BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for December 2014

DOD spent $19,277,561,596+ on 322 individual contracts in December 2014

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $19,277,561,596 on 322 individual contracts during December 2014.


General Atomics received $114,598,215 to continue Warrior logistics.

General Atomics received $375,212,717 for MQ-1 and MQ-9 logistics. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Insitu, Inc. received $41,076,746 for three LRIP RQ-21A Blackjack aircraft systems. This was not competitively procured per FAR.6.302-1.

Navmar Applied Sciences Corp. received $11,831,173 to support the Copperhead Unmanned Air Systems, specifically Tigershark UAV in Afghanistan (50 percent); Patuxent River, Maryland (25 percent); and Yuma, Arizona (25 percent).

Northrop Grumman received $24,345,692 for Hunter UAS logistics support in Sierra Vista, AZ (25 percent), and in Afghanistan (75 percent).

Raytheon received $13,000,000 to support the Product Management Electro-Optic/Infrared Payloads-Force Protection Office for surveillance system supply and support for the rapid aerostat initial deployment configurations.

Raytheon received $46,646,592 for 32 multi-spectral targeting system-B (MTS-B) turrets (TU), 32 MTS-B high definition electronic units (HDEUs), one lot of MTS-B shop replaceable units spares, 32 MTS-B TU containers, 32 MTS-B HDEU containers, and one lot of MTS support equipment.  These are to be used on the MQ-1 and MQ-9.  This is a sole-source acquisition.

SGS, LLC received $32,968,419 to build a UAV launch/recovery complex at Ft. Bliss.

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES – Through Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.

AM General, LLC received $9,788,413 to provide Iraq with 50 M1165A1 HMMWVs and one year of spare parts

Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) received $9,949,966 for logistic support for Iraq’s Air Force's Cessna 208B Caravan.

Boeing received $171,169,232 to provide Australia a P-8A training system.

Boeing received $14,500,000 for courseware development, engineering, maintenance and aircrew academic and simulation training in St. Louis, MO, and King Khalid Air Base, Saudi Arabia. This involves some FMS. This is a continuation of an earlier contract.

Cubic Defense Applications, Inc. received $15,200,000 for hardware and weapons simulations source code software, on-site logistics, and informal operation training for Saudi Arabia’s Air Force P5 combat training system (P5 CTS) at King Abulaziz, King Faisal, King Khalid and King Fahad Air Bases.

Hellfire Systems LLC received $150,002,546 to provide Australia, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Indonesia, Egypt, and Lebanon with 2,109 Hellfire II missile models, air-to-ground missiles models AGM-114R, AGM-114R-3, AGM-114P4-A, training guided missile TGM M36E7, and air-training-missile ATM-114Q-6. Previous funding was issued in September 2014 and October 2012.

Conti Federal Services, Inc. received $16,508,481 to upgrade Israeli military fuel stations.

General Dynamics received $99,738,476 to convert 42 M1A2 to M1A2S for Saudi Arabia.

Lockheed Martin received $97,832,182 for a financial arrangement implementing a F-35 FMS Letter of Offer for Israel.

Lockheed Martin received $308,263,249 to provide Taiwan with 144 radars (AESA) for installation on F-16 aircraft. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $91,057,794 to provide the UAE with Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) support on services and equipment.

Lockheed Martin received $31,828,753 for contractor engineering and technical services (CETS) in support of the F-16 aircraft for FMS to Bahrain, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Taiwan and Turkey. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $7,536,967 to provide Qatar two Arrowhead (M-TADS/PNVS) spares.

Navistar Defense received $7,926,944 to provide Pakistan engineering, logistics, field service reps, other costs for MRAP MaxxPro Vehicle system technical services.

Northrop Grumman received $657,400,000 to provide South Korea four RQ-4B Block 30 air vehicles, two spare engines, and applicable Ground Control Environment elements.

Progeny Systems Corp. received $7,638,109 for engineering/technical services on Technology Infusion Methodology for COTS-Based Systems and COTS Approach to Information Security for the U.S. Navy (40 percent) and the UK (60 percent).

Raytheon received $30,192,917 for engineering services for calendar year 2014 for PATRIOT system. Work will be performed in Germany, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, the UAE, and South Korea.

Raytheon received $2,397,211,870 to provide Qatar with 10 PATRIOT fire units with spares.  One bid was solicited with one received.

Raytheon received $56,821,547 for 15 ATFLIR for Australia ($54,837,199; 97 percent) and spare parts for Switzerland ($1,984,348; 3 percent).

Sikorsky received $56,394,775 to provide Mexico five UH-60M.

SupplyCore, Inc. received $110,571,788 to provide Saudi Arabia F-15 transportation support services.


Fors Marsh Group, LLC received $9,840,981 for survey services and market research/analysis in support of the Joint Advertising and Market Research military recruiting research.


Koniag Information Security Services, LLC received $6,767,577 for support services on DARPA’s Security & Intelligence Directorate (SID).


AAI Corporation received $8,074,256 for logistics support on one system remote video terminal deployed in Afghanistan for USA and Australia.

AAR Airlift Group, Inc. received $20,394,144 and Columbia Helicopters, Inc. received $20,069,056 for passenger and cargo air transportation service in Afghanistan.

DynCorp International received $52,145,079 to advise, train, and mentor the Afghanistan National Police for the Interior Ministry. One bid solicited, one received.

DynCorp International received $48,643,725 to advise, train, and mentor the Afghanistan National Army for the Defense Ministry. One bid solicited, one received.

DynCorp International received $42,877,839 for OEF aviation maintenance support.

G4S received $15,836,503 for base operating services at Naval Support Activity, Bahrain.

General Dynamics received $16,134,215 for supply support at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, which includes sorting and classifying material downloaded from units and re-issuing serviceable material to deploying units or ship it to USA.

Leidos, Inc. received $25,017,625 for ammunition supply point and theater area storage support to the 1st Theater Support Command, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Readiness Management Support, L.C. received $57,800,000 to provide Aviation Command and Control operations and maintenance support at current levels in Southwest Asia (primarily Afghanistan) for Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center.

SENTEL received $17,232,741 for integrated logistics support services property accountability for the 401st Army Field Support Brigade, Afghanistan.


