.  This was a sole-source acquisition.  SAICreceived $9,500,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations in New Jersey for DOD and federal civilian agencies. This was a sole-source acquisition.  SAICreceived $6,800,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations services in NJ.

Sierra Nevada Corp. received $15,247,346 for five Air Field Mobile Tower Systems, to include spares and engineering services. One bid solicited, one offer received.

SRI International received $38,013,151 to maintain, enhance, and demonstrate advanced microcircuit emulation technology capability and to continue with basic technology and production development.  This was a sole-source acquisition. 

TEST, LLC received $44,451,927 for threat systems operations and maintenance to the test and evaluation, and training communities, to maintain ground and airborne threat systems within the Threat Systems Management Office inventory.

U.S. Information Technologies Corp. received $13,335,296 for Oracle Software support services in support of MSC’s Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems directorate.


BAE Systems received $9,636,247 for installing an additional wastewater clarifier at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant (HSAAP).

BAE Systems received $8,480,150 for major production and in-service efforts such as the Evolved Seasparrow missile, NATO Seasparrow surface missile system, Stalker long-range electro-optical sensor suite and day-to-day office operation in support of the 12 nations that comprise the NATO Seasparrow Consortium. 

Balfour Beatty Construction LLC received $24,488,298 to replace the Ship, Submersible, Ballistic, Nuclear Launch Test Complex at NAWS China Lake. The Complex will support full-scale, dry launch qualification testing of a Trident II test vehicle from a missile tube.

Boeing received $64,391,684 for R&D to procure 60 long delay fuzes and development of an embedded fuze system. This is a sole-source acquisition. Kaman Precision Products, Inc. received $28,892,973 for Lot 11 production of joint programmable fuze systems. Kaman will provide an additional 7,846 state-of-the-art fuze systems.

Lockheed Martin received $52,923,105 to support critical mission operations for NORAD Command Cheyenne Mountain Complex/Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment at Colorado Springs, CO, and Vandenberg AFB.

Northrop Grumman received $10,500,000 for continued service and support to the integrated air and missile defense battle command system.

Raytheon received $85,500,000 for Griffin A and B Block II/III missiles and test/support equipment. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $31,657,952 to align the test program with the hardware delivery schedule for the SM-3 Block IIA program for the Missile Defense Agency.

Raytheon received $15,050,856 for 213 projectiles (Excalibur 155mm) and 24 containers for the U.S. Army. Work will be across the U.S., Sweden, and the UK.

Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc. (SARA) received $9,775,761 to integrate their Home-on-Jam seeker into the JDAM and SDB-I weapon platforms and support flight tests to demonstrate accuracy against radio frequency threat targets at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).

Sentry View Systems Inc. (SVS) received $6,645,128 for logistics support on the remote visual assessment (RVA) video surveillance system. SVS will provide maintenance for physical interfaces at the launch facilities; physical interfaces at the monitoring stations, RVA surveillance system; thrust vector alignment monitoring system and RVA data transmission system. Work will be performed at F.E. Warren AFB, Hill AFB, Malmstrom AFB, Minot AFB, and Vandenberg AFB.

TRAX International, LLC received $99,846,413 for mission support services to support the testing mission.


BAE Systems received $7,062,719 for system and sustainment technical support for the Bradley family of vehicles.

Cummins Central Power LLC received $11,729,400 for the Forward Repair System reset.

General Dynamics received $10,660,911 for electrical unit kits used on Abrams tanks.

Goodyear received $43,670,662 for ground vehicle tires.

L-3 (CPS) received $10,492,234 for transmission operational reliability 800 horsepower transmissions and the required ancillary hardware.

Raytheon and DRS Network & Imaging System received $28,000,000 for Horizontal Technology Integration Second Generation FLIR manufacturing, support, management, configuration management, quality assurance, test and logistics.


API, LLC (Orocovis, Puerto Rico) received $33,896,716 for duffel bags.

FLIR Systems, Inc. received $46,330,731 for original equipment manufacturer non-warranty repair and refurbishment of Star SAFIRE III, Star SAFIRE HD, Ranger III, and RECON III sensors, and integrated logistics support oversight.

General Dynamics received $7,461,135 for M2A1 .50 Caliber machine gun barrels.

Northrop Grumman received $7,245,956 for supplies, services, and maintenance on the counter-rocket artillery mortar (C-RAM) command and control system.


