Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Democrats Against Hillary

Peter B. Collins Presents Steve Yelich

Lots of Democrats aren’t “ready for Hillary”, and Steve Yelich runs a popular Facebook page where he posts critiques of Hillary Clinton and promotes news of possible alternatives. Yelich gives voice to the concerns of many average voters, that Clinton is a hawkish, pro-Wall Street candidate who has raked in millions in speaking fees from corporate interests as she gears up for her second “inevitable” run.

*Steve Yelich is a 50-year-old Florida truck driver who runs the Facebook page Democrats Against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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  1. Marty Bilodeau says:

    I’m from up North, and I’m as scared of Hitlery Clinton becoming President of the US as I was with Bush in 2000 when I stayed up until 5 am watching CNN (we get regular CNN on basic cable) and I knew I would wake up disappointed. As much as I dislike Gore now, for some reason I don’t think 911 would have happened under his administration or that if something did happen, it wouldn’t have been as dramatic and “spectacular”.

    May the real Democrats if any left, stand up. Your Godfather JFK is rolling-no, spinning in his grave.

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