CACI-Athena Inc. received $38,408,431 for joint geospatial analytical support services in support of USSOCOM.

Combined Systems, Inc. received $42,491,200 for MK 20 MOD 0 (flash and single bang, diversionary grenades) for USSOCOM.


Lockheed Martin received $169,335,580 to provide Depot Phase I-IV services to support LRIP Lot VII F-35 for USAF ($79,738,238; 47%), U.S. Navy ($55,471,472; 33%); USMC ($24,266,766; 14%); and international partners ($9,859,104; 6%).

Lockheed Martin received $34,893,266 to modify management of deployable spares packages for F-35 LRIP Lot VI aircraft for USAF ($15,954,729; 46%); USMC ($13,712,801; 39%); U.S. Navy ($2,985,661; 8.6%) and international partners ($2,240,075; 6.4%). This also provides unit level augmentation and technical, administrative, and associated financial data.

Lockheed Martin received $67,840,245 for depot throughput, touch labor, and installation for F-22 aircraft inducting into depots Palmdale Depot, CA, and Ogden Depot, UT for maintenance/repair.

Lockheed Martin received $22,198,099 for F-22 over and above engineering services and radar cross-section turntable support.

United Technologies Corp. received $47,208,684 for sustainment efforts and operations and maintenance services on LRIP Lot VIII F135 propulsion systems for USAF ($13,830,097; 29%); the U.S. Navy ($29,185,949; 62%); and international partners ($4,192,638; 9%).

United Technologies Corp. received $270,542,568 for F119 engine sustainment.


Bell-Boeing JPO received $31,264,447 for on-site V-22 flight test management, engineering, and related efforts for the Naval Rotary Wing Aircraft Test Squadron.

Bell-Boeing JPO received $21,326,083 for V-22 fleet software sustainment for the flight control system and on-aircraft avionics software; flight test planning and coordination of changed configurations; avionics and flight controls upgrade planning.

Raytheon received $270,512,968 for V-22 software support activity (SSA) systems and software engineering and operations, avionics integration and testing, and software testing. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1.

Robertson Fuel Systems received $14,779,950 for two Mission Auxiliary Fuel Tank Systems to extend MV-22 flight range.


BAE Systems received $45,098,569 for 1,601 APKWS II WGU-59/B guidance sections, shipping and storage containers, and supporting documentation.

BSC Partners received $13,679,958 to design/fabricate, install/test MH-60 naval aircrew training system and MH-60S aircrew virtual environment trainer device.

General Electric received $42,179,208 to support maintenance and overhaul of T700 engines at Corpus Christi Army Depot.

Lockheed Martin received $82,821,104 for Apache M-TADS/PNVS equipment.

Lockheed Martin received $43,400,000 for 14 AN/AAQ-30 target sight systems (TSS) and data to be integrated into USMC Cobra attack helicopters.  This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1), as implemented by FAR 6.302-1.

Longbow LLC received $18,487,338 for management and logistics on all U.S. Apache AH-64D helicopter fire control radar units.

Northrop Grumman received $35,514,955 for fabrication, integration, test and production of airborne laser mine detection systems (ALMDS) and delivery of peculiar support equipment and engineering services to support those systems.

Raytheon received $27,594,138 for multi-spectral targeting systems (MTS) and data for the MH-60.

Textron received $11,601,939 for logistics products and services for H-1 upgrade.

Textron received $15,077,365 for systems engineering and program management support for production and delivery of AH-1Z and UH-1Y aircraft.


Boeing received $15,446,486 for Phase C1 of the F/A-18 A-D Airframe Services Life Extension Program, which includes seven flight-critical engineering change proposals for fracture and maintenance critical areas of the airframe.

Boeing received $27,497,699 for F/A-18 E/F and EA-18G automated maintenance environment (AME) – a suite of integrated software application designed to support “O” Level maintenance.

Boeing received $46,127,744 for integrated logistics and sustaining engineering for F/A-18A-D, F/A-18E/F, and EA-18G aircraft for the U.S. Navy ($38,268,396; 84 percent); Australia ($4,471,514; 10 percent); Canada ($564,639; 1 percent), Spain ($564,639; 1 percent); Finland ($564,639; 1 percent); Switzerland ($564,639; 1 percent); Kuwait ($564,639; 1 percent); and Malaysia ($564,639; 1 percent). Support includes logistics, engineering, information systems, technical data updates, training and software integration support.

General Electric received $7,064,750 for the F414 Engine Component Improvement program for U.S. Navy ($6,733,928; 95.3%) and Australia ($330,822; 4.7%).

General Electric received $459,572,000 for repair, replacement, and support for 757 F414 engine (F/A-18 E, F and EA-18G aircraft) components.  This was not competitively procured per FAR 15.002(a).

Raytheon received $64,066,288 to repair 25 weapon repairable assemblies and 35 shop replaceable assemblies of ATFLIR used on F/A-18 Aircraft. This was sole-source per 10 USC 2304 (c)(1).


Cymstar Services, LLC received $20,368,605 for operations and sustainment of C-130J maintenance and aircrew training devices (includes material/travel costs).

Kilgore Flares Company received $6,971,844 for MJU 53/B countermeasure flares. FMS to Canada (1.4 percent).

Lockheed Martin received $11,661,566 for engineering and logistics on KC-130J and C-130J aircraft for USA and Kuwait. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Lockheed Martin received $16,637,643 for C-130J training system support center services, including software/hardware support, minor modifications, obsolescence monitoring, and overall system operation reporting.

Lockheed Martin received $20,556,142.28 for C-130 aircrew training system operations and maintenance.

Lockheed Martin received $26,423,812 for one C-130J Air Mobility Command (AMC) weapon systems trainer and one C-130J AMC loadmaster part task trainer at Yokota Air Base in Yokota, Japan.

Lockheed Martin received $662,032,335 for two MC-130J, two HC-130J, three KC-130J, one C-130J, two U.S. Coast Guard HC-130J aircraft, and 20 quick engine change assemblies. This includes some FMS to India, Saudi Arabia, and Norway.

Raytheon received $17,800,000 for multi-spectral targeting systems and data on C-130 for USAF.