Coachys & Associates, LLC received $10,281,250 and Tennier Industries, Inc. received $9,270,625 for extreme cold/wet weather parkas.

Excel Garment Manufacturing received $7,189,424 for USAF men's and women's coats and trousers.  


Meggitt Training Systems received $30,575,466 for 670 indoor simulated marksmanship trainers (ISMT), a three-dimensional, simulation-based system for indoor use capable of instructing in basic and advanced marksmanship, shoot/no-shoot judgment, combat marksmanship, supporting arms and weapons employment tactics. ISMT can be installed on Navy ships and at U.S. embassies.


Charles F. Day & Associates have received $29,967,029 to provide weapon system and munitions life cycle services in support of the Army Research Development & Engineering Command.


BP received $44,183,579 for aviation turbine fuel.

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. received $44,731,957 for electricity and ancillary services in MD, IL, NJ, and Washington, D.C.  Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. received $167,905,405 for electricity and ancillary services in MD.  Direct Energy Businessreceived $14,633,536 for electricity service in NJ and NY.  Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc. received $28,500,495 for electricity and ancillary services in Virginia.

Graybar Electric Company received $8,900,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations services in MO.  Graybar Electric Company received $30,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations for the South central zone one region.  This was a sole-source acquisition.  Location of performance is Missouri.

Nova Group, Inc. received $23,015,000 to replace the main unit circuit breaker and instrument transformer at the Bonneville Powerhouse One, Multnomah County, OR.

SupplyCore received $15,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations for the North central region., specifically Illinois. This was a sole-source acquisition.

United Paradyne Corporation received $13,981,670 for fuel services, including operation and maintenance of government fixed fuel facilities and some aviation aircraft. Locations of performance are CA and FL.


AmerisourceBergen Drug Corp. received $4,055,350,448 for pharmaceutical products and support for worldwide distribution.  Cardinal Health, Inc. received $95,000,000 for pharmaceutical items. This was a sole-source acquisition.  Dakota Drug, Inc. received $16,689,043 for pharmaceutical products and support for ND, SD, and MN.  DMS Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. received $92,030,006 for pharmaceutical products and support for worldwide distribution.  Pharma Logistics, LTD and EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp. received $46,159,211 to process returns and disposals of expired and unneeded pharmaceuticals.

Biomet 31, LLC. received $27,774,800 for medical items and accessories.

Catalyst Professional Services Inc.; Donald L. Mooney Enterprises LLC; Loyal Source Government Services LLC; Magnum Opus Technologies Inc.; and Potomac Healthcare Solutions LLC received a combined $99,773,371 for various medical services at Military Treatment Facilities in the Southeastern Region of the U.S. 

Medivector Inc. (Boston, MA) received $30,000,000 for Phase 2 clinical trials for efficacy testing.  This includes associated data that may be useful for the Investigational New Drug filing of the product Favipiravir, which is directed at development of a medical countermeasure against a validated biological warfare agent (Ebola). Work will be performed in Boston, MA and in Africa.

Onsite and Dentrust Dental Texas P.C. received $30,000,000 ($15,000,000 each) for non-personal services for mobile medical/dental services for the Texas Army National Guard.  Patterson Dental received $15,000,000 for distribution of general dental supplies.


Maersk Line received $9,419,949 for 122-day operation and maintenance of five T-AGOS vessels and one T-AGM ship for Military Sealift Command (MSC).

PPG Industries Inc. received $8,931,277 for worldwide supply, delivery, and services for shipboard paint, coatings, solvents, and preservation products for Military Sealift Command (MSC) ships and any other government-owned or government-chartered ships designated by MSC. 


ACS Habitat Management; Gulf South Research Corp.; and Natures Image received a cumulative $20,000,000 for natural resources, exotic pest plant species abatement services at various locations in CA, NV, and AZ.

EMC, Inc. received $9,000,000 for surveying and mapping of shallow water habitat, floodplain changes, and vegetation cover nationwide.


Sysco received $16,000,000 for food and beverages.  Sysco received $90,000,000 for food. Sysco received $238,000,000 for food. Location of performance is VA.

US Foods received $183,686,009 for full-line food service support.

BASE SUPPORT, ADMIN & LOGISTICS - Base operations (also known as base support services) typically consist of a combination of: facility management & investment, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance & landscaping, janitorial services, management & admin, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.

Battelle Memorial Institute received $30,000,000 for tech support on the Range & Training Area Management Division’s range managers Toolkit at USMC facilities worldwide.

