Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 157

Temple of the Dog- “Hunger Strike”

Hunger Strike by the American rock band Temple of the Dog is tonight's Soothing the Beast BFP/Jamiol Music Pick. After moving a whole lotta snow these past couple of days, I wanted something that would take my mind of it for a bit. American rock band Temple of the Dog's song fit that bill. Hunger Strike was written by vocalist Chris Cornell and it was released in 1991. It was the band's most popular song. Chris Cornell provides the vocals with Eddie Vedder providing some lead and backing vocals. Stone Gossard is on rhythm guitar, Jeff Ament is at bass guitar and Mike McCready is up front with lead guitar. Matt Cameron works drums. So turn up the sound, forget about snow and...enjoy...DJPJ

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