American Systems Corp. received $15,011,341 for technical and engineering services in support of the NAVAIR’s Air Vehicle Engineering Department and the Manned Flight Simulator/Air Combat Environment Test & Evaluation Facilities.

BAE Systems received $17,614,196 for the Mode 5 Capable RT-1763C/APX-111(V) Combined Interrogator Transponder. This also provides engineering analysis, design and development efforts to address pulse top ripple and obsolescence issues.

BAE Systems received $28,434,872 to support Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s Integrated Communication and Information Systems Division, specifically with C4I electronic communication systems.

BAE Systems received $34,290,601 for 53 AN/APX-117A(V) IFF transponders and 10 AN/APX-118A(V) IFF transponders for the U.S. Navy; and 661 AN/APX-123A(V) IFF transponders for the U.S. Navy (500), U.S. Army (100), U.S. National Guard (4), Qatar (24), Australia (13), South Korea (7), Turkey (7), and Denmark (6). In addition, this provides 217 Mode 5 change kits and 67 integrations of mode 5 change kits for the U.S. Navy; three mode 4 remote control units for the U.S. Navy (1) and the U.S. National Guard (2); 111 mode 5 RCUs for the U.S. Navy (109) and U.S. National Guard (2). This also provides 121 IFF mounting, six receiver/transmitters, two single board computers, 20 power supplies, six signal processors, four mode 4 chassis, four mode 5 chassis, seven mode 4/5 with crypto shop replaceable assemblies, one mode 4 with crypto SRA, and five dummy receiver transmitter chassis for the U.S. Navy. This will also procure repairs for 10 AN/APX-117A(V) IFF transponders, 30 AN/APX-118A(V) IFF transponders, 30 AN/APX-123A(V) IFF transponders and five RCUs for the U.S. Navy listed above and software engineering support. This was not competitively procured per FAR.6.302-1. Purchases: U.S. Navy ($28,473,376; 83 percent); U.S. Army ($3,526,800; 10.3 percent); U.S. National Guard ($201,168; 0.6 percent); Qatar ($846,432; 2.5 percent); Australia ($503,616; 1.5 percent); South Korea ($258,159; 0.7 percent); Turkey ($246,876; 0.7 percent); and Denmark ($234,174; 0.7 percent).

Boeing received $6,901,710 for C32/C40 integrated Fleet Support at Tinker AFB.

Boeing received $7,241,633 for C/KC-135 engineering services and sustainment of C/KC-135 weapon system including its airframe and airframe components.

Boeing received $18,681,615 for engineering services on Boeing commercial derivative military aircraft. This includes minor FMS to the Netherlands.

Boeing received $34,923,512 for KC-46 interim contractor support.

Boeing received $64,247,052 for continued availability of APG-63(V)1, APG-63(V)2,  APG-63(V)3 and Talon HATE radars. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Boeing received $67,812,302 for integration of capabilities and training system upgrades for the P-8A Poseidon.

Boeing received $78,724,734 for C-32 and C-40 fleet support in Oklahoma City, OK.

Boeing received $84,500,000 for KC-46 production support equipment items (4,880) and six production spare parts.

Calspan Corp. received $15,548,549 for variable stability aircraft service at Edwards AFB. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Diversitech, Inc. received $9,370,287 for facility and equipment maintenance, repair and replacement activities in support of 88th Air Base Wing Civil Engineering Directorate and their customers. Work will be performed at Wright-Patterson AFB.

DynCorp International received $44,530,685 for maintenance and logistics services on aircraft (twenty F/A-18A-F; three EA-18G, five MH-60S, 14 F-16A/B; and two E-2C) assigned to Naval Strike & Air Warfare Center, NAS Fallon.

General Electric received $7,558,560 for engineering and technical services in support of engines: F110-GE-100/129, A-10 TF-34, KC-135F-108, TF-39/F-138, F108-CF-100/200/201, F101-GE-102, F118-GE-100, J85-21B, F110, and F-16 C/D engines. Some work will be in Bahrain; and Israel. This is a sole-source acquisition.

King Aerospace received $40,259,260 for logistics support for the De Havilland Canada Dash 7 airborne reconnaissance low EO-5 aircraft.

Lockheed Martin received $7,075,675 for engineering and technical services for AFMC and the National Guard in support of F-16s at various bases. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $19,710,309 to design, develop, demonstrate, document, and deliver a P-8A application based architecture system.

Lockheed Martin received $244,000,000 to provide bulk purchases of materials and components that will reduce material costs or investments in productivity enhancements that will reduce labor costs for 61 C-130J aircraft.

LTM INC. received $12,929,503 for engineering and technical support of various aircraft, engines, components and support systems for USN ($2,408,551; 87 percent); USAF ($290,101; 10 percent); the U.S. National Guard and Reserves ($8,047; 1 percent); Japan ($23,765; 1 percent); and Chile ($23,765; 1 percent). This was non-competitive procured per FAR 6.302-1.

M7 Aerospace, LLC received $9,842,453 for logistics support on C-26 aircraft.

Northrop Grumman received $19,558,660 for logistics services for aircraft and spares to support the worldwide KC-10 program

Organizational Strategies, Inc. received $7,531,203 for work on Advanced Training Technology Delivery System for the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division.  This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-5.

Raytheon received $8,500,000 for aircraft parts.  This was a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $11,999,825 to repair six improved multi-platform launch controllers (IMPLC), repair/retrofit an additional 48 IMPLCs, and repair/retrofit 11 primary power supplies. This was non-competitive per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

Raytheon received $15,494,873 to design, develop, demonstrate, document, and deliver a P-8A application based architecture system.

Raytheon received $25,405,003 for PMA-290 (MPRA), AN/APS-148 SeaVue radar system components.  This was not competitively procured per 10 USC 2304(c) (1), implemented by FAR 6.302-1.

Rockwell Collins, Inc. received $46,581,071 for improved frequency modulation power amplifiers. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Rockwell Collins, Inc. received $7,946,398 for KC-135 Block 45.1 upgrade software in Cedar Rapids, IW and Oklahoma City, OK. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Rockwell Collins, Inc. received $7,967,625 for 15 KC-10 communication navigation surveillance/air traffic management kit installations.

Sigmatech, Inc. received $57,440,905 for aviation element simulation development, operations, maintenance for Redstone Arsenal, AL.