Bering Sea Environmental, LLC received $7,149,346 and TechFlow, Inc. received $12,604,480 to provide maintenance, operations, and support at ACC’s primary training ranges. Bering Sea Environmental’s contract involved unnamed FMS.

Coastal Enterprises of Jacksonville, Inc. received $7,028,608 for custodial services at Camp Lejeune.

Landscape Management Systems, Inc. received $6,549,106 for grounds maintenance and tree trimming services at Naval Base Guam and Andersen AFB.

Maccaferri, Inc. and Hesco Bastion, Inc. received $500,000,000 for force protection expeditionary barrier systems. Work will be in MD and SC.

NES Associates, LLC received $6,610,946 for software development and integration for the Defense Contract Management Agency.

Technica, LLC received $15,659,920 for logistics support services at Fort Bliss, TX.

Tech Systems, Inc. received $13,664,094 for maintenance, supply, and transportation support to the, Army Support Activity’s Logistics Readiness Center, Schofield Barracks, HI.

Unisys Corporation received $193,000,000 for continued Unisys Operating System 2200 Environment Capacity Service. Work will be performed at various Defense Information Systems Agency and DOD locations for the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization, Scott AFB.


AECOM Technical Services, Inc. and Jacobs Development Services, Co. received $9,900,000 for design and engineering on miscellaneous projects in the Pacific.


APC Construction, LLC received $8,999,186 for replacing temporary pumps with permanent pumps at the Harvey Sector Gate, Louisiana, during gate construction.

Caterpillar received $12,000,000 for service life extension and reset of Caterpillar construction equipment. One bid solicited, one received.

CB&I Federal Services, LLC received $7,829,089 for demolition, including lead and asbestos abatement, of White Hall (Building 3) at the former Chanute AFB, IL.

Environet, Inc.; T&T Construction Enterprises, LLC; Tunista Construction, LLC; and PentaCon, LLC received $200,000,000 for Army and Air Force Reserve construction in support of the Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District mission boundaries.

Gulf Building & Hernandez Consultants JV received $13,528,900 to design and build a weapon storage/inspection facility at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA.

Heeter Construction received $18,698,808 for the Pine Creek Dam Safety Project in Valliant, OK.

Howard W. Pence, Inc.; Butt Construction Company, Inc.; Custom Mechanical Systems, Corp.; A&D GC Inc.; and David Boland, Inc. received $240,000,000 for design, construction, and service projects associated with the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division mission boundaries.

The Mason & Hanger Group, Inc.; HNTB Corp.; and Polyengineering, Inc. received a cumulative $35,000,000 to design range training and land program for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineering & Support Center, Huntsville, AL.

Nuvo Construction Co. received $7,434,832 to build a maintenance facility at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. 

Old Veteran Construction received $7,993,841 to design and repair natural gas distribution at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA.

Orion Construction Corp. received $20,747,000 for design and construction of the reclaimed water conveyance at Camp Pendleton.

Peter Vander Werff Construction received $12,741,400 to repair three Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (buildings 31612, 31603, 31613) at Camp Pendleton.

Walsh Group Ventures received $50,930,542 to construct a new high school on Ft. Campbell.

Watts Constructors LLC received $10,325,000 to build a pure water facility at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. 

Western Marine Construction received $21,705,515 for improvements to the Valdez harbor, Alaska.


American Construction Co. received $6,745,150 for Ice Harbor and Lower Granite navigation channel maintenance in Clarkston, WA.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock received $57,609,736 for construction and beach nourishment from Great Egg Harbor Inlet to Townsends Inlet in Ocean City and Sea Isle City, NJ.

Harding Enterprises, LLC received $6,759,316 for flood control on the Mississippi River/tributaries, including levee and berm work in Ferriday, LA.

Jacobs Field Services North America received $200,000,000 for dredging and disposing contaminated sediment from New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site, MA.

Mason Construction Co. received $10,573,736 to dredge the Savannah and Brunswick harbor entrance channel in Georgia.

Mason Construction Co. received $7,399,000 to dredge Oakland, CA, harbor channels, and to dispose of the dredged material.

Vigor Marine LLC received $10,000,000 for the repair, maintenance, and overhaul of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hopper dredge Essayons.

# # # #

*Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

**Any clerical errors are the editor’s alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post presents a distillation of the previous month’s DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

***To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6.  DOD uses 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses.

Christian Sorensen, a BFP Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran. His writing has been featured in CounterPunch and Media Roots.

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