Sikorsky received $11,708,901 for F-5 aircraft maintenance at NAS Key West, NAS Fallon, and MCAS Yuma.

Tactical Lighting Systems Inc. received $24,515,000 for a Sustainment Lighting System, which will support launch/recovery at expeditionary airfields.


Lockheed Martin received $82,979,141 for Aegis combat system engineering on computer program baselines and associated technology insertion hardware design support for the next/future advanced capability build.

Lockheed Martin received $54,632,457 for ship integration and test of the Aegis weapon system (AWS) for AWS baselines through advanced capability build (ACB) 12.  This will cover AWS ship integration and test efforts for five new DDG 51-class ships and the major modernization of five DDG 51 class ships. It will also cover integrated combat system modifications and upgrades for all current ships with all AWS baselines up to and including ACB 12.

Lockheed Martin received $7,223,685 to procure diminishing manufacturing sources spares for Aegis modernization and new construction requirements.


Austal USA received $14,359,433 for class services in support of the LCS program. Austal will provide engineering and design services, as well as affordability efforts to reduce LCS acquisition and lifecycle costs.

Lockheed Martin received $24,793,980 for core class services in support of the LCS program.

Lockheed Martin received $10,416,933 for fleet maintenance sustainment support to the LCS program in San Diego, CA.

Lockheed Martin received $8,744,781 to support technical evaluation and initial operational and evaluation of the Remote Minehunting System (RMS) with the LCS.

Northrop Grumman received $19,082,605 for integration services for mission packages that will deploy from and integrate with the LCS.

Northrop Grumman received $21,619,028 for two mission modules and support containers for mission packages that will deploy from / integrate with LCS.


BAE Systems received $7,410,168 for USS Barry (DDG-52) FY2015 emergent docking availability, which includes maintenance, repairs and modifications that will update the ship's military and technical capabilities.

BAE Systems received $8,271,799 for USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) FY2015 selected restricted availability, which includes depot-level maintenance and modifications to update ship's military and technical capabilities.

BAE Systems received $15,232,513 for 60-calendar day shipyard availability for the regular overhaul and dry docking of USNS Matthew Perry (T-AKE 9).

BAE Systems received $115,000,373 for USS Bataan (LHD 5) FY2015 dry-docking planned maintenance availability, which includes depot-level maintenance, alterations, and modifications to update military/technical capabilities.

Bay City Marine, Inc.; Delphinus Engineering, Inc.; Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.; Integrated Marine Services, Inc.; Marine Group Boat Works; Marisco, Ltd.; Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication Inc.; Pacific Shipyards International; Propulsion Controls Engineering; Platypus Marine, Inc.; Q.E.D. Systems, Inc.; Shaka Engineering, Inc.; and Southcoast Welding & Manufacturing received $61,000,000 for general ship repair that includes providing all labor, materials, and a marine repair facility for ship repair on MSC vessels.

General Dynamics received $16,916,431 for repairs and alterations on USS Whidbey Island (LSD-41).

General Dynamics (Bath Iron Works) received $21,192,127 for DDG 51-class lead yard services (including liaising, logistics, class changes design services, and special studies). This provides class engineering and design services to shipbuilders in the interpretation and application of the Bath Iron Works design.

Lockheed Martin received $235,329,189 for MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) electronic and mechanical modules and related equipment for the U.S. Navy (69.5 percent), Saudi Arabia (26.3 percent), and Norway (4.2 percent).

Marine Hydraulics International, Inc. received $7,121,874 for USS Truxtun (DDG-103) FY2015 selected restricted availability, which involves maintenance, repairs and modifications that will update the ship's military and technical capabilities.

Marine Tec received $39,827,597 for USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19) fiscal 2015 phased maintenance availability, which includes depot-level maintenance, alterations, and modifications to update military and technical capabilities.

Tyonek Services Corp. received $10,924,414 for depot maintenance support for Fleet Readiness Center SE at NAS Jacksonville; MCAS Beaufort; and NAS Oceana.

Vigor Industrial, LLC received $13,400,140 for 75-calendar-day shipyard availability for the regular overhaul and dry-docking of USNS Mercy (T-AH-19).


General Dynamics received $44,547,142 for non-nuclear submarine repair work on Groton-based submarines under the New England Maintenance Manpower Initiative (NEMMI) in support of returning mission ready submarines to the fleet.

General Dynamics received $36,490,246 for engineering and technical design services to support R&D of advanced submarine technologies.

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $9,972,928 for R&D on advanced submarine technologies for current and future submarine platforms.


Data Link Solutions LLC received $32,606,821 for Multi-Functional Information Distribution System (MIDS) on Ship (MOS) Lot IV production. This includes spares.

General Dynamics received $498,116,529 for detail, design and construction of the fourth Mobile Landing Platform Afloat Forward Staging Base.

General Dynamics received $8,019,628 for material and labor to repair, modify and complete work on the DDG 1001 deckhouse.

General Dynamics received $7,279,014 for USS Peleliu (LHA 5) FY2015 decommissioning.

Huntington Ingalls received $7,997,357 for nuclear propulsion and complex modernization work on CVN 75 in Portsmouth, VA. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii).

Jacobs Technology, Inc. received $42,383,852 to develop a launch test set complex for testing and qualification of a launcher subsystem for U.S. Navy ($38,145,467; 90%) and the UK ($4,238,385; 10%). This was non-competitive per FAR.6.302-1.

L-3 (Power Paragon Inc.) received $23,845,101 for power transfer switching units.

Raytheon received $8,673,474 for dual band radar installation, integration and test support of element and integrated combat system efforts for CVN 78.

Raytheon received $12,000,000 for engineering on the DDG 1000 program.

Raytheon received $26,050,551 for life cycle engineering and support services for LPD 17 class integrated shipboard electronic systems. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii).

Raytheon received $38,498,028 for continuing Platform Systems Engineering Agent support of the Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) MK 2 development of CVN/Amphibious Modernization Advanced Capability Build 12/Technical Insertion 12 (ACB12/TI12).

Sierra Nevada Corp. received $9,170,185 for technical and engineering services in support of the precision approach and landing system program.

Sonatech Inc. received $34,384,013 for production of TR-343 sonar transducer ship sets (part of the AN/SQS-53 sonar array assembly) for U.S. Navy (85%) and Japan (15%) to support new construction of DDG Arleigh Burke class ships.

York International Inc. received $41,973,741 for conversion kits to modify 125-, 200-, and 300-ton AC plants used on the LSD-41, DDG-51, and LHD-1 class ships to use HFC-236fa refrigerant in lieu of the current CFC–114 refrigerant.


ASRC Federal Space & Defense received $21,725,588 for launch services mission assurance (LSMA) on excess ballistic missile solid rocket motors and independent verification and validation for Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC), Kirtland AFB.

Assured Space Access Technologies, Inc. received $19,943,982; Del Rey Systems & Technology, Inc. received $18,075,584; Forward Slope, Inc. received $19,090,075 for engineering functions on meteorological and oceanographic systems, FMS systems, and expeditionary and joint systems, projects and tasking engaged worldwide.

Boeing received $12,941,460 for logistics support, special studies, and local area network sustainment on Space-Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) Block 10 System.

Booz Allen Hamilton received $23,349,751 for systems engineering and integration support to the Launch & Test Range System at Los Angeles AFB.

Exelis, Inc. received $6,693,231 for System Engineering & Sustainment Integrator (SENSOR) Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS) sustainment.

InDyne, Inc. received $16,753,743 for operations and maintenance support, training, command, control, communications, information and computer systems services, testing, modification and installation of communications, electronic and security systems at launch facilities and control centers for the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg AFB.

Infoscitex Corp. received $98,000,000 for aerospace systems technologies and simulation based research and development capabilities.

Kratos Technology & Training Solutions received $18,475,579.00 for a command and control system, production and sustainment; upgrade and implement a data link interface between Schriever space operations centers and the Vandenberg back-up space operations center, among other tasks.

Raytheon received $6,678,321 for production, integration, test and delivery of the global broadcast service (GBS) below deck terminals.

Scitor Corp. received $6,828,303 to provide USAF’s Space & Missile Systems Center remote sensing directorate with advisory and assistance services (program management and execution, acquisition/program planning). This is a sole-source acquisition.


Acuitus, Inc. received $44,953,535 for help desk IT training in support of the Navy’s Center for Information Dominance.

American Technology Solutions International Corp. Artlin Consulting LLC; IPT Associates LLC; Booz Allen Hamilton; CACI; Logistics Management Institute; Modern Technology Solutions Inc.; and Systems Planning & Analysis Inc. received $300,000,000 for professional and executive-level mission support services, technical support, technical studies, and research and development projects.

Boeing received $10,631,524 to support operations, maintain and sustain all on-orbit Wideband Global SATCOM satellites. This is sole-source per FAR 6.302-1.

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.; Serco Inc.; Systems Planning & Analysis Inc.; Whitney, Bradley & Brown; and CACI Inc. received a cumulative $40,716,029 to provide professional, technical, and admin support for Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, (Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education).

Booz Allen Hamilton; Cubic Applications, Inc.; and Janus Research Group received a cumulative $240,000,000 for mission support services to the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC).

Carahsoft Technology Corp. received $17,895,793 for systems applications and products licenses and maintenance for Program Manager Global Combat Support System and Program Manager Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program.

Cray Inc. received $30,750,000 for commercially available high performance computing systems for DOD’s High Performance Computing Modernization Program at the U.S. Navy Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC), Stennis Space Center (SSC). Silicon Graphics Federal, Inc. received $30,750,000 to acquire commercially available high performance computing systems for the DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Program in order to conduct complex calculations at the AFRL – DOD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC), Wright-Patterson AFB.

En Pointe Gov Inc. received $11,207,546 for Microsoft software assurance, maintenance, and support.

Harris Corporation received $9,946,851 for research of distributed embedded satellite communications on-the-move terminals.

IBM Corp. received $60,424,975 for IT services for the Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions contract which is the Army preferred website and source for the procurement of IT services and products.

Integri LLC received $22,522,012 to support Naval Air Systems Command 6.8 corporate business office. This includes engineering and technical assistance on Air Systems Command 6.0 and Fleet Readiness Center depot maintenance systems.

Lockheed Martin received $12,463,696 to provide protected key management architecture (KMA) for installation, integration and factory testing of replacement KMA system with existing AEHF system control and space segments.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. received $15,634,774 for global sustainment of enterprise land and mobile radio systems at 53 military installations worldwide.

Mythics, Inc. received $7,829,551 for continuing the Oracle Software Enterprise License Agreement in support of the Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems and the Army Materiel Command.

Oracle America Inc. received $7,194,280 for Oracle PeopleSoft licenses and maintenance services.

Raytheon received $344,335,000 for the Command and Control Switching System. This involves FMS to Canada. This is a sole-source acquisition.

SAIC received $23,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and operations for the northwest region. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Whitney, Bradley & Brown (WBB); SAIC; and Metron, Inc. received a collective $180,465,022 for warfare & warfare support analyses/assessments, campaign analyses, mission-level analyses, modeling/simulation, and management and documentation.

World Wide Technology, Inc. received $427,000,000 to obtain a reliable, responsive, and cost effective information storage infrastructure of "on demand" enterprise services for specified operating environments. Work at DISA locations worldwide.


Boeing received $8,644,374 for integrated logistics support/engineering services for Harpoon /SLAM-ER Missile System and Harpoon Launch Systems for U.S. Navy ($2,310,523; 26.74%); Turkey ($807,597; 9.35%); Taiwan ($706,776; 8.17%); South Korea ($528,318; 6.11%); Japan ($471,056; 5.45%); Egypt ($456,647; 5.28%); Saudi Arabia ($365,656; 4.23%); the UK ($316,563; 3.66%); Pakistan ($304,113; 3.52%); Australia ($303,525; 3.51%); Chile ($237,601; 2.75%); Canada ($231,071; 2.67%); Singapore ($216,855; 2.51%); Israel ($197,868; 2.29%); Portugal ($189,145; 2.19%); India ($168,656; 1.95%); Thailand ($165,516; 1.91%); Bahrain ($129,570; 1.50%); Kuwait ($88,155; 1.02%); the UAE ($85,015; 0.98%); Malaysia ($84,819; 0.98%); Oman ($83,837; 0.97%); the Netherlands ($81,455; 0.94%); Germany ($65,164; 0.75%); and Denmark ($48,873; 0.57%).

Boeing received $39,540,071 for USA and U.K. Trident II (D5) navigation subsystem maintenance, repair, rebuilding, and technical services.  This was a sole source acquisition per Justification & Approval 15.700, dated July 15, 2014.

Caelum Research Corp. received $17,622,299 for data collection services at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG).

Composite Engineering Inc. received $72,367,482 for Air Force Subscale Aerial Target (lots 11-13) BQM-167A, which will be used by the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Exelis, Inc. received $20,916,026 for System Engineering and Sustainment Integrator (SENSOR) Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS)/PAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAWS) sustainment.

General Dynamics received $72,061,662 (addition to a previous contract) to provide unnamed FMS countries the Hydra-70 rocket system.

Hellfire Systems LLC received $10,594,605 for 123 Hellfire AGM-114R missiles.

Inertial Labs received $10,128,819 to complete the design, development and release of weapon orientation module (WOM) for weapon fire control and live training.

Lockheed Martin received $78,180,515 to leverage expired Army tactical missile system (ATACMS) Block I missiles into policy compliant area attack munitions.

Lockheed Martin received $49,960,000 for 66 missile round trainers, 66 empty round trainers, and one (lot) production tooling for the Patriot system.

Lockheed Martin received $32,416,755 for technical and maintenance support services for U.S. Army and USMC HIMARS fire control systems and launcher modules and M270A1 fire control systems.

Northrop Grumman received $10,234,156 to help transition G/ATOR current software from Microsoft Windows XP OS to a DISA compliant Linux OS.

Orbital Sciences Corp. received $12,454,893 for six trajectory developments and build-ups, test, and launch of 40 GQM-163A aerial target systems for U.S. Navy (32 for $10,954,893; 88 percent) and Japan (FMS: 8 for $1,500,000; 12%). This was not competitively procured per FAR.6.302-1.

Orbital Sciences Corp. received $24,500,397 for seven full rate production Lot 9 GQM-163A Coyote base vehicles, including associated hardware, kits and production support for U.S. Navy (6 for $21,058,260; 86%); Japan (1 for $3,442,137; 14%).

Raytheon received $12,001,675 for field and sustainment level maintenance supporting one Joint Land Elevated Netted System (JLENS) orbit in support of an operational exercise.

Raytheon received $12,153,846 for inventory management as well as the repair and replacement of items pertaining to PATRIOT Performance Based Logistics support.

Raytheon received $18,744,712 for HARM targeting system (HTS) contractor logistic support. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $21,900,000 for AMRAAM technical support. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $25,954,936 for 64 Tomahawk Block IV composite capsule launching systems.

Raytheon received $35,508,615 for the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) upgraded MK-31 weapon system improvement program, in which USA and Germany cooperate under MOU. This was non-competitive per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(4).

Raytheon received $45,237,277 for AN/TPY-2 transmit/receive integrated microwave modules (T/RIMMS) and an electronic equipment unit modification kit.

Raytheon received $49,000,000 for Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) design agent, in-service support and technical engineering support services.

Raytheon received $54,035,547 for design agent engineering and technical support services for Phalanx, SeaRAM, and Land-based Phalanx weapon systems (LPWS).  This involves some unnamed FMS.

Raytheon received $59,398,002 for TOW missiles.

Raytheon received $491,478,068 for Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile (AMRAAM) production Lot 28.  This involves FMS to South Korea, Oman, Singapore, and Thailand. This is a sole-source acquisition.

The Sentient Corp. received $48,462,513 for hypersonic missile interceptors.

Thales Raytheon Systems Co. received $19,943,236 for life cycle contractor support for Sentinel radars, including maintenance, contingency operations, and overhauls.


AMTEC Corp. received $16, 934,650 to manufacture 106,500 JAU-22/B initiators for the cartridge actuated device/propellant actuated device Joint Program Office, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head EOD Technical Division.


Matrix Research Inc. received $40,000,000 for R&D, modeling, analysis, simulation, development, fabrication, characterization, testing, evaluation, demonstration and conceptualization of radio frequency and electro-optical subsystem, component, device and material technologies for air and space sensor applications. Work at Wright-Patterson AFB for AFRL.

SEDNA Digital Solutions, LLC received $10,180,823 for engineering and technical services in support of high fidelity simulation/simulation and common processing system software development. This researches “High Fidelity Front End Simulation for complex Physics Based Processing System.”


AM General LLC received $245,594,857 for 2,200 HMMWV and spare parts. AM General, LLC received $21,058,014 for HMMWV spare parts. This was a sole-source acquisition.

BAE Systems received $34,241,842 to modify 49 Bradley Fighting Vehicles from the M3A2 version to the M2A2 version and 49 final inspection records.

BAE Systems received $382,654,403 for the AMPV program (five variants: general purpose, mission command, mortar carrier, medical evaluation, medical treatment).

General Dynamics received $9,280,639 for turret assemblies. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Honeywell International, Inc. received $17,883,813 for repair and overhaul of AGT1500 engines used in the Abrams family of vehicles.

Michelin received $35,208,626 for ground vehicle tires.  Michelin received $9,398,494 for ground vehicle tires.

MTU America Inc. received $20,704,870 for two-cycle engine spare parts.  This was a sole-source acquisition.

Oshkosh received $32,329,430 for the upgrade and reset of 300 MRAP All Terrain Vehicles (M-ATV).

Oshkosh Defense LLC received $7,250,000 for 300 Check 6 camera kits, which give MRAP all-terrain vehicle driver/commander a rear field of vision.


AEROFAB LLC; Major Tool & Machine Inc.; Chesapeake Machining & Fabrication Inc.; and Advex Corp. received a cumulative $45,000,000 to support machining and fabrication for various items supporting Strategic Systems programs.

Carolina Growler, Inc. received $37,000,000 to procure 179 Marine Corps tactical weld shops.

Federal Resource Supply Co. received $36,703,480 for urban operation platoon sets (PDF) with enhanced capabilities for missions in complex or urbanized terrain.

FN Manufacturing, LLC received $84,600,000 for fabrication and delivery of M240 machine guns and spare receivers.

Mahaffey Tent & Awning Co. Inc. received $18,013,964 for life support services and equipment (generators, tents, lights, hand-wash stations, shower trailer) to support rotation-training units at JRTC and tenant unit training events at Fort Polk, LA.

Thomas Scientific, Inc. received $48,000,000 for laboratory supplies.

Utilis USA received $200,000,000 for commercial shelters.

Wegmann USA Inc. received $8,519,817 for ammunition stowage racks. This was a sole-source acquisition.  Wegmann USA Inc. received $8,050,882 for ammunition stowage racks. This was a sole-source acquisition.


Altama Delta Corporation received $10,148,631 for Army hot weather combat boots. Rocky Brand, Inc. received $15,329,386 for hot weather combat boots.

Bethel Industries Inc. received $14,253,665 for USMC combat utility uniform (MCCUU) trousers.

Kandor Manufacturing, Inc. (Arecibo, Puerto Rico) received $6,788,486 and Short Bark Industries, Inc. received $11,011,544 for USMC combat utility uniform blouses.

Excel Manufacturing received $40,000,000 for flame resistant, type II, class I, utility coveralls.


Lockheed Martin received $23,785,208 for one KC-130J weapon systems trainer.

Northrop Grumman received $23,800,000 for logistics (transportation, maintenance, and supply) at JRTC and Ft. Polk.

Raytheon received $12,280,367 to purchase Ships Mission Center shore trainer, crew training and support and prerequisite training materials.

Woolpert, Inc. received $10,000,000 for multidiscipline design and/or professional services for planning, design and construction in support of the DODEA program.


Battelle Memorial Institute received $13,048,856 for support services for CBRN detection, reconnaissance, protection and decontamination systems, and logistics.


Dayton Power & Light Company received $27,331,546 for base-wide electricity service at Wright-Patterson AFB. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Entergy Arkansas Inc. received $9,667,141 to construct a distribution line, a distribution metering point for step-down transformers, and increase capacity at DeWitt substation by adding a 12/16/20 MVA step-up transformer to supply power to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District for Little Bayou Meto Pump Station.

Phillips 66 received $93,603,982 for aviation turbine fuel in Oklahoma and TX.

TXU Energy Retail Company received $53,280,484 for electricity in Texas.


Barr Laboratories Inc. received $29,299,919 to supply Adenovirus vaccine type four and type seven. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Birmingham Industrial Construction and Robins & Morton JV; D Square Construction, LLC; ELA Group Inc.; Herman Construction Group, Inc.; Patriot Construction, LLC; Total Team Construction Services, Inc.; and Terra Construction, Inc. received $49,000,000 for healthcare facility repair/construction for U.S. Medical Command’s Western region.

BTL Technologies, Inc.; Loyal Source Government Services, LLC; MD Consulting, LLC; Vysnova Partners; Washington Harris Group, Inc.; and Wisestaff, LLC received a cumulative $96,732,599 for physician services at military treatment facilities in northeast USA.

BTL Technologies Inc.; Donald L. Mooney Enterprises LLC; Loyal Source Government Services LLC; Magnum Opus Technologies Inc.; Matrix Providers Inc.; and Vesa Health & Technology Inc. received $193,605,129.45 for ancillary services at military treatment facilities in northeast USA.

Computer Sciences Corp. received $11,688,190 for U.S. Army Reserve special medical training, equipment and site maintenance, and admin support associated with combat support hospitals.

CONMED Corporation received $9,500,000 for dental and medical equipment.

Diversified Technical Systems received $31,000,000 for engineering on the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMAN) program.

GE Healthcare received $43,200,000 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables, parts, and training.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.; General Dynamics; BTF Solutions JV; and Military Healthcare Outfitting & Transition received $30,000,000 for project support for planning, outfitting, and transitioning staff and patients associated with healthcare construction projects from 2010-2015.

Meridian Medical Technologies received $129,537,132 for nerve agent antidotes in auto-injectors.

The Resource Center received $10,000,000 for individualized first aid kits. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Skyline ULTD, Round Rock, Texas received $17,700,000 for case management medical support for the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, VA.

Sodexo Management, Inc. received $6,944,234 for qualified nutrition care management at Ft. Leonard Wood; Ft. Knox; Ft. Stewart; Ft. Sill; Ft. Riley; Ft. Jackson; West Point; Ft. Irwin; Ft. Sam Houston.

Veteran's Health received $45,000,000 for medical items and accessories. This was a sole-source acquisition.


American Technical Coatings, Inc. received $12,500,000 for insensitive munitions transportation protection systems.

Berg Manufacturing, Inc.; Sea Box, Inc.; and Maloy Mobile Storage, Inc. received $12,637,500 for shipping and storage containers.

Maersk Line, Ltd received $14,460,128 to provide MSC with 12-month charter of one U.S. flag, ice-class certified, double-hull product tanker, which provides bulk fuel support, including one delivery/year to Antarctica for the NSF and one/year to Greenland for DOD’s DLA-Energy.

Miramar Transportation, Inc. received $10,092,196 for the Navy Advanced Traceability & Control program, which provides freight transportation of repairable parts and items from point of failure to a repair facility (for USTRANSCOM Directorate of Acquisition).


Missouri Dept. of Conservation received $9,000,000 for work with the Missouri River Recovery Program. One bid solicited, one received.

Summit-TLI JV, LLC received $70,000,000 for environmental remediation with military munitions response program, for the Pueblo Chemical Depot. This is part of DOD’s Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program.


Jianas Brothers Packaging Company received $14,278,245 for beverage base component items.

Northeast Military Sales, Inc. received $7,034,370 for in-store specialty delicatessen and bakery resale operations at 10 commissary stores in GA, FL, and Puerto Rico.

Roby's Country Gardens, Inc. received $12,201,175 for fruit and vegetables.

Reinhart Foodservice received $284,040,000 for food and beverages.

State Licensing Agency, Missouri Department of Social Services received $14,856,186 for food service in dining facilities at Ft. Leonard Wood.

Sysco received $17,500,000 for food and beverages in Virginia. Sysco received $8,250,000 for food and beverages. This was a sole-source acquisition.

U.S. Foods received $245,716,983 for prime vendor subsistence support.  U.S. Foods received $23,750,000 for prime vendor subsistence support. US Foods, Inc. received $11,250,000 for food and beverages. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Hata & Co., Ltd. received $12,296,477 and $6,778,151 for food and beverages in HI. Y. Hata & Co., Ltd. received $201,000,000 and $141,000,000 for food in HI.


Cotton & Company received $9,945,932 to conduct an audit of the U. S. Navy General Fund Schedule of Budgetary Activity for FY2015.

Ernst & Young LLP received $14,402,567 to help DOD Office of Inspector General to audit the Department of the Air Force General Fund Schedule of Budgetary Activity.

KPMG LLP received $13,011,077 for audit services for DOD Office of Inspector General, to audit the U.S. Army General Fund Schedule of Budgetary Activity.

KPMG LLP received $14,000,766 to provide management services, personnel, and documentation in support of agency financial audit for “federal civilian agencies.”

BASE SUPPORT, ADMIN & LOGISTICS - Base operations (also known as base support services) usually consist of a combination of: facility management & investment, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance & landscaping, janitorial services, management & admin, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.

BAE Systems received $10,224,630 for providing Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) predictive tool capability to help determine the state of program managed systems’ bill of material, identified items status, and their life cycle procurement efforts. This is a sole-source acquisition.

CACI-ISS, Inc. received $32,176,357 to procure a system integrator to develop and implement Increment II of the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army.

DZSP 21 LLC received $27,935,302 for base operations support services at Joint Region Marianas.

EMCOR Government Services, Inc. received $32,889,626 for regional base operating support services at facilities within a 100-mile radius of the Washington Navy Yard.

Fox RPM Corp. received $45,191,280 for furniture, fixtures, and equipment and services support at DISA locations worldwide.

PAE-Applied Technologies LLC received $43,490,040 for base operating support services at Vance AFB. This is a sole-source acquisition.

SAP National Security Services received $10,989,757 for maintenance of MSC’s current Sybase software license portfolio, as well as 5 years’ unlimited right to copy existing and new software licenses, and maintenance for these licenses.

Tapestry Solutions, Inc. received $48,388,243 for Global Decision Support System (GDSS) application support services.

Tinker Support Services JV received $49,999,999 for civil engineer services at Tinker AFB.


Core Tech-AMEC-SKEC, LLC received $96,616,619 to build a reinforced concrete hangar at Andersen AFB, Guam.


Alcan Builders received $12,374,710 to construct a battalion HQ at Ft. Wainwright.

Bell Contracting Inc. received $7,616,256 to repair the northwest end of the keel and non-keel sections of Runway 13/31 at Tinker AFB.

Brothers Body & Equipment received $35,452,994 for portable concrete mixers.

Bis Services LLC; Circle LLC; and Shavers-Whittle Construction LLC received $200,000,000 for armoring levees in greater New Orleans, LA.

Caterpillar received $12,385,700 for 40 Type I T-9 dozers with a kit and five D7R support tools and test equipment.

Cutter Enterprises received $10,488,500 to repair the aircraft maintenance hangar and construct an F-15 shop at Barnes ANG Base, Westfield, MA.

Elkins Constructors, Inc. received $35,704,700 for construction of the Bolden Elementary-Middle School at MCAS Beaufort.

Forest Products Distributors Inc. and S&S Forest Products LLC received $115,965,122 for wood products.

The Haskell Co. received $21,754,670 for design and construction of a helicopter operations facility at Joint Base Andrews.

  1. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. received $29,314,441 for coastal storm damage reduction structures in Atlantic County, NJ.

Mississippi Limestone Corp. received $11,414,455 for Mississippi River and tributaries flood control employing articulated concrete mattress casting.

Norfolk Southern Railway Corp. received $7,735,000 for engineering and construction on the NT connection track (part of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Control Project -- SELA 26 Florida Avenue Phase IV project). One bid solicited, one received.

PentaCon, LLC received $14,909,900 to build waterfront operations facility at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor.

Reliable Contracting Group LLC received $8,417,693 for replacing the fuel pipeline at Tyndall AFB.

RQ Construction, LLC received $7,493,650 to repair G1-1A/1B supply and return system at Building 1H, Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Rore Inc. received $75,000,000 for construction projects in NAVFAC Northwest.

SC Engineers Inc. received $30,000,000 for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering related services in NAVFAC Southwest.

Speegle Construction, Inc. received $7,740,000 to construct a satellite dining facility at Cannon AFB.

Thalle Construction Company, Inc. received $24,187,735 for demolition and removal of existing Herbert Hoover Dike Culverts HP-2 and HP-3, and construction of new water control Structures S-286 and S-287 to replace the culverts in Moorehaven, FL.

Woodcrest Ace Hardware Inc. received $14,000,000 for consignment of industrial supplies for the Consolidated Material Service Center at Camp Pendleton.

Zieson Construction Co. received $8,344,501 to install a main sewer line to cover new construction/renovation in Ft. Leonard Wood.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock received $128,169,974 for beachfill and completion of initial construction, from Barnegat Inlet to Little Egg Inlet, Long Beach Island, NJ.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock received $25,637,000 for the Arthur Kill Channel Navigation project (includes dredging, blasting and disposal of rock in NJ and NY).

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock received $12,739,000 for maintenance dredging of the Wilmington Harbor inner ocean bar in NC.

Marinex Construction, Inc. received $18,389,996 for dredging of maintenance material from the Savannah and Brunswick Georgia inner harbors.

Manson Construction Co. received $19,228,000 for screening of dredge spoils for discarded munitions and radiological debris from Pier 12 demolition, replacement and dredging project at Naval Base San Diego.

Weeks Marine, Inc. received $7,537,000 to furnish one fully crewed and equipped cutterhead dredge to help maintain the Southwest Pass, LA.

Zieson Construction Co. received $14,313,443 to construct the AIT Complex II dining facility at Fort Leonard Wood.

# # # #

*Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

**Any clerical errors are the editor’s alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post presents a distillation of the previous month’s DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

***To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6. DOD also invokes 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses.

Christian Sorensen, a BFP Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran. His writing has been featured in CounterPunch and Media Roots